Dressup of Mana

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  1. [15:15:48] <Giantree> A long day of stalling!  At least, now that the sun rises with Salamando in the sky alongside Wisp, it becomes apparent that that must've been how it went, yesterday being Luna day and all.  Dividing the spoils from the corpse that crashed in the castle and cleaning it up was a lot of work as well.
  2. [15:18:54] <Giantree> The only maid who cares happily sweeps the halls, humming along as her red eyes stare at absolutely nothing.  It's apparent when she crashes into a wall every few seconds.  But each door is unlocked, and the dining hall is finely prepared.
  3. [15:20:23] * Flammy tried her best!  Which mostly involved looming over shoulders and being in the way.
  4. [15:20:45] <Breezy> A certain Breezy-shaped lump curled up into a ball's still completely under the covers with no intention of moving. Furthermore, said lump just so happens to be located in Naida's bed without invitation, at the moment.
  5. [15:23:43] * Lucia is already up, tending to daily affairs. She's seen to it that Breezy and Naida have been both left a change of clothes: Oddly enough, they are both women's attire. Rodidja, on the other hands, just find herself a bill for the accomodations, including the expenses of the two Sprites.
  6. [15:24:15] <Naida> "NNNNNNyyyyyaaaaaaa" Naida stretches, trying to push the sleepiness out of her body, when she realizes her bed is unusually warm and lumpy.
  7. [15:25:10] <Breezy> Wiggle, wiggle, stillness. Breezy doesn't wanna get up. Doesn't even make a sound, just lies there in a little spriteball.
  8. [15:25:59] <Rodidja> In another room and hanging halfway off the bed, an almost middle-age woman is snoring off. She's been sleeping far longer than any responsible adult should be.
  9. [15:26:31] <Naida> "Wha-what are you doing in here?!" Naida frantically pushes at Breezy trying to move him until she eventually pushes herself off the other side of the bed.
  10. [15:27:37] <Breezy> "I got lonely, Nighty! The beds are too big for one person, I could've gotten lost!"
  11. [15:27:42] * Lucia is in her chambers, sipping her morning meal.
  12. [15:28:58] <Naida> "W-well, you could at least ask, or knock, or something! Don't just help yourself to my bed whenever you like."
  13. [15:29:17] <Giantree> Knock, knock.  With the sound of sweeping down the hall, all-too-frail knuckles tap themselves into Rodidija's door first, following with the Sprites and the other guests.  Each knock is faint and of course, they stop before reaching all the way to the Mistress' room herself.  That would be rude!
  14. [15:29:56] * Flammie pushes a door open with her nose and grins at the maid as a door is knocked on.  (Hi there.)
  15. [15:31:07] <Breezy> "Oh. Okay I'll knock next time. I didn't wanna wake you up~!"
  16. [15:31:38] <Giantree> "Waaaaah!  How did you get inside the- ohhhh, nevermind."  Stopping herself from pouting, Corona just pats the creature on the head and goes back to sweeping.  "Don't step on the pile, okay?"
  17. [15:32:17] * Lucia continues to sip, hearing the knocks and timing her entrance appropriately.
  18. [15:33:14] <Rodidja> Rodidja opens her eyes, which feel like taut leather and closes them and crunches herself into a fetal position under some sheets with no intention of getting up any time soon. She may have slept through a hangover, but that doesn't mean she doesn't feel like shit.
  19. [15:33:16] <Naida> "A-anyway, get out of here, I need to get changed!"
  20. [15:34:20] * Flammie nods and galumphs down the hall, nosing open other doors.
  21. [15:34:48] <Breezy> "See you later, Nighty. Thanks for letting me sleep in your bed!" Breezy wanders back to his own room, where he finds the change of clothes left for him. A dress? Oh, cool, Breezy's never had one of those before. Might as well try it on~
  22. [15:36:55] <Naida> Naida locks the door behind him and begins trying on her new clothes, which fit her surprisingly well, despite her size.
  23. [15:38:06] <Giantree> "Oh, good mor..."  The maid's wave falls short while Ily- I mean Breezy retreats to another room.  "Maybe I should, um, go tell the Mistress."
  24. [15:38:24] * Flammie tries to nose open a door and only thuds against it.  A second thud comes a moment later, then she sits at the door, pondering this deep conundrum.
  25. [15:39:15] * Lucia is already on her way out the door, ominous fotosteps heading towards the others.
  26. [15:40:05] * Flammie turns her head at the footsteps and gets up onto all fours again!
  27. [15:41:04] <Giantree> Corona sure recognizes those footsteps, shutting up and bowing in place for the remainder of the Mistress' approach.
  28. [15:41:09] * Lucia looks at those gathered with a smile, "Good. I see most of you are up," she peers to Rodidja's door dismissively.
  29. [15:41:34] <Rodidja> "I'll be up in 15 minutes, stop knocking..." she groans at Flammie's attempts, turns onto her belly and makes bed angels on the soft mattress.
  30. [15:41:51] * Flammie steps away from the door and grins.
  31. [15:41:54] <Breezy> Breezy exits his room and begins walking through the halls, now equipped with a fancy pink and white dress and having airbrushed his hair into order, instead of wearing rags. Breezy pretty much looks like an adorable little girl, at least while he isn't punching anything.
  32. [15:44:55] <Lucia>  "There should be some breakfast ready downstairs. It's rare that actual food is prpared here, but I still believe you should find it adequate."
  33. [15:45:52] * Flammie nods and takes a few steps back before finding room to turn around by backing into an empty room, letting Lucia go first.
  34. [15:46:31] <Giantree> The maid barely resists a nosebleed, bowing again.  "I made sure they all did their work today, Madam!  Everything should be adequately prepared for the guests... I... hope."
  35. [15:48:18] <Breezy> A-ha! Lucia detected. Breezy runs up and hugs the vampire, "Good morning, Miss Lucy! Thanks for the new clothes, they're really nice, I've never had new clothes before~"
  36. [15:49:06] * Lucia still seems a bit taken aback by the hug, but seems to be getting used to it, "Of course. I can't have my, ah, children running around in rags, can I?"
  37. [15:50:23] <Giantree> Everybody who is awake, including the Flammie after some bizarre, crowded hall-navigating, finds themselves led to an elegant dining hall, where a few others wearing slightly-less-decorated maid outfits that could show Corona up in nearly every physical aspect are lazily setting out plates, with what does appear to be actual food.  Of course at Lucia's spot on the table there's something completely else.
  38. [15:51:53] <Breezy> "I can run around in rags! I like these better, though." Twirl, twirl. How fun~ "I got lonely in the super big bed last night, so I slept with Nighty, though!"
  39. [15:53:09] * Flammie sits at the foot of the table and watches.  She doesn't seem to be expecting food, but is enjoying all them people!
  40. [15:53:57] * Lucia had already eaten in her chambers, actually. So she just sits and watches.
  41. [15:54:13] <Giantree> That's exactly why all that's at the head of the table is a glass of wine!
  42. [15:56:01] <Breezy> Breezy eats lost of food really fast, just shoveling it in. Still, the sprite's careful enough not to spill anything on the new clothes.
  43. [15:57:05] <Rodidja> 15 minutes? Dunno. But it feels like time to get out of bed. Rodidja rolls right to the edge of the bed and gets out. She's in sleepwear she doesn't own and has a vague memory of ever putting it on. She shuffles to the door, opening it and closing it with a slam to which she winces in reflex.
  44. [15:59:16] <Rodidja> She looks around for any visible sign of life in the hallway. A maid? One of them kids? Not the vampire. They don't count as alive.
  45. [16:00:01] <Naida> Naida, finally returning from her room. Sits down and begins to eat.
  46. [16:00:07] <Giantree> The yawning succub- er, fine employees all leave the kitchen while bickering amongst themselves, heading back to some room on the first floor where even louder gossip comes from.  Fortunately that means now that everything's served, the dining hall is left in peace.
  47. [16:05:15] <Rodidja> She walks down the hall opening a few doors to bedrooms before giving some thought about getting lost. "Maid?"
  48. [16:05:43] <Flammie> (no, ffd6.  try to keep up.)
  49. [16:05:50] <Giantree> At the mention of the word the head maid shows straight up with a bow.  "This way, please!"
  50. [16:06:38] <Breezy> "Hi Nighty!"
  51. [16:07:23] <Rodidja> "Ah, thank you Miss Cora-Coruna." She perks up and eagerly follows.
  52. [16:08:37] <Giantree> "C-"  Calling out guests is rude!  Puffy ponytail swaying the CLANGy maid makes her way through the maze of hallways to the dining hall, pointing the entrance out with the broom she's yet to be caught without.
  53. [16:11:33] <Rodidja> "Uh... Thank you." And she walks into the dining hall, following the smell of breakfast rather than the pointing of the head maid's broom.
  54. [16:12:01] <Giantree> Poking out from next to where Naida's sitting, a blue flame edges out from behind the seat.  Of course it's not like the drunkard sees anything.  <Y'know, no matter how nice this place seems, it IS pretty gloomy.  Ever think about installing more lights?>
  55. [16:12:30] <Giantree> The broom was pointing out the entrance to the dining hall.  Where there's surprisingly little smell of blood, overwhelmed by actual breakfast.
  56. [16:15:49] <Naida> "Lucia, thank you for the clothes and the meal, they're quite lovely."
  57. [16:16:42] <Rodidja> Rodidja takes an empty seat with "Goodmorning, thanks for the food~" and digging in. Her initial interest is in the food rather than any other person at the table.
  58. [16:21:54] <Lucia> "It's no trouble," she peers over to Rodidja, "and you should be thanking her. She's paying, after all."
  59. [16:23:06] <Naida> "Is that so? I didn't realize you were so charitable Rodidja."
  60. [16:25:38] <Rodidja> "Whach?" She looks up with some bread stuffed in her mouth, surprised. "I dign't agreh to nee uff this! I'm naht p-*cough and hack*."
  61. [16:25:41] <Breezy> "Thanks Miss Lucy, thanks Miss Rody!" Breezy notices that Naida doesn't have the same dress as him and frowns, "Nighty, we don't match!"
  62. [16:26:09] <Lucia> "I suppose you missed the bill," Lucia shrugs, "no matter, I'll have a new one written up later."
  63. [16:34:44] * BriarAFK appears in a chair out of no where. "Shoulda put approval before purchase in your contract miss."
  64. [16:35:20] <Lucia> "Approval? Hm, I suppose, but perhaps I'm just bitter about how she wormed out of her last debt."
  65. [16:35:43] <Lucia> "Anyway! I believe we are to be getting Shade some time out of the castle, yes?"
  66. [16:35:53] <BriarAFK> "Debts? Nasty business, worked out my last one just recently."
  67. [16:37:42] <Breezy> "What's a debt?"
  68. [16:37:56] <Rodidja> "Wha-Where'd the coon come from?" Rodidja's startled by the appearance.
  69. [16:38:18] <Lucia> "A miserable pile of owed currency," she explains to Breezy.
  70. [16:39:24] <Giantree> <Others...?>  The batwinged eyemonster appears from the ceiling.
  71. [16:39:54] <Breezy> "Oh, okay!" Meanwhile, inside Breezy's mind... Lucia stands in front of Rodidja, declaring, "You owe me a debt!" Rodidja seems nervous at first, but soon shows off her ace in the hole, snapping her fingers as a current of water poured from the sky, "There's your currentsy."
  72. [16:41:08] * BriarAFK coughs a little on his water.
  73. [16:43:05] <Rodidja> "Who's the chobin?" She eyes the animal taking the seat, trying not to be distracted by Breezy. Must have came in while she was asleep.
  74. [16:43:05] <Giantree> Wisp floats around above the table.  <Well, you're an interesting bunch, I wouldn't mind seeing what's out there either!  Wasn't Shade lookin' to guide the bird-girlie to the west or something?>
  75. [16:45:01] <Rodidja> "And another one of them spirit things?"
  76. [16:45:30] <Briar> "Nah, just a traveling companion of miss Eirine."
  77. [16:46:07] <Giantree> The invisible voice keeps on.  <Well what do I LOOK l- ... oh, right.>
  78. [16:46:17] * Briar goes looking for the spirits to see if he can spot them better today.
  79. [16:46:25] <Briar> 2d6+6 Perceptive of me
  80. [16:46:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, Perceptive of me: 12 [2d6=1,5]
  81. [16:46:44] <Giantree> It's clear when they move because of not only how the air distorts, but objects move around as well.
  82. [16:47:52] * Briar returns to his food, satisfied he managed to pin their location.
  83. [16:49:17] <Rodidja> "Eirine?" She must have been out like a brick.
  84. [16:49:45] <Briar> "The siren."
  85. [16:50:25] <Briar> "Has a great singing voice."
  86. [16:50:39] <Breezy> "Do you like Miss Eiry, Mister Riary?"
  87. [16:51:03] <Briar> "She's pretty, but not my type."
  88. [16:51:23] <Breezy> "Okay, good, because I think Mommy likes her~"
  89. [16:53:04] <Giantree> <Really, little guy, a voice like that one is PRETTY nice when you're used to hearing the same voice over and over every day.  I'm lookin' forward to hear how she improves, not to mention what that lost song o' hers sounds like.  Shade here only suggested going to Undine because of how music's a thing over in Topple, where the H-P gets all his materials from and all that.>
  90. [16:53:15] <Rodidja> "No bells, chob... Mister... Riary?" Mommy?
  91. [16:53:22] <Lucia> "My, you're quite astutue."
  92. [16:54:01] <Briar> "Briar Longtail miss."
  93. [16:54:11] <Rodidja> (astututututututuring)
  94. [16:54:22] <Breezy> "What's an astu...astutute...astute?" Ahhh, these evil hard hards confuse Breezy.
  95. [16:54:48] <Lucia> She sighs, shaking her head, "Nevermind."
  96. [16:55:57] <Breezy> "Oh, okay. Miss Lucy's the best~!" Breezy returns to twirling his dress around for fun.
  97. [16:56:27] <Giantree> <... Noisy... There...>  Shade retracts into the ceiling again.
  98. [16:58:36] <Rodidja> She listens to the words of the spirits but more attention to be paid to people who are there. "Ah, umm... Nice to meet you Mister Longtail. Anyways... What's your business with the vampire?"
  99. [17:01:38] <Briar> "Not so much business with the Lady over there, just accompanying the winged miss on her visit to see Shade. Although, now that I'm surrounded by magic, it can make a mundane chobin like myself a little jealous.
  100. [17:03:35] <Giantree> <Mana's real choosy!  Not like we're anything special to look at, anyway.>  Of course they're still totally invisible.
  101. [17:04:05] * Briar shrugs.
  102. [17:04:40] <Rodidja> "Yeh, I know how that feels. Wish I could use magic like Naida's to get some luck in my favor. Oh, and my name is Rodidja." Guess she'll entertain a bodyless voice. "Mana?"
  103. [17:04:48] <Briar> "At least I can tell where you are now. Give me a week and I'm sure I'll be able to get a good look at you."
  104. [17:10:54] <Giantree> <Mana... all things.>  A voice whispers from the wall, now.
  105. [17:11:52] <Giantree> Wisp keeps floating around and being talkative in its bright color, however.  <So, little lady, why were you looking for us, again?  I'm still waiting to hear, y'know.>
  106. [17:13:53] <Naida> "Ah, right." Naida sets down her utensils and slides her chair back. "I'll explain in the other room."
  107. [17:15:38] <Giantree> <Can do!  I'm all ears... er, figuratively speaking that is.>  The maids - that is to say, maid, singlar - is there by the door to provide an unused room.
  108. [17:19:49] <Naida> Naida follows Corona to an empty room not far from the dining hall.
  109. [17:20:47] <Giantree> And being given a wink from Wisp, she guards the room for what's actually only a few minutes.  The door has a flame flying through it afterward.
  110. [17:21:50] * Naida explains her situation in the privacy of the anteroom.
  111. [17:21:53] <Giantree> <A noble goal!  Well, I wouldn't recommend going to see Undine first thing, since the people in Topple can be a bit... eccentric.  I'll show you around, young lady, but it might be a bit dangerous.  You think you'd be ready for it?>
  112. [17:23:29] <Naida> "I'll have to be, this is necessary whether I think I'm ready or not. All I can do is handle things as best I can."
  113. [17:23:37] <Rodidja> Rodidja glances at the maid and mage leaving the hall and gets back to her meal. She'll have to figure out a way to make it out of this new debt. Running sounds good. But she'd have to get her clothes and equipment.
  114. [17:24:38] <Giantree> They make their way back to the dining hall, or at least Wisp leads there while sweeping happens furiously in the background.  <How about getting help from these guys?  I'll show the way, but you'd just get hurt by yourself, y'know!>
  115. [17:25:13] <Naida> "Of course, I intend to make use of any and all resources available to me."
  116. [17:27:48] <Giantree> <Well good luck.>  It floats around in the presence of the others.  <If y'ask me, they'd probably be more likely to want to help if they KNEW what's up, but hey, I'm not gonna tell you how to run your life, little lady!>
  117. [17:29:18] <Briar> "What don't we know?"
  118. [17:29:52] <Briar> "What's up beside the obvious puns?"
  119. [17:33:06] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy, I'm booooored. Would you please take me to go do something?" Breezy pleads to Lucia ;_;
  120. [17:33:51] <Lucia> "That was the intention, but where would we go?"
  121. [17:35:02] <Breezy> "Hmm!" Breezy concentrates really hard, "I don't know directions very well! If it helps, I like to punch stuff and I like being with you and Nighty, though~"
  122. [17:35:13] <Lucia> "Fair enough. Would Shade like to come along? He did say he was bored, yes?"
  123. [17:36:24] <Giantree> <Un... dine...>  He floats around, into the ceiling.
  124. [17:36:59] <Giantree> Wisp stares with its beady eyes for a while.  <Well!  It wouldn't be a long trip, and there'd certainly be lots of rocks to punch in there.>
  125. [17:37:24] <Lucia> "Undine?" Lucia looks on, perplexed.
  126. [17:37:30] <Giantree> The Flammie who'd been eating their food in secret stands to attention by the doorway, of course.  Barely fitting in the room at all.
  127. [17:37:48] <Giantree> <I help... the feathered one...>
  128. [17:38:06] <Giantree> <Well, I GUESS that'll get more done that way.>
  129. [17:38:40] <Naida> "Going to see gnome sounds like a worthwhile use of time."
  130. [17:39:14] <Lucia> "Fair enough, then."
  131. [17:39:49] <Lucia> "We shall visit this...Gnome. Perhaps a spirit of Earth will live around plenty of precious gemstones."
  132. [17:39:59] <Giantree> <Tell ya what!>  Wisp spins around.  <I'll help that Flammie of yours get there, you just pay attention to... uh, bringing something to help you see with, for starters.  Caves are really dark, last I heard, and I can only help SO much with that sorta thing.>
  133. [17:40:21] <Giantree> <And you bet he does!  Well, last time I went there anyway.  Real fancy place.>
  134. [17:40:23] * Lucia looks to Rodidja, "How about you? Shall you come? I may even put this toward your debt."
  135. [17:40:51] <Briar> "Hmmm, bring me back some. I am quite handy with the crafting og jewlery and gadgets, and jewels fit into both."
  136. [17:41:11] <Rodidja> Gemstones? She perks up at this. Legitimate money. "Yeh, I'm good. Had me at gemstones."
  137. [17:41:34] <Briar> "Before I go, is there a town nearby? I need to stock up on curatives."
  138. [17:41:49] <Breezy> "What do you do with a jimmystone?"
  139. [17:42:01] <Briar> "Shine it."
  140. [17:42:06] <Briar> "Shape it."
  141. [17:42:10] <Briar> "Sell it."
  142. [17:42:27] <Briar> "Not exactly that order."
  143. [17:42:42] <Giantree> "Ummm."  The sweeping slows down.  "Sir Briar, the town of Menos lies just down the road.  But they're... fairly rowdy down there."
  144. [17:42:52] <Naida> "We're right on the edge of quite a large city, or were you too busy crashing through the roof to notice?"
  145. [17:43:06] <Breezy> "Oh. I don't care about selling stuff, but I'll help Mommy find some."
  146. [17:43:22] <Briar> "Ah, that is good to know. I can deal with rowdy fine."
  147. [17:43:52] <Briar> "We were too busy not being eaten."
  148. [17:44:12] <Rodidja> She gets up and asks Corona to point her to her room. "Got to get dressed and ready~"
  149. [17:45:36] <Breezy> "Will Miss Rody's dress match mine? Nighty's didn't." Breezy frowns. Twins not matching? Heresy.
  150. [17:45:53] <Lucia> "I do not think it will, no."
  151. [17:46:13] <Giantree> "Oh, right, yes!"  The maid has no trouble doing this since she swept the whole building a thousand times.  It isn't long before the Flammie's geared up and ready outside, Wisp waiting as well.
  152. [17:47:09] <Breezy> "Aww. I like mine anyway, though. Thanks Mommy~" Breezy looks around, "What does a jimmystone look like?"
  153. [17:48:02] <Briar> "Huh, we never got to use the workshop. Wasn't the swordsman wanting to make some stuff out of the scales?"
  154. [17:49:43] <Lucia> "Children," she says with a grin, liking the sound of that, "get yourself aboard our furry friend when you're ready. Corona, would you escort sir Briar to town if he wishes to head there?"
  155. [17:50:28] <Giantree> "Yes, Madam!  I'll do my best!"  Her red eyes shine as she bows, preparing to do just that.
  156. [17:51:14] <Lucia> "Of course you will," she says with a confident smile, "that's why I asked you."
  157. [17:52:44] <Breezy> "Hurray!" Breezy runs off to hop onboard the superfluffy Flammy as fast as he can. The dress doesn't even get in his way.
  158. [17:54:20] <Giantree> The Flammie head-tilts and stretches her(?) wings, ascertaining if this is EVERYBODY that's going to be going.
  159. [17:55:29] <Briar> "Is Eirine and Terse still sleeping? I guess I'll have to wake them up for brunch."
  160. [17:56:00] <Giantree> <Whoever's coming, hop aboard!  Also you might want to have some hard helmets... aww, forget it, you'll be fine.>
  161. [17:56:02] <Briar> "When I get back. Lyle, you staying here or coming with me?"
  162. [17:56:29] * Naida climbs aboard the Flammie
  163. [17:56:40] <Lyle> "I'm sticking here.  I want to try making something with the materials we got..."
  164. [17:56:46] <Giantree> Team TOWN has a proud escort prepared for work.  Team AIR is... oop, they're already in the air.
  165. [17:56:53] <Giantree> And team CASTLE zzzzzzzz
  166. [17:57:34] <Giantree> can_you_fly,_sister.mp3
  167. [17:58:15] <Naida> "So wisp, you said Gnome resides underground, correct?
  168. [17:58:22] <Giantree> This trip through the sky is surprisingly uneventful compared to the dragon battle, though exciting in a different way-- the flyers can see below them expanses of land stretching before their eyes, full of different cities and locales.  It's a flight straight south that takes them above a big mountain.
  169. [17:59:07] <Giantree> <That's right!  Gaea's... something is half-above ground, half-below.  Last I saw Gnome he wason the bottom part, and fortunately there SHOULD be a cave entrance somewhere around here.  I think. was about 100 or so years ago though, of course.>
  170. [18:00:28] <Breezy> Breezy's gonna try to snuggle up by Lucia for the ride, this time.
  171. [18:00:50] <Giantree> Let's see, how about awareness for everyone riding to try to spot an entrance?
  172. [18:01:20] <Briar> 2d6+6 As Corona escorts Briar to town, he starts juggling apples he managed to swipe from breakfast.
  173. [18:01:20] <DiceMaid-9001> Briar, As Corona escorts Briar to town, he starts juggling apples he managed to swipe from breakfast.: 14 [2d6=2,6]
  174. [18:02:28] <Lucia> 2d6+5 Aware
  175. [18:02:28] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, Aware: 15 [2d6=4,6]
  176. [18:03:02] <Rodidja> 2d6+3 Awares.
  177. [18:03:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Awares.: 9 [2d6=3,3]
  178. [18:03:51] <Giantree> Being Carmilla isn't suffering.  While the others see lots of mountains with all sorts of things that could be entrances, Lucia's sharp enough to spot one somewhere in the middle, surrounded by mountains.  The entrance is as close to the ground as it gets.
  179. [18:04:51] <Lucia> "It's on the ground, right in the middle of the mountains."
  180. [18:04:58] * Lucia points it out for the Flammie and the others.
  181. [18:05:48] <Rodidja> "That it? I thought it'd be more... Hidden."
  182. [18:06:18] <Giantree> Whoosh!  The hyper dragonbeast descends straight toward it, swerving around the mountains themselves to do so.  Like a total showoff.  But with a loud WHUMP, she lands on the ground, next to it.
  183. [18:06:20] <Lucia> "So would I, actually, but" Lucia shrugs, the ways of Gnome an enigma to her.
  184. [18:07:19] <Breezy> "I bet there's lotsa rocks for me to punch!"
  185. [18:08:04] <Giantree> There are!  The entrance is fairly small, meaning only the non-draconic of them can fit in, prompting a ;_; from the Flammie who sits by it.  Regardless, inside is a pitch-black cave.
  186. [18:08:16] <Rodidja> Rodidja dismounts the fluffy. "If you break some rocks, you might be able to get us some gemstones."
  187. [18:08:58] <Lucia> "Indeed," Lucia grins playfully. Yes, this would go quite well.
  188. [18:08:58] <Breezy> "Really? I'll break lotsa rocks!"
  189. [18:09:38] <Giantree> <Er, sure hope you brought those lights.>  Wisp acts as a small lantern, but to nonmagical eyes the cave really IS totally black.
  190. [18:11:24] <Breezy> Breezy hops off, too. The sprite starts looking around for any big rocks to bust open. "What should I hit first? I'm so excited!" Practically bouncing up and down.
  191. [18:11:38] <Rodidja> "Lights?"
  192. [18:12:05] <Giantree> Inside the cave, it's clear that as deep in the mountain it is, it's mostly untouched.  The walls are fairly dry as the path spirals straight downward.
  193. [18:12:50] <Naida> "I hope we don't run into any creatures in here."
  194. [18:13:45] <Breezy> "I can just punch them if we do, Nighty." NO WORRIES.
  195. [18:14:03] <Rodidja> "Can't see them, so they can't harm me." She's got a hand on Breezy's head as a guide.
  196. [18:14:08] <Giantree> Wisp sighs and floats ahead of the group, barely providing light but at least revealing when the narrow corridor becomes an open passageway.  It continues forward until... the path drops off, like a cliff.
  197. [18:14:26] <Lucia> "Finally, out of the wretched sunlight."
  198. [18:14:38] <Giantree> More awareness, everyone!
  199. [18:14:48] <Lucia> 2d6+5
  200. [18:14:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=2,3]
  201. [18:15:10] <Rodidja> 2d6+3 Because.
  202. [18:15:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Because.: 13 [2d6=5,5]
  203. [18:15:15] <Naida> (what do I roll for that)
  204. [18:15:23] <Rodidja> (delishus 13)
  205. [18:15:30] <Breezy> 2d6+1
  206. [18:15:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+1: 6 [2d6=3,2]
  207. [18:15:42] <Giantree> (straight 2d6 since nopoints, I believe)
  208. [18:15:49] <Naida> 2d6
  209. [18:15:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, 2d6: 9 [2d6=4,5]
  210. [18:16:45] <Breezy> "Don't mess up my hair please, Miss Rody!" Breezy takes pride in his long, neat hair! Leaving her hand on his head's fine, though, as long as she doesn't make a mess of it.
  211. [18:17:01] <Giantree> After the drop-off, the path picks up again.  Though, the distance between them is such that it actually isn't completely natural.  On the other side, there seems to be advanced-looking posts of some kind, and a small portion of some kind of bridge stretching out.  There's a lever on one of the 'posts,' but... Breezy notices that there are a bunch of big rocks on the walls.  The walls may even be MADE of rocks.
  212. [18:18:06] <Giantree> <... Welp, I sure don't remember that.>
  213. [18:19:18] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy, Look! There's rocks everywhere, I think this entire place is a big rock. I don't know where to start..." Breezy looks around wildly.
  214. [18:19:42] <Rodidja> "Don't worry. If there's something that's messed up on your head, it's probably your mind."
  215. [18:20:02] <Lucia> "Might I suggest the ones that won't cause a cave-in?" Lucia says, her crimson eyes on the lookout for anything gleeming.
  216. [18:20:35] <Giantree> For the record, Rodi could see the posts because they were shiny.  Then again, that's noticeable about both of them because they seem to be made of fresh metal.  Wisp floats around them, but is alas intangible.
  217. [18:21:16] <Giantree> <Any bright ideas?  I... can't really move these things.  Nor do I even really know what they are.>
  218. [18:21:42] <Naida> "Does anyone think they can make the jump?"
  219. [18:22:07] <Breezy> "I can jump stuff if you want, Nighty."
  220. [18:22:36] <Lucia> "I wouldn't risk it, but if you feel you can, then by all means."
  221. [18:22:56] <Rodidja> "I'm not trying, not in this darkness. And no. You're the only one preventing me from tripping."
  222. [18:23:23] <Naida> "Personally, I think the lady here has the best chance of making it."
  223. [18:23:41] <Breezy> "Aww, if you guys say so..." Breezy tries to find a rock that won't cause a cave-in to punch.
  224. [18:26:32] <Breezy> "What if... I toss Nighty over?"
  225. [18:27:00] <Naida> "What if you what?!"
  226. [18:27:31] <Lucia> "That could work!" Lucia nods, agreeably. Such a loving mother.
  227. [18:27:31] <Rodidja> "Go ahead. I like Naida and want you to toss the vampire instead... But she probably weighs too much."
  228. [18:28:18] <Lucia> "Right, I'll be charging you for that insult."
  229. [18:28:27] <Naida> "Wait just a second!"
  230. [18:28:28] <Breezy> "I'm really strong, Nighty! I can get you over there." Breezy looks at Rody, "But isn't Nighty tinier? Mommy doesn't look like she weighs very much but I think Nighty weighs even less!"
  231. [18:29:08] <Giantree> (You can totally use your Strongarm for that, bro~)
  232. [18:29:32] <Giantree> <Well... this is a lot better of an idea than you all trying to walk over there.  Uhh, good luck.>
  233. [18:29:34] <Rodidja> "Go for it."
  234. [18:29:53] <Naida> "You all seem to be for this so I doubt I can argue here. At least let me use my newest spell on you first."
  235. [18:30:00] * Naida casts Faith on Breezy
  236. [18:30:20] <Rodidja> (Shouldn't you be casting that on yourself?)
  237. [18:30:31] <Naida> (I'm not the one throwing)
  238. [18:30:53] <Giantree> (^, faith adds to rolls)
  239. [18:30:58] <Rodidja> (But you need some faith to go... nevermind...)
  240. [18:31:33] <Giantree> (So go for it Breezychan, add +2 to it)
  241. [18:31:48] <Breezy> "Okay! Thanks Nighty, I bet I'm super strong now thanks to you." Breezy lifts Naida up, spins around like Mario, and lets go.
  242. [18:31:59] <Breezy> 2d6+5+2 1,1
  243. [18:31:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1,1: 17 [2d6=5,5]
  245. [18:32:27] <Rodidja> (was getting my StDs ready... lol)
  246. [18:32:28] <Giantree> PLOMPF.
  247. [18:32:44] <Breezy> "HURRICANE TOSS!"
  248. [18:33:39] <Giantree> Naida actually flies much farther than the other side and just barely avoids colliding with the super-high ceiling... okay, so that's not actually true, hitting a stalactite would hurt.  Still, she lands a good few feet away from the posts with switches on them, and even is able to hear some strange noises coming from ahead.
  249. [18:33:49] <Giantree> Noises like 'bzzt' and a couple clangs here and there.
  250. [18:34:10] * Naida stands up and dusts herself off
  251. [18:34:20] <Breezy> "Haha, throwing stuff's almost as fun as punching!"
  252. [18:34:34] <Naida> "Now let's see about these controls."
  253. [18:34:48] <Giantree> Wisp floats around toward the single switch, making them actually possible to see.
  254. [18:34:59] <Giantree> There's one on each, though, the right and the left.
  255. [18:35:11] <Rodidja> "Wow. She made it." She then whispers to Breezy "You didn't throw her hard enough, she didn't hit the ceiling."
  256. [18:36:01] <Naida> "Ok, let's tryyyy, this one."
  257. [18:36:15] * Naida flips the switch on the right
  258. [18:36:19] <Breezy> Breezy doesn't whisper back. No, he speaks back at normal volume with Lucia right there, "But Miss Rody, I don't want Nighty to hit the ceiling, do I?"
  259. [18:36:21] <Giantree> BEEP.
  260. [18:36:29] <Giantree> TAKKATAKKATAKKATAKKA.
  261. [18:36:35] <Giantree> CLANG.
  262. [18:36:53] <Giantree> Boooop.  A nice bridge smashes itself out from the edge of the dropoff, into the other side.
  263. [18:36:56] <Rodidja> "You ever play one of those festival games where you swing a hammer and it makes a thing go up to hit a bell?"
  264. [18:37:43] <Breezy> "Uh uh, I don't have any money to play games."
  265. [18:38:15] <Giantree> The bridge is walkable now, closing the gap between the two platforms, but the noises from further ahead just get louder.  Clang.  Clang.  Clang.
  266. [18:38:51] <Rodidja> A sigh. "Nevermind then." Seriously... This kid needs a childhood...
  267. [18:39:21] * Lucia wastes no time crossing the bridge, "Come now, then, adventure awaits!" ANd treasure, of course.
  268. [18:39:50] <Giantree> Clang CLANG CLANG.
  269. [18:40:16] <Naida> "What is that ungodly racket?"
  270. [18:40:19] <Breezy> Treasure? What's that? Breezy wants adventure. Full charge ahead!
  271. [18:40:37] <Rodidja> Rodidja keeps it a habit to have a hand on Breezy's head. Rifle in- "Damnit, slow down!"
  272. [18:40:42] <Lucia> "Mmm, that is a rather...annoying sound."
  273. [18:41:04] <Giantree> CHAAAAAAARGE!  Breezy dashes headfirst... and slams his not-Ilya-esque-at-all head against something that's actually very similar to the axe armor from the other day, at least in how colliding with it feels.
  274. [18:41:26] <Giantree> "INTRUDER."
  275. [18:42:24] <Lucia> "I suppose your friend doesn't care much for unexpected company."
  276. [18:43:01] <Breezy> Breezy rubs his most definitely surely of course not Ilya-esque head sorely. "O-owwwie."
  277. [18:43:19] <Giantree> <Well... uh, Gnome sure didn't make these!  I'm pretty sure.  ... Okay, he probably did.>
  278. [18:44:00] <Rodidja> Breezy's not alone, Rodidja's only shortly behind but doesn't run completely into the armor. "Well, here's something you can ring like a bell, Breezy."
  279. [18:45:06] <Giantree> Three robotic figures, though yellowish in color, stand alit by Wisp.  Barely, of course.  They move around and take a combative stance.
  280. [18:45:13] <Giantree> MACHINE GOLEMS APPEARED!
  281. [18:45:15] <Breezy> "I'm sorry Mister, I didn't mean to run into you, but my head hurts now."
  283. [18:46:31] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Lucia > Naida > Rodi > Breezy > Machine Golem x3'
  284. [18:46:36] <Lucia> (I did.)
  285. [18:46:50] <Lucia> (Which puts my at 15 and likely still the highest)
  286. [18:47:16] * Lucia wastes no time ejecting her claws, leaping up and pouncing upon one of the golems.
  287. [18:47:22] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  288. [18:47:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 11 [2d6=1,4]
  289. [18:47:47] <Lucia> (Could I get a reroll, Rodidja?)
  290. [18:48:01] <Giantree> (That hits, but yeah no grim reaper)
  291. [18:48:10] <Lucia> (Rodi?)
  292. [18:48:25] <Rodidja> (kk)
  293. [18:48:33] <Rodidja> 1d6 StD 1
  294. [18:48:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, StD 1: 4 [1d6=4]
  295. [18:48:44] <Giantree> (DICEMAID)
  296. [18:49:02] <Lucia> (Oh well.)
  297. [18:49:06] <Lucia> (Was worth the shot)
  298. [18:49:11] <Giantree> REGARDLESS it hits.
  299. [18:49:17] <Lucia> (38 Damage)
  300. [18:49:19] <Rodidja> (one... off)
  301. [18:50:08] <Giantree> Naida erupts in flame - or crimson something at least - as she's instantly surrounded by a ball of lightning.  Good to know.
  302. [18:50:46] <Giantree> Rodi's turn, and 2 StDs left.  Just a warning.
  303. [18:51:36] <Giantree> (Oh, right, there IS the damage step, isn't there?  So +15 on that, yes?)
  304. [18:51:38] <Rodidja> Rodidja cocks and fires her weapon at the armor Lucia just attacked, a sharp clang from her weapon.
  305. [18:51:57] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 ToHit
  306. [18:51:58] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, ToHit: 14 [2d6=4,6]
  307. [18:52:17] <Giantree> Even with how dark it is, that's easily able to SHINK inside the armor.  Maybe even blow up.
  308. [18:52:25] <Giantree> Now why couldn't Lucia get a roll like that?
  309. [18:54:03] <Breezy> "Sorry Mister, but now I gotta punch you!" Breezy jumps up to punch the one he ran into in the head. REVENGE.
  310. [18:54:10] <Breezy> 2d6+7
  311. [18:54:11] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 2d6+7: 13 [2d6=1,5]
  312. [18:54:18] <Breezy> 1d6 reroll 1
  313. [18:54:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, reroll 1: 6 [1d6=6]
  314. [18:54:34] <Giantree> (SO PRO IT HURTS)
  315. [18:54:49] <Giantree> It... sure isn't doing a very good job of dodging.
  316. [18:56:06] <Rodidja> (at least I don't have to give him an StD)
  317. [18:56:18] <Giantree> (that could be uncomfortable for such a small person)
  318. [18:56:52] <Giantree> SO!  The golem is really banged up!  The other two look totally crisp, however, as they scan their sights.  All three of them hold their arms out forward at once.
  319. [18:56:58] <Giantree> 3#1d4
  320. [18:56:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 3#1d4: 4 [1d4=4], 4 [1d4=4], 3 [1d4=3]
  321. [18:57:18] <Giantree> ... Yeah, that's totally cool.
  322. [18:57:45] <Giantree> ROCKET PUNCH!  Two fists shoot out at Breezy... and this isn't going to end well, probably.  At least they aren't from the banged-up one, huh?
  323. [18:57:53] <Giantree> 2#2d6+5
  324. [18:57:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2#2d6+5: 12 [2d6=6,1], 11 [2d6=3,3]
  325. [18:58:18] <Giantree> (That's 27 and 26 damage if those both hit, which I believe they do)
  326. [18:58:35] <Giantree> 2d6+5 and then the banged-up one goes for the one with the gun
  327. [18:58:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, and then the banged-up one goes for the one with the gun: 14 [2d6=5,4]
  328. [18:58:46] <Giantree> (... Then 29 at Rodi, yow.)
  329. [18:59:25] <Breezy> 2d6+7 first counterattacking the 27 damager
  330. [18:59:26] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, first counterattacking the 27 damager: 17 [2d6=4,6]
  331. [19:00:01] <Breezy> 1d2 1 knockback
  332. [19:00:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1 knockback: 2 [1d2=2]
  333. [19:00:13] <Rodidja> Bonk. Rodidja takes the hit "Ow! Damnit! What the hell?"
  334. [19:00:38] <Breezy> 2d6+7 you next
  335. [19:00:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, you next: 17 [2d6=5,5]
  336. [19:01:21] <Breezy> 1d2 1 please
  337. [19:01:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1 please: 1 [1d2=1]
  338. [19:01:45] <Giantree> Then only 27 damage is taken!  The ROCKET PUNCHing fist is punched straight back at the goddamn thing.
  339. [19:02:08] <Breezy> Breezy doesn't notice the first one coming, but after it smashes into him, he pounds it back into the jerk who fired it. The next guy gets punched back before even hitting. 66 damage of those jerks.
  340. [19:02:19] <Giantree> Wisp watches the combat intently as its azure body briefly flashes nerf monks while nobody's watching.
  341. [19:02:57] <Giantree> So, cycle!  Luciatime.
  342. [19:03:26] * Lucia continues to assail the golem, slashing at its metallic neck.
  343. [19:03:29] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  344. [19:03:30] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 13 [2d6=1,6]
  345. [19:03:51] <Lucia> (37 damage.)
  346. [19:03:53] <Giantree> Metallic lack of a neck.  The claw SHINKs straight into the space between its body and its helmet.
  347. [19:04:41] <Giantree> And as requested, the spritemage flashes crimson again!  This time, the center golem gets MELTED.
  348. [19:05:43] <Giantree> 2d6+56
  349. [19:05:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, 2d6+56: 59 [2d6=1,2]
  350. [19:06:11] <Giantree> Melted into the ground, but it still stands up and tries to flail about, making mechanical noises.  JUST barely.
  351. [19:07:19] <Giantree> So if Rodi could pull off a potshot that might just take it out.  Maybe.  Regardless, the other two are flailing about and punching at nothing while waiting for the turn to resolve, Skies of Arcadia-style.
  352. [19:07:57] <Rodidja> Rodidja loads up another rock into her gun, cocks and shoots at just melted armor.
  353. [19:08:03] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 HALP
  354. [19:08:04] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, HALP: 6 [2d6=1,1]
  355. [19:08:13] <Rodidja> (...)
  356. [19:08:36] <Giantree> Lots of halp will be needed for somebody who can't hit a target melted into the ground.
  357. [19:08:43] <Giantree> <... Well, it IS pretty dark!>
  358. [19:09:00] <Giantree> (congrats on first 1,1 in the game btw)
  359. [19:09:54] <Rodidja> StD 1.
  360. [19:09:56] <Giantree> ... By the way unless that gets stacked it's Breezy's- oop
  361. [19:10:02] <Rodidja> 1d6 HOPE!
  362. [19:10:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, HOPE!: 6 [1d6=6]
  363. [19:10:06] <Giantree> BEAUTIFUL.
  364. [19:10:10] <Giantree> BEAUTIFUL.
  366. [19:10:42] <Rodidja> (ogod... DM's being such a tsundere...)
  367. [19:10:44] <Giantree> IT EXPLODES IN A GLORIOUS FIRE.
  368. [19:10:55] <Giantree> The other two golems take their distance to stare at it for a second.
  369. [19:11:00] <Giantree> To my side, my noble Breezy!
  370. [19:11:02] <Breezy> 2d6+7 Where's my 1s?
  371. [19:11:03] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Where's my 1s?: 14 [2d6=4,3]
  372. [19:11:08] * Giantree changes topic to '#ManaHolyland - Your local source for gay shipping of BOTH sexes | Fri: 5 PM, Sun: 3 PM | Current level: 4 | Lucia > Naida > Rodi > Breezy > Machine Golem x2'
  373. [19:11:14] <Rodidja> "Phew..."
  374. [19:11:41] <Giantree> <NOW it's not as dark.  I don't think I even need to be here, that lights up the whole cave.  Good job there.>
  375. [19:11:48] <Breezy> Breezy punches the stupid jerk who looks most ready to get KO'd! 41 damage.
  376. [19:12:05] * Lucia shields her eyes from the blast, "Gah!"
  377. [19:12:40] <Giantree> Both of them look about identical damage-wise.  As in, they both had a really similar dent punched into each of them.
  378. [19:14:41] <Giantree> Both of them grab onto one another and start glowing!
  379. [19:15:57] <Giantree> ... And it's Lucia's turn.  Probably shouldn't have neglected to mention that.
  380. [19:16:08] <Lucia> (Oh, derp)
  381. [19:16:11] <Giantree> (My bad!)
  382. [19:16:27] <Rodidja> (keel eet)
  383. [19:16:43] * Lucia moves to slice up the one on the right, "They're combining. That usually does not bode well!"
  384. [19:16:47] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  385. [19:16:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 15 [2d6=3,6]
  386. [19:16:51] <Giantree> SHINK.
  387. [19:16:57] <Lucia> (39)
  388. [19:17:29] <Giantree> They glow more and more!  Naida?
  389. [19:20:04] <Naida> 2d6+56 Burn Ray
  390. [19:20:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, Burn Ray: 64 [2d6=3,5]
  391. [19:20:17] <Naida> "Crimson Seal, Burn Ray!"
  392. [19:20:51] <Giantree> One of them gets its helmet melted!  Its legs and arm still stand, though; they begin to spin around together.
  393. [19:21:12] <Giantree> Rodichan, ganbatte ne~
  394. [19:21:30] <Rodidja> (still 2?)
  395. [19:21:42] <Giantree> (Still 2, one's about half as still-standing as the other)
  396. [19:22:51] <Rodidja> Rodidja thinks it's time to reduce one more armor and fires another pellet from her spring gun.
  397. [19:23:04] <Rodidja> 2d6+4 See DM haet.
  398. [19:23:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, See DM haet.: 15 [2d6=5,6]
  399. [19:23:31] <Giantree> PEW.
  400. [19:24:05] <Giantree> Its helmet totally falls off, revealing... well, nothing actually.  But it keeps spinning even though golems have no heads.
  401. [19:24:25] <Giantree> Also said helmet falls harmlessly to the ground behind it, rolling to a safe place.  Wisp eats imaginary popcorn in the sky.
  402. [19:24:49] <Giantree> Time for Breezy's fun.
  403. [19:25:08] <Breezy> 2d6+7 gotta finish that one off
  404. [19:25:09] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, gotta finish that one off: 18 [2d6=5,6]
  405. [19:25:15] <Giantree> Maaaaan.
  406. [19:25:27] <Giantree> BOOM.  ... Actually what happens is the dent in it just blows it back.
  407. [19:25:30] <Rodidja> (tsunDM)
  408. [19:26:05] <Breezy> Breezy runs up and punches the one his friends were attacking to try to separate the golems from each other!
  409. [19:26:19] <Giantree> The other one has nothing to grab onto!  But it... still keeps spinning.  And more and more and more.
  410. [19:26:41] <Giantree> And it circles the group on the platform... and again... and again... and it gets closer, and faster.
  411. [19:26:52] <Giantree> 2d6+4 on all, no teamwork bonus for it anymore
  412. [19:26:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, on all, no teamwork bonus for it anymore: 11 [2d6=4,3]
  413. [19:27:03] <Lucia> (Miss)
  414. [19:27:15] <Giantree> (That's 27 on everybody but Lucia, it seems)
  415. [19:27:34] <Rodidja> (Hrm...)
  416. [19:27:38] <Rodidja> Std 4.
  417. [19:27:39] <Breezy> 2d6+7 Counterattack, let's go for the knockback to save everybody from damage
  418. [19:27:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Counterattack, let's go for the knockback to save everybody from damage: 12 [2d6=2,3]
  419. [19:27:45] <Giantree> 1d6 alright
  420. [19:27:47] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, alright: 6 [1d6=6]
  421. [19:27:52] <Giantree> NOW IT HITS LUCIA GOOD JOB
  422. [19:27:56] <Rodidja> fffff
  423. [19:27:56] <Breezy> 1d6 let's reroll the 2
  424. [19:27:57] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, let's reroll the 2: 6 [1d6=6]
  425. [19:28:23] <Giantree> Yeah, that hits it; good luck knockback
  426. [19:28:34] <Breezy> 1d2 Knockback on 1 as always
  427. [19:28:34] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Knockback on 1 as always: 2 [1d2=2]
  428. [19:28:37] <Giantree> ... Also, knockbacking can only save one ally from damage- oh alright
  429. [19:29:08] <Breezy> Well, fuck. Breezy still punches the jerk for 64.5 damage when he comes by him.
  430. [19:30:15] <Lucia> (My turn, yes?
  431. [19:30:28] <Giantree> (Yes, now it is)
  432. [19:30:30] <Giantree> (sorry)
  433. [19:30:39] <Giantree> The golem stops spinning around and releases steam.
  434. [19:31:12] <Rodidja> KO'd ;-;
  435. [19:31:18] * Lucia swirls out of the way herself, following up with a swipe at the spinnign golem, creating a dreadful sound much akin to keys scratching a car door.
  436. [19:31:23] <Lucia> 2d6+6
  437. [19:31:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+6: 14 [2d6=2,6]
  438. [19:31:29] <Lucia> (38)
  439. [19:31:34] <Giantree> That's EXACTLY what it sounds like when it hits.
  440. [19:32:07] <Giantree> It's overheating, trying to regain its composure.  Have fun, Naida.
  441. [19:32:31] * Naida begins chanting
  442. [19:33:01] <Giantree> And it would be Rodi's turn if not for SPINNING.  So Breezy gets to show the party up by being an overpowered class again.  Hype!
  443. [19:35:34] <Breezy> 2d6+7 Hiiiiiya~!
  444. [19:35:35] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Hiiiiiya~!: 11 [2d6=1,3]
  445. [19:35:39] <Breezy> 1d6 reroll 1
  446. [19:35:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, reroll 1: 2 [1d6=2]
  447. [19:35:46] <Breezy> 12.
  448. [19:35:46] <Giantree> Hits still.
  449. [19:36:44] <Breezy> "Stop spinning! Tornadofist is MY special move, you meanie. Now I'll show you my new move, the... UNTORNADOFIST!" Breezy tries to PUNCH IT INTO STILLNESS for 39 damage.
  450. [19:36:57] <Giantree> ... Oh.
  451. [19:37:29] <Giantree> Its glowing yellow eyes blink.
  452. [19:37:30] <Giantree> Twice.
  453. [19:37:33] <Giantree> Three times.
  454. [19:37:40] <Giantree> Everything about it slows down.
  455. [19:38:01] <Giantree> ... Suddenly its ROCKET FIST reaches back up and tries to give the monk one last punch in the face!
  456. [19:38:10] <Giantree> 2d6+5 GO GO- I'm not even going to turn this into a quote
  457. [19:38:10] <DiceMaid-9001> Giantree, GO GO- I'm not even going to turn this into a quote: 11 [2d6=5,1]
  458. [19:38:17] <Rodidja> (robo hamedo)
  459. [19:38:27] <Giantree> That's 26 damage and... oh boy you're at 2 HP aren't you
  460. [19:38:32] <Breezy> 2d6+7 CROSS COUNTA
  461. [19:38:32] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, CROSS COUNTA: 16 [2d6=4,5]
  462. [19:38:40] <Breezy> 1d2 1
  463. [19:38:40] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, 1: 2 [1d2=2]
  464. [19:39:06] <Giantree> In the case Breezy survives its rocket punch then it's down.  However barely.
  465. [19:39:44] <Giantree> The helmet slides off as does its ROCKET FIST.  All the golems cease functioning.
  466. [19:39:49] <Giantree> Victory!
  467. [19:40:56] <Giantree> Strewn about the ground are about six or so patches of SCRAP METAL.  Of course, the three ROCKET ARMS are there as well, even though one of them's charred, and GOLEM HELMETS... aren't very fashionable at all either, yet they still fell off.  They're conical and extremely hard.
  468. [19:41:21] <Breezy> Breezy goes for the rocket arms. After all, they might make SUPER ROBO BOXING GLOVES!
  469. [19:42:04] <Giantree> <Well, those weren't all THAT tough.  Sure am gonna be wondering how they got here now, though.>
  470. [19:42:07] * Lucia takes an arm for herself.
  471. [19:42:16] * Lucia as well as some of the scrap metal.
  472. [19:43:16] * Naida takes a few pieces of SCRAP METAL to sell later.
  473. [19:44:16] <Giantree> Play nice!  Or rather, that's the narration's way of saying "talk this out later and put those on your sheets so you don't forget them."  That kinda thing.  But since our heroes in the cave can't hear that narration, they can instead hear small rocks moving along the ground farther ahead.
  474. [19:44:20] <Giantree> Things moving in the dirt.
  475. [19:44:35] <Giantree> And without Eirene around, they didn't even check for drop bears in the ceiling, how terrible.
  476. [19:44:50] <Rodidja> Rodidja's out like a light, so that isn't a problem?
  477. [19:45:10] <Giantree> No, because post-combat means 1 HP.  ... Still in pain though.
  478. [19:45:23] <Rodidja> (oh)
  479. [19:46:24] <Giantree> Some more things move around on the dirt ahead.  Almost sounds like... boing.
  480. [19:46:35] <Rodidja> She gets up. "Ow, damnit. Seriously, debt hurts less."
  481. [19:46:45] <Breezy> "Boingity boingity boing! That noise is funny."
  482. [19:46:53] <Rodidja> And to the loot, whatever's left of it.
  483. [19:47:15] <Giantree> That MAY just be all three helmets left, because who wants helmets?
  484. [19:47:21] <Giantree> Apparently nobody wants helmets.
  485. [19:47:35] <Rodidja> I'll take helmets ;-;
  486. [19:47:58] <Giantree> Anyway, back to the awareness camp if anybody's interested in the boinging.
  487. [19:48:07] <Breezy> 2d6+1 What a fun sound
  488. [19:48:08] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, What a fun sound: 10 [2d6=6,3]
  489. [19:48:13] <Lucia> 2d6+5
  490. [19:48:14] <DiceMaid-9001> Lucia, 2d6+5: 11 [2d6=3,3]
  491. [19:48:24] <Rodidja> 2d6+3 What's in a boing?
  492. [19:48:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, What's in a boing?: 9 [2d6=4,2]
  493. [19:48:25] <Lucia> ((Also that should be +4)
  494. [19:48:41] <Giantree> Oh so fun.  The boings get more and more plentiful, as they all get closer to reveal, in Wisp's light (and the golem fire)...
  495. [19:48:58] <Giantree> Round yellow creatures.  And they're all wearing what appear to be hats on their heads.
  496. [19:49:14] <Giantree> Well, they're nothing but heads, but on top of their entire bodies are different looking hats of different shapes and colors.
  497. [19:49:18] <Lucia> "What strange creatures."
  498. [19:49:31] <Rodidja> "They look like rabites..."
  499. [19:49:35] <Breezy> "Ooooh, can I hug one~?"
  500. [19:49:42] <Giantree> Except for one in the back with a blue ribbon, and another one with a red ribbon.  They have such things as berets and even pointed hats.
  501. [19:50:25] <Rodidja> Rodidja fondles her smoke bomb... Just in case.
  502. [19:50:43] <Giantree> Each of them bounce up and stare boredly, before hopping off in every which direction.
  503. [19:50:51] <Giantree> <... Hn.>
  504. [19:51:25] <Naida> "Gnome isn't one of these things is it?"
  505. [19:51:30] <Breezy> "Those ribbons are pretty."
  506. [19:51:45] <Rodidja> "Don't know... Never seen a gnome."
  507. [19:52:03] <Rodidja> "Before I forget..."
  508. [19:52:24] <Rodidja> 3d6 Super happy fun Recovery Reels.
  509. [19:52:24] <DiceMaid-9001> Rodidja, Super happy fun Recovery Reels.: 14 [3d6=6,3,5]
  510. [19:52:42] <Giantree> <No way!  Gnome's more like a... ahh, how do I put it?>
  511. [19:52:49] <Giantree> Also, a loud BZZT.
  512. [19:53:29] <Rodidja> "Oh come on!"
  513. [19:53:50] <Naida> 2d6+28 heal on rodi
  514. [19:53:50] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, heal on rodi: 34 [2d6=1,5]
  515. [19:54:01] <Naida> 2d6+28 heal on breezy
  516. [19:54:02] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, heal on breezy: 35 [2d6=2,5]
  517. [19:54:49] <Breezy> "Thanks, Nighty, you're the best! I feel a bunch better."
  518. [19:55:40] <Rodidja> "Phew... Thanks. Feel much better..." She stretches a bit. Still aching a little.
  519. [19:57:05] <Giantree> Boing!  Boing!  Boing!
  520. [19:57:44] <Naida> 2d6+28 heal on Naida
  521. [19:57:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Naida, heal on Naida: 30 [2d6=1,1]
  522. [19:58:57] <Giantree> <Well, these guys sure don't SEEM like a big deal.  I guess Gnome's in further, eh?>
  523. [19:59:26] <Lucia> "That would be the logical conclusion."
  524. [20:00:48] <Giantree> <Then let's go~  Nothing to worry about if everything in here's that easy, yeah?>
  525. [20:01:24] <Lucia> "Exactly!" Lucia says with a confident grin, not noticing how in pain her children were. She is the embodiment of motherly love.
  526. [20:01:25] <Rodidja> "Easy? I got clobbered!"
  527. [20:01:31] <Giantree> A rabite with what appears to be a frilly headdress stares up at Wisp but moves out of the way as the flame moves forward.
  528. [20:01:46] <Giantree> <Ahaha!  Well they sure didn't hurt me any, that's for sure!>
  529. [20:02:17] <Breezy> Breezy wasn't in that much pain and Naida healed him anyway. It's all good! "Let's go beat some more stuff up, Mommy~!"
  530. [20:02:59] <Lucia> "Yes, let's. Hopefully things that are made out of more...precious metals."
  531. [20:03:17] <Breezy> "I like metals. They're nice and soft."
  532. [20:03:19] <Giantree> Ahead, the path leads into a cavernous corridor again.  This one looks like actual stairs have been crafted on the ground, almost.
  533. [20:03:34] <Rodidja> Rodidja uses Breezy's head as a guide, again.
  534. [20:03:52] <Lucia> "Well, it looks like someone's actually living in this part."
  535. [20:04:16] <Breezy> Breezy helps pass the time by bobbing his head left and right, tilting it from by the right shoulder over to the left and back and forth, carrying Rody's hand along with it.
  536. [20:04:57] <Giantree> After a good tread down it, that isn't necessary anymore.  Bright gems light the path overhead, like lanterns.
  537. [20:05:13] <Giantree> And the walls as well.  And the floor.
  538. [20:05:25] <Lucia> "Well, here we go!"
  539. [20:05:37] <Rodidja> "About damn time I can see."
  540. [20:05:45] * Lucia tries to pull said gems out wherever they happen to be loose.
  541. [20:05:47] <Rodidja> She quickly abandon's Breezy's head.
  542. [20:06:00] <Breezy> Breezy tries to jump up after the glowing gems up over his head. "I can't reach, Mommy! I can't reach! Can you pick me up?"
  543. [20:06:47] <Rodidja> "Hey Breezy, can you punch some of these walls? You can get on my shoulders if you share some."
  544. [20:07:12] * Lucia plucks the gemstone lanterns from the walls as they go along, taking as many as she can reasonably carry.
  545. [20:07:57] <Breezy> "Uh huh! Hurray, lift me, lift me!" Breezy holds his arms out to get picked up. He's not quite 70 pounds, so not heavy at all.
  546. [20:08:06] * Lucia hands one of the ones she takes to Naida, "Here, hold this."
  547. [20:08:34] <Naida> "Thank you." Says Naida as she pockets the glowing gemstone.
  548. [20:08:48] <Rodidja> Rodidja crouches down. "Just hop on my shoulders."
  549. [20:08:53] <Giantree> Too many would not only make the place impossible to tread through but ALSO be incredibly heavy and... make Lucia look kind of fat unless she's just carrying them out in the open.  But what kind of ninja does that with bright things?  In fact, what kind of pseudo-vampire does that with bright things?
  550. [20:09:52] <Breezy> Breezy hops onto Rody's shoulders with a loud "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee~"
  551. [20:10:12] <Giantree> SMACK.
  552. [20:10:14] <Giantree> SMACK.
  553. [20:10:15] <Giantree> SMACK.
  554. [20:10:26] <Giantree> Ahead on the path, even WITH everything being stolen, something makes loud noises.
  555. [20:10:34] <Giantree> Obnoxiously loud, like something's getting pounded on.
  556. [20:10:48] <Rodidja> Rodidja stands up, giving Breezy a boost to punch and loot.
  557. [20:10:54] <Giantree> No, that's not Breezy's head hitting the ceiling.
  558. [20:10:58] <Giantree> Would be funny though!
  559. [20:11:35] <Breezy> 2d6+5 Stronnnnnngarm!
  560. [20:11:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, Stronnnnnngarm!: 11 [2d6=3,3]
  561. [20:12:31] <Giantree> PUNCHING THE WALLS allows for... not a whole lot, since they're really hard walls.  But all sorts of gems line said walls, so a tiny one falls out.  We'll say it's a TOPAZ.
  562. [20:12:56] <Giantree> The smacking ahead turns into a loud, deep grunt.
  563. [20:13:19] <Giantree> "HURRRRRGH.  Not ANOTHER failure!"
  564. [20:14:15] <Breezy> 2d6+5 "Aww, that's no fun! I can punch harder!"
  565. [20:14:16] <DiceMaid-9001> Breezy, "Aww, that's no fun! I can punch harder!": 15 [2d6=4,6]
  566. [20:14:49] <Rodidja> "Oh hey~" She bends down to pick up the TOPAZ and stands back up for more punch fun~
  567. [20:14:54] <Giantree> Walking the corridor down leads to an actually somewhat bright, gem-covered floor in a wide open area.  Plenty of small, stone buildings lie around, but the room is mostly silent save for the noise coming from what appears to be a stout person sitting on a bench, hammering at... something.  A dozen or so rabites surround the person whose face seems to be totally black with glowing yellow eyes, obscured by his horned helmet.
  568. [20:15:55] <Giantree> Even without a 1,1 Breezy's hand actually starts to feel the pain from punching DIAMOND.  But a diamond falls to the ground, nevermind how ridiculous that is; of course it's a small one and probably not worth as much as they could be.
  569. [20:16:59] <Breezy> Breezy picks up the diamond happily, hopping down. "Hurrouch!"
  570. [20:17:16] <Rodidja> "You alright?"
  571. [20:17:16] <Breezy> "Hurray! No... Ouch! But... Hurray! ...I can't deciiiiide."
  572. [20:17:18] <Giantree> And the corridor totally gives way to the wide-open area by now, already missing way too make glowstones.
  573. [20:17:40] <Giantree> "Ehhh?  Who's there?"  The burly, gruff voices silences all the bouncing rabites around him.
  574. [20:17:58] <Breezy> Breezy double nods, "Walls hurt my hand, Rody! I'm okay, though."
  575. [20:18:09] <Giantree> "That you, Nine?  Pits?"
  576. [20:18:52] <Rodidja> She turns to the voice... "Huh... Is that the Gnome guy?"
  577. [20:19:13] <Giantree> <Gnome was never so... uh... faceless.>
  578. [20:19:13] <Rodidja> Really, to the air. Because that's what Wisp is to her.
  579. [20:19:40] <Giantree> "WHOA!  Ye be some kinda GOASTS?"
  580. [20:19:50] <Breezy> "What's a goast?"
  581. [20:20:10] <Giantree> The stout man falls off his chair next to his anvil, standing up to hoist up the hammer he was holding.  It takes a while, but at least his helmet stays on.
  582. [20:20:17] <Lucia> "A miserable pile of ectoplasm!"
  583. [20:20:24] <Rodidja> "They come in your sleep..."
  584. [20:20:31] <Rodidja> "...And give you bad dreams."
  585. [20:20:34] <Lucia> "But no, we are no ghosts. We seek the one they call Gnome. Might you know more?"
  586. [20:21:26] <Giantree> "Now just HOLD ON a second!  There be no such thing as people who... talk words and... do things in here?  Ye must be some kinder new-fangled super-rabite polymorphist!  Putta stop ta this er I'll take yer hat off, y'hear?"
  587. [20:21:47] <Giantree> The rabites around him ARE, in fact, all wearing different hats.  Behind the group the others roll in, including the ones with ribbons.
  588. [20:23:02] <Giantree> "... All yer hats.  Er..."
  589. [20:23:12] <Breezy> "Am I a rabbity polymorphicker, Mommy?"
  590. [20:23:26] <Giantree> The yellow eyes on the black, hidden face blink.  "Wait, did I not make hats for alla ye?  Geez, can't believe I'd forget."
  591. [20:23:44] <Naida> "You're the bes raba-whatever I've ever seen Breezy."
  592. [20:23:48] <Lucia> "I do not think so, no," Lucia quirks a brow, shaking her head before eyeing the one before them warily
  593. [20:24:00] <Rodidja> Rodidja puts an armor helmet on Breezy...
  594. [20:24:34] <Giantree> "Well, maybe this is about the time I've gone totally crazy an' the rabites really HAVE started breedin' shapeshifters.  Shapeshifters that can TALK."
  595. [20:24:34] <Breezy> "R-really? Thanks Nighty!" Breezy looks at Naida almost tearfully gratefully.
  596. [20:25:41] <Giantree> The man(?) hoists his hammer back up as his yellow eyes blink again.  He still approaches the group and extends a gloved hand that ISN'T holding the tool.  "Ehh, whatever ye be, I gotta do the greetin' I do ta all the rabites!  I'm Lotts, and this here's where I craft my tools since it ain't like I'm gonna be climbin' the mountain anytime soon."
  597. [20:27:06] <Rodidja> She takes the armor helmet off of Breezy... Helmets don't count as hats?
  598. [20:27:11] <Giantree> "Those hats barely fit ye, I gotta say.  Guess I'll make mo- wait a second."
  599. [20:27:13] <Giantree> "Waiiiiiiiiiiiiit."
  600. [20:27:16] <Giantree> "WAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT."
  601. [20:27:25] <Giantree> The hammer drops to the ground.
  602. [20:27:33] <Giantree> "Ye didn't actually say 'Gnome' a time ago, did ye?"
  603. [20:27:46] <Giantree> <I think this guy's lost it.>
  604. [20:27:47] <Rodidja> "Huh? Uh, yeah. I did."
  605. [20:28:08] <Naida> "Yes, Gnome is who we're looking for."
  606. [20:28:17] <Giantree> "Pfffhahaha!  Really?  Ye some kinda olde-tymers?"  The dwarf(?) lets out a hearty laugh.  Too hearty.
  607. [20:28:33] <Giantree> "Gnome used ta be a good buddy a' mine... longer ago than I can count now."
  608. [20:28:46] <Giantree> <... Now I think Gnome's lost it.>
  609. [20:28:47] <Lucia> "Used to be? Whatever happened now?"
  610. [20:29:26] <Giantree> "Oh, he got bored of sittin' around like I was doin' so I forged him into a sword!  Really long naptime and all that fun fantasy stuff."
  611. [20:29:39] <Breezy> "Oh! I like long naps."
  612. [20:29:49] <Giantree> Cough.  "... Then after I did it I forgot how ta get outta this here cave."
  613. [20:30:08] <Giantree> "Stopped countin' the years 'bout twenny er so back."
  614. [20:30:24] <Rodidja> "You forged a guy into a sword? You can do that?"
  615. [20:31:02] <Giantree> <Uhhh, well, actually, we're not really 'guys,' so to speak!  Spirits can do all sorts of stuff, bu- Wait, WHAT?>
  616. [20:31:05] <Lucia> "...You did have his consent, right?"
  617. [20:31:39] <Naida> "A sword sounds like a powerful form..."
  618. [20:32:22] <Giantree> "Ahahaha!  Ye give me too little credit, missy rabite shapeshifter!  Lotts doesn't tell lies," his thumb triumphantly points to himself.  "We really WERE best buds, even if there aren't other Dwarves 'round these parts.  I told 'im I'd wake 'im up after a while!"
  619. [20:32:54] <Rodidja> ...
  620. [20:33:09] <Rodidja> "Why'd ya make him into a sword?"
  621. [20:33:12] <Giantree> "..."
  622. [20:33:16] <Giantree> <...>
  623. [20:33:25] <Giantree> "Uhhhh."
  624. [20:33:29] <Lucia> "That is an odd thing to do a person, I must say."
  625. [20:33:41] <Giantree> "Well, swords're fun ta craft!"
  626. [20:33:56] <Giantree> "And... look cool."
  627. [20:34:13] <Rodidja> "Can you make this thing a sword?" She points at a random place in the air... A guestimation of where Wisp is.
  628. [20:34:24] <Giantree> "It WAS the strongest sword I ever made, that's fer sure."
  629. [20:34:37] <Giantree> As the dwarf stares in response to the question, Wisp flees and hides behind the others.
  630. [20:34:50] <Giantree> "Well, unless my craftin' skills declined, I sure bet I could!"
  631. [20:34:51] <Lucia> "Don't insinuate such things, Debtor. I'll have to charge you for being mean to our escort."
  632. [20:35:12] <Lucia> "I don't suppose you're also the one responsible for the golems that assailed us?"
  633. [20:35:59] <Giantree> He pauses and looks to the sky, before nodding crisply.  "Oh, those guys?  They're junk, I made a bunch of 'em as an experiment but they're reaaaaaaal shabby.  In fact, these normal rabites beat all the other ones up on their own."
  634. [20:37:23] <Breezy> "Yep! They were really easy to beat in a boxing match."
  635. [20:37:56] <Giantree> "Ahaha!  That's da spirit, little... whatever ye be."
  636. [20:38:22] <Breezy> The little girly sprite in the pink and white dress beams happily.
  637. [20:38:26] <Giantree> <So uh... I shouldn't be the one asking this, should I?  Er, go ahead, take your time.>
  638. [20:39:02] <Naida> "Right, so dwarf, where is Gnome now?"
  639. [20:40:28] <Giantree> "Lotts!"  The yellow eyes glare a little, before upturning to give way to a laugh.  He walks over and pats the spellcaster on the head, albeit a bit roughly so.  "Naaah, yer alright, kiddie.  I went 'head and set 'im as a fancy-lookin' alter down in da old tower that hasn't been used in centuries n' centuries.  Fun trip, really!"
  640. [20:40:47] <Giantree> "... I guess ye can call it a tower.  It goes down insteada up."
  641. [20:41:16] <Naida> "Lotts then, can you tell us how to get there?"
  642. [20:41:27] <Rodidja> "(Wouldn't that be a basement?)"
  643. [20:42:06] <Giantree> "Jyep!  Walk down it."
  644. [20:42:47] <Giantree> "... And down, and down.  It's actually pretty big, I did the walk myself over a coupla days.  Wasn't hard ta get food, monsters livin' down there n' all."
  645. [20:43:48] <Giantree> "Now, what DO ye rabites even call yerselves, if ye can actually talk?  I picked out names fer ye but maybe yers can be better.  Oh, n' hats too."
  646. [20:44:00] <Breezy> "Oh, oh, what's my name, Mister?"
  647. [20:44:12] <Giantree> "I dun take hats off my rabites 'cause I wanna think they can't live without 'em."
  648. [20:44:20] <Giantree> "Hmmm..."  The dorf stares for a long time.
  649. [20:44:48] <Giantree> "Iltts."  He blinks and leans back.
  650. [20:45:07] <Breezy> "What's an iltz?"
  651. [20:45:17] <Giantree> "Ye be, now!"
  652. [20:45:36] <Rodidja> She whispers to Naida: ("A couple of days? How does he know if it's day or night?")
  653. [20:45:49] <Naida> "My name's Naida."
  654. [20:45:56] <Breezy> "I like Breezy better. It's really fun to say. Breeeeeeeeezy. Breeeeeezy. Breeeeezy." Breezy makes a hand motion trying to imitate the wind.
  655. [20:46:27] <Giantree> "... Eh.  I guess those work, they sound pretty rabite-y.  What 'bout dem tall ones, though?"
  656. [20:46:35] <Naida> ("How should I know, we're talking about a guy who can forge spirits into weapons here.")
  657. [20:47:04] <Breezy> "Miss Lucy's my mommy and Miss Rody's a debtor!" He points at both of them in turn.
  658. [20:47:57] <Rodidja> "Gambler!"
  659. [20:48:38] <Giantree> "Luci?  Rodi?  Ehhhhh.  EHHHH."  He swings his hammer around for no reason.  "Welp, guess that's arright!"
  660. [20:49:38] <Breezy> "Nuh uh, Miss Rody. It's debtor, I learned that today~"
  661. [20:50:02] <Giantree> "Well, it ain't like I HAVIN'T taken the other rabites on trips down thurr.  Guess I could spare a coupla days."
  662. [20:51:15] <Rodidja> A sigh, not like the correction improved much. But another thing... "A couple of days? Can we get there any quicker?"
  663. [20:51:47] <Giantree> "Uh, be really good at fightin' off monsters!  But most rabites ain't.  I like ta take me time, myself."
  664. [20:52:10] <Breezy> "I fight off monsters supergood!"
  665. [20:52:21] <Lucia> "We should do fine."
  666. [20:52:28] <Giantree> <Well, I can vouch for that one.>
  667. [20:52:56] <Giantree> "If ye say so, talking fire!  ... Actually, since when could rabites shapeshift intae fire AND talk?"
  668. [20:53:12] <Giantree> <Let's not go there, okay?>
  669. [20:54:21] <Giantree> "Well, whatebber!  I'll get ta preparin my tower-climbin' gear.  Ye n' th' other rabites can take a nap er somethin if ye want, I s'pose."
  670. [20:56:49] <Naida> "I could use a rest. That fight earlier took a lot out of me."
  671. [20:59:05] <Breezy> "Let's take a nap together, Nighty!" Breezy knocks on the wall. Supposed to knock before taking a nap with someone, right?
  672. [21:00:34] <Naida> "Ugh, you can sleep at the foot of the bed Breezy."
  673. [21:00:40] <Giantree> "Go fer it!  All th' houses've been empty fer a looooong time.  Now, lessee..."  He wanders off, grumbling.
  674. [21:01:16] <Rodidja> "Ugh is right... Houses?"
  675. [21:01:22] <Breezy> "Hurray! Thanks, Nighty! I get scared I'll get lost and never found in one of those big beds."
  676. [21:02:03] <Giantree> The big room is actually some sort of village or something, filled with stone houses.  Or, they at least appear to be; more like, they're projects Lotts made in his spare time, from the fact that they're all crafted almost identically.
  677. [21:05:41] * Naida goes off to find a spare bed
  678. [21:07:06] <Giantree> They're everywhere!  Wisp follows her and vanishes into thin air as well.  And even though they can't see the sky from there, Salamando waves goodbye slowly.
  679. [21:08:01] <Breezy> Breezy follows Naida to sleep at the foot of her bed~
  680. [21:09:56] <Rodidja> Rodidja finds a house across from the one the kids are staying and guesses it's better than sleeping on damp cave ground.
  681. [21:16:00] * Lucia finds herself a nice place to stay, a bit displeased with the accomodations.
  682. [21:16:31] <Breezy> Breezy makes sure to invite Lucia to share a bed with him and Nighty~
  683. [21:17:09] <Lucia> Lucia, although initially reluctant, agrees.
  684. [21:17:53] <Breezy> What's that? Foot of the bed? Breezy ends up as a lump right in the middle between the two of them, soon enough~
  685. [19:44:20] <Giantree> Things moving in the dirt.
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