The Teddy Program

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  1. >You're running. From what you aren't really sure, but you don't want to know.
  2. >You can hear it's low grunts as it pursues you, it's claws ripping through the earth.
  3. >Your legs are on fire and your heart feels as though it's going to burst.
  4. >The beast lashes out at you, catching your thigh and forcing you to the ground.
  5. >You are forced onto your back, arms pinned to the ground by the massive claws of the beast.
  6. >It's face is a distorted mass of scars and blood matted fur, it's ferocious maw filled with needle like teeth.
  7. >You can do nothing as it slowly lowers it's head and wraps it's tentacle like tongue around your neck, strangling you.
  8. >It lowers its head positioning it's teeth around your neck.
  9. >The breath of the beast reeks of rotten flesh and you can feel your skin scorching from the heat.
  10. >It's jaw widens slightly before rapidly closing down upon you.
  11. >You open your eyes to be greeted by the ceiling of your bedroom.
  12. >"One last try for tonight" You mutter to yourself,closing your eyes.
  13. >*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
  14. >Fuck
  15. >Another glorious morning in MGC and as usual you didn't get any sleep last night.
  16. >You've been having constant nightmares for years and despite all your attempts they have never gone away.
  17. >The dreams never seems to be related other than you die in the vast majority of them and the fact they all leave you miserable and tired.
  18. >You start your morning with the usual get dressed, make breakfast, and check the mail.
  19. >"Bill, bill, credit card offer, grocery coupons..." You go over your mail as you sip the remainder of your coffee to wash down your burnt toast.
  20. >You reach the back of the pile and find a colorful flier with a big cartoony label on the top reading "JOIN THE SABBATH TODAY!"
  21. >You skim over the flier out of curiosity and began to tear it up when the phrase "Tentacle Potion" came up.
  22. >You didn't need to be reminded of that tongue.
  23. >You have the paper shredded into fourths before a new phrase catches your interest.
  24. >"Need help sleeping?" it reads.
  25. >You nod yes.
  26. >"Laying awake all night tossing and turning?"
  27. >Again, you nod.
  28. >"Wanna cuddle with a loli?"
  29. >Wait, what?
  30. >"Try the Sabbath's new Teddy program!"
  31. >Disappointed you toss the ripped remains of the flier onto the table and head off to work.
  32. >Your day was a drab as ever, though work isn't really supposed to be fun, especially paperwork.
  33. >You halfheartedly sort through the papers, skimming the pages.
  34. >Your can't really wrap your head around the contents due to your sleep deprivation, so you just pretend to be busy and hope you can be more productive tomorrow.
  35. >Finally your shift ends and you trudge to your car.
  36. >You can't be bothered to cook anything so you pick up something from the nearest burger joint and pick a few random items.
  37. >You already feel like shit, so fast food can't really do much to you now.
  38. >You make your way inside your house, stumble into your kitchen, and set the bag of greasy food down onto the table.
  39. >Burying your face into your palms you let out a frustrated sigh.
  40. >You can't keep this shit up much longer, you desperately need sleep.
  41. >You bring your gaze up to find colorful paper on the table. It's the filer from this morning.
  42. >You pick up the scrap of the torn flier that held information of the Teddy Program.
  43. >You find yourself staring at the phrase "Need help sleeping?"
  44. >Minutes pass as you read the phrase again and again.
  45. >"Fuck it"
  46. >Your desperate, and if this has even a chance of working then then goddammit you're going to try!
  47. >You punch in the number and wait.
  48. >You are greeted by a high pitched girly voice "Hello this is Sabbath services, how may I help you?"
  49. >You take a deep breath and exhale before saying "Hi, I'm interested in the Teddy Program, can I get a bit of info on it?"
  50. >"Certainly Onii-Chan!"
  51. >Oh no she's talking weeaboo, this is going to be annoying.
  52. >"You get to pick a cute little monster, ~like me~, to hug an snuggle all night. And if you're feeling like it maybe more~"
  53. >"But does it really help you sleep?" you ask, annoyed at the loli's advances.
  54. >"Yep! All the Onii-Chans that tried it reported that they were well rested and had dreams filled with cute little girls all night long."
  55. >You couldn't care less about dreams involving little girls, but that defiantly sounds better than being ripped apart by an abomination.
  56. >"I'd like to try the Teddy Program please"
  57. >"YAY! What kind of imouto, would you like?"
  58. >You're can feel your temper rising as the energetic girl continues to shout in her odd language.
  59. >"Someone quiet."
  60. >"Aw, Onii-Chan only likes shy girls... Oh well, please give me a name and address!"
  61. >7625 Streetname rd. Monstergirl City, Ilias Continent, and my name is Anon Y. Mous."
  62. >You can hear the clicking of the keyboard as she inputs your information.
  63. >"Okay your imouto will arrive around 10 p.m., Make sure to leave your doors unlocked. BYE ONII-CHAN!"
  64. >Your ear is left ringing as she hangs up on you, leaving you wondering why the hell you thought this was a good idea.
  65. >Left confused and partially deaf, you finish eating and shower, then you begin to wait for your imou- *ahem* guest to arrive.
  66. >A certain amount of time later, it's 10:20 and she hasn't shown up.
  67. >Screw it, you should have known that finding a cure for your nightmares would never be this easy.
  68. >You make your way to your room and open the door.
  69. >There's a lump in your bed. Something is hiding under the covers.
  70. >Sneaking to the edge of your bed you grab the covers and quickly throw them off the bed.
  71. >A sharp "EEP" echos through the room and lying on your bed is a small girl covered in fur.
  72. >Her fur covers the lower parts of her arms and legs, ending in a set of black claws on each digit.
  73. >Her torso looks as if it's covered in a sleeveless fur hoodie with a small fluffy pompom at her curvy rear.
  74. >On top of her head is a pair of round ears, her hair and ears are darker than the rest of her fur.
  75. >It seems you found your guest, but how did she sneak past you?.
  76. >Honestly you weren't expecting a little grizzly, but to be fair what fits the title "Teddy" better than a cute little bear.
  77. >"He-hello, my name is Ch-Charlotte."
  78. >Poor thing looks like she's going to cry.
  79. >"Hi Charlotte my name is Anon."
  80. >You smile in an attempt to calm her down.
  81. >You've seen what happens when someone makes a monster cry.
  82. >Even with months of surgery they couldn't remove the bicycle.
  83. >She weakly smiles back and drags the covers back onto the bed.
  84. >"It's time for bed Anon." Charlotte says, not able to look you in the eye.
  85. >You're not entirely sure about this but you did sign up for the program, so you slide into the covers and lay on your back.
  86. >Charlotte hesitantly scoots over to you, lays her head onto your shoulder and drapes an arm over your chest.
  87. >You shut your eyes and try to think happy thoughts as you drift off to sleep.
  88. >You're surrounded.
  89. >Faceless men gather around you bearing a variety of weapons.
  90. >Torches, hatchets, pitchforks, meat hooks, all pointed at you.
  91. >They're closing in, their shouts loud and distorted, like speaking underwater.
  92. >The only thing that is certain is that their intentions don't mean well for you.
  93. >A large man barges through the crowd and grips you by the collar and throws you down onto the ground.
  94. >His boot slams down onto your back, and you can feel something sharp press against the back of your skull.
  95. >The crowd cheers around you as the sharp object pierces your skin and you whimper in pain.
  96. >"It's okay" a muffled voice calls.
  97. >What was that?
  98. >"Everything's okay, don't worry"
  99. >You close your eyes and focus on the voice.
  100. >"I'm here Anon, nothing can hurt you."
  101. >How do they know your name?
  102. >The voice carries on talking to you and in time the cheers of the faceless men die down.
  103. >You open your eyes to find that the men are gone and replacing them is a girl.
  104. >You can't see her well, it's like her entire body is covered in a fog, but her voice is clear.
  105. >"That's it. It's okay Anon just relax."
  106. > Her voice is soothing and in time the scenery shifts to a calm forest.
  107. > The woman comes closer and wraps her arms around you, locking you in her warm embrace.
  108. >You have no idea who she is, but you feel safe like she would save you from anything that came for you.
  109. >You stare into her clouded face trying to make out your savior's features.
  110. >The clouds refuse to shift.
  111. >You focus harder, desperate to find something.
  112. >The clouds thin and fade a bit to show a shining crystal blue eye.
  113. >You struggle to make the hole bigger and it slowly obeys widening to find...
  114. >*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
  115. >Ugh, another wonderf- wait... why is everything fuzzy?
  116. >You hear a small groan coming from your chest and find a fluffy little girl with messy hair.
  117. >You hit the alarm and the little bear looks up into your eyes.
  118. >"Good morning Anon, did you sleep well?"
  119. >Surprisingly the answer is yes.
  120. >"Thank you Charlotte." You say as you pull Charlotte towards you and wrap her in your arms.
  121. >She yelps in surprise, but quickly returns your hug whispering. "You're welcome."
  122. >Having had your first good sleep in years, you make a breakfast that consists of more than burnt toast and coffee.
  123. >Of course you invite Charlotte as well.
  124. >It was kinda cute how she smiled when you asked if she wanted honey on her pancake.
  125. >Unfortunately you and Charlotte have jobs to do.
  126. >As she leaves she turns around, looks you in the eyes and says with a blushing face "If you ever need help sleeping again feel free to ask for me."
  127. >You stand there frozen in shock.
  128. >You didn't notice before, but Charlotte's eyes are crystal blue.
  129. >Your day is going great!
  130. >You were able to finish all of your backlogged work as well as today's, you feel like you can actually walk instead of stumbling like a zombie (no offence to undead), and  you actually had enough energy to make a nutritious dinner.
  131. >Everything's coming up Anon!
  132. >Despite your cheerful mood though you can't help but think about Charlotte.
  133. >Years of nightmares, and all you had to do was cuddle a bear, who knew.
  134. >You wonder if you are going to need her services again and catch yourself daydreaming about the little bear.
  135. >You immediately force yourself to stop, after all she's just doing her job and it's not right to think that way about a someone that young.
  136. >But she works for the Sabbath and isn't that what they want?
  137. >Isn't their goal to make men want to take young girls as their wife?
  138. >Is that what Charlotte wants?
  139. >STOP NOW!
  140. >Charlotte is helping you with your nightmares, nothing more so stop daydreaming about her!
  141. >It's getting late and you are questioning if you should ask for the Teddy Program's help.
  142. >It was effective, but you're scared of these thoughts that fill your mind.
  143. >Finally you give into temptation.
  144. >"Hello, this is Sabbath services how may I help you?"
  145. >"Hi, I'm a participant of the Teddy program, could I get a teddy for tonight?"
  146. >"Of course Mr...Anon! Is there any specific girl you want"
  147. >You hesitate for a bit before saying "Is Charlotte available?"
  148. >"Why yes she is. I'll send her your way Onii-Chan~"
  149. >You can practically feel her smile through the phone.
  150. >You mutter a thanks before hanging up, and your thoughts drift towards the loli bear again.
  151. >Your thoughts are interrupted as someone knocks on your door.
  152. >You open it to find a pouting Charlotte.
  153. >"You are supposed to unlock the door Anon, how else am I to mysteriously end up in your bed?"
  154. >You apologize, but neglect to mention the reason for the locked door was because you let your mind drift off while thinking of her.
  155. >"It's okay Anon, now come on it's time for bed."
  156. >Your sleeping positions are a bit more intimate than last time.
  157. >You lay on your side with Charlotte held in a hug, your hands wrapping around her back and going up to cradle her head.
  158. >She lays pressed against your chest her head nestled beneath your chin.
  159. >She's bright red from blushing and you hold her close so she cannot see you blushing as well.
  160. >This may be wrong of you, but your mind is flooded with euphoria by having Charlotte in your grasp like this.
  161. >You begin to pet her, which leads to her blush to deepen.
  162. >"Goodnight Charlotte" You whisper as you continue to pet her.
  163. >"G-good night Anon" She stumbles out.
  164. >You could swear she mumbled something afterward, but you don't ask what it was.
  165. >You drift off into another peaceful sleep.
  166. >You are propped up against a tree in a foggy forest, the trees are lush and the ground is covered in wild flowers.
  167. >In the distance you see a figure, clouded by the fog.
  168. >It's slowly making it's way towards you and it's appearance becomes clearer as it approaches.
  169. >It's Charlotte.
  170. >She strolls towards you and sits down into your lap straddling you.
  171. >Her flat chest is pressing against you and she's staring straight into your eyes, her crystal blue orbs showing her longing for you.
  172. >One of her paws reach towards your crotch and begins to rub your concealed shaft making it stand to attention immediately.
  173. >She presses her lips to yours and quickly retreats.
  174. >She's turning scarlet as her hand continues to caress your member which is now painfully stiff.
  175. >Her free paw reaches for the zipper and
  176. >*BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP* *BEEP*
  178. >You slam your hand onto the alarm and once again are greeted by A messy haired bear girl.
  179. >"G-good morning Anon"
  180. >She isn't clinging to you like she was yesterday morning, and her face is flushed.
  181. >"Good morning Charlotte, you wanna stay for breakfast again?"
  182. >"No thanks, Igottagobye!"
  183. >She rushes out of your home with inhuman speed.
  184. >You wonder what's wrong with her.
  185. >You also wonder why your pants are unzipped.
  186. >After a brief debate with yourself you've come to the conclusion that Charlotte may have manually caused that dream.
  187. >Most men are terrified of monsters assaulting them in their sleep, but you are positively ecstatic.
  188. >Well at least part of you is anyway.
  189. >You still aren't fond of the age gap, but your soldier has been standing in attention ever since you woke up.
  190. >Then again it's not exactly rare to see a loli and her husband in the crowds of Monster Girl City, so you doubt anyone would really be against your relationship.
  191. >Wait, what relationship? She groped you, that doesn't mean your married!
  192. >Tired of fighting with your own thoughts you head to work and try to free your mind of your discovery.
  193. >You failed to hold your thoughts and throughout the whole day your mind keeps drifting towards Charlotte and what happened last night.
  194. >Unable to focus on anything else you finally decide that you would end it tonight.
  195. >You are going to confront Charlotte.
  196. >Immediately after getting home you call the Sabbath
  197. >"Hello, Sabbath services how may I help you?"
  198. >"I'd like to schedule a teddy session with Charlotte."
  199. >"Wow, straight to the point. Okay let me look..."
  200. >After a bit of typing she finally says "Sorry Onii-Chan, looks like Charlotte didn't show up today. You wanna try someone else?"
  201. >You reject her and hang up the phone, giving a disappointed sigh.
  202. >The logical part of your brain tells you that you should have accepted and got another Teddy to ward of the nightmares, but you know it has to be Charlotte.
  203. >In only two nights she's stolen your heart and now your addicted to her.
  204. >It finally comes time to sleep and you just can't muster the will to walk to bed, your thoughts still plagued by the absence of Charlotte.
  205. >Finally you are able to convince yourself by unlocking the front door.
  206. >Just in case she comes.
  207. >Laying in your bed wide awake you stare down the clock to watch every minute pass.
  208. >You are about to drift off until you bed shakes and something slides under the covers.
  209. >"H-hey Anon, you left your door unlocked."
  210. >You already know exactly who it is and it brings a smile to your face.
  211. >"Of course, how else are you going to sneak in?"
  212. >Charlotte giggles, but quickly stops and her smile is instantly replaced with a look of guilt.
  213. >"Anon... I. I have to tell you something."
  214. >"Is this about why you were groping me and taking off my pants?" You guess.
  215. >Her expression shifts to pure horror and her eyes being to water.
  216. >"Please I'm sorry don't hate me! Please!"
  217. >Your heart aches at the sight of her crying and you embrace her, pulling her lips into yours.
  218. >Stunned by your sudden kiss Charlotte freezes in place, then melts into your arms as she begins to understand you actions.
  219. >The two of you pull apart and her eyes are shining with hope.
  220. >"You aren't mad?"
  221. >"I kinda liked it actually"
  222. >With that statement she turns bright red and looks away.
  223. >"D-d-do you want... to do more?"
  224. >She's cowering behind her paws as she says that and you decide to give her a proper answer.
  225. >Grabbing her paws you force them apart, relieving her blushing face.
  226. >You pin her down onto the bed and kiss her again, this time deeply.
  227. >She squirms underneath you, but never protests as your tongue explores her mouth.
  228. >She brings about her own and fights against your invading tongue, wrestling for dominance.
  229. >It isn't long before she gives up and once again you are in complete control, yet your lungs are beginning to beg for air.
  230. >You remove yourself from her mouth and both of you are gasping.
  231. >A small string of saliva runs in between your wide open mouths.
  232. >You gaze down at Charlotte to find her smiling face and you swear her pupils have changed into hearts.
  233. >"Please, more." she begs and you are happy to oblige.
  234. >You thrust your tongue back into her mouth and continue your battle for dominance.
  235. >Your hands interlock with her paws and she tightly grips your hands as you suck her tongue.
  236. >Your dick is pressing against your pants, desperate to be freed and Charlotte takes notice.
  237. >"Anon...I want you. D-do you want to..."
  238. >You nod and begin to remove your pants, but begin to wonder why she doesn't do the same.
  239. >She acknowledges your questioning stare, but only looks away instead of giving an answer.
  240. >Then it hits you, and you smile at your naughty little bear.
  241. >Who would of thought someone so shy could walk around with nothing covering her bottom.
  242. >You point your now freed erection towards her hairless cunny and press forwards.
  243. >DAMN she's tight almost like she's a... is that blood?
  244. >Charlotte's face is cringing in pain, but yours is frozen in astonishment.
  245. >"You're a virgin?"
  246. >"I-I'm sorry... I just wanted to find the right person before I tried this. I'm not going to be very good, but I'll try my best!"
  247. >Overdosing on cuteness you grab hold of her hands again and lock lips with her once more.
  248. >Your tongues battle on as the pain fades and she gives you a nod to continue on.
  249. >Slowly thrusting into her you clench your jaw at the pleasure of her tight tunnel.
  250. >Charlotte is grunting under you, her arousal slowly building.
  251. >Your pace begins to quicken and her grunts turn into soft moans.
  252. >She removes her hands from yours and brings her arms around your neck, taking you into a tight hug.
  253. >"Faster" She moans into your ear.
  254. >You oblige and begin to piston rapidly in and out of her.
  255. >She clings to you tighter and moans louder "Faster!"
  256. >Again you obey slamming your member into her folds.
  257. >"FASTER!"
  258. >Your hips are now pounding into her small frame, making lewd slaps as your bodies meet.
  259. >Charlotte is writhing in pleasure under you, and as you give out one last powerful thrust you feel her walls tighten around you.
  260. >She attempts to bring her legs around your hips, but can't completely wrap them around your waist.
  261. >The tightening of her tunnel brings you over the edge as well and your pulsing shaft delivers it's seed deep into her womb.
  262. >Charlotte pulls your head towards her and brings you into a deep kiss.
  263. >Both of you moan into each others mouth as you ride out your orgasms.
  264. >The kiss ends and both of you are panting, hearts hammering in your chests.
  265. >You take one look at your furry lover your softening member is brought back to full power.
  266. >Her eyes are glazed over in lust and are practically begging for more.
  267. >You begin to enter her again before she pushes you away.
  268. >"No, this time I want to try being on top."
  269. >You simply smile and you lay down and let your erection stand free pointing towards the sky.
  270. >Charlotte crawls onto you and aligns herself to your shaft.
  271. >Slowly she sinks down onto your lap, her tight tunnel teasing your cock every agonizing inch along the way before finally bottoming out and her plump little butt touches your lap.
  272. >Letting out a held breath she looks into your eyes and holds out her paws.
  273. >You bring out your hands and interlock your digits with hers.
  274. >Satisfied, Charlotte raises herself off of you until only the tip of your penis is still inside her.
  275. >She closes her eyes and drops herself onto your lap taking the entirety of your shaft in one swift motion.
  276. >This repeats for several minutes rise and fall, rise and fall and with each successful cycle Charlotte's moans grow loader.
  277. >Eventually her motions gain speed and instead of letting herself fall onto you, she begins to bounce on your shaft.
  278. >Her body begins to lose strength as the pleasure takes her and her small body lays into yours, your hands still connected and her hips still bouncing.
  279. >You can feel her hot breath against your chest as she continues to ride your shaft, her moans are muffled as she nuzzles your chest.
  280. >You can feel yourself getting close and Charlotte's high pitched moans signal the same for her.
  281. >Her passage clamps down on you and with that you climax, spraying your cum into Charlotte's little womb for the second time tonight.
  282. >Charlotte's body goes limp atop you and after a few seconds her breath shallows.
  283. >She fell asleep atop you, with your hands and sexes still interlocked.
  284. >"Goodnight Charlotte" You whisper before drifting off into sleep yourself.
  285. >You Wake to find yourself in the same position with Charlotte straddling you, hands intertwined, and your manhood still inside her.
  286. >Charlotte is awake as well as her hips have begun to slowly work their way up and down on your lap.
  287. >You sit up slightly to kiss the top of her messy bedhead.
  288. >"Good morning Charlotte"
  289. >Charlotte answers by speeding up, giving quick kisses to your chest.
  290. >It's a good thing you don't have work today, because you doubt that either of are willing to get out of bed anytime soon.
  291. [Perspective Change]
  292. >It's already 2 p.m. and Charlotte didn't show again today.
  293. >Given the business you could imagine why.
  294. >It was your idea to start a dating service based on giving out free cuddles.
  295. >Everyone told you it was a horrible idea, but here you are, First week and 9 out of 10 pairings were successful.
  296. >Your phone dings and you dig it out of your pocket to read the message.
  297. >Make that 10 out of 10, good job Charlotte.
  298. >With these numbers they'll have to accept your idea!
  299. >You can imagine it now, all kinds of monsters will lolify themselves just to get in on this.
  300. >Men throughout the world will be calling trying to get their own Teddy.
  301. >And you will be known as the monster responsible for countless of happy couples.
  302. >Being a hopeless romantic, that thought brings a deep warmth to your heart.
  303. >Despite that you can't help but feel envious of all the happy couples.
  304. >If only you could find a husb-
  305. >You're an idiot! Why not sign yourself up as a Teddy?
  306. >The phone begins to ring and you answer it with you're normal greeting.
  307. >"Hello this is Sabbath services, how may I help you?"
  308. >"Hi I'm interested in joining the Teddy Program"
  309. >"That's great! Can you give me a name and address?"
  310. >"3743 Thisroad st. Monster Girl City, Ilias Continent. My name is Joe Average."
  311. >"Okay sir, leave your door unlocked tonight and your loli will be there around 10 p.m."
  312. >You slam the phone down and leave your office.
  313. >You're sure they won't mind you leaving early.
  314. >After all you have to get ready for tonight.
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