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  1. Session Start: dom dez 09 11:53:54 2018
  2. [23:53.54] <Shoot> Is it better to be a mediocre character in an exceptional society, or an exceptional character in a mediocre one? <.<
  3. [23:53.54] ->> Shoot is (ByrdIRC)
  4. [23:53.55] ->> Shoot is on: @#yak4
  5. [23:53.55] ->> Shoot using (Sofia, BG, EU)
  6. [23:53.55] ->> Shoot 0 secs seconds idle, signon time 1:53 10/12/2018
  7. [23:53.55] ->> Shoot is logged in as Shootandrun
  8. [23:53.55] ->> Shoot :End of /WHOIS list.
  9. [23:54.29] <Azthor> In what overall context? >.>
  10. [23:55.18] <Shoot> Arvendium.
  11. [23:57.20] <Azthor> And from what viewpointr? <.<
  12. [23:58.08] <Shoot> Maximal attainment / prowess achievable.
  13. [23:58.32] <Shoot> Or perhaps more generally: which one affords you the most opportunity to develop yourself.
  14. Session Start: seg dez 10 12:02:25 2018
  15. [00:02.25] <Azthor> Are we talking about efficiency or ceilings? >.>
  16. [00:03.56] <Shoot> How do you distinguish the two?
  17. [00:06.09] <Azthor> I don't, if you don't have a workable notion thereof on your own.
  18. [00:08.39] <Shoot> Well, I cango with my impression of it: average levelling capacity vs. maximum level you can reasonably expect?
  19. [00:08.43] <Shoot> can go*
  20. [00:09.31] <Shoot> And if it is that (...) I am mostly thinking of the later, since the earlier seems more intuitive.
  21. [00:12.55] <Azthor> First, the question is flawed because the "reasonably" makes the later immensely variable. Second, that is yours to figure out, if you are asking in such total terms.
  22. [00:15.07] <Shoot> The question has been nagging at me. Gorm makes for a reference, sort of, though a flawed one. Tannivh, meanwhile, has one particular reason to want to move on, but I may be thinking too narrowly there, even before other considerations (like his feelings on the matter when the time comes for that to
  23. [00:15.10] <Shoot> be possible),
  24. [00:15.13] <Shoot> .*
  25. [00:25.43] <Shoot> And I may as well check that reason: am I right in guess age-slowing alchemy is either totally or practically without use in the elven realm?
  26. [00:26.42] <Azthor> That is an awfully narrow way of thinking, but yes, the later.
  27. [00:27.44] <Shoot> Why do you find it narrow, considering the previous statement? Or are you just agreeing with it? <.<
  28. [00:31.18] <Azthor> Explaining'd be giving it away. But making the comparison on those alone is a narrow approach.
  29. [00:34.02] <Shoot> I had been thinking of something along those lines, so may as well check that one too: for one, the availability of things whose only effect is age-slowing does not speak for the availability of things that do that as a side-effect.
  30. [00:34.15] <Shoot> Like Nature magic, for the most obvious example.
  31. [00:36.50] <Azthor> You are overfocusing on natural death as a ceiling. >.>
  32. [00:37.29] <Shoot> I can parse that in two ways :(
  33. [00:38.05] <Shoot> Either you are telling me one has to take into consideration the real effect on life expectancy, or you are telling me natural death is something that can be overcome entirely even in an age without necromancy and death magic.
  34. [00:40.47] <Azthor> You are wrong on both accounts. :(
  35. [00:41.01] <Shoot> :(
  36. [00:41.22] <Shoot> Do you just mean there are other factors that go into deciding whether to stay or to go? <.<
  37. [00:44.35] <Azthor> I am telling you that there are other factors that go into which reasonably leads to a higher effective level ceiling.
  38. [00:45.04] <Shoot> Oh, that. No, I wasn't thinking of that.
  39. [00:45.24] <Shoot> I was thinking of how Tannivh might perceive departure's effect on his own life expectancy and prospects, generally.
  40. [00:45.43] <Shoot> Potential is one aspect of that. Life expectancy is another, mostly separate one.
  41. [00:46.50] <Azthor> I find it hard to believe "life expectancy" in abstract'd at all be in consideration. >.>
  42. [00:47.04] <Azthor> As opposed to "I am afriad of doing this because I might die". <.<
  43. [00:47.06] <Shoot> ...Really?
  44. [00:47.50] <Shoot> I feel like "Oh, I am going to die of old age at 500 instead of 5000" would be a really big motivation, although it obviously wouldn't compare to immediate danger.
  45. [00:48.22] <Azthor> That ignores a truckload of other factors with a bigger impact leading up to that realization
  46. [00:48.25] <Azthor> Ai. is silly.
  47. [00:49.10] <Shoot> Moment. Can you pastebin this to Shootandrun?
  48. [00:49.13] * Shoot ( Quit (Quit: ByrdIRC,
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