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  1. 11:05 PM] Tohr: fair enough but the core problems still exist
  2. [11:06 PM] Calli: well, I don't know what to do other than to tell the team "sayonara"
  3. [11:06 PM] Calli: because it's not necessarily any one person anymore
  4. [11:06 PM] Calli: this week was fucking terrible. I was raging last night because of how shit everyone else was playing
  5. [11:06 PM] Calli: and I"m sick and tired of being blamed for other peoples' fuckups
  6. [11:07 PM] Tohr: you aren't the reason
  7. [11:07 PM] Calli: that's not saying that you're doing that, fwiw
  8. [11:07 PM] Tohr: frankly Kara's performance is our biggest hinderance, and then Adam dies a ton too
  9. [11:07 PM] Calli: but there's been a few times where I'm blamed, even just jokingly, for dying or whatever
  10. [11:07 PM] Tohr: that's just the facts
  11. [11:07 PM] Calli: yep
  12. [11:07 PM] Tohr: that's why he didn't want to say names becasue of personal relationships
  13. [11:07 PM] Tohr: I dont care
  14. [11:07 PM] Calli: maelfus and I already talked because I haven't been wanting to take shit out on him
  15. [11:07 PM] Calli: but yes, I'm getting tired of seeing him die every other pull to Evil Earth
  16. [11:08 PM] Calli: and I've been curbing calling him out since I was told I'm too hard/mean to him when truth is, he's not been playing well (and he knows this)
  17. [11:09 PM] Tohr: you have been mean to him in the past but its just a matter of the general level of our play is much lower than what he considers appropriate, that's it. There isn't anything more to focus on than that and you can't hold yourself accountable for it
  18. [11:09 PM] Calli: anyway, to be very clear here since text loses tone
  19. [11:09 PM] Calli: I'm not mad at any one person; I'm frustrated because I know we could do greaet things if the roster would just hecking stabilize
  20. [11:09 PM] Tohr: yeah I know youre frustrated more than upset
  21. [11:09 PM] Calli: I'm so jealous that the other static has fantastic stability
  22. [11:10 PM] Calli: like I fully expected this tier to be rough and to then go through and replace as needed
  23. [11:10 PM] Tohr: Even if we had the best stability in the world, we still have players that aren't learning fast enough
  24. [11:10 PM] Tohr: so it doesn't amtter
  25. [11:10 PM] Calli: I also know we still have something like 4 months left on it
  26. [11:10 PM] Calli: Honestly
  27. [11:10 PM] Calli: I'm probably going to come down pretty harsh on Kara
  28. [11:10 PM] Calli: It's overdue
  29. [11:10 PM] Tohr: do your thing, i'm very much in teh same boat as andrei but my tolerance for shitty play is much much higher
  30. [11:11 PM] Tohr: so if it makes us play better smack away
  31. [11:12 PM] Calli: and I'm also nervous about Reinhardt saying "fuck this" when he frankly got further with pugs than we have so far
  32. [11:13 PM] Tohr: I wouldn't blame him a bit but yes that's a fear too
  33. [11:13 PM] Tohr: I guess thats why i'm so much over it, because thats the truth, pugs with no coms do better on average than our unstable group of friends
  34. [11:14 PM] Tohr: You can't fix that with the same 8 people showing up
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