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  1. Global
  3. The mods will do what they think is best. Here's some guidelines on what they're supposed to do:
  5. Deal with arguments and derailing of threads.
  6. Deal with anything that could get us in legal trouble.
  7. Deal with people trolling or antagonizing other users.
  8. Research reported posts, and determine an appropriate response.
  9. Ban anyone who continually is a problem.
  10. Coordinate with each other, and get opinions from the team.
  13. Here's some advice to avoid trouble! These aren't strict rules, everything is a case-by-case basis.
  15. In general,
  16. Don't be an asshole.
  17. Don't post things to stir up drama.
  18. Don't post shock images.
  19. Don't do anything illegal.
  20. Report things you think the mods should deal with.
  22. On /quest/,
  23. Make suggestions. Give the author something to work with. Fanart jokes, reaction images, disagreeing with other suggestions, long term plans, and commentary on the quest itself are best kept for the discussion thread.
  24. Remember that the author is in charge of their quest. They can run it however they like, and if they want anything to stop, they can request as such.
  25. If you're running a quest, work with your suggesters. They are just as much a part of the quest as you.
  27. On /questdis/,
  28. Keep the threads related to /quest/. You can have ones for specific quests, authors entirely, or meta threads for a specific purpose, but if it's not related to /quest/, post it on /meep/.
  29. Make valid criticisms. Don't just say "I hate your quest" or "You are a terrible author", give reasons and preferably, ways to improve. ("Quit questing and go away" doesn't count.)
  31. On /tg/,
  32. Keep things related to traditional gaming or similar hobbies.
  34. On /meep/,
  35. Try to have a point to your thread. Don't post something in a new thread if it won't foster discussion.
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