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Oct 14th, 2013
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  1. #OpWikiPoet timeline of events dox
  2. The original event for the Million Mask March in Washington D.C. was started in April 2013.
  3. It seems Wiki Poet (aka Christine/Chris Sands, Christine Wahab, Polymath Poet, Anonmobile) first appeared in June.
  4. She commented on the Million Mask March wordpress blog, which was started mainly for the D.C. event at the time, announcing she had bought the org, info, net and com domains for MillionMaskMarch.
  5. (see link:
  7. At the time, nobody had heard of her or had asked her to buy the domains. The sites only contained videos and links to the existing pages at the time, so there were no problems. Quite a few people voiced concerns in August that the site was linked to another site owned by Sands called The Great American Revolt (, which advocated the "peaceful and non-violent overthr0w of the g0vernment." Peaceful, non-violent, legal or not - that went directly against the purpose of the event, which the site claimed affiliation with. One of the important goals of such a large-scale event is to keep it peaceful and wake the people, which would be impossible to do if everyone got arrested and attacked right off the bat. Advocating the GAR page would result in force from the g0v, so organizers were against it, as it would ruin the peaceful part of a peaceful march and ruin the names of Anonymous, Occupy, Oathkeepers and any other groups agreeing to attend. It would be easy to use HR 347 or many other laws designed to protect politicians to arrest, prosecute or even attack protestors trying to do that and announcing it.
  9. About the same time, CNN had agreed to pick up an article journalist Justin King wrote. The event started getting more publicity and expanded to over 200 events worldwide shortly after. At that time, Sands announced buying an RV to have custom painted and drive around DC advertising the march, which seemed like a nice idea. She was asked to unlink the GAR page from the site since very few wanted to be associated with it. She also said the feds visited her to talk about that page at one point.
  11. For whatever reason, Wiki Poet decided to try to take over the event despite being told many times and shown conversations that John Fairhurst was obtaining a permit and had been in the process of it for months. She claimed to have overnighted an application to undercut his permit, stating that an athletic event was scheduled the same day.
  12. (Her argument can be seen here:
  14. She had her own Facebook fan page also, which she changed to "Million Mask March". Again, the site was promoting the same agenda being pushed on the GAR page.
  15. (see screen snip: This was changed when it was pointed out.
  17. After she continuously posted in the original event page for the D.C. march, she continued attacking John Fairhurst and journalist Justin King on her site and in the event page. She posted a link to a file that nobody could access, explaining what was in it. It was deleted and reposted so people could access it, making a lot of people wonder how she had access to it.
  19. Her actions changed drastically after those incidents, and that prompted quite a few people to research her name online. A quick whois search of showed that the site was linked to Chris Sands ( See: ), who owns about 45 active domains. (See: )
  21. The addresses and domain info associated with some of her sites that could be found:
  23. Chris Sands
  24. PO Box 3313
  25. Vail, CO 81658
  26. (860)888-3127
  29. Domain servers in listed order:
  33. Registered through:, llc (
  34. Domain Name: BOBPRASSER.COM
  35. Created on: 19-Jun-12
  36. Expires on: 19-Jun-13
  37. Last Updated on: 19-Jun-12
  39. Registered through:, llc (
  41. Created on: 14-Nov-12
  42. Expires on: 14-Nov-13
  43. Last Updated on: 14-Nov-12
  45. Registered through:, llc (
  46. Domain Name: ROBERTPRASSER.COM
  47. Created on: 19-Jun-12
  48. Expires on: 19-Jun-13
  49. Last Updated on: 19-Jun-12
  51. ----------------------------------------------------------------
  52. Registered through:, inc. (
  53. Domain Name: ECZEMA-NET.COM
  54. Created on: 28-Jan-11
  55. Expires on: 28-Jan-12
  56. Last Updated on: 28-Jan-11
  58. Registered through:, inc. (
  60. Created on: 30-Jan-11
  61. Expires on: 30-Jan-12
  62. Last Updated on: 30-Jan-11
  64. Contact: Chris Sands
  65. PO Box 44932
  66. Rio Rancho, NM 87174
  67. (same phone & nevada email as before)
  70. A name search for Christine Sands brought up a LinkedIn profile for someone who worked for the DOJ until 2012. When asked if it was her profile, she did not confirm or deny it and had it posted on her own FB page at one point. Most of her other social media sites say "G0vernment" or "law enforcement."
  71. (LinkedIn profile: ) <--the Betsy in the screen snip is another of her affiliates and is supposedly the one who penned the "Justin King Snitch Blog" ( )on Blogger, another effort to undercut and discredit someone based on assumptions. Feel free to read the blog - but keep in mind - why would someone who is supposedly trying to fight all of the g0vernment corruption automatically take their side that the charges were even right? People are usually made good deals when the charges/evidence is weak. Everyone knows that there are countless cases in this country that are based on false or trumped up charges rather than reality of situations.
  73. She continued to put John Fairhurst and Justin King on blast on her site, claiming they lacked transparency while she refused to answer questions herself. Also claimed John Fairhurst had "broken away" from the march because he chose to disassociate the event with her site and what it promoted out of concern for protestors ( ). She was asked where the donation button on her site was linked to and what the funds were for. She claimed advertising or gas funds, but nothing is written on the site. ( ) Most reputable donation sites will at least specify one thing that the funds will be used for.
  75. Another post she deleted claimed that she helped "take down" the leader of Occupy L.A. in 2011 under the name of Christina Nevada, which some records show she used that name, but nobody has verified her statement. She has referred to herself as the "crime-fighting poet." What would a crime-fighting poet be doing attacking a protest that is peaceful and permitted when she is advocating actions that would put protestors in danger? It appears this is not her first witch hunt. (See: )
  77. Further research showed that she may have used other names. (See: )
  79. Research of the name Christine Wahab brought up more information, including info that indicated she may be married to a Mahmoud Wahab, previously of Vail, CO. - now listed in Windsor, CT. (See: )
  81. The street name matches the record found here on Spokeo:
  83. A search for the name Sands in Windsor with the same area code and prefix listed there brings up a landline that may or may not belong to her:
  85. Researching this name shows a definite connection to the addresses she used in Rio Rancho, Vail and Windsor (See: ). Also indicates a Sarah Wahab, who is likely her daughter. Further research of Sarah Wahab showed a court document that states in paragraph 3 that "Christine Sands" is her mother. (See: )
  87. She also claimed that she had a son and that he and her father were helping her with her Anonmobile project. She claimed that she spent thousands to advertise the Million Mask March and buy the RV and have it custom painted by the Bradley Manning trial sketch artist and painted by the person who painted the Wiki Leaks truck. She has claimed association with Wiki Leaks, but they were contacted and said they had no affiliation with her. There is a FB profile for this thing, which advertises wikileaks, the unit itself and called AnonGoliath Prime.
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