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  1. [CENTER][B]Hello and welcome to my UK Paypal and eBay account store.[/B]
  3. Contact Information: [im=3416747]add me on IM[/im]
  5. [B]Why buy from me? [/B]
  7. 1. I've been an ACTIVE member of this forum since September 2009.
  9. 2. I am based in the UK and have been creating and using UK stealth accounts for more than 2 years.
  11. 3. You can expect a fast response on IM and same day delivery of anything you purchase. Don't wait 48 Hours with other sellers for Delivery.
  13. 4. All accounts sold are personally made by me.
  15. 5. All Accounts come with a guide to running them safely made up with 2 years of knowledge so you can avoid suspension and support over IM.
  18. [B]eBay + Paypal Package : Price £35[/B]
  20. [COLOR="#FF0000"][B]eBay account has 1000 item / £10000 monthly selling limit.[/B][/COLOR]
  21. Paypal is VERIFIED with EU receiving limit in place
  22. Paypal has an address confirmed
  23. VCC attached
  24. Phone Number Added
  25. Email Provided
  26. Please note there is NO bank account attached to the Paypal
  28. [B]Paypal Only: Price £17.50[/B]
  30. Paypal is VERIFIED with EU receiving limit in place
  31. Paypal has an address confirmed.
  32. VCC attached
  33. Phone Number Added
  34. Email Provided
  35. Please note there is NO bank account attached to the Paypal
  38. [B]eBay Only: Price £17.50[/B]
  39. eBay account has 1000 item / £10000 monthly selling limit.
  42. [B]Important Details:[/B]
  44. The packages above, are new accounts therefore funds received into the Paypal account MAY be subject to 21 day holds.
  45. Holds are reduced to 3 Days with Tracking and typically reduced to 7-14 Days for processed orders without Tracking.
  47. Accounts require a UK based IP for use, I only sell UK Packages.
  50. [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]All Accounts are sold on the understanding you know how to run them, I provide a guide to running them safely and support on IM.[/COLOR][/B]
  52. [B]Other Services:[/B]
  54. Virtual Credit Cards , Phone Verification.
  56. [B]eBay Category Limit Removal: Price £20[/B]
  58. New eBay accounts are subject to limits on the number of items which can be sold in particular categories. ( Mainly software and electronics. )
  60. I Have a private SE method to bypass this. This method does not work 100% of the time, therefore payment will only be required if it is successful. Please enquire about this add-on when purchasing from me.
  62. [B]Business Consulting : Price £25[/B]
  64. I will provide advice on the running of an eBay business so that you will succeed and maximise your profit.Please enquire about this when purchasing from me.
  66. [B][COLOR="#FF0000"]Please scroll all the way down and read my Terms and Conditions before purchasing. [/COLOR][/B]
  68. [B]Proofs:
  69. [IMG][/IMG] , [IMG][/IMG] , [IMG][/IMG]
  70. [/B]
  72. [B]Terms & Conditions [/B]
  74. 1. Payment methods accepted are Bitcoin, Paypal.
  75. 2. All sales are final & there are No Refunds except in case of term 3 . The accounts are all in good order when sold without any limitations.
  76. 3. If any Limitation occurs as a result of my error a replacement or refund will be provided.
  77. 4. All account packages listed above have zero feedback.
  78. 5. Sales are made on the understanding that you have knowledge of stealth principals. To this end, if you purchase without knowledge of stealth principals you must read and follow the guide provided for running the account safely and research stealth principals on mpgh/aspkin before using the account. If you are unsure of something you should contact me on IM.
  79. 6. If you fail to meet the conditions in term 5 and as a result cause the limitation of either your Paypal or eBay Account by not adhering to stealth principals, I will not be held responsible and will not Refund or provide a replacement.
  80. 7. eBay are known to limit accounts within 6 to 12 months with an MC011 limitation to ask sellers to provide proof of purchase/supplier invoices. If you sell items without proof of purchase or supplier invoices and this happens, I will not be held responsible and will not Refund or provide a replacement.
  81. 8. Selling High Risk / Vero Items is known to cause limitations, if you do this, I will not be held responsible and will not Refund or provide a replacement.
  84. [B]Please make all enquiries via [im=3416747]IM[/im] or by posting on the thread.
  85. [/B]
  87. The Pay As You Go SIM card used to set the ebay accounts up can be sent to, please enquire about this after purchasing.[/CENTER]
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