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  2. !sleep - tries to trigger the sleep command if it's past the config sleep time (default 10PM)
  3. !festival - tries to trigger the go-to-festival command if it is a festival day
  4. !event - tries to trigger the command to start the main event of a festival
  5. !leave - will attempt to leave a festival
  6. !unstick - will warp the host inside/outside the farmhouse (which generally seems to get through any bugs. Sometimes it takes a few warps, especially for festivals.)
  9. Features
  11. Only the host needs to install the mod
  12. Host Teleports to bed and Auto-Sleeps every day (default 10P.M., can change in config.json) so that other players can keep playing without the host having to be at their computer. Other players can go to bed when they're ready and won't be stuck waiting on the host.
  13. Checks Mail every day
  14. Does host set up (cave/pet/house/etc)
  15. Locks client chests to everyone but cabin owner (optional)
  16. Clicks "OK" on the end of day Shipping Menu allowing the game to save and sync with the clients.
  17. Pauses the game when all clients disconnect (except on Holidays to prevent lock-up). Resumes when at least 1 client rejoins. This prevents the farm from falling into disrepair and years of game time passing with no one around.
  18. Freezes Relationship Heart Loss for Host while "server" is running
  19. Full Festival Support! - Events like Egg Hunt, Ice Fishing, etc begin 1 minute after festival starts so players have some time to look around. Host will not go to sleep until after Festival time window is over. Clients can choose to go to festival or not, server will still work. All clients must go to festival to trigger it to start just like normal game-play.
  20. Full Event Support! - Grampa Evaluation, Kent arrival, all cutscenes, etc etc will all click through if they pop-up allowing the server to stay online and not get locked up.
  21. Festival and Event Warnings sent to clients via chat.
  22. Times Out and resets the server connection to prevent an AFK'er or the game's own connection bugs from locking up the game indefinitely(A 2 minute warning is sent out in chat before the end of the appropriate festivals to let everyone know to exit or they will be kicked).
  23. Turns off "Pause When Game Window Is Inactive" so you no longer have to.
  24. Config file for various settings
  25. Copies most up-to-date Invite Code to clipboard
  26. Copies most up-to-date Invite Code to "InviteCode.txt" file inside the "Always On Server" mod folder
  27. Joja run will buy upgrades going from lowest cost to highest every time you have double the cost saved up. E.G. Joja Minecarts cost 15,000g so it will buy them when you have 30,000g
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