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  1. Key: Nightriderk
  3. IC Name: Yuuto
  5. Race: Demon
  7. Sample RP:
  9. Yuuto, a demon born of the sin of pride. He was the most arrogant demon around in the hellish pits of Hell and often boasted about his great power to all the other demons. In hell there was a wrath demon known as Atem who was often the demon that he boasted his power too. They had fought many times during there time in hell and were evenly matched through out there fights. There fights always ended in a draw until one day Atem started to talk to a strange voice in his head before he vanished. There was no trace of him through out all of hell so he decided to go off and find other demons so he may show his great might to them. His journey was long with no results, no other demons to show his might to, no other person to sate his hunger for fighting. One day he to heard a voice in his head. It came from a makyo in the living realm that wished to summon him and use his great power to fight the mortals. This was his chance to show the mortals why they were mortals before his great power.
  12. Only moments after he was summoned to the living realm was he confronted with a very familiar Wrath demon. It was Atem who had vanished from Hell some time ago. He had finally had the chance to fight him once more and fully intended to show his great power which had grown even higher while he was in searching for other demons in hell. Thus the battle begun. The fight lasted a little bit before Atem had thrown Yuuto to the ground. Yuuto had lost to the Wrath demon who were evenly matched back in hell. This confused Yuuto before it finally hit him. His power had grown weaker once he left the hellish plains of Hell with only one explanation to it. His body was not used to the living realm so there for his great power had weakened greatly. He shrugged it off for a while as he was later found in a fight with a human child. Lantro the makyo had summoned him to his side for him to show the mortals his power which lead to him fighting the child. Yuuto could barley hit the child before he was brought down to the ground by a mere mortal child. To him this was absurd and didn't want to accept the fact that he lost to a mortal so he vowed that once his body had fully recovered from his bringing to the living realm he would show her the true power he posses.
  14. Since then years had past and the war between the forces of the makyos and the mortals had ended. He was not apart of the war for he was sitting back at the base meditating, trying to regain his lost strength. He was unsuccessful, his great power had only started to return but it was only the smallest amount compared to the full extent he had in hell. When he opened his eyes from his meditation present day he was met with the introduction of another pride demon. One that was certain he was THE pride demon of sin and that every other pride sin was a fragment of the strongest. Yuuto did not stand for this so when Lantro offered him to fight the other pride demon he quickly accepted. The two went outside and began to fight. The fight was very one sided as the self proclaimed pride demon beat him to the ground with little to no effort. He was then thrown back into the base beaten and told off by the demon. Lantro then spoke up and asked him if he wished to return to hell so he could gain more power. Yuuto instantly said yes not only for Lantro saying he could gain more power but this would allow him to regain he previous power he had yet to retain. And with the snap of a finger he was back down in Hell. As soon as he got there he could feel his body reacting to Hells atmosphere as his demonic aura flared to life. But as quickly as it came it started to fade away. It was like spending to much time in the living realm softened his body to the point where his it couldn't hold in his own great power. Yuuto would not stand for this, his pride wouldn't let him so he closed his eyes and began trying to pull the escaped energy back into his body. As he did his body started to break down. He was dying by the might of his own power essentially. But Yuuto kept going, he wouldn't let this chance escape him as he started to draw more of his escaped power into his body. Not only his own power but some of the power from Hell itself was starting to pool into his body. He could feel it as his power started to merge with the power of Hell itself causing the state of his original power to change. It was like his body was stuck in a tranced state caused by the merging of the two powers. He stood there and smirked as he had found away to not only regained his true power but evolve it as well. Now he would sit, waiting for Lantro to summon him back to the living realm.
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