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  1. operation six chickendoo.
  2. times have changed.
  3. a little reflection amongst the past.
  4. long beach involved.
  5. "donald trump, what's it like to be the american president?"
  6. i mean.
  7. todd bjorlo, blake berry, brandon dahl, jason windom all have a secret 20 year security plan to protect mukilteo beach.
  8. guys?
  9. ok.
  10. we thought of the worst.
  11. drake's at the beach.
  12. nicki minaj is interested.
  13. jay-z's involved.
  14. okay?
  15. so i had to have sex with beyonce to fix the problem.
  16. king of aces guys?
  17. i mean?
  18. seriously.
  19. let's keep it real here.
  20. so the plan has been made.
  21. long beach is apparently trying to be as cool as mukilteo beach.
  22. i mean.
  23. it's cute, but.
  24. sometimes people just need to enjoy a day at the beach.
  25. alicia keys thinking about bringing her beautiful baby along.
  26. so we were aware of the situation.
  27. blake, jason, brandon and i.
  28. just yeah.
  29. remember the brothers are ok to mess with. rhy thought it was funny too.
  30. i mean.
  31. all of my online friends were laughing right along with my four brothers.
  32. keep in mind i came up with a private plan among like minded individuals.
  33. perhaps, a couple issues at stake to delve over.
  34. a legacy to be established amongst the four.
  35. the boys were cute, but they aren't mukilteo anymore.
  36. the beef is real, people that i met online want to know about my four brothers.
  37. nfl's involved.
  38. these people are real.
  39. jimmy kimmel kind of intimidated by these people.
  40. safe word.
  41. ok.
  42. this the dark web.
  43. we're all taking a look at it.
  44. todd wants to pick a fight.
  45. a little bad blood in the air.
  46. from an educational man's perspective, might even be a bit educational.
  47. ok?
  48. guys?
  49. kind of aces involved?
  50. jesus.
  51. let's show some common sense!
  52. so the other four brothers are aware of the level of intimidation.
  53. if you want to go to the beach, run it through security.
  54. todd was just lucky enough to know them i guess.
  55. "tough call" - david mitchell.
  56. the debate remains to be seen.
  57. cliff wondering.
  58. munch deciding.
  59. i mean.
  60. todd's got the guys nervous.
  61. brad's friends are kind of intimidated, but wow.
  62. todd really was someone to watch out for guys.
  77. four
  78. fdnfp.
  79. 2dnhk.
  80. 4dn3dn1fc.
  81. fdn12tdncdm1fdnpk2dnh1c4dn1vfm1y.
  82. 2dn1h1k.
  83. 3dn12dn1fpn1c.
  84. 2dnfdn13dn1k.
  85. cdm1g.
  86. cdn1fdn1y.
  87. 2dn1kfdn1cdm1hdn1cdm1vdn1hdn1cdm1cdnhn1fdn13dn1.
  88. cdm1g.
  89. fdn1hdn1k.
  90. cdm1yfdn1sc.
  91. 2dn1hdn1hdfn1hdn1hfn2dn1cdm1kfdn1cdf2dn1gdnfcdvfn2dn1cdm1k.
  92. cdn1c.
  93. 4dfn3dn1y.
  94. 2dn1hdn1k.
  95. 4dfn3dn1c.
  96. 2dm1fdn12dm1k.
  97. 3dn1cdm1fdn1k.
  98. 4dfn3dn1g.
  99. cdn1tdm1fdn1hdn1kfdnsdn1fpn1c2dnhkvdf1n3dn1t.
  100. working for a living.
  101. necro.
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