Growing Mastery of Implantation

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  1. [19:20] A tiny nod follows the other's telling of instructions given! The retainer wouldn't try to call her Lady anything she doesn't want to be called. For fear of punishment more then anything else, she still thinks Lady, but so far the words haven't slipped out!
  3. Still, she bites her lip, thoughtfully considering her name - surely she should have some sort of title! Her line of thinking is interrupted by another shoulder-to-shoulder bump!
  5. There's just a tiny, uncertain note from her! Touching is a weird thing to do! Regardless, she'll bear with it, leaned in towards the Kitsune - and allowing her grey-brown gaze to fall upon the right, bandaged hand that sits between them. Pondering over it for a while...
  7. Her lips are ajar, as if she wants to say something about it, but she's not able to currently!
  8. (Akechi Suke)
  9. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  11. [19:20] Calista Shimasu whispers: So it seems.
  12. [19:20] Tahldrig asks, "Whats your biggest fear Calista?"
  13. [19:21] Calista Shimasu asks, "Fear?"
  14. [19:21] Tahldrig says, "Yep, like drowning, or being eaten by chickens."
  15. [19:22] Calista offers a shrug.
  16. (Calista Shimasu)
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  19. [19:22] Calista Shimasu says, "Haven't met it yet."
  20. [19:23] She glances to her retainer, who wasn't seemingly super comfortable with her 'employer' bumping her. Or surprised..? It was something of the sort.
  22. Sienna eyes catch Suke's own on her hand,
  24. "Is there something you want to ask Suke..?"
  25. (Calista Shimasu)
  26. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  28. [19:26] An awkward sorta glance finds the taller girl next to her. Hesitant for several moments as those expectant words are given to her. Biting her lips, she ponders her words, looking down at that hand, and then the ruby reds that gaze down upon her.
  30. Surprised and uncertain, surely-
  32. But, the words do come;
  34. "Can I look at it?"
  36. She asks in that girlish voice of hers, both her hands reaching out to slowly attempt to grasp that bandaged hand of the other - only if she allows, however.
  37. (Akechi Suke)
  38. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  40. [19:27] Tahldrig ponders something for a few minutes as she looks at Calista.
  41. (Tahldrig)
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  44. [19:28] She wasn't sure what she was gonna ask or say, but that was one of the more likely ones. She holds up her bandaged hand to her retainer, offering it for observation.
  46. "Here, of course you can."
  48. With a glance to Tahldrig she asks,
  50. "Hmm..?"
  52. No sass, just questioning.
  53. (Calista Shimasu)
  54. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  56. [19:31] Tahldrig asks, "I'm.. curious.. Can you show me how it feels?"
  57. [19:34] Gratefully, that hand is taken, a tiny bow of her head given to her Lady! A strangely respectful gesture, paired with her desire to oogle the other's bloodshard implanted hand.
  59. Grasping the hand lightly, she'll first, just kinda allow her fingers to brush over the bandaged thing, tanned hands exploring the pale one uncertainly.
  61. Occasional glances gives to Calista, so as to ensure she's not doing anything offensive, she'll be a little more adventurous. Gently grasping it between her two hands, palm-facing upwards, she'll sloooowly massage her thumbs over the other's palm. Her gaze is split between watching the Kitsune's reactions, and looking down at that palm.
  63. Obviously feeling for the position of that crystal. Her grey-brown eyes are wide and thoughtful, staring down at the hand that soon she slooowly and carefully unwraps - after checking to ensure Calista isn't bothered by such probings.
  65. She does freeze, however, once Tahldrig asks that question, a blink-blink offered her way, shocked a bit that she'd just outright say that! She'll look to Calista afterwards, trying to ascertain how her ruby-eyed Lady feels about such a thing, still cradling her hand gently, if it hasn't been pulled away!
  66. (Akechi Suke)
  67. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  69. [19:40] She watches her retainer explore the hand, feeling over the bandage first. Then as she sort of felt around for the shard, she was well aware that's what she was doing.
  71. She didn't move her hand through any of it, even as the bandage is undone.
  73. "You're fine Suke."
  75. The unwrapped hand revealing a hole a few months healed, the exit wound of the first shard she had done this with.
  77. Tahldrig's question making one brow raise,
  79. "Show you how it feels..? How would you want me to do that?"
  81. There was only one real answer, she just wanted to hear it vocalized.
  82. (Calista Shimasu)
  83. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  85. [19:49] Tahldrig has a certain thing about her, she loves to learn. A slow grin forms as she looks at Calista. The most pain Tahl has ever experienced is a black eye. What better way to see what Calista goes through, than to have Calista show her.
  87. "Well duh, I want you to put a crystal in my hand. I'm curious to see what it feels like, you explained it to me, but I'll never know for myself unless I know." What is Tahl getting herself into?
  88. (Tahldrig)
  89. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  91. [19:51] A chance to inflict a serious level of pain onto another person and they were asking for it..? How could she pass this up.
  93. "As soon as Suke is done."
  95. She glances to the retainer, she would patiently wait for her to finish her inspection even though her excitement was mounting tail swishing behind her.
  96. (Calista Shimasu)
  97. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  99. [19:58] Those little pins and needles are felt as she finds the scarred place where the entry and exit wounds lie. A tiny, residual little feeling in her stomach and palm as she's forced to recall both occurrences.
  101. The other's words help her, giving a soft nod. With a final, gentle rub of her hands over the other's own, she'll remove them, after rebandaging!
  103. The Retainer is now facing the other two, kneeling upon the cool sand and quietly paying attention, rubbing her own tanned hand idly, eyes wide. She'll note that tail-swishing now, observing it for a moment or two, since Calista has her excited, ruby gaze on Tahldrig.
  105. Sitting closer then usual to Calista, owing to the getting rid of that burning barrier, she'll peer out from her Lady, to look between the two, face neutral, but eyes uncertain!
  106. (Akechi Suke)
  107. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  109. [19:59] Calista Shimasu says, "Give hand."
  110. [20:01] A grin widens as she nods her head. "This is going to suck, but give it to me!" she says expecting it to hurt like a bitch, but that's what she wants. To understand the level of pain that Calista has gone through, not once, but thrice.
  112. Her right hand is held out for Calista to greedily grab.
  113. (Tahldrig)
  114. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  116. [20:12] Before taking hold of the offered hand with a flourish she waves her own unbandaged hand. Ether streams from her body, forming a completely clear crystal in her hand roughly three inches long.
  118. Long enough to run the length of Tahldrig's palm.
  120. It bore none of the special qualities of the crystals she had placed in herself, this was just a the most basic kind she could summon.
  122. The Kitsune's hand latches onto Tahldrig's own, firmly gripping. In case she tried to jerk around and made everything worse.
  124. "Here we go Tahldrig. Take a deep breath."
  126. She places the shard with her other hand at the base of the girls palm, pointed inwards back towards herself. She releases it, yet the crystal does not move, held in place by her will.
  128. Slowly the shard begins to drive itself into her hand, breaking the skin and sluggishly sinking into the flesh. With a gradual pace it makes its way down, it would feel like exactly what it was. A sharp object traveling at leisure through her hand.
  130. Her eyes never leave Tahldrig's face, she wanted to catch everything. The feeling was different than when she felt pain herself, this was a feeling of control
  132. "Hm. Hm."
  134. Finally it seems to lightly tap the bone, then the true part began. It was resting at an angle, it needed to be flat. The outer 'edge' of the shard was smooth. It would have to be forced down without an edge to make the way easier.
  136. By this point blood ran from her friend's hand freely, splattering the sand.
  138. The very dull edge is forced down tearing through the in-between flesh rather than cutting it. It would feel many times over worse than the initial pain, and the Kitsune was seeming to enjoy dealing it.
  140. Finally she could feel it resting flat against the bone, lying in equivalence to where her own rested in her hand.
  142. "There... though keep in mind the stomach one was much worse... and so much greater."
  144. She releases Tahldrig's hand.
  145. (Calista Shimasu)
  146. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  148. [20:20] Wide-eyed, the retainer peeks around the side of her Kitsune Lady, leaned in but trying to give a respectful distance away from the other's vulpine tail! As hard as that may be due to it wagging so erratically.
  150. The normal crystal seen, the tanned, Shengese girl watches as it's placed on hand, witnessing that grab-happy hands of the fox, paired with her almost gentle words...
  152. Then, those grey-brown eyes stare as that shard sinks. The blonde girl visibly squirms, clasping her hands together tightly as she finds herself unable to tear her eyes away, watching and staring. Her gaze eventually breaks away to look upwards into the eyes of the older girl, before drifting back down to watch as that dull thing turns and tears.
  154. Her breaths are quickened, heartbeat similarly so as she shivers a little at the brunette's 'treatment' of the other! Still, the obedient, loyal thing dare not move or look away, watching until it's done, and staring even after it is!
  156. Her mouth is ajar, speechless while her face is paled...
  157. (Akechi Suke)
  158. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  160. [20:26] A nod, the calm before the storm, seeing the crystal rise and her hand taken, a bit of excitement rushes through her. The grip upon her hand is tight, her smile wide as can be as she looks curiously at Calista.
  162. Then it hits her, a mild ache, flowing into a searing pain, flowing into an even more explosive disruption of her body, yet it's all painfully slow.
  164. Little by little, her smile fades and her mouth starts to open. Her pupils begin to dilate and her brow crunches together.
  166. She looks at her hand, the blood running down, muscles tighten and magic starts to seep out in response. "No..." she says squeaking in pitch. With that word the hint of magic falls away. Her mouth closes and she forms an expression unlike one that's been seen on her face, one of... pain.
  168. Once the stone turns? She lets out a long gasp as her eyes pop, she can feel it it slowly tearing through her skin. Tears form at the corners of her eyes but yet, she makes.. no sound. The expression though reveals that she's in quite a load of pain. The muscles in Tahl's cheeks are tight as she looks at Calista a bit worried, this is what Calista went through.. for fun? What the fuck?
  170. Strangely, as her hand is released though, it doesn't jerk away, instead? It's lifted into the air as she looks at it. Blood running down her arm and dribbling onto the sand beneath.
  172. "Out...standing.." she says still wide eyed. It hurt like hell, but that's what life is, painful. Tahl now understands SOME of the pain that Calista goes through.. but not all of it.
  173. (Tahldrig)
  174. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  176. [20:30] The others expressions of pain, her struggle against it, to not cancel it with her Holy magic. It brought no small amount of happiness to the fox, her grin wide, much more than the smirk she casually bore.
  178. "That crystal won't do anything it's just there so... you can leave it and let it heal, or I can pull it out. Now or later."
  180. She really didn't care which, she was sure the occasion may arise eventually.
  182. She peeks over her shoulder, to her retainer, gauging her reactions to all of this, her paleness.
  184. "What'd you think about that Suke..?"
  185. (Calista Shimasu)
  186. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  188. [20:37] The conflicted looking girl looks similarly shocked as Tahldrig similarly seems to enjoy being very obviously and unmitigatedly hurt by the Kitsune. Looking from the older girl to her hand, she's speechless and uncertain for a long while.
  190. Listening to Calista's words, the girlish youth stares, hands rubbed together as they're held over her rapidly beating heart. And then, those ruby eyes come to bore into her own briefly, matching her gaze hesitantly;
  192. Staring at eyes for a few moments, she pale, wide-eyed, uncertain girl tries to think of something to tell her Lady!
  194. "I... Um... That one wasn't as- as pretty as yours..."
  196. The first thing that came to mind, confessed awkwardly. Grey-brown eyes gaze up at the other, a tad bit hopefully, trying to decipher the thoughts of someone who has her deeply, deeply confused.
  197. (Akechi Suke)
  198. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  200. [20:37] Tahldrig says, "I'm going to keep it in for one full year, and then I want you to remove it."
  201. [20:37] Tahldrig says, "Just to see what happens."
  202. [20:37] Calista Shimasu says, "Works for me."
  203. [20:37] Tahldrig says, "Thank you."
  204. [20:37] Tahldrig says, "That was.. certainly an experience."
  205. [20:37] Calista Shimasu says, "And you're right Suke, I'm not sure what putting a charged crystal in someone else would do.. so I did not."
  206. [20:38] Calista Shimasu asks, "It may connect me to Tahldrig in ways I don't want, who knows?"
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