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Johanna Tukiainen & (fake) Mickey Rourke

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  5. Whoa! What happens when a man named Mickey tries to reconnect with a one-time fling from the Miami night? If the said fling happens to be an attention-starved wannabe celebrity, Johanna Tukiainen, blogging and lies happen.
  8. Hey Miss Johanna, i think we met in Miami night cpl of years ago... nut sure if u still remember... i'm back in MI... if u wanna see lemme know okay baby... i hope u r doin fine, u the sexy blonde from Sweden, right?
  10. Mickey
  13. Hi Mickey,
  15. Thanks for your email! :)As Im really well known in my own country and I get a lot of fake emails,I just would like to ask some questions from you to make sure, that'syou....? :)
  17. Do you have any animals, and if so, what kind of animals and how many?Because I remember when I met those cuties in your hotel room on SouthBeach hotel.
  19. If u really r Mickey, yes we met with you couple of years ago in Miami andI think that u r really hot! :)
  21. Let me know something more about yourself, so I can make sure that'sreally u.
  23. With love,
  25. Johanna
  28. Hey baby, Ok I feel ya, you know im a dog man, love small dogs like chichuahuas (RIP my buddy Woki!)... right now I got 4 small ones...
  30. We gotta be very hush hush okay baby.. I dont wnat any bad PR for you or me, but I wanna see what I'm missing... I recall u got a hot curvy body............
  32. Secret: I have "relationship" but its a front arranged by my mgmt because of upcoming movie which just wrapped up filming in Indonesia... U know this business is all about image.. .Anyways i'm in need of sexy female company...
  34. If U are in Miami lemme know... I'm still into Mokai scene but prefer partyin in private..... I'll be in town til sunday...
  36. smooches,
  38. M.
  41. Hi baby,
  43. Ok it sounds like it's really you! :)I remember that you had two small dogs when we met.I love also small dogs, I have 3 small dogs: 2 yorkshire terriers andchinese palace dog. My sister Julia has one bug, which is just so CUTE!!
  45. So r u staying in Miami until this sunday, or next sunday?I'm currently in Thailand, I've had one month vacation over here after Itook a divorce from one man, we were married for a year, now I'm singleagain. I would love to fly to Miami to meet you, u r one of my favouriteactors and just so SEXY!!!
  47. I would need to fly first to Stockholm and from there directly to Miami.I travel a lot, so it wouldn't be a problem, the only thing is that I gettoo much hurry if u stay in Miami only until this sunday.If it's next sunday, it would work ok.
  49. My thai number is: +XX XX XXX XXXX.
  51. I hve also swedish number, which I can send to you later.
  53. Hugs and kisses,
  55. Johanna
  58. Hey baby,
  60. I'm leaving Miami this sunday (the 22nd) so lemme know if U are up for fun or not... I thought maybe you were here... Sorry to hit U up on a short notice, but I need to be back in Cali for work next week.
  62. I'm not into games, love, any of that, I just want a good time and if you want a Hermes bag or whatever else money can buy we'll work something out. U know I can get any girl I want, but I want more from U! Keep that pussy hot for me...
  64. Keep it hush hush, baby...
  66. Mickey
  68. Yeah I remember your sister... what, she got a bug? Like an insect? Haha, she's funny.
  71. U got an assistant in Thailand? Somebody picked up your # and I didnt understand a word what he was sayin...
  73. M.
  76. Hi baby,
  78. No I don't have any assistant in Thailand, but I guess there was somethingwrong with the line or something. When u call or send a message frommobile phone, so u have to dial first +XX then XX XXX XXXX.
  80. My swedish phonenumber is: +XX XXX XXX XXX.
  82. I would LOVE to meet u again, u really make me hot and just having fun isok for me. I think u r one of the hottest actors in the world.My favourite movie is that erotic movie from the 80's "XXXX XXXXXX" I justlove that movie, ofcourse all the other movies r so cool as well! :)
  84. I meant that my sister Julia has a small dog, it's in swedish "mopsi" Ithought that it's "pug" in english. Like really cute small dog whichreminds of a little pig a little bit :) I lived in Miami for 2 yearsbecause I was in a relationship over there with one american guy, I alsohave lived in California and all around the world.
  86. Please call me or send a text message! :)
  88. Kisses, Johanna
  90. Meanwhile, Johanna writes a blog about the mystery man who has been corresponding with her via email. She also told about him to everybody on Facebook.
  93. Hey, what the hell is going on? My manager called me and told about some ppl flooding my fansite with msgs about U and some fucking blog U wrote? Is that true? I told you to keep things hush hush... I'm pissed off, serious.
  96. We met 2008 and it was then on some news paper in Finland, because I'mwell known in my own country.But it was just about 2 pages, not in the cover, and 4 years ago.Sometimes they take up some old news about me, specially now when Idivorced, but they are more intrested in me and my ex-husband who lives inLapland, so there is nothing u have to worry about, seriously.
  98. If I promise and make deal with somebody, that everything is private and confidental, then I do it.Like my past relationships (or just having fun with some celebrities),nobody knows about them, as i told u I lived with jewish-americanmillionaire in Miami for couple of years.
  100. I gave u my both phone numbers, which r working, so u can call me anytimeor send me a message, it would be easier to discuss. It's also better totalk on the phone or send messages, because nobody from Finland can hackerto my phones. But they could hacker to my email. Thre's nothing in thenewspapers in Sweden or Finland about the whole thing, trust me!They are talking now about the beauty pageants, and everything else, theyr writing about my trip to Thailand, that's it. I would really love tomeet u again, and I really can promise to u that I keep it totallyprivate, I don't want any media myself at all about my private life and Ihave had enough with them allready. Please give me call or send a text!
  102. Kisses,
  104. Johanna
  107. Hi baby,
  109. Here is one pic of me eating at Basking and Robins ice-cream today inBangkok. Did u try to call to me yesterday to my swedish phone? I wasshopping on one street and I didn't hear my phone.
  111. I send u few more new pics of me, I hope u like them, they r quite bigsize, but your assistant can make them smaller. I guess u r allready onyour way to California, I'm sorry, I got your message on so short notice,that it would have been impossible to fly from Bangkok to Miami this fast.
  113. But I would love to meet u to California, I promise 100% sure totallyprivate, whenever u would like to meet me, I work in showbusiness and Ican take of from work whenever I want. I have a manager, but I can alwaystell her that I don't want to make some shows and that's it.I would really LOVE to meet u again, totally private, just for fun as usaid, and I don't want any publicity myself as well.
  115. xoxo, Johannahttp://www.dollsdancers.fi
  118. I'm fucking serious, so you did NOT write a blog or somethin bout ME like 2-3 days ago?! I'm on my way to Cali and I dont wanna see TMZ ppl askin bout this when I land @ LAX...
  120. My manager told me bout some mofo Mark Bahamonde who flooded his inbox wit some crazy stuff... What's up wit that and who is he?! I do NOT like drama! U look very seductive in that pic, I hope U open ur mouth to more than just ice cream... I have man meat to put in there... Love the hair, wanna see U naked too... so u wanna make me forget that I'm MAD?
  122. Mickey
  125. Baby, if u REALLY are Mickey who I met in Mokai 2008 in Miami, I'mfucking serious also, that I really don't want any publicity, that's onereason why I came to Thailand for one month to rest and to be private inmy own villa on KOh Samed paradise islands!!!
  127. James Bahamonde is full of shit, sorry to say this. I used to work for himmany years ago, he speaks so much and doesn't mean anything.I didn't write any blog, it would be my dream come true to meet you againand I really don't want to risk anything!!! I think u r one of the hottestactors in the whole world. And I have always loved to make dreams cometrue....I love to spoil people and to be spoiled.
  129. Trust me, u wouldn't regret if we would meet just for fun, we could bothremember it even when we would be really old in foster homes...hahahha...I fly from Bangkok to Stockholm tomorrow, then I could fly to Californiato meet u whenever u would like, I just love that place.As I told u before, I can book shows for me whenever I want myself, so Ican also travel whenever I would like to. I would make up to u that udon't feel mad or anything like that, the opposite way.As i told u, I love to spoil and to be spoiled by men and I just love sex!!!
  131. U have my swedish phone number, my thai number isn't going to work anymoreafter tomorrow. But the Sweden number works all the time, u can text me orsomething.
  133. Kisses, Johannahttp://www.dollsdancers.fi
  136. You're lying bitch!
  138. http://johannatukiainen.seiska.fi/2012/01/19/oscarehdokas-mickey-soitti-minulle-ja-haluaa-vieda-illalliselle-miamissa/
  140. I dunno what the hell it says but I can see name there... and this wuz written couple of days ago! Not in 2008!
  142. Your ex-man Lahna or whatever the hell is his name sent that link to my manager!! Tell him and all the othr mothafuckas to stop harassing me or anybody associated wit me!
  144. I know who the fuck I am and I thought U were cool. I seen plenty of double talkin bitches in my day, so deuces.
  146. See ya.
  148. M.
  151. That person "Lahna" or who ever, is NOT my ex-husband.My ex-husband name is Arto Lansman and we were married for about a year.This person "Laupea Lahna" is some psycho who is harashing me and tryingto ruin my life and trying to get into everything I do.
  153. I told u that there was an article in magazine on 2008, it's not a lie.But now there hasn't been any articles in any magazines anywhere, as Itold u, if I promise to keep something private and confidential, I will doit.
  155. I wouldn't give u my phone numbers, if I wouldn't be serious.There r stalkers around me, but mostly just in Finland, not in Sweden orany other countries. That "Laupea Lahna" uses fake names and fakeprofiles, and he post wrong kind of photoshoped pics of me and he istrying to put me down, because he is mentally really sick. I thought thatu would understand because u have been in publicity for so long. There ralways people who r talking shit behind and telling lies, please don't read those messages and don't answer to those people. There are NO anyarticles or anything other about you in any media in Finland or inSweden!!! And if I would ever meet u, I wouldn't tell to anybody.
  157. I'm in Stockholm, Sweden now, my phone number is the same that I gave u:+XX XXX XXX XXX
  159. I'm divorced and my ex-husband isn't harashing me, so these people whocontact u are these really jealous people from Finland, who r trying toharm me and my life. I really hope that u would listen to me.Please send me text message or call me,
  161. Johannahttp://www.dollsdancers.fi
  164. Please, don't read or listen to those bastards, who r trying to give u anybullshit, they are stalkers and trying to put my life down.I'm serious, there hasn't been any articles about you in any magazine(exept that small article 2008 in Finland which was about 4 years ago) andone reason why I travelled to Thailand for a month was to get away fromthe media, so I don't want any attention as well, Johanna
  167. I hope that u really believe in me, those "James Bahamonde", "LaupeaLahna" etc. are just trying to harash me and stalking me, and trying toruin everything I do. There r also a lot of really jealous people inFinland who don't want any other people to be successful, or to experienceanything nice, that's why I stay pretty much in Stockholm (sweden) wheremy parents live.
  169. Trust me, I was in a relationship with one really succesfull CEO jewishguy in Miami for couple of years, and he understood how crazy some peoplecan be, he ignored them.
  171. These pics r quite big size, I'm with a frog in Koh Samed islands inThailand where i had great vacation with Julia. Hope u like them, sorryabout those assholes who contacted u. With love,
  173. Johanna
  176. (email otsikolla One more pic, I love nice style like Jimmy Choo, Vuitton etc :) )
  179. I'm just watching one of your movies "XXX XX XXXX" where your role isattorney.It's really good, I love it.
  181. I have reported this "laupea lahna" for Finland's police, he is somereally crazy guy who has been stalking me for years already and is tryingto ruin everything I do.
  183. I really hope that u would believe me, I'm not intrested in publicity, I'm really intested in meeting just you privately.
  185. Johanna
  188. Stop fucking emailing me you ho! U lied about the blog and still dont admit it! Dumb slut.
  191. In the end, Johanna writes another blog in which she laments that Mickey got mad at her because of a blog she wrote. It's the Weasels' fault!
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