A Day At The Mall TG (Stocking TF)

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  1. It was a quiet day sometime in April. Alyssa was walking through the mall on her way to see her small round friend. Before reaching their meet up point, she took a small detour to a new cosplay store that was recently added. It was like a dream come true for her. Never in her life would she of expect a cosplay store to open up in Canada, let alone the nearest mall from her current residence. No one ever sees these types of stores outside of Japan.
  3. The first time she laid her eyes upon the shop, she was ecstatic, then confused, then back to being ecstatic. She waddled on in to confirm her suspicions. In complete awe, she marvelled and drooled over the cosplay, quite literally. She was warned by the employees that any more drooling would result on her being kicked out. She at once called her slightly bloated friend Dan over, the same Dan she was going to meet. He was too tired to go at the time, which pissed her off. She just assumed he was eating another pizza. With him at the mall now though, she hoped to get him to the store to try on some costumes she specifically picked out for him.
  5. Finished with her small detour to the shop for looking and seemingly annoying the employees, she made way to her destination, the food court. Once there, she scurried around to find her tiny friend. Tiny was a bit of an exaggeration, he as only a bit under the average height being 5’5”.
  7. Looking around, she couldn’t help but worry about the fact that she couldn’t find him. He may not be the most dependable person in the world, but she knew he definitely values his promises.
  9. Looking around a bit more, she noticed a beautiful girl with a figure that Alyssa could only help but envy. She was dressed in a back hoodie that looked way to big on her, in both length and width, but it helped show off just how big her breasts were with the forklift underneath. Her hood was down showing her amazingly realistic purple like hair. She had shiny turquoise eyes despite the overly gloomy expression she was giving. She gave off this powerful aura from afar that clearly said ‘I want to die’. Alyssa didn’t pick up on any of that though. The thoughts going through her mind was ‘Oh my god! Her face greatly resembles Stocking from Panty And Stocking! She must be a cosplayer. Maybe I’ll ask her for help!’
  11. Either not noticing or caring about the depressed look the girl was showing, Alyssa walked over with quite literally, shining green eyes. Not noticing the excited girl at entering her personal space, the purple haired girl just sighed. “What am I going to say to her?” she asked no one.
  13. “Hi there!” The girl who was oblivious to facial expressions shrieked in the stressed out girl’s ear.
  15. The absent minded girl jolted her body off her seat, hitting her knee under the table. She was barely able to make an audible scream from the abrupt greeting due to the now growing pains from her knees. With irritation now being added to her already large plate of sorrow and anxiety, the long purple haired girl looked up to find the culprit of her frustration.
  17. Even as pale as the girl was, when her eyes met that of Alyssa’s, her already pale skin lost any trace of color and became white as snow. All the sorrow and frustration left her plate leaving the anxiety behind only to be replaced by an extra huge serving of shock. Before she could fully process the familiar face in front of her, asked, “A-Alyssa?”
  19. Hearing her own name, Alyssa started to calm herself. “Sorry, but how do you know my name?”
  21. The still slightly shocked girl replied, “Well…um…you won’t believe this, but…um…how do I put this? Um…I…I am…um…”
  23. Alyssa pulled out her wrist to check the time. After checking, she put her arm down and brought out her phone. She typed in her notes, “Remember to buy a wristwatch” for later. At least her phone showed the time. The time told her that this weird cosplayer was taking forever to get to the point. “Can you hurry up already? I’m on my way to meet a friend.”
  25. “O-oh. Sorry. Well, this is tough to say, but I-I’m Dan. You know, the friend you’re meeting right now?” The purple haired girl turned her head away to avoid eye contact with Alyssa.
  27. With blank eyes, Alyssa just stood there. She then started to laugh. “That’s a good one. Now can you please tell me how you know who I am?”
  29. “B-but I’m telling the truth!”
  31. Alyssa continued to laugh. “Sure you are. If you’re not going to tell me, then that’s fine. I’ll just be on my way little miss cosplayer.”
  33. As she started to walk away, the girl who called herself Dan grabbed her by the wrist. “If you don’t believe me, then how do you explain that I know your name and your friend’s name?”
  35. She answered as if it was the most logical possibility; “He and I have been best friends since we were young. About 99% of people who know us know that fact. You probably met us sometime in the past few years and I just don’t remember” and it was indeed a logical possibility.
  37. After taking a moment to think, the self proclaimed Dan said, “Well, this better make you realize I’m Dan.”
  39. Mockingly, she said, “Okay. Do what you must to prove yourself to me.”
  40. Yelling to the top of her lungs, the purple haired girl yelled, “Hey everybody!” This brought the eyes from a fair amount of people trying to enjoy their food. “You all know who LeafyIsHere is?” About a fifth of them nodded making that about 15 people. Looking back at Alyssa, she noticed her go wide eyed. Seeing Alyssa come to the realization of what was to come next, she continued. “Well, a couple years ago, I walked into this girl’s room to find–”
  42. Before she could finish her sentence, two hands were wrapped around her mouth and all that could be heard was a few muffles. “Sorry everyone! This girl here is just spewing her usual nonsense. Go back to eating.” Before anyone could question what happened, Alyssa was out of there dragging the girl by the hood behind her.
  44. Getting dragged across the ground towards the bathroom, a security guard spotted the odd site. Without Alyssa noticing, ‘Dan’ gave the guard a thumb up signifying that nothing was wrong. Mouthing ‘whatever’, the guard turned around and left.
  46. As she sighed, Alyssa noticed the girl sweating and asked, “Something the matter?”
  48. “Nope! Nothing!” Alyssa could tell she was lying, but decided it wasn’t important.
  50. Dragging her into the stall, she locked the door behind her. She had more pressing matters to talk about, such as, “So tell me Dan. Why are you a girl?”
  52. “I have no idea.”
  54. “Well, aren’t you helpful.”
  56. She groaned, “Hey. I wouldn’t hold any information back. You think I want to stay like this?”
  58. “I know I would. Look at you. Your breasts are even bigger than mine.” She side stepped behind her and grabbed her breasts. Giving them a thorough inspection, she said, “Wow. These aren’t just real. They’re so round and soft.”
  60. Giving a slight moan, Dan shouted, “Pl-please stop that!”
  62. Not listening to her friend’s cries, she continued to inspect. “My friend from childhood has these amazing breasts that are bigger than mine. My male friend has bigger breasts than me. How is this considered fair?”
  64. Having enough of being groped, Dan elbowed her in the gut, which helped unlatch the hands. With her face still blushing deep red, she inched away to the other side of the stall and covered her chest with her arms in case of another attack. “I warned you to stop.”
  66. Regaining her strength from the jab, she managed out, “Yeah. S-sorry about that. Jealousy and all that crud. Good hit though Danielle.”
  68. “Why thank you. One of the positives I got after turning into a girl was this new ridiculous strength. I’m still trying to control it. Also, why did you call me Danielle? My name is Dan.”
  70. Finally getting her posture back in order, she answered, “Because you’re a girl now. I can’t call you Dan in front of everyone now can I?”
  72. Objecting, she said, “But I’m a guy.”
  74. Finishing the sentence for her, she quipped, “In a girl’s body. So Danielle, What do you want to do now?”
  76. Looking over her new self, she replied, “Well, I was hoping to find a way to turn back to normal with your help.”
  78. Clapping her hands, Alyssa said, “Great idea! I also wanted to help you try on some new clothes. That sweater just doesn’t fit you. It also outlines your breasts in a big way…”
  80. Backing away, Danielle said, “Don’t even try again. Also, listen to me for once. I want to turn back to normal. Not become your little dress up doll.”
  82. Quickly grabbing her hood, she proceeded to dragging the poor new girl. “Great! Time to do some shopping!”
  84. Danielle sighed since she was unable to talk sense into her. While being dragged against the floor, she spotted the same security guard. She gave him a less thrilled thumb up again to keep him away. It worked, but he continued to stare at them. In the back of her mind, Danielle thought, ‘I hope he doesn’t give us any shit later on.’
  86. After roughly a minute of being dragged across the ground and accumulating dust, they came do a halt. “We’re here!”
  88. With Alyssa’s hand not hooking the hood anymore, Danielle slowly got up while wiping the dust off her pants and lower area of the hoodie. Turning around, she took a good look at the place. “Okay. See ya.”
  90. Before she could run off, Alyssa grabbed her hood once again. “Not so fast bucko!”
  92. Being dragged in against her will, she yelled, “Someone save me!” before the doors slid close.
  94. One girl walking by looked at her friend after witnessing the odd spectacle. “What’s so bad about the store?”
  96. The friend replied, “I don’t know. If anything, she definitely needed one from what I saw.”
  98. In the store, Alyssa walked up to a woman in her work uniform. “Hey. Can I please get some help?”
  100. Giving a fake smile she probably always uses, she turned around to the customer. “Why of course. Anything I can help you with?”
  102. Turning around, she said, “Yes. Well, actually she needs your help.”
  104. Following her finger, the employee’s fake smile turned into a face of full shock. “What a great chest…”
  106. Not caring for her friend’s embarrassment, she continued, “You see here, she just hit a sudden growth spurt and bra doesn’t fit anymore.”
  108. The employee walked forwards, slowly approaching the blushing girl’s bubble of personal space. “When and what size was her breasts?”
  110. Danielle sighed when she saw Alyssa try to come up with an answer. She was never good at quick thinking on the spot. “Uh…Last week! She was only a wee A-cup last week. You could barely call her an A-cup because she was as flat as a cutting board. Just throughout the week, she’s been growing in those two particular spots like balloons. I worry they might pop eventually.”
  112. Danielle slapped her face in dismay. No way was she going to believe that. No one could grow breasts, especially ones of that size in that short amount of time. “Really!? I wish that would happen to me…” She face palmed once again for a completely different reason. “Come this way!”
  114. “Wh–” Before she could finish her first word, the employee grabbed her by the arm and pulled her away. In the distance, she could see Alyssa waving while saying while trying to reassure her that everything would be all right. Danielle yelled, “Traitor!”
  116. A few minutes later, the two were back. “So?”
  118. The employee said with certainty, “She is around an E-cup. I only say around an E because of what you said about her growing from nothing to this in a week. We have no idea if she will grow again. Just to be nice, if this bra size becomes too small in the next month, you can return it to us for a full discount. Just warning you though, our biggest size bra is G so make sure she doesn’t drink any milk for a while.”
  120. “Does milk really make breasts bigger?”
  122. The employee shrugged, “I don’t know. I never bothered to look it up online so it may just be some superstition.”
  124. Just standing there in the middle of their conversation, Danielle decided she had enough of this place. “How much are the bras?”
  126. “Oh don’t worry about that.” She bent down and whispered in her ear. “These are on the house.”
  128. They both coughed. “R-really? Aren’t these expensive?”
  130. The employee smiled. “Don’t worry. I got it all sorted out. See you both in the future.”
  132. Simultaneously, the girls said, “O-okay. Bye.” They even stuttered at the exact same time.
  134. Once out of the store, despite being forced to carry all of Danielle’s new bras, she was still excited to hear about her time. “How was it? Did you have fun?”
  136. Sighing, she replied, “Far from it. She did things to me. Unthinkable things…”
  138. Deciding to not pester for once, she changed topics. “You know what time it is?”
  140. How bad could answering a simple question be? “Adventure time?”
  142. She gave an over exaggerated laugh. “Nope!”
  144. “I’m scared of what your answer will be.”
  146. Alyssa pointed her finger at a particular store. “Cosplaying!”
  148. Danielle gave a sigh of relief. “At least it wasn’t what I was thinking.”
  150. “Don’t worry. I’ll get you some cute and sexy panties afterwards!”
  152. Danielle tried her best to cover her face, but couldn’t. “D-don’t yell that out loud. Does everyone need to hear that?”
  154. Not caring for her words, she pulled her friend through the doors. “I’m back!”
  156. One of the employees came to greet them. “Welcome back Alyssa! It’s always a pleasure to have you.”
  158. Alyssa’s face became coated in shock. Her smile faded and was replaced with a mouth that wanted to yell ‘Huh?’ but wouldn’t.
  160. Danielle lightly nudged her. “What’s wrong?”
  162. She answered her question by talking to the employee. “You guys normally scowl when I get here. Are you all planning something? What’s the catch to this foreign kindness of yours?”
  164. She continued to give a bright smile. “There’s no catch! Actually, as an extremely valued and frequent customer of ours, we would like you to take a single full fledged cosplay costume today for free!”
  166. She got in the employee’s face. “You’re serious? You’re not joking? We can walk out here with a complete costume for free?”
  168. The employee didn’t even bat an eye. “Of course! Even our manager agrees.”
  170. “Ooookkkkkayyyy…” She turned towards her purple haired friend. “Apparently we’ve hit the jackpot.”
  172. Danielle slowly threw her hands in the air with the same dead expression. “Yay…”
  174. “Oh this will be sweet! I already got the costume I want you to wear.”
  176. “Which one? I’m so thrilled to be doing this…” Obviously she wasn’t, but nothing could stop Alyssa’s wraith.
  178. “Go to the change room on the far right. I’ll meet you there in a minute.” Before getting to fit another word in, Alyssa was out of there.
  180. Danielle made way for the change room. She knocked on the door and someone yelled back saying to use another one. She obliged and used the one-second from the right. Exactly a minute later like she said, Alyssa came. Without knocking, she opened the oddly unlocked door and was greeted by a changing man.
  182. He extended his arm out and grabbed her by the neck. “Why you little-”
  184. Alyssa was completely shocked by the events taking place. She grabbed his arm, but he was strong. Way too strong for her. His strength was actually unusually huge. She made an effort to unlatch his hand from around her neck, but he didn’t budge. Her face started to turn red, then quickly changed to purple.
  186. On the verge of passing out, the door suddenly opened once again. With her eyes barely open, Alyssa couldn’t make out the silhouette that entered. All she could see was a delicate hand come at the man’s face with lightning speed. On impact, the man let go of her neck and flew into the wall. Actually, he went beyond that and flew through the wall.
  188. From behind the two came the employee. They both looked horrified to see her since she came in at the worst possible moment. Despite that, she continued to break their expectations, especially Alyssa’s. “Thank you for your patronage and have a good day sir!” She said this and walked away.
  190. “Something is definitely weird today.”
  192. Stiff, Danielle asked, “What? The man, employee, or the fact that you’re groping me once again?”
  194. Alyssa looked down at her hand to see she was indeed giving a squeeze to the soft and delectable breasts her friend had. She pulled her hand away while still making a squeezing motion. “Oh, sorry about that. So…um…about your clothing…”
  196. “Oh this?” She indicated her new costume that perfectly fit her body and was a complete replica of Stocking’s from Panty and Stocking. “I dunno. I heard something happen and fearing the worst, this just appeared on me. I even grew wings from my back.” She pointed over her shoulder to show wings that were ready to go.
  198. Alyssa’s eyes sparkled. “Wow…they are so soft.” She said this while feeling the wings.
  200. “Which? The wings or my breasts?”
  202. “Both!”
  204. She sighed, “Fine. So you want to leave now?”
  206. “Nope! I want to go find myself a costume now since yours appeared out of thin air.”
  208. Danielle crossed her arms. “Just make it quick. I am getting a lot of weird stares.”
  210. “Well of course you are. You got a smoking hot body right now. Anyone would want you. Even I do.”
  212. “Yes well…” Pausing for a second, she looked back to where Alyssa was and was met with smoke. She blushed, “Did I hear that right? Maybe being a girl won’t be so bad after all....and I still have no idea how this all happened.”
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