Luftahraan: Aengoth Arril Lines

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  1. Aengoth Arril:
  3. Poor as fuck. Hates his job, but is so completely dependant on what little income it brings him that he has no choice but to put on a fake grin
  5. whenever he's at the stall, and to spend virtually all of his time (ineffectually) advertising it. Although he worships the eight/nine, is a strong
  7. believer in the Bosmeri faith, which coupled with some crazy rebellious stuff he used to do against the Bosmeri forest deity Y'ffre has left him
  9. feeling like his current lot in life is punishment for his rebellion. Not like it factors into any of this aside from two lines at the end, but
  11. hey.
  13. (Greeting an NPC)
  14. [In all of these, he's trying to make his desperation come across as normal, idle conversation.]
  15. You ever thought of buying something from my shop?
  16. You ever thought you could do with having something enchanted?
  17. Did you know that one in ten Luftahraan bosmer are only able to eat once a week?
  19. (Saying goodbye to an NPC)
  20. [His desperation's showing.]
  21. Please, come visit my shop some time!
  22. I need customers! (Quiet, p. much how you did it last time)
  23. I need customers! (Loud, choking back tears)
  25. (Greeting the player)
  26. [Marked relief in all of this. In the later lines, he's sucking up to the player.]
  27. (First time) Huh, wow. Looks like all that yelling finally paid off.
  28. Wanna buy something, buddy?
  29. You know, by supporting my shop, you're putting food on the plate of an impoverished elf. That's a good deed.
  30. Hey, friend, what can I do for you?
  32. (Saying goodbye to the player)
  33. [Here, the guy is hopeful as fuck. You've just bought something from him (maybe), and according to this guy's logic, why wouldn't you go out and
  35. tell everyone about his shop?]
  36. Please, come again some time soon!
  37. Please, tell your friends about my shop!
  38. Please, tell your friends about my plight!
  40. ('What have you got for sale?')
  41. (First couple of times:)
  43. You mean you're going to buy something? From my shop? After all the- yeah, I'm gonna stop talking.
  44. I- wow, this is a shock, even from you.
  46. (Further times:)
  47. [This guy is starting to love the player, or at least the player's gold. He'll be cheerful as fuck whenever this topic is brought up.]
  49. Take a look, friend!
  50. Oh, all sorts of stuff for you!
  52. (Hawking his wares)
  54. [Note: Every last one of these has to be forced as fuck, and as awkward as humanly possible. Keep in mind that all of the enthusiasm here is an
  56. act, and a very poor one at that.]
  58. Flamin' swords! Get your FLAMIN' SWORDS here! Get them hot off the table!
  59. Try my new enchanted armor! It's guaranteed to... protect you! From any sword, arrow, or ummm... axes?
  60. Ever wanted a dagger that can set people on fire? This is the place for... those things!
  61. Hey, you! Ditch that dodgy old sword and pick up one that's hotter than Oblivion itself!
  62. Sick of all those boring old 'normal' enchantments? Try one my innovative creations, like the amazing Hat of Crippling Fear!
  63. Make sure to shop here! Get amazing magical supplies and feed a starving bosmer in the process!
  64. Try an incredible Bosmeri invention, like Aengoth's Amulet of Yelling, guaranteed to amplify your voice and help with any confidence issues!
  66. (Witnesses the player shouting)
  68. By the Eight! If only I could shout like that, huh? [Softly talking to himself, wistful as fuck] Just think of the drakes I'd earn...
  69. [Mumbling, disdainful] Lucky son of a bitch...
  71. (Spot a corpse)
  73. By the gods, one of my ([hushed] potential) customers is dead!
  74. [Forced, yelling/hawking] Take it from me folks! This guy did not have enchanted equipment!
  76. (Observing combat/Witnessing an assault)
  78. Guards, help! My ([hushed] potential) customers are killing each other!
  79. [Wink wink, nudge nudge.] Hey, look at those guys fighting. You know what a fighter like one of those guys could do with? Enchanted equipment.
  81. (Player tresspassing)
  82. [Stepping on eggshells around the player. Doing his best to get him to leave without pissing him off.]
  84. Sorry buddy, but sometimes even you've gotta leave.
  85. Don't worry, I'll make it up to you in discounts. It's just that right now, you've gotta go.
  87. (Taunting/combat dialogue)
  89. [Forced, obviously in distress]Give up, you can't beat someone with the power of enchanting on his side!
  90. [Think of that one scene where the protagonist gives off that sad as fuck 'I loved you, how could you do this!?' speech to the protagonist turned
  92. villain. Basically that.]You were my customer! How could you do this!?
  94. (Blocked an attack)
  96. [Shocked relief] B-by the nine divines. Did I just do that?
  98. (Fleeing)
  100. No! I've got to much to offer this world!
  101. No! Who's going to enchant things if I die!?
  103. (Hit by friendly character)
  105. (First time) [Surprisingly aloff considering what's just happened to him] Watch it friend, few more hits like that and you'll be robbing this world
  107. of one of its precious few enchanters.
  108. (Second time) Agh! Damn that... doesn't hurt much? Still, cut it out.
  109. (Third time, final warning) [Gradually getting nervous as fuck] Woah woah woah, hit me twice, shame on you, but if you... you... I...
  110. (Final hit, starting combat [read: fleeing]) Friend, no! Please, no!
  112. (Hit in combat/while fleeing)
  114. Agh, my talents!
  115. No, no, no!
  117. (Stolen from)
  119. You bastard! I gave away a week's worth of food for that!
  120. You son of a bitch! I had to get rid of my change of clothes for that!
  121. I spent my life savings on that, damn it!
  123. (Accepting yield)
  125. Oh, oh thank you. Mara, thank you for ending this.
  126. You-You're not going to kill me?
  128. (Bleeding out/dying)
  130. I-I'm... sorry...
  131. Y'ffre, forgive me...
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