Thirsty for love (Camel, erotica, arabian?) /hmofa/

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  1. /hmofa/ camel fic
  3. "-And what's unique about the Camel's biology is that the actually conserve water by using the humps on their back
  4. >"But. When reproducing they tend to be cumbersome. *Blah blah blah*
  5. >You just had enough about biology shit
  6. >All you need to know about biology is that of how it creates hangovers in the morning
  7. >And by this comment you're Anon
  8. >A college student, specifically planning on making a revolution that will shook the foundation of education
  9. >Just kidding, that's just a thought and you may never achieve it because you are autistic about being a Nigger-buster (Police)
  10. >"Psst, Anon"
  11. >You looked behind and see your friend, al melwah
  12. >She's been your friend for 4 months now in this school and the two of you stick like 'Ellis and Keith' from L4D2™
  13. >in short the two of you are friends before you two even talked
  14. >"I'm having a hard time on this"
  15. >She shows you a anatomy diagram of a human
  16. >Of course: Biology
  17. >Welp it's your cue now
  18. "Sure, I'll help just give me a minute"
  19. >You packed up you backpack, and your wristwatch vibrated and the bell cued in harmony with it
  20. >ColdAndCalculated.wav
  21. "C'mon this way"
  22. >You refer al melwah towards the unused room in the middle of the school back
  23. >The place has always been a desert
  24. >By that you mean outside of the school
  25. >Ever since the small lake got drained by thirsty corporations, what's left of it became owned by liberals that wanted to make use of empty lands
  26. >for many reasons it succeeded and now your here, helping a Camel to study.
  27. >You can't but think of erotic thoughts as the heat creeped in your collared shirts
  29. ...
  31. >Be Anon, cleaning nuggets off your computer
  32. >Your face when, you fantasize about you Camel friend for no particular reason at all
  33. >Or is natural?
  34. >Nahh, beastiality is basically taking advantage on animals
  35. >To you and your parents to say a least
  36. >You turned on the only working speaker on your computer and let american jazz take you smoothly
  37. >Yeahh, that's the smooth
  38. >Your parents are lucky that they bought you an old american computer that was smuggled in this here country
  39. >The first time you held this computer, you read out loud the brand 'Macintosh' on the label
  40. >You don't know what that means but still, a computer is a computer
  41. >Although it doesn't explain why it's fully named 'Apple Macintosh' on the label.
  42. >Blinking your eyes, you are amazed of how music can be a aspiration in life
  43. >You rested your back on the scribbled wall and looked at the 'clean' floor
  44. >There were stains and other bodily fluids on the edge of the room-floor, but the dust were at least thoroughly cleaned out
  45. >A clean house, a working computer and properly dressed you meant one thing-
  46. >*Knock x2* "Anon! You in here?"
  47. >Is that you have guest to please
  48. >Darting towards the door you turned to knob and opened the door
  49. >A sound of clip-clops resonated the room, as the obvious cause was on your Anthro Camel friends hump
  50. >She was carrying a ladder
  51. >But not just any ladder, it was an expensive, sturdy: Step ladder
  52. >Truly a simple thing
  53. >" Good evening Anon, I brought the ladder as requested-" she un-leaned back and carefully dropped the step ladder, making a sound thud as her milk glands bounce abo-
  54. >"Anon"
  55. >You flinched after you blinked in rapid succesion
  56. >A warm blush covered your cheeks as you tried to out an apology
  57. >But what will you say?
  58. >'Sorry for staring at your boobs'
  59. >'Haha, I was just lidding aly, no need to get nervy he he'
  60. >Damn, the last part made you sound like a creep
  61. >Suddenly a pressure on your hand snapped you out of your apology brainstorm
  62. >she cupped your shoulder with her familiar distinct hand
  63. >Then shake your shoulder and said
  65. >"Anon, can you help me with this"
  66. >you slowly opened your eyes and see melwah, slowly ascending at the step ladder while pointing at the ribbon
  67. >"Come now Anon, you say that you'll cooperate when we tie your room together"
  68. >realization hits you
  69. >of course
  70. >you tell her that why didn't she remind you of it
  71. >"Because you're forgetful Anon, since you keep typing on your, er, Computer whatsis called. you always visit the site when there is a chance.
  72. >she referring to your hobby of browsing /BRED/
  73. >she never saw you watch the webms in that thread, you were new to that infamous board and you were in a single man mission to ruin their interspecies degeneracy
  74. >or at least you "tried" because everytime you comment that offends them, they will always retaliate with hateful words such as, "fuck you" as an example
  75. >though internet is slow cause: old PC, you still can manage
  76. >back to IRL
  77. >you carried the ribbon and walked toward the heavy camel anthro
  78. >the artificial light bulb is flickering, indicating that outside was dangerous because of either sandstorms or the sun lasers
  79. >your room was not-so-average afte all, with only a single window and a spacious floor, you could not mistaken this as a shed because this was a shed by the rich people who once lived on this former lake.
  80. >come to think of it, that's maybe the reason why the tribal Camels started to settle in the modern world because they were desperate for water
  81. .
  83. >"Anon, give me the red ribbon please"
  84. >you nod and hand her the red ribbon
  85. >your still Anon, and right now you were trying your hardest to stare at the wall
  86. >particularly since undergarments in this region is so underrated because of the heat in this desert
  87. >as a result you find yourself ogling at al's supple ass, firm yet very sens-
  88. >you quickly look at a wall of your 'home'
  89. >instead you should focus on the past so you can distract yourself from the present
  91. >a long time ago, when you were the abandoned by your original family.
  92. >most likely after the civil conflict
  93. >you were adopted in the spot by a very conservative family, one that strictly forbids you from marrying a anthro
  94. >the mother as it turns out was very infertile due to some biological result, the father is the same too with his sperm missing tails or something.
  95. >they gave you shelter(this shed), they gave you luxury (your ancient computer), and most importantly they gave you food( mostly crackers and carbohydrates) and water (though it is a new pump from outside, the water is still contaminated with underground dirt)
  96. >and they are against Anthros because of an unexplained disappearance of your uncle
  97. >"W-woah"
  98. >the ladder rattled and you instinctively held it still
  99. >it stopped but not before looking up
  100. >al melwah was staring at you, her eyes focused on your eyes as your eye 'incidentally' focused at her exposed camel vagina
  101. >it looked a black-pinkish and moist, fantasies ran wild as-
  102. >"Ahm, Anon"
  103. >your attention was snapped back to al
  104. >she just stood there with an unreadable expression on her face and her tail swished for a sec before again
  105. >"uhm, Let's continue shall we"
  106. >she goes back to rearrange the ribbons on your room
  107. >you pitched in to see what she is doing
  108. >she was currently doing the same thing over and over again: fiddling with the ribbon
  109. >is she doing this on purpose?
  110. >...
  111. >nah, she'll  maybe say that she's done soon
  112. >for now you flee the scene as you kept staring at her while she swayed left and right with her boobs being with the notion coincidentally
  113. >You kept yourself cool when you put enough distance with her, at least it's finally almost finished
  114. >But you can't figure out what the familiar feeling that you are having in the back of your mind
  115. >Hold on a minute, Oh no; the assingment
  117. >Be Anon, the helpful eccentric
  118. >Staring at the distance while someone carrying you
  119. >And right now you're considering why you didn't ask your parents why they didn't bought you a blindfold instead of a coin container that resembles a pig, and jotted with colorful charcters, not those anthro ones mind you
  120. >It was shaped like a pre-anthrofied pig
  121. >At least you'll save enough money for a rope perhaps?
  122. >Or maybe it's a old vintage in the past, possibly
  123. >While you gazed at the wasteland looking ass desert a paw shook your legs
  124. >"Anon! Why do you keep staring at the distance?"
  125. >Spinning your head to face al, she smirked at the position the two of you were
  126. >Currently you were riding her, in her back "hump" of course
  127. >She said it was alright she said, you wont fall she said
  128. >But she was right and now you were wishing that you did
  129. >"Heh, enjoying this Anon?"
  130. >No of course you aren't, because you were actively groping her large breasts of a busts
  131. >You replied that you are not, and saying why she thinks that this is a good idea
  132. >"It's because the area we're travelling to is far and your human body is not made to sweat almost non-stop at the plain sun"
  133. >Now you remember why yo-
  134. >"Ahh-"
  135. >That was al!
  137. >Your now falling
  138. >Unexpectedly of course
  139. >It happened so fast that you could see blurs while weightlessness gave your body a tome of pain
  140. >You can feel yourself spinning and at the same time trying your best not to barf your contents inside your stomach
  141. >al wasn't faring any better too
  142. >Her camel body can only do much when falling down
  143. >You can see glimpses of her flaying her limbs trying to hold on to something
  144. >When the world stopped doing random motions, you clenched your hand into a fist and felt something soft and fatty
  145. >You blinked rapidly and looked up to see al blushing up a storm because...
  146. >"Ekk! A-ANON WHATAREYO-"
  147. >You in instinct jump off her(not literally), and apologized profusely that it makes Asian bows a better one
  148. >"I, I forgive you Anon"
  149. >You sighed in relief
  150. >She strides towards and leaned next to your ear
  151. >"But I wouldn't mind if you do it again♥"
  152. >Your breathing hitched as her hot breathe sensation it strangely erotic without a reason
  153. >Naturally you blushed and blush Hard
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