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  1. More and more Americans who smoke are beginning to feel unliked and unwanted.
  2. Federal laws prevent them from smoking in public buildings.
  3. They are not allowed to smoke within a certain distance of those buildings.
  5. Since the federal law was passed a decade ago many state and local communities have followed suit.
  7. Now a growing number of companies and hospitals will not hire smokers or worse will fire them if they are caught ligthing up.
  9. Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga, Tenesse is now giving check-ups to prospective employees.  A urine test that detects nicotine mean no job is offered.
  11. Nurse Kristi Edmondson thinks her smoking habit is nobody's business but her own. "Memorial should not dictate to us what we do in our own time, off the time clock"
  13. The head of the hospital's parent company, Memorial Health Care Systems, is James Hobson. He defends the decision.
  15. It's relevant to creating that healthy lifestyle, and again it's relevant to the entire community.
  17. A growing number of large American companies are finding that health care costs for smokers are higher than for non-smokers.
  19. A study by the US Centers for Disease Control reports that medical care and the loss of worker productivity averages about 3000$ annually for each smoker.
  21. As a result, some companies now require smokers to pay a larger share of their health insurance than non-smokers.
  23. While 29 of the 50 US states have laws that protect
  25. <==== VOC ====>
  27. infringement
  28. second-hand smoking
  29. a would-be / prospective, employee
  30. a lawsuit
  31. to light up
  32. to be relevant
  33. to clock in out
  34. to pass a law
  35. to follow suit
  36. to offer a job
  37. it's none of your business
  38. mind your own business
  40. she stated
  41. claimed
  42. random test
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