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  1. Yusei Kirihara, Simon Kirkland and Sterling MacMillian are in the MI6 Tokyo Field office. It's a rather lavish and European styled office. It's obvious MI6 has made themselves at home. They're going to meet the Field office's Division chief, Montgomery Harrison.
  2. The three are moving down the hall.
  3. Kirkland: Detective, please don't be offset by Chief Harrison's... Erratic nature. He hits the booze a bit heavily.
  4. Yusei: While working?
  5. Kirkland: When you call the shots thousands of miles from home you can do whatever you like. He's a good man though, and when he's not in his right mind Deputy Chief Graham does a fine job running our office.
  6. Yusei: Shit I wish I could drink on the job.
  7. Kirkland opens the door and lets Kirihara in, MacMillian follows and leans against the wall, crossing his arms. Kirkland stands next to Yusei in. Behind the refined oak desk was a telescreen mounted on the wall. The upper body of a middle aged woman with gray hair and a dark suit on was listening to Harrison who was standing in front of it, holding a bottle of some sort of liquor. His Deputy, Percy Graham stood next to him, with his arms behind his back.
  8. Harrison: Yes, yes, yes, we're doing fine Janet.
  9. Harrison sat against the edge of his desk. He had a deep, disgruntled voice and a highly posh English accent.
  10. Whitcomb: Please refer to me as Director Whitcomb or Control. Please do pretend you're a professional, Chief Harrison. And that's not what I asked - You may be doing fine; and that's all well and good, but protocol states that all operations conducted in foreign theatres MUST maintain daily contact of the political situation, especially during turmotulous periods. We have not had a single report in over 2 weeks.
  11. Harrison: Yes, well I'll apologise to the queen personally.
  12. Whitcomb: You are in a politically unstable climate; this is NOT a joke.
  13. Harrison: Oh lighten up, I know how hard your position is, being director of SIS and all - I mean, I would have known if I had gotten it. Instead I'm here, playing spy for some gooks. I didn't vote for you.
  14. Yusei makes a rather distasteful face at the racial slur.
  15. Whitcomb: Chief of SIS isn't a democratic position, it's appointed. If you curbed your alcoholic and social affairs, then perhaps you would have gotten it.
  16. Looks down at the bottle and glass he's holding, sarcastically moving his head and raising his eyebrows. He pours the liquid into the glass.
  17. Whitcomb: What are you drinking?
  18. Harrison: Tea. Earl Gray - What are YOU drinking?
  19. Whitcomb stares at him for a few moments and shakes her head.
  20. Whitcomb: I expect those reports within the next few hours.
  21. Harrison: Goodbye, Control, say hello to her majesty for me.
  22. The screen goes off without Whitcomb saying anything else. Harrison turns placing the bottle down and sipping from his glass.
  23. Harrison: You know, she wasn't that much of a cold bitch when we were married.
  24. Graham: And you weren't as much of a drunk, Sir.
  25. Harrison closes his eyes and scrunches his face togther, obviously rather intoxicated.
  26. Harrison: Go get me a drink, Percy.
  27. Graham: You already have a drink sir.
  28. Harrison: Go get me another.
  29. Graham: Yes, sir
  30. Harrison looks up at Yusei standing next to Kirkland.
  31. Harrison: Oh look what Kirkland brought in, Percy, it's Detective kiwiharry or whatever.
  32. Kirihara: Detective Yusei Kirihara, sir.
  33. Yusei bows his head a bit out of respect.
  34. Harrison: Right right - Have a seat, would you like a drink?
  35. Yusei sits down.
  36. Kirihara: No sir - I've kinda got a problem.
  37. Harrison: Nonsense, have mine.
  38. Harrison takes the drink and slides it across his desk. It stops in front of Kirihara, who doesn't hesitate to take it.
  39. Kirihara: Sure.
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