new 14 day ban

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  1. Game 1
  2. Pre-Game
  3. jommy834: you like tourettes guy?
  4. jommy834: not you
  5. jommy834: you suck
  6. jommy834: the statistics show he is bad
  7. jommy834: 38 and 27 percent winrates on his mains
  8. jommy834: neeko 38 jhin 27
  9. jommy834: varus 33
  10. In-Game
  11. jommy834: hey adc
  12. jommy834: i take back what i said
  13. jommy834: u good
  14. jommy834: tell him im sory
  15. jommy834: he has reason to mute me tbh
  16. jommy834: gj otp
  17. jommy834: qye
  18. jommy834: gj
  19. jommy834: want e to go top
  20. jommy834: gj
  21. jommy834: yall saw him
  22. jommy834: yall so bad
  23. jommy834: mid>bot
  24. jommy834: jinx solo mid
  25. jommy834: when they have kha
  26. jommy834: and ww
  27. jommy834: 1 level up
  28. jommy834: still has enough mr to resist all my damage
  29. jommy834: ITS KHA
  30. jommy834: HE WILL KILL ALL OF YOU
  31. jommy834: yuumi
  32. jommy834: so mean
  33. jommy834: i mean its norms
  34. jommy834: :)
  35. jommy834: lucian you are so gay
  36. jommy834: entire top side is warded
  37. jommy834: btw
  38. jommy834: nice buddy
  39. jommy834: i was afk
  40. jommy834: no u
  41. jommy834: ez
  42. Post-Game
  43. jommy834: rep yuumi toxic
  44. jommy834: see
  45. jommy834: u gettin banned
  46. jommy834: i said u suck and that was once
  47. jommy834: i never said faggot
  48. jommy834: kayle said faggot
  49. jommy834: you sucked
  50. jommy834: anyway
  51. jommy834: so am i eatin yo dick to
  52. jommy834: or
  53. jommy834: nah
  54. jommy834: cuz u prob 5
  55. jommy834: buddy im level 30
  56. jommy834: and you comparin ranks
  57. jommy834: woooooooadh
  58. jommy834: thats pretyt bad
  59. jommy834: yuumi
  60. jommy834: calm down
  61. jommy834: jesus
  62. jommy834: ww gay btw
  63. jommy834: im out
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