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  2. Hash: SHA512
  4. - - -- Welcome to the ELITECRASH provably fair seeding event --
  6. The purpose of this message is to show, with absolute certainty that our game chain was chosen in a provably fair way.  This post will contain the minimum amount of necessary information to assert our provably fair claim. A full step by step 'how to audit' will be available at
  8. 1. ServerSeed – Here we prove that we have calculated and committed to using a given game/hash chain before the client seed is known. We have generated a chain of 10 million SHA256 hashes, starting with a server seed* that has been repeatedly fed the output of SHA256 back into itself 10 million times. With that, the final SHA256 in the chain is: cb9a3ad5627a8eb833d921ecdac9a60e348e55c32d86bc011633656dbc888fc9
  10. 2. ClientSeed – In order to prove that we have not intentionally selected a secret in step one that would generate favorable crash points for the house, the hashes from the game chain will be salted with a client seed that we cannot predict or control.  The client seed will be the block hash for Ethereum block number 6160300
  12. 3. Proof of message date/time – In order to prove that this message has been written before Ethereum block # was mined, we will embed the SHA256 hash of this message into the Ethereum blockchain prior to block number 6160300.  
  14. 4. Proof of authenticity – This message has been signed by and can be verified at:
  16. Thanks and good luck!
  18. *The ServerSeed is the private key corresponding to btc address: p2xx3YBNZTgRCQfjKBmhUdRSNWNrTHGdvvTH
  19. -----BEGIN PGP SIGNATURE-----
  20. Version: Keybase OpenPGP v2.0.77
  21. Comment:
  23. wsFcBAABCgAGBQJbdfbhAAoJEFKqeLoA9JANVQ0QAJCO+OUwH0y/mwJU2jxebdul
  24. zUqdlyOEuT4uXutTORNdPjZnAbxY0sziRqZCkFZP6bswq52rwGaJnHncdmUTBvAC
  25. rcp2Tyf2iwLjr2x+mOKMrfe9comwDuPO1jLdbQfFqMVrUT0HJ7tbmlwC/0epurxZ
  26. XSfpeyDQfkxm9PMiG2jbYVES/sX+JEvqmIakNB4osjPlS3v3Md955BW6p3XJkQtC
  27. Cq2gYnJJo2JzaL7VDU8nUqkIciXCAqDDgSRipaMR8qAsjWCb8KYqGRTlPIsrMApe
  28. 8UwPOZUsnYlNHGytD/GYyccpTrXa9brdgHu5sGsTedU+wZ5Ceh/r+1HfN7SAtwnU
  29. Oiti2HklCwumB/oxFvgtI7y5a7A1A7NXLqcFaSyHwDHXPjLUWVvT9QREsOutQNGD
  30. JcNSCKjWlOcLqwZ0QFEyZvT9wFpCZnCjs/KpdaOxlvNWipDw4lImZ5JpAGJpsP5d
  31. fjaLpZyRJU0R6lq/MKiimGVr/kwpvydwpfBByBEfJw+L+rCL04QM7gb54JZKz5Sh
  32. /35fuxOTHLCDLVj94qiLhxd+1aqu0juoAgVtLbTUY5eq3J4jDffZ6CR5DVHh/BRi
  33. RQPMWOLFui2IKlOOQZtGJBy/8YcgGa47h3eWTWV5+xHaB2EZyyqab2ftroAYO3i7
  34. oAQ4fTAmdgjHm8Eyb08x
  35. =c4Gi
  36. -----END PGP SIGNATURE-----
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