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Jul 16th, 2014
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  1. #The rank a player needs to be to have access to the b rankup
  2. A:
  3.  #Options for players who are rank A
  4.   options:
  5.    #Should we allow A ranked players to reset their rank?
  6.     allow_reset: false
  7.     #How much should we charge them to reset their rank? set to 0 for no cost
  8.     reset_cost: 0
  9.     #We can list any commands here that we want to perform if a rank reset is successful
  10.     #We must specify the command to change the players rank here or they will not change ranks
  11.     reset_commands:
  12.      #We can use ezbroadcast to send a raw broadcast message to all players
  13.     - ezbroadcast %player% reset their rank to Guest!
  14.       #We can use ezmsg to send a raw private message to the player who reset
  15.     - ezmsg You will need to start over!!
  16.       #Here we specify the command we use to reset the players rank
  17.     - pex user %player% group set Guest
  18.       #We can also run any other command, lets clear the players inventory too
  19.     - clearinventory %player%
  20.   #Now we are at the actual rankup settings when an A ranked player tries to rankup
  21.   #This is the rankup settings for a rankup from A to B
  22.   B:
  23.    #Is this rankup active? If this is false, players will not have access to rankup
  24.     active: true
  25.     #Should players confirm to rankup if they have enough money
  26.     confirm_to_rankup: true
  27.     #How much does it cost to rankup from A to B
  28.     cost: 1000.0
  29.     #We can list messages here to send to the player if they do not have enough money to rank up
  30.     requirement_message:
  31.    - Your current rank is %rankfrom%
  32.     - You need $%cost% to rank up to %rankto%
  33.     - Your balance is $%balance%
  34.     #Here is the most important part of the rankup. We need to make sure we put the command for our permissions plugin to set the
  35.     #players rank to the new permissions group. I made this manual to allow more flexibility with rankups and solve a ton of problems
  36.     #with hooking into each permissions plugin as vault sometimes fails with changing users groups depending on the permissions plugin
  37.     rankup_commands:
  38.      #lets tell everyone online the player ranked up!
  39.     - ezbroadcast %player% ranked up to %rankto%!
  40.       #lets send the player a private message
  41.     - ezmsg Congrats on your rankup!
  42.       #and another
  43.     - ezmsg Here are some tools!
  44.       #we can run any command, lets give them a kit for ranking up
  45.     - kit tools %player%
  46.       #last but not least, lets make sure to add them to the new rank
  47.     - pex user %player% group add %rankto%
  48.       #and also remove the old rank...
  49.     - pex user %player% group remove %rankfrom%
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