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Mar 21st, 2019
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  1. Update (20.03.2019)
  3. Added a new, more user-friendly planet screen, with better organization and display of info and buttons
  4. Ship upgrading is now handled individually, on a per ship, per shipyard basis. This means if the process is interrupted part way, some of the ships will still be upgraded, rather than losing the entire upgrade progress. Also, alloy costs are now deducted one ship at a time, rather than for the entire fleet in one go, so you don't have to wait until you can afford everything to start the upgrade process
  5. Warrior Culture civic no longer reduces army upkeep, but instead makes Entertainment buildings replace Entertainers with Duelists. Duelists turn 1 alloy into 3 unity, 12 amenities and 2 naval capacity
  6. Added Logistical Corps tradition custom flavour text swap for Hive Minds
  7. Added Great Game tradition custom flavour text swap for Devouring Swarms
  8. Added new animation to Plantoid 13 (cactus) portrait. It will now have some butterflies as company!
  9. Added the Legion flag set with six new selectable flag emblems
  11. Balance
  13. Pop growth further adjusted to put less priority towards minority pops
  14. Battle Thralls can now take enforcer jobs
  15. Hallucinogen Removal special project cost reduced from 5000 to 3000
  16. Breaching the Shroud special project cost reduces from 50000 to 20000
  17. Transcendent Learning ascension perk effect on leader pool removed and replaced with Leader Experience Gain +50%
  18. Reduced the machine empire bonus to orbital station production to 10% (was 50%, which turned out to be rather OP)
  19. Rogue Servitor tweaks: -Organic Sanctuary/Paradise no longer provide housing, instead Biotrophy jobs eliminate those pop's need for housing -Artisan Drones produce 8 Consumer goods for 8 minerals (up from 6 of each) -Biotrophy Jobs now also increase Complex Drone putput on their planet by 0.25% each -Starts with 1 additonal Nexus District
  20. Driven Assimilator tweaks: -Bio pop growth reduced by 40% -1 fewer Replicator job per level of capital -Now start with +100 food, and 100 less energy
  21. Ship upgrades are cheaper due to refund amount from old components being increased to 90% (was 50%)
  22. Pops have a wider possible range of Political power, so for example you can care less about unhappy slaves since it's not as though they can vote or anything
  23. Meritocracy Civic effect on leader pool size removed and replaced with specialist output +10%
  24. Clone Vats are no longer required to build Clone armies, they are now unlocked by the Gene Banks tech (resolves an issue where this tech had no benefit for assimilators)
  25. Technological Ascendancy ascension perk now also makes rare technologies 50% more common
  26. Shroud entities have been tweaked slightly. Corrupted Avatar now has lower total HP, but has increased regen. Shroud Avatar is now slightly stronger in its total HP and regen. End of Cycle entities have also been tweaked similarly
  27. Transcendence, Evolutionary Mastery, Synthetic Evolution ascension perk slot requirement reduced from 4th to 3rd
  28. World Shaper ascension perk slot requirement reduced from 3nd to 2nd
  29. Imperial Prerogative ascension perk no longer has any slot requirements
  30. Eternal Vigilance ascension perk no longer has any slot requirements, but instead requires the Star Fortress technology
  31. Eternal Vigilance ascension perk now also increases starbase hull points by 25%
  32. One Vision ascension perk now also reduces pop amenities usage by 10%
  33. Numistic shrine now costs 4000 energy to buy and 1000 minerals to build
  34. Clerks and Preachers job weights no longer care about being strong, weak, or proles
  35. Miner job weights DO care about being proles
  36. Synth Empires pay only alloys for Colony ships, like Machines
  37. Rogue Servitors start with another Nexus District
  39. UI
  41. Added missing modifier icons for mote harvesting traps and extractors, also updated old icon
  42. Added a bunch of shortcuts to the planet view
  43. Added shortcut "U" to upgrade starbase platforms button
  44. Added shortcuts for upgrade "U" and trade route "T" buttons in starbase interface
  45. Strategic resources summary on the top bar will now show in red to let you know if any are in deficit
  46. Fixing devastation progress bar reaching 100% and disappearing
  47. Fixed so that unemployment by strata icons are properly displayed and have a working tooltip
  48. Rogue Servitor complex drone output bonus from each Bio-Trophy was not being displayed due to lack of decimals showing, this is fixed
  50. AI
  52. Big rework of military AI making it a lot smarter and more aggressive in war: better selection and maintenance of the aim, better follow through on invading worlds they are bombarding, not so easy to kite with tiny decoy fleets, more willing to reinforce neighboring friendlies under attack, etc
  53. AI is not so maniacal about crime that it rush builds 3 precinct houses on every planet
  54. The sector AI should now be better at upgrading buildings relevant to its selected focus
  55. Improved the AI's budgeting of Alloys
  56. AI will now only consider enacting population control if it cannot produce more housing
  57. Sector automation will now clear blockers if able, and if it is not building a building or district at that moment
  58. Rogue Servitors Less keen on building organic sanctuaries unless bio-trophies need them
  59. Sector AI will now upgrade buildings if possible
  60. All Sector Focuses will now try to upgrade their colony capital buildings if there are no other pressing needs
  61. AI will no longer obsessively shuffle scientists from one role to another every few days
  62. Lowered the AI's mineral budget allotment for ground armies (they were producing way too many)
  63. AI empires with alternative cost types for colony ships will now budget the correct resource for it
  64. AI prefers City districts over Housing buildings a bit more
  65. Fixed some edge cases where the AI would attempt to build its way out of unemployment with districts and buildings that its pops can't work
  66. Fixed AI not repairing damaged branch office buildings
  67. Fixed AI fleets getting stuck when their target goes MIA
  68. AI will not build nanite transfusers without nanite income or build more than 2 per planet
  70. Performance
  72. Removed redundant double calculations related to end game crisis that caused them to very negatively affect late game performance
  73. Reordered some operations in the invasion calculations to make sure the most expensive are done last
  75. Modding
  77. Added 'hyperlane_distance = { min max }' and 'hyperlane_jumps = { min max }' to system initializer 'neighbor_system = { ... }' block
  78. Pops now use the asset_selector again to choose their clothes
  79. Added new "is_scope_type" trigger that lets you know if you're a scope of a particular type: "is_scope_type = fleet"
  80. Removed the forced clothes index in pop categories and job types, to let the clothes selector do its magic
  81. There are now multipliers for previous job, previous tenants, survey and unemployment to the AI score used to fill in jobs
  83. Bugfixes
  85. Fixed edge case where multiple megastructures could be built in the same system
  86. Fixed missing missions for primitive observation posts
  87. Fixed planets still being colonized generating emigration push to other worlds. I know the offworld colonies weren't the paradise the holovid adverts made them out to be, but give them another generation or two...
  88. Fixed a broken string in the tooltip for the Egalitarian ethic
  89. Fixed guaranteed ideal nearby systems generating based on absolute distance rather than max jumps from homeworld, which could cause them to be isolated by unlucky jump lane network generation
  90. Fixed population controls disabling robot construction as well, so you can now improve the meatbag to metal ratio of your society
  91. Planets under colonization will no longer generate low stability alerts
  92. Fixed Strategic Resource notifications appearing for resources hidden behind Anomalies
  93. Winning an "impose ideology" war will no longer overwrite the defeated empires civics
  94. Impose Ideology war now properly creates an ally instead of a vassal
  95. Fixed a crash that happened when a ship was destroyed while being upgraded
  96. A lack of Nanites will now properly trigger a deficit warning and stop the resource production of Nanite Transmuters
  97. Fixed robots/synths being treated as organic when conquered by hive mind empires, and getting locked in the livestock job
  98. Fixed vassal integration wrongly costing no influence
  99. Fixed an issue where conquering Hive Minds could take over inappropriate buildings they have no use for, like Holo-Theatres
  100. Maintenance drones now correctly increase in priority when amenities are negative, and now don't have increased priority from traits when amenities are high
  101. Slave processing centers should no longer vanish when build anywhere but a Thrall-World
  102. Fixed some edge cases where the Life-Seeded Civic would not create a Gaia homeworld
  103. Head Researcher and Executive now have Amenity output modifiers and weights for several relevant traits (Repugnant, Charismatic, etc)
  104. Fixed Strong, Very Strong, Weak traits not being applied properly when playing as a gestalt empire
  105. Fixed displacement purge type wrongly applying the genocidal diplomatic opinion penalty
  106. Fixed "The Shattered Loop" event firing twice upon death of the Worm-in-Waiting
  107. Fixed a literally unplayable localization error in the Xeno-Compatibility tooltip
  108. Fixed Prikkik-Ti empire spawning on a planet without enough districts to support it
  109. Prikkiki-Ti will no longer spam player with multiple communications established messages
  110. Planets taken over by the Scourge or Contingency will now swap any capital buildings to a correct Machine or Hive capital
  111. Preferred habitability is no longer strictly tied to starting planet class if a civic changes the starting planet
  112. Fixed developing colonies being hidden in the outliner's Sectors group if on completion a new sector would be created
  113. Fixed pre-sapient policies disappearing if you purge all of them from your space, making fulfilment of certain faction demands impossible, because what are the screams of the innocent next to that sweet, sweet influence?
  114. Changed wording on the Strong/Very Strong traits. It was wrongly implying that is should affect the outcome of ALL worker strata jobs, not just basic resource extraction ones. Even if your clerks never skip leg day, they probably shouldn't benefit from these traits
  115. Added piracy suppression values to event generated ships that were missing them
  116. Fixed a few more cases of techs with the wrong specialty group assignment
  117. Fixed a minor discrepancy in the tooltip of the Sins of a Sun anomaly vs its actual in game effects
  118. Fixed a nasty exploit with downgrading fleets that could result in free alloys (thanks for the heads up on this, Reddit user nonium)
  119. Added missing torpedo components from the Spiritualist Fallen Empire Zealot-Class ship type
  120. Added a basic Zro income to Spiritualist Fallen empires to allow them to properly produce reinforcements for their damaged fleets
  121. The modifier for Refinery worlds should also now affect Gestalt jobs
  122. Fixed several ship weapons which had incorrect resource costs
  123. Energy/Culture Habitat districts should convert properly if a gestalt empire takes it from a normal empire, or vice versa
  124. Fixed a crash when a country gets a trade route that used to belong to someone else
  125. Fixed tooltip that hilariously claimed that setting a species to purge (except neuter) was a requirement for the Decent Living Standards
  126. Picking Life Seeded will no longer give automatic nearby ideal worlds that are also Gaia
  127. Randomized empires gets their starting planets, ethics and civics correctly set up when they start as life seeded or post apocalyptic
  128. Fixed OOS for diplomatic upkeep upon hotjoining
  129. Fixed some causes of country_resources OOS
  130. Restored non extermination types of purging
  131. Fixed script checking wrong resource for automated sector upgrading to research lab lvl 3
  132. Fixed Prethoryn purging primitives at an incorrect, too-slow rate
  133. Fixed the planet screen being cut off on the left side of the screen on certain resolutions
  134. Fixed empires in federations wrongly budgeting for Federation fleet ships as part of their own navy, and thus underdeveloping their own fleets
  135. Fixed a crash when gifting planets to a vassal
  136. Fixed a situation where replacing a district temporarily adds to the maximum numbers of built districts, as if you were building a new district
  137. Speed demon event will add the red/green traits even if your species is very strong/adaptive
  138. Fixed planets under colonization suffering low stability events
  139. Fixed Crisis purging yet again (for a galaxy-threatening menace they sure seem easy to dissuade from their mission of doom)
  140. Fixed the end of year lag when big empires with lots of pops being assimilated convert them into proper citizen (shoutout to Glavius!)
  141. Fixed a crash when editing UNE template ethics
  142. Fixed the AI not utilizing fleet capacity
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