Shining Girls Form - Don't Listen | Kim Minhye

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  1. ❝jυsτ rιghτ❞
  3. Username: DreamyTeapot
  4. Birth Name: Kim Minhye [김민혜]
  5. Other name: Mariko Mari [真里子 真理]
  6. Stage name: Minhye
  7. Nationality: Korean
  8. Etnicity: Korean-Japanese
  9. Birthday: 8 July 1998
  10. Age: 20 years old
  11. Height: 160cm
  12. Weight : 42kg
  13. Blood Type: A
  15. ❝cαll mε βαβψ❞
  17. Personality:
  18. - Crazy 24/7
  19. — She's the definition of pretty but crazy, who would do a split on the floor while eating cereal? She would, who would eat a bread while jamming to We Like? She would.
  20. - Energetic
  21. — She can't stay still and just can't stay silent for a second.
  22. - Mood Maker
  23. — Yes of course you will expect her to have this personality after you see the other two, she makes really weird but somehow funny jokes, she usually makes unfunny jokes that she laughs at, but the others would laugh after hearing her iconic laugh.
  25. Trivia:
  26. - She screams literally just like a dolphin
  27. - A huge fan of PRISTIN
  28. - She talks to herself often
  29. - She walks around like a penguin
  30. - Makes jokes that only her and the other gag trio members laugh at
  31. - Allergic to dogs and pork
  32. - Her laugh is the definition of iconic
  33. - Eye smiles like crazy
  34. - Likes ::
  35. — Bread
  36. — Veggies
  37. — Soybean Paste Stew
  38. - Dislikes ::
  39. — Meats
  40. — Kimchi
  41. — Potatoes
  43. ❝δοπ'τ ωαππα crψ❞
  45. Slot: Don't Listen
  46. Backup slot: Come To Me
  47. Face claim: @/gini_s2
  48. Backup face claim: @/y.rm_ (you could switch them if ya want)
  49. Love interest: DK
  50. Backup love interest: Seungkwan
  52. ❝ραrαδιsε❞
  54. How did you two meet: Backstage after EMERALD and SEVENTEEN's first meeting, the others already went to the dorms, but two of them had to wait because there were no cars left.
  55. What was your first impression of him:
  56. Just by looking at him, I can tell that he's a caring and cheerful guy.
  57. His first impression of you:
  58. She didn't talk a lot and just smiled and bowed, but I could tell that she's one of the happy viruses in her group.
  60. ❝ιζ ψου δο❞
  62. Individual introduction: Hello everyone! I'm the singing baby penguin, Kim Minhye from EMERALD!
  63. Instagram account: hye.emrld
  64. Solo debut song: IU - BBIBBI
  65. Backup solo debut song: IU - PALLETTE
  67. ❝τεmρο❞
  69. Requested scenes with l/i:
  70. - Just her keep watching SEVENTEEN's debut stage and him just staring at her from behind.
  71. - Two of them bickering over cereal
  72. Requested scenes with group:
  73. - Playing hide and seek but they fell asleep instead.
  74. Other requested scenes:
  75. - Her daydreaming while tickling a cat's belly.
  77. Anything else I missed: nope
  78. Any suggestions: (cAn yOu mAke tWo oF tHEm havE a coLLab pLease-)
  79. Questions: Nope~
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