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  1. [12:07:45am] (SexyZog) harsh
  2. [12:08:00am] (SexyZog) backhanded compliments
  3. [12:08:04am] (SexyZog) like
  4. [12:08:14am] (DeagleBeagle) your face is so hot when you gave me a bj my dick melted
  5. [12:08:17am] (DeagleBeagle) like that?
  6. [12:08:20am] (SexyZog) lol
  7. [12:08:20am] (%Huy) ........................
  8. [12:08:22am] (SexyZog) no
  9. [12:08:27am] (SexyZog) that isn't backhand
  10. [12:08:31am] (SexyZog) and it isn't a compliment
  11. [12:08:37am] (Eraddd) Oh my god this is awesome
  12. [12:08:40am] (SexyZog) you basically just said your dick is made of cheese or some shit
  13. [12:08:47am] (DeagleBeagle) no, just that her face is hot
  14. [12:08:50am] (SexyZog) and it melted horribly in her mouth
  15. [12:08:52am] (DeagleBeagle) I thought that would be a compliment
  16. [12:08:55am] (SexyZog) i.e. you lost your hardon
  17. [12:09:01am] (Rhyme) man
  18. [12:09:02am] (SexyZog) so not only do you have a squidgy dick
  19. [12:09:11am] (SexyZog) but it's a metaphor for you being impotent
  20. [12:09:19am] (SexyZog) and/or gay
  21. [12:09:21am] ~ Joins: Vepar has joined #skarmbliss. ~ Vepar!~Vepar@god.of.water ~
  22. [12:09:23am] (SexyZog) no, it's not good to go
  23. [12:09:25am] (DeagleBeagle) ok teach me what to say to girls then
  24. [12:10:02am] (DeagleBeagle) you so good-looking girl that when my blind man looked at you, he regained his sight!
  25. [12:10:03am] (Rhyme) date me or i kill myself
  26. [12:10:08am] (SexyZog) hey babe, you like water pokemon?
  27. [12:10:09am] (DeagleBeagle) yeah that might work too
  28. [12:10:13am] (SexyZog) cause i'm in luvdisc with you
  29. [12:10:19am] (DeagleBeagle) ..
  30. [12:10:27am] (Rhyme) hahahaha
  31. [12:10:27am] (Fishy) dumb
  32. [12:10:38am] ~ Parts: Fishy has left #skarmbliss. ~ Fishy!~Fishy@keep.the.change.you.filthy.animal ~
  33. [12:10:38am] (SexyZog) dumb but charming
  34. [12:10:41am] (SexyZog) lol
  35. [12:10:45am] (Rhyme) so dumb it might be cute
  36. [12:10:46am] (Rhyme) !?
  37. [12:10:51am] (SexyZog) yeah
  38. [12:10:58am] (SexyZog) or you could always just use attract
  39. [12:11:05am] (SexyZog) immobilise her in love
  40. [12:11:10am] (SexyZog) only 50% chance each time though
  41. [12:11:16am] (SexyZog) sometimes she'll just attack you
  42. [12:11:53am] (SexyZog) deaglebeagle
  43. [12:11:55am] (DeagleBeagle) ok thanks for the girl advice zog
  44. [12:11:55am] (SexyZog) let's role play
  45. [12:11:58am] (DeagleBeagle) yeah?
  46. [12:11:59am] (SexyZog) I am a smoking hot chick
  47. [12:12:00am] (DeagleBeagle) ok
  48. [12:12:06am] (SexyZog) come talk to me
  49. [12:12:09am] (SexyZog) go
  50. [12:12:16am] (DeagleBeagle) hey baby want some wailord on skitty action?
  51. [12:12:23am] (SexyZog) sorry?
  52. [12:12:36am] (SexyZog) what did you just say?
  53. [12:12:42am] (DeagleBeagle) I mean do you want to snuggle?
  54. [12:12:47am] (The_Lube) then just starting rubbing your dick against her
  55. [12:12:50am] (SexyZog) what
  56. [12:12:52am] (SexyZog) ew
  57. [12:12:53am] (SexyZog) ew
  58. [12:12:53am] (The_Lube) i'll bring the lube
  59. [12:12:54am] (DeagleBeagle) I duno
  60. [12:13:00am] (The_Lube) ehehehehehe
  61. [12:13:05am] (SexyZog) lol
  62. [12:13:06am] (DeagleBeagle) help zog I dont know what to say
  63. [12:13:14am] (SexyZog) I don't know man
  64. [12:13:19am] (SexyZog) I think you kind of fucked up
  65. [12:13:24am] (DeagleBeagle) yeah ok let's start over
  66. [12:13:25am] (SexyZog) when you started rubbing your dick on her leg
  67. [12:13:31am] (drcossack) take it somewhere else folks.
  68. [12:13:33am] (SexyZog) yeah go
  69. [12:13:36am] (SexyZog) ahahahaha
  70. [12:13:38am] (Rhyme) this entire chat
  71. [12:13:38am] (Rhyme) ahahaha
  72. [12:13:40am] (SexyZog) SANKEY
  73. [12:13:46am] (DeagleBeagle) cossack is such a stick in the mud
  74. [12:13:49am] (SexyZog) HELLO MICHAEL SANKEY <3
  75. [12:13:58am] (SexyZog) so umm
  76. [12:13:59am] (drcossack) PM's exist for a reason, deagle.
  77. [12:14:07am] (SexyZog) you got any pickup tips for deagle?
  78. [12:14:07am] (Eraddd) No
  79. [12:14:09am] (Eraddd) I want to hear his advice
  80. [12:14:10am] (drcossack) or: get a room you two.
  81. [12:14:15am] (DeagleBeagle) main chat exists for a reason too
  82. [12:14:15am] (SexyZog) ohhhh
  83. [12:14:18am] (DeagleBeagle) nah im not gay
  84. [12:14:19am] (SexyZog) gay implications
  85. [12:14:25am] (SexyZog) you got us good there sankey
  86. [12:14:37am] (SexyZog) lol <3
  87. [12:14:47am] (SexyZog) you are very funny drcossack
  88. [12:14:51am] (DeagleBeagle) hey cossack ok I am getting a room with him, want to join?
  89. [12:14:54am] (SexyZog) have to admit
  90. [12:14:56am] (DeagleBeagle) we can have a 3 way
  91. [12:15:04am] (SexyZog) yeah
  92. [12:15:10am] (SexyZog) 3 way discussion
  93. [12:15:13am] (DeagleBeagle) yup
  94. [12:15:14am] (SexyZog) now look
  95. [12:15:18am] (SexyZog) we need the main chat for that
  96. [12:15:31am] (SexyZog) so yeah there you go mate
  97. [12:15:34am] (DeagleBeagle) hey baby are you are a hurricane? cause you just blew me away!
  98. [12:15:40am] (DeagleBeagle) hmm I need to think of some other ones
  99. [12:15:42am] (SexyZog) ahahaha
  100. [12:15:49am] (SexyZog) I want to see you use these
  101. [12:15:56am] (The_Lube) all you do is go up
  102. [12:15:57am] (The_Lube) and say
  103. [12:15:59am] (The_Lube) "sup girl"
  104. [12:16:04am] (SexyZog) lol
  105. [12:16:05am] (The_Lube) and *swoon*
  106. [12:16:10am] (SexyZog) that sounds really black
  107. [12:16:15am] (SexyZog) somehow
  108. [12:16:22am] (The_Lube) i tried it at worlds
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