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  1. bind . "trashtalker"
  2. alias "trashtalker" "trashtalk1"
  3. alias "trashtalk1" "say Your family has a stronger incest than Josef Fritzl's; alias trashtalker trashtalk2"
  4. alias "trashtalk2" "say I hope the next bomb doesn't go off in Sri Lanka, but in your city and it takes many friends away from you.; alias trashtalker trashtalk3"
  5. alias "trashtalk3" "say Why couldn't Brendon Tarrant just kill you in New Zealand...; alias trashtalker trashtalk4"
  6. alias "trashtalk4" "say I drive the next truck from Mogadishu to your city and kill more than 587 people.; alias trashtalker trashtalk5"
  7. alias "trashtalk5" "say Я надеюсь, что Риядус-Саличин сделает ее следующей остановкой с вашей семьей; alias trashtalker trashtalk6"
  8. alias "trashtalk6" "say I'm still eagerly awaiting the next al-Qaeda attack in the UK.; alias trashtalker trashtalk7"
  9. alias "trashtalk7" "say Надеюсь, твою семью казнят чеченцы; alias trashtalker trashtalk8"
  10. alias "trashtalk8" "say نأمل أن يتم تنفيذ عائلتك من قبل الدولة الإسلامية; alias trashtalker trashtalk9"
  11. alias "trashtalk9" "say نأمل أن تحدث الإبادة الجماعية الرواندية مرة أخرى ، ولكن في بلدك; alias trashtalker trashtalk10"
  12. alias "trashtalk10" "say Мы надеемся, что геноцид в Руанде вновь появится, но в вашей стране; alias trashtalker trashtalk11"
  13. alias "trashtalk11" "say أزل الكباب; alias trashtalker trashtalk12"
  14. alias "trashtalk12" "say Israel belongs crushed and all the leaders of the land decapitated; alias trashtalker trashtalk13"
  15. alias "trashtalk13" "say I'll plan a new Christmas massacre in your town, but I'll kill more than 860 people.; alias trashtalker trashtalk14"
  16. alias "trashtalk14" "say نأمل أن يتعرض المسجد للهجومبعد ذلك; alias trashtalker trashtalk15"
  17. alias "trashtalk15" "say Im still wishing for the No-Russian mission in real life.; alias trashtalker trashtalk16"
  18. alias "trashtalk16" "say Why couldn't you be in Orlando on June 12, 2016...; alias trashtalker trashtalk17"
  19. alias "trashtalk17" "say Even Adolf Hitler is more accurate than you. After all, he managed to kill himself.; alias trashtalker trashtalk18"
  20. alias "trashtalk18" "say Why couldn't your family have been there with the 6 million Jews killed by Hitler?; alias trashtalker trashtalk19"
  21. alias "trashtalk19" "say If Auschwitz still existed, I would personally take you there.; alias trashtalker trashtalk20"
  22. alias "trashtalk20" "say Please take a rope, form a gallows and hang yourself.; alias trashtalker trashtalk21"
  23. alias "trashtalk21" "say Every gay person should be publicly executed.; alias trashtalker trashtalk22"
  24. alias "trashtalk22" "say You'd better suck less dick and kill yourself.; alias trashtalker trashtalk23"
  25. alias "trashtalk23" "say Я надеюсь, что ваш дядя пошел в школу 1 сентября 2004 года в Беслане; alias trashtalker trashtalk24"
  26. alias "trashtalk24" "say あなたの国でもっと多くの核爆弾が投げられることを願っています。; alias trashtalker trashtalk25"
  27. alias "trashtalk25" "say うまくいけば、あなたの家族は戦争中に長崎に住んでいた; alias trashtalker trashtalk26"
  28. alias "trashtalk26" "say Children with Down's syndrome are not funny, they belong killed; alias trashtalker trashtalk27"
  29. alias "trashtalk27" "say Would you please consider putting an end to her life?; alias trashtalker trashtalk28"
  30. alias "trashtalk28" "say Вы узнали свой Spraydown в видео Bukkake?; alias trashtalker trashtalk29"
  31. alias "trashtalk29" "say あなたの口から絶えず精子があります; alias trashtalker trashtalk30"
  32. alias "trashtalk30" "say You belong censored like Japanese porn.; alias trashtalker trashtalk1"
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