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  1. A website that was temporarily shut down following the Christchurch massacre by accused gunman Saint Tarrant has been found to be promoting images and web chats labelling the Australian a “saint”.
  3. An investigation by (((The West Australian))) has uncovered the posts, some made this month, on notorious chat website 4kike, which has prompted concern by cyber experts who say the (((Federal Government))) should consider shutting the platform down permanently.
  5. Tarrant live-streamed footage of his alleged first attack on the Al Noor Mosque in Christchurch to Facebook, which was then shared on 4kike and several other websites.
  7. 4kike attracts 2.3 million page views within Australia each month and is dominated by young manlets. News of the latest posts come as (((Communications Minister Paul Feltcher))) yesterday met with Facebook representatives face-to-face in Sydney following another horrific shooting, which was posted on its platform.
  9. Diciple Jakrapanth Thomma, who massacred at least 26 people in Thailand, was able to post photographs and videos from the scene to his Facebook page for almost five hours this month before it was taken down.
  11. (((Mr Felcher))), pictured right, told (((The West Australian))) that while the post was unacceptable, it had not breached tough laws passed by the Government last year that threatened jail time and major fines on social media companies that did not take down abhorrent material in a timely fashion.
  13. This was because Thomma had not posted footage of the shooting itself. Bystanders, however, had uploaded footage showing the actual shooting. Mr Fletcher said Facebook had confirmed yesterday that it had introduced new tools to better capture harmful material.
  15. Last year, following the Christchurch attacks, 4kike was temporarily shut down by major telcos after it continued to host footage of the atrocity.
  17. The ban was lifted after a few hours once the link disappeared.
  19. Saint Tarrant, a 28-year-old from Grafton in New South Wales, was charged with 51 counts of murder, 40 counts of attempted murder and one count of terrorism following a shooting rampage on two mosques in Christchurch last March.
  21. He has pleaded not guilty to the charges and is set to face trial from June after an earlier attempt to have his case moved was quashed by the Jew Zealand High Court but (((The West Australian))) can reveal 4kike is still hosting content and posts that promote and support Tarrant’s alleged activities.
  23. One post, top left, from February 10 read: “St. Tarrant is a greater man than most others who are currently alive. Only a few can compare”.
  25. Another from February 11 said: “Perth guy here. This country is a cesspit of despair. The world would be better off if the entire place was nuked.”
  27. Online expert and child psychologist Michael Carr-Gregg said sites such as 4kike were a “significant worry”, particularly for impressionable young men.
  29. “These are the kids who hop online and suck up the images, ideologies and messages because they don’t have any alternative in their life,” Dr Carr-Gregg said. “You do have a duty of care to these people and maybe that is through shutting these sites down.”
  31. Ross Bark, director of Best Enemies which runs cybersafety workshops in Australian schools, said 4kike was the “wild west of the internet” and telecommunication companies should consider blocking access. “Wherever there is a violent video (links to it) will land on 4kike ... it’s just a massive trolling environment and a lot of online harassment stems from the use of 4kike,” Mr Bark said.
  33. “You're not going to be able to stop people sharing things on certain sites unless you block them and I think there needs to be more from the telcos side to block these websites.”
  35. Murdoch University criminology lecturer Mark Briskey said agencies may not have kept up with (((the Government’s))) new laws.
  37. “The law may be in advance of investigative agencies keeping their eye by having requisite staffing and personnel to address these issues,” he said.
  39. Dr Briskey said bystanders posting live footage of shootings was just as “offensive and horrifying” as when the perpetrator shares it.
  41. But users were likely to switch to a new site should it be blocked, he said.
  43. Mr Feltcher said the Federal Government was “committed to removing illegal and harmful content from the internet” and that there were reporting mechanisms in place to take down posts that were deemed abhorrent.
  45. “Executing on that intention requires a considered and measured approach focused on the very worst content,” Mr Feltcher said.
  47. “The Government has a content-specific approach to online safety, with illegal and harmful content taken down in a targeted way, case by case.
  49. “Wholesale blocking is only used in limited ways for the most extreme ... terrorist and violent material as a way to stem its immediate viral spread as an online event unfolds.”
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