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Sep 18th, 2019
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  1. <sjohnson> roshambo: i don't think there's any proof that Putin *wanted Trump* to win.
  2. <roshambo> sjohnson Putin himself admitted he wanted Trump to win in Helsinki
  3. <sjohnson> roshambo: oh really? got any clip of that?
  4. <roshambo>
  5. <@thunderstrzok`> YouTube :: Putin confirms he wanted Trump to win 2016 election :: Duration: 01:18 :: Views: 9,951 uploaded by Washington Post
  6. <sjohnson> roshambo: okay, so what?
  7. <roshambo> SO YOU ARE WRONG sjohnson
  8. <roshambo> that is so what
  9. <roshambo> fucking idiot
  10. <sjohnson> roshambo: i wanted Trump to win too.
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