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Pricing investigation on HDMI Monitors with speakers

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  1. An ideal prank to call a pricing investigation of HDMI Monitors with speakers. Example 70" TV costs $999 and 75" HDMI Monitor with Speakers costs around $4,800.
  3. Go hook TV directly by coax to encrypted cable headend areas or google fiber tv boxes for pranks on April Fools 2018.
  5. https://support.google.com/fiber/answer/2667498?hl=en&ref_topic=2667450
  6. <--- Snipped from http://www.avsforum.com/forum/35-cable-digital-cable-non-hdtv/1475637-all-your-qam-channels-scrambled.html --->
  7. Trying to scan the QAM channels may lock up your tuner and force you to power off (or pull the plug on some), disconnect the coax, power on and delete the offending channel, then proceed. (to even see the EAS screen or the "need an adapter" program)
  9. Safford, AZ (Cable One)
  10. North Arizona (Cable One)
  11. -
  12. Grand Rapids, MI (Comcast)
  13. Detroit, MI (Comcast)
  14. Magnavox thread
  15. Northern Michigan (Traverse City region) (Charter)
  16. -
  17. Minneapolis, MN (Comcast)
  18. St. Paul
  19. It has been reported that Comcast has encrypted all digital channels including locals. They seem to have left some analog channels come though as of May, 2013. Frequently analog channels are part of a "lifeline" service similar to what phone companies offer low income households.
  20. post #240
  21. -
  22. Chicago, IL (Comcast) - Area reports:
  23. Decatur, IL
  24. Peoria area (Comcast) has now encrypted all channels. The EAS seems to be ok if you can get to it. See post #44
  25. Evanston, IL (Comcast)
  26. post #219
  27. -
  28. Bloomington, IN (Comcast)
  29. post 278
  30. Lafayette, IN (Comcast)
  31. post 326
  32. -
  33. Pocatello, ID (Cable One)
  34. Idaho Falls, ID (Cable One)
  35. -
  36. Fargo, ND (Cable One)
  37. -
  38. Sioux City, IA (Cable One)
  39. -
  40. NYC, NY (Cablevision)
  41. Most headends.
  42. Queens (TWC)
  43. Amherst, NY (unknown)
  44. -
  45. Western Mass (Comcast)
  46. Northwestern suburban Boston (Comcast)
  47. Post #174
  48. -
  49. Montreal Canada provider, Videotron, scrambles everything except the FM radio stations, barker channels and the majority of free video-on-demand QAMs that your neighbours ordered, comes with the pause, rewind and fast-forward results.
  50. -
  51. Naples, FL (Comcast)
  52. Waiting for verification
  53. Bonita Springs, FL (Comcast)
  54. Belleair, FL, just south of Clearwater. (unknown)
  55. Altamonte Springs, FL (BHN)
  56. -
  57. Nashua, NH (Comcast)
  58. Post #91
  59. Londonderry NH (Comcast)
  60. Post #242
  61. -
  62. Hartford, CT (Comcast)
  63. Post #101
  64. Ledyard, CT (Comcast)
  65. Post #134
  66. -
  67. Roseville, CA (?)
  68. Post 112
  69. -
  70. Reno/Sparks NV (Comcast) (Charter)
  71. post 335
  72. -
  73. Youngstown, OH (Comcast)
  74. post #140
  75. -
  76. Duncan, OK (Cable One)
  77. Altus, OK (Cable One)
  78. -
  79. Pittsburgh, PA (Comcast)
  80. post #200
  81. Philadelphia, PA (Comcast)
  82. post #244
  83. Western, PA (Armstrong Utilities)
  84. Central PA, NE PA to Middle NJ (Service Electric Cable) - Started
  85. -
  86. Bowie, MD (Comcast)
  87. -
  88. Washington, DC (Comcast)'
  89. -
  90. Egg Harbor Township - South Jersey - Atlantic County (Comcast)
  91. -
  92. Pueblo, CO (Comcast)
  93. post #206
  94. -
  95. San Francisco Bay Area, CA (Comcast)
  96. Post #167 , #171
  97. Pittsburg, CA (Comcast)
  98. post #169
  99. Monterey area, CA (Comcast)
  100. post #183
  101. Orange County, CA (TWC)
  102. -
  103. Olympia, WA (Comcast)
  104. post #232
  105. -
  106. Atlanta, GA (Comcast)
  107. post #267
  108. Albany, GA (Mediacom)
  109. post #275
  110. -
  111. Grenada, MS (Cable One)
  112. Clarksdale, MS (Cable One)
  113. Colombus, MS (Cable One)
  114. -
  115. DFW area (TWC)
  116. </snipped>
  118. customer_service@midco.net
  119. abuse@drtel.net
  120. customerservice@daktel.net
  121. mandl@mlgc.com
  122. support@gondtc.com
  123. rtchelp@restel.com
  124. ncc@nccray.com
  125. abuse@srt.com
  126. bryan@consolidatedtelcom.com
  127. helpdesk@24hoursupport.com
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