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  1. Hi! I started making a game mode called 'Hot Potato', which I want to basically be in the center of Oasis City Center. The main idea is that it will be a bunch of Tracers who can only harm each other with Pulse bombs. They can melee, but it won't hurt anyone. (I've seen this stuff in 'floor is lava' type games, so I know it's possible. Also, Blink, Recall, and Primary Fire will be disabled.) I want the players to spawn as tracer without input, and with the models pre-loaded with a 5-second countdown.
  3. The potato will spawn in the center of the map (chandelier room), and I want it to look like a red orb, similar to how the Infinity Stones look in their respective mode.
  5. I also want a (lethal) border like the one in the 'Ring of Fire' Preset that surrounds the control point and slowly moves toward the center until it only encases the small room with the chandelier in it over the course of one minute. Also, if possible, once someone takes the potato, (or if no one does in 15 seconds, it will be assigned to a random person) they will get their ult, and they have 5 seconds to throw it on someone else. If they don't, they die. There will be an announcement that [player] has the Hot Potato, and they will have a red icon above their head that indicates they have it (I also want them to have +10% speed so they can catch up to people that run easier, may change tho). If someone is stuck, I want the bomb removed, or for them to be immune to damage for 5 seconds, and they will be transferred the potato, indicator, and speed.
  7. If someone misses a throw, the bomb is returned to their inventory, and they have one more chance to throw and their timer is reset (They also get a 'Last Chance!' message, Athena style, that only they can see). They also get +20% speed now. If they miss again, they are eliminated and everyone else gets +1 point. If someone doesn't throw the potato in time, they get killed by Null and everyone else gets +1 point. If someone leaves or walks into the border, the potato is returned to orb form and everyone else gets a point, and everyone gets a 'The Potato has been reset' message. (I also want dead people to stay dead, preferably in death spectate mode, and newcomers to be put into death spectate and be placed in the next round.)
  9. If I missed anything, you have suggestions, know how to optimize this, and most importantly can help a workshop noob out with this, please reply, and I'll try to be as active with this as possible. Thank you in advance, and I'll make sure to thank the main contributors in the description of the game mode.
  11. Edit 1: Added a small amount of detail.
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