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  1. You are Applesauce, a courier trying to survive in a post apocalyptic world
  2. by scavenging among the ruins of what is left. You have a parcel of letters
  3. and a small pistol. It's a long and dangerous road from Boston to Charleston,
  4. but you're one of the only people who knows the roads well enough to get your
  5. parcel of letters there. You set out in the morning and hope that you can make
  6. it before nightfal
  7. > travel to charleston
  9. The first day is spent travelling through the wilderness. The second day you
  10. reach the town of Charleston where you find that it has been completely destroyed.
  11. The streets are littered with bodies and the few survivors have barricaded themselves
  12. inside their homes.
  15. > "What happened here"
  18. He says "We got attacked by some big group of cannibals. They killed everyone
  19. and ate them".
  21. > "Let's go kill the bastards"
  25. He replies "No, we need to stay here, they might come back and try to attack
  26. us again".
  28. You say "But I wanna get outta here!"
  30. > wait for the cannibals to return
  32. You wait for the cannibals to return. After about an hour you hear gunshots coming
  33. from outside. You quickly run into the house and see several people running
  34. towards you. One of them says
  35. > shoot cannibals
  37. You fire upon the cannibals as they rush towards you. You manage to kill all
  38. of them before they can even reach you.
  39. You say "I did it! We won!"
  40. He replies
  41. > become mayor of Charleston
  43. After this victory you become Mayor of Charleston. You also build a new city
  44. hall there
  45. > build an army
  47. You decide to build an army to defend yourself against any possible future attacks.
  48. You recruit many citizens who were willing to fight on the side of freedom.
  49. You soon have a large force ready to defend you.
  50. > hire a general
  52. You hire a General to lead your army. He is very successful and the next time
  53. you are attacked you win easily
  54. > look at surrounding nations
  56. You look around and notice that the other nations are not doing too well. They
  57. seem to be losing ground every single battle. You wonder if it will ever end.
  58. You think about how you could help them but you realize that you don't know
  59. enough about war or strategy
  60. > invade neighboring nations with army
  62. You decide to invade neighboring nations with an army. You recruit many citizens
  63. who were willing to join you in this endeavor. You soon have a large army ready
  64. to conquer the nearby nations.
  65. > tell general to invade nearby nations
  67. You tell the General to invade nearby nations with his army. He agrees and starts
  68. marching towards the nearest nation. You are happy that he agreed to join you.
  69. > make paintings in my town hall
  71. You paint murals in your town hall. This causes a lot of controversy from the
  72. citizens. Some of them like the murals while others hate them. Eventually you
  73. decide to remove the murals because they are no longer needed now that you have
  74. an army.
  75. > sculpt
  77. You decide to start working on a statue of yourself. It takes you awhile to complete
  78. it though. Finally after months of hard work you finish it. You are proud of
  79. your work and feel that you deserve to live in peace.
  80. > put statue in town square
  82. You put the statue in the town square. Many people visit the square to pay homage
  83. to you. You are happy that you finally achieved your goal of living in peace
  84. > date my secretary
  86. You decide to marry your secretary. She accepts and you are happy that she accepted
  87. your proposal. You spend the rest of your life together
  88. > have many kids with my wife
  90. You have many children with your wife. They are all happy and healthy. You are
  91. contented with your life
  92. > put on a mask
  94. You put on a mask and disguise yourself as a man called Mr. Smith. You then proceed
  95. to rob banks and steal money from the poor people. You eventually become rich
  96. and retire to your mansion. You never forget your victims
  97. > my children become superheroes who will fight me
  99. Your children become super heroes who will fight you. You are pleased with your
  100. childrens' abilities and are glad that you had such a good family
  101. > fight my children in a huge battle for the city
  103. You decide to fight your children in a massive battle for the city. Your children
  104. defeat you and destroy your mansion. You die in the battle. You are truly happy
  105. that you lived long enough to enjoy your wealth and happiness
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