Poshul's Space Tutorial (+Philosophy Hour)

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  1. [16:30:03] <Cael> "Were you two saying something about an arena, earlier?"
  2. [16:31:04] <Leen> Leen follows around! God, the outside inside is so distracting. She catches herself looking at EVERYTHING, and then keeps on looking as they get stuff and all that! "Yep! I haven't fought in recent memory, but I'm a bodyguard, and I have neat abilities, but I can't really use them until I get the hang of them! I wanna fix that~"
  3. [16:32:24] <Cael> He nods, rolling along.
  4. [16:34:21] <Cael> "I don't know how I feel about young girls fighting, but if you're an android bodyguard I imagine I don't have much to worry about!"
  5. [16:34:44] <Cael> "How does it... actually no, nevermind, that's an idiotic question."
  6. [16:35:33] <Leen> "I'm less than a week old! ...Or maybe really old...which is it..." Hum.
  7. [16:36:59] <Cael> "I'm three years old, myself, a good deal younger than most other races 'my age'. But we Sylvari are born with some knowledge of the world beyond due to the Dream of Dreams."
  8. [16:37:31] <Cael> "We're born fully functioning adults, essentially, right from when we emerge from our fruits."
  9. [16:37:58] <&Aori_Radidjiu> You manage to get all of the gardening stuff back to Cael's room.  Huh.  Is Cael the only one with a room picked out?
  10. [16:38:05] * Cael looks like he's in his early twenties, for the record.
  11. [16:38:41] <Cael> "I suppose we -do- have a lot in common with androids..."
  12. [16:39:27] <~AsspulverizinglyHugeNipSlicer> Fran├žoise is required to supply anyone with them if they join!  So presumably not- fortunately due to joining at close to the same time they're probably not very far apart.
  13. [16:39:32] * Cael pushes all the stuff in. "There we are, I can handle it all from here."
  14. [16:39:49] <Cael> "Thank you very much, both of you."
  15. [16:40:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (ooooh, okay, so when Jazz said he didn't have a room...well whatever, I guess we can handwave it.  Sort of.  Maybe.)
  16. [16:40:47] <Jazz> (Be right back, sorry)
  17. [16:40:58] <Cael> (Well he was on his way to pick an empty room)
  18. [16:41:03] <Cael> (So there's no contradiction I think)
  19. [16:41:11] <Leen> "Soooo...not much of a childhood, huh? Hmmm..." It sounds pretty sad, a lack of childhood. Oh well! And she probably picked a room that isn't too far away from everything else. She wants to be busy! "Ah, you're welcome!"
  20. [16:41:15] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Right, right.)
  21. [16:41:45] <~AsspulverizinglyHugeNipSlicer> (Eh, you can- yeah.  I mean most vacant rooms are next to each other, but you do get to pick them out)
  22. [16:41:53] <Cael> "Ah, yes. Childhood... no, unfortunately we skipped right past that portion of our lives. The most comparable thing to it is how innocent and naive we are while still in the Dream."
  23. [16:42:38] <Cael> "And some of us are still that way on being born. We all get different experiences within the Dream, not all of them pleasant."
  24. [16:43:17] * Cael starts to set up pots around his room and begins the process of filling them with dirt and such :D
  25. [16:43:38] <Leen> "Ah...what...IS the Dream, anyway? Unless that'll take too long to explain, in which case we're all kinda busy, aren't we~?"
  26. [16:43:48] <Cael> "Mm, well..."
  27. [16:46:35] <Cael> "The Dream of Dreams is where we first begin to be. All Sylvari who aren't born yet reside there. Our mother, the Pale Tree, helps guide us but has no actual control over the Dream itself. We see visions of the outside world, things that happen, happened, or will happen all across Tyria. We rarely see specific memories in whole, but certain details... well, for instance - I know how pumpkin
  28. [16:46:35] <Cael> pie tastes, smells, what the texture is like. But I've never actually eaten it! It was another Sylvari who did so. The memories of our race also flow back into the Dream to help guide seedlings as they awaken."
  29. [16:47:58] <Cael> "I don't doubt that as I grow more familiar with this place, Sylvari will be born that adapt well to the technology of the Asura, and perhaps even improve upon it."
  30. [16:49:12] <Cael> "After we awaken, our connection to the dream lessens, into mere phantoms of what it once was. But we are still connected to it, in the vaguest ways, through our blessed mother."
  31. [16:49:44] <Jazz> "Huh...that's pretty wierd."
  32. [16:49:57] <Cael> His lips curl into a frown after a moment.
  33. [16:50:07] <Cael> "And our most bitter enemies... are ourselves."
  34. [16:51:13] <Leen> "I...see. That's...pretty deep..." Nod nod. She's totally thinking about it!
  35. [16:51:21] <Cael> "There are sylvari who seek to corrupt the dream by committing acts of foul depravity. Torture, rape, emotional manipulation, and in rare cases, murder. Their terrifying experiences are also added to the dream, and influence young Sylvari before they awaken."
  36. [16:52:26] <Cael> "These Sylvari who have abandoned our teachings and seek to corrupt the Dream and Pale Tree to their own ends are called the Nightmare Court. And we have no enemy more bitter than them, for they were once our brothers, our sisters, our friends and lovers. And at present there is no known cure for those who have fallen to Nightmare."
  37. [16:53:32] <Cael> "...I'm sorry."
  38. [16:53:39] <Leen> "I guess it helps them survive in a tough world in the end, save the last part, but...hmmmmm. It'd be nice if we could visit, sometime, to fix some of that. But...I heard something about visiting an underdeveloped planet being wrong too, huh..." Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
  39. [16:53:42] <Cael> "Old wounds heal slowly."
  40. [16:53:55] <Leen> "...It's OK! Having someone to talk to about it helps out, doesn't it?"
  41. [16:53:57] * Cael looks a great deal more tired than he did a moment ago.
  42. [16:54:20] <Cael> "Hard ground makes strong roots..." he says quietly.
  43. [16:54:56] <Cael> "Thank you for hearing me."
  44. [16:55:30] <Cael> "I too, have been wounded by the Nightmare Court, but not by any physical weapon. ...It is something very hard to forget about, as distant as Tyria might be at present."
  45. [16:56:02] <Cael> "But do not let me trouble you any longer."
  46. [16:56:53] * Cael quietly goes back to fixing up the planters
  47. [16:56:59] <Leen> "N-no's OK though. They're bad people, and maybe, just maybe, we'll get an opportunity to fix them up! ...Though I kinda do need to learn how to fight first, huh? You feeling up to going to the Arena, Jazz?"
  48. [16:58:42] <Jazz> "The Arena...? Sure, I guess so!"
  49. [17:00:05] <Cael> "Fare well, you two."
  50. [17:01:28] <Jazz> "See you, Cael."
  51. [17:02:58] <Leen> They went over this already, there shouldn't be a question mark there! "See ya later, Cael~" And away!
  52. [17:05:31] * Jazz follows along with Leen. "Well, he seems like a good person."
  53. [17:05:34] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Any silly holomaps you've been given point out that the arena is on the top floor, which can be reached pretty easily from where you're at.  It's a big spacious room filled with 1,1slot machines that leads to the presumed entrance, however, which is almost bigger than what seems like would fit on the ship even.
  54. [17:07:48] <Leen> "Yeah, he's alright! A fellow man of justice, yet very kind~" And then, ARENA! "Slot machines near an arena...does that mean there's betting on fights, too? ...Shame I don't have money, though. Whatever it is, here." She totally spent money on consumables, even if they're not on the sheet. Oop.
  55. [17:08:08] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> THEN YOU BETTER FIX THAT
  56. [17:08:25] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ... Though it's still relatively unknown what form currency even comes in.  Huh.
  57. [17:09:20] <Leen> She'd fix it with a job but she needs to know how to fight first. She looks around, but still goes onward!
  58. [17:09:51] <Jazz> "I'm not a huge fan of gambling, myself..."
  59. [17:11:18] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> The massive room has windows on either side, displaying the vast space- and strangely enough it's mostly empty.  But at the far wall, beyond what seems to be the arena with all the flashing lights and whatnot, is a desk... an empty desk?
  60. [17:13:30] <Leen> ...Empty? Is it not open yet? A late night attraction, perhaps? Either way, she's going over there, just to be sure no one is there!
  61. [17:14:50] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ... Pop.
  62. [17:15:02] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Something pink pops from behind the desk.
  63. [17:15:04] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Then another one.
  64. [17:16:05] <Leen> ???
  65. [17:16:12] <Leen> She watches with interest!
  66. [17:16:40] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Something slowly raises itself above the desk until it has two large, beady eyes.  Both of them blink.
  67. [17:16:47] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> After all, if only one blinked, it would be winking.
  68. [17:16:50] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> But no, it's a blink.
  69. [17:17:09] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> It's a large, round thing with two big, stringy-looking ears.  ... Is that supposed to be a rabbit?
  70. [17:17:46] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "... Vithitorth?"
  71. [17:18:40] <Jazz> "H-Huh...?"
  72. [17:18:55] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Nng.... Nnf!"
  73. [17:19:08] <Leen> ...Is it? It doesn't seem like a rabbit. ...H-hey, if she stares any longer it might be rude! ...Er, is it even speaking in their language? "E-excuse me, is it alright if we train in this Arena?"
  74. [17:19:13] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Oof!"  The strange creature hops onto the desk.  Its round body has TINY, STUBBY arms and legs.
  75. [17:19:49] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Wercome!"  It leans forward like it's trying to bow but falls over, flailing helplessly on its stomach.
  76. [17:19:56] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ... Does it even have a stomach?
  77. [17:20:17] <Leen> This...thing...registers as cute, somehow! "Awww, hi there~"
  78. [17:20:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> There's a clanking of armor in one of the corridors.  The sort of soft, faintly pneumatic clanking of a suit of power armor, in fact.
  79. [17:21:28] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Flailflail... not being helped up, it manages to propel itself forward until it lands on the ground, facefirst.
  80. [17:21:45] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Pfff!  Ffff... ah!"  It hops upright.
  81. [17:22:02] <Leen> Leen makes it a point to help it next time!
  82. [17:22:25] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "You... and you... want to regithter?  Ret'th thee..."
  83. [17:22:33] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> It starts hopping to try to get back on the desk.
  84. [17:24:27] <Jazz> "E-Er, do you need any help?"
  85. [17:24:52] <Leen> It won't do at all! She'll help it immediately! Grab, place~
  86. [17:26:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Pardon me, but what is the purpose of this facility?"
  87. [17:26:52] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> The pink creature flails a bit and then sighs in relief upon landing.  "Phew!  Thankth a rot... Now..."  It stomps around on the desk a few times, causing all sorts of menus to pop up in a sort-of-familiar way.
  88. [17:27:29] * Jazz turns to face Gamma. "Oh, it's you! This is the arena, I think."?
  89. [17:28:51] <Leen> "It's a place where people fight, whether it's for training...potentially cash and prizes, I'm gonna guess there's betting on matches too! It sounds kinda exciting, and I need some training~"
  90. [17:30:12] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Yep!  That'th right!  Aaaand...."  The rabbit tilts its head a bit- which means its whole body.  "Your Theeker rever ith... 0.  Ohhhh."
  91. [17:30:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I see.  We've heard rumors of such."
  92. [17:30:43] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Werr, no matter!  I'm Pepe, the Guide of Dreamth!"
  93. [17:30:53] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> The rabbit does a magical pose or someshit, spinning around.
  94. [17:31:43] <Leen> "I-I'll be a higher level eventually! Just need to get the hang of what I do~" Leen watches the pose, both in 'oh god this thing is cute' and 'I better make sure to catch it if it falls over' ways.
  95. [17:32:49] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "The point ith!  The charrenge might be too tough for thome... but I can open training mode right away.  Want to?"
  96. [17:33:59] <Leen> "Aah, there's a training mode? ...Bring it on!" SHE'S UP FOR THE CHALLENGE!
  97. [17:35:08] * Jazz nods. "Sure, I'm up for it."
  98. [17:35:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I accept."
  99. [17:35:18] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> "Thure!  Thtep into the door over there... it'th pretty much a thafe prace where you can do moveth and nobody getth theriothly hurt!  ... It'th kind of boring becauthe of that, though."
  100. [17:35:24] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> A door to the side opens.
  101. [17:36:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma's BRUTAL gauntlet charges up.
  102. [17:36:22] <Leen> "Well, it's OK, as long as I get the hang of what I need to! Let's go~" She marches onward!
  103. [17:37:11] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ... He wasn't kidding, this really IS boring.  What's there is a large, circular room that looks like some kind of wireframe on the floors and walls- well, the ceiling too.
  104. [17:38:20] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> The door closes as you all enter, though it's obvious where it once was so as to not TRAP YOU IN FOREVER or some horrible thing.
  105. [17:38:51] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> In the center of the room is a hole, about the average size of a person, and a button.
  106. [17:39:19] * Jazz puts his helmet on and readies his Arm cannon. "So, what do we do now?"
  107. [17:39:59] <Leen> "...Maybe someone gets in the hole and then someone presses the button? Or maybe the button is hit first..."
  108. [17:40:16] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Looks like there's something IN the hole, at a glance.
  109. [17:41:32] <Leen> "...Oh, there's something inside. So I guess...everyone looks ready, so here we go~" Leen pushes dat button!
  110. [17:42:37] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> 1d14
  111. [17:42:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Masterwork_Bastard_Sword, 1d14: 5 [1d14=5]
  112. [17:42:45] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem already has his helmet on~
  113. [17:43:12] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> A pure white dummy pops out!  And as it does it starts to do funky matrix shit, changing...
  114. [17:43:51] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ... Until it has violet hair and big, draconic wings!  Some robes, too, although it still has no arms or legs and is clearly a dummy.
  115. [17:44:09] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> To complete the experience its face looks like it's blowing a raspberry.
  116. [17:46:56] <`maki> (finally caught up :V)
  117. [17:47:30] <Leen> "So we just beat this thing up, huh? ...Ah, there we go, of course there's a help file after entering a battle scenario! As soon as it shows hostile intent, then..."
  118. [17:47:41] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Wobble wobble.
  119. [17:48:06] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Wobble...
  120. [17:48:19] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Suddenly, a pumpkin flies across the room!
  121. [17:48:24] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> ... Then another!
  122. [17:48:45] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> Until it's a STORM of them.  They feel mostly harmless, though, like pillows.
  123. [17:49:04] <Jazz> "...."
  124. [17:50:05] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> They stop, and the dummy just wobbles in place with a tongue-sticking-out drawn on its face.
  125. [17:51:19] <Leen> "Ah...good thing Cael isn't here! This would seem kinda weird to him, I think!" She still makes an effort not to get hit by any. "...But I think that's hostile intent, I'mma hit it~ Let's seeeeeeee..."
  126. [17:51:33] <Jazz> " too silly!"
  127. [17:51:51] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> The pumpkins all POP out of thin air once the assault is done.
  128. [17:53:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You may take the preemptive shot."
  129. [17:53:48] <Leen> The change in Leen as she lunges forward is instant. Her skin might have been kinda shiny and slightly metallic at first, but it almost seems to go completely inside out, changing from normal skin/eyes/damned everything to a shiny grey color, much like whatever comes to mine when you say 'metal'. Of course, normal metal does not STRETCH quite so. Her arm pretty much becomes a spear in one
  130. [17:53:48] <Leen> swift motion, which lunges into the target! Maybe!
  131. [17:54:06] * Jazz nods. "Yeah, go ahead. Let's see what you can do before we work on improving i-...."
  132. [17:54:25] <~Masterwork_Bastard_Sword> WOULD YOU LIKE A TUTORIAL?
  133. [17:54:43] <Leen> 2d6+3 LET'S SEE IF IT HITS! A tutorial would be kinda sweet, too!
  134. [17:54:44] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, LET'S SEE IF IT HITS! A tutorial would be kinda sweet, too!: 8 [2d6=1,4]
  135. [17:55:54] <~Bigblade> As much as you'd expect something so small with such big wings to just get OUT of the way, it's apparent that it's rooted to the ground and the spear SHINKs in.
  136. [17:56:21] <Leen> 22 ARM! That's not much, but hey!
  137. [17:56:30] <~Bigblade> A panel pops out of the fourth wall.  3To calculate damage, add your- Oh.
  138. [17:56:35] <~Bigblade> ... It goes back in.
  139. [17:56:50] <Jazz> "Huh, that was kinda cool."
  140. [17:56:51] <Leen> Hey, bad fourth wall! Say it for the rest of them!
  141. [17:57:11] <Leen> They don't even know how I got that number!
  142. [17:57:12] <~Bigblade> The dummy takes the stab and wooooooobbles backwards a bit.
  143. [17:58:15] <~Bigblade> 3Okay fine!  You multiply your weapon tier by your relevant stat, and then add it to the number you rolled!  Make sure not to just add your straight-up accuracy roll to the damage because that's cheating!
  144. [17:59:27] <~Bigblade> 3The only reason you hit with something so wimpy is probably because this dummy is based on somebody who can't dodge!  ... Or maybe because it's stuck to the ground.
  145. [18:00:55] <~Bigblade> 4You use your ACC Score to determine if you can hit, like your sissy +3, and they contest with their AVD!  The attacker always wins in a tie, so that wussy strike would hit somebody with 8 AVD.  By the way, 8 isn't very much!
  146. [18:00:59] <~Bigblade> *green
  147. [18:01:29] <Leen> In this case, the weapon tier was 2, and the PWR was 7, making it 14 base damage. Then--nuts, it would be 19, wouldn't it? Oops! Whatever! See, I messed up!
  148. [18:01:39] <~Bigblade> 3Learning every day!
  149. [18:01:56] <Leen> "Don't be shy guys, you can hit it too! My offense could worse work, outdo me~"
  150. [18:02:00] <~Bigblade> 3It's okay though, because everybody does that.  Why doesn't somebody else try?
  151. [18:02:46] <Jazz> "Alright then... Watch this!
  152. [18:02:50] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  153. [18:04:15] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 13 [2d6=4,4]
  154. [18:04:56] <~Bigblade> A buster shot has no problem hitting some part of the target... maybe it's the giant wings?
  155. [18:05:00] <~Bigblade> Probably the giant wings.
  156. [18:05:18] * Jazz does a total of 68 damage with his usual shot!
  157. [18:05:28] <~Bigblade> 3When you have a lot of ACC it means you're really cool and everyone wants to be your friend!  You should work hard to be like that!
  158. [18:05:46] <~Bigblade> The dummy wobbles, its clothing sizzling a little bit.
  159. [18:06:17] <~Bigblade> 3Looks like you actually did damage!  Unlike your friend you probably kind of know how to fight a little!  That's pretty good!  Now it's time to explain ARM and M.ARM.
  160. [18:06:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will get to try as well, correct?"
  161. [18:06:57] <~Bigblade> Also you all feel vaguely aware of what's being said... without the mechanical details.  It's a really awkward way to do a manual.
  162. [18:08:30] <~Bigblade> 3Depending on your armor, creature type, et cetera et cetera, you may be weaker to physical damage than magical or vice versa!  Sometimes you may want to hit someone's M.ARM instead if they look tough or armored!  It's just like the heavy armor you can wear!
  163. [18:09:29] <Leen> "Oh, I didn't break through the defenses all that well, huh...but it's OK, my specialty is GUARDING, right? I can do that!"
  164. [18:11:28] <Leen> "I think I'll help out....hmmm....Jazz! His armor doesn't seem as thick, and I can take a hit because I AM ARMOR~" She decides to Cover Jazz! Hopefully he's actually targetted.
  165. [18:12:49] <Leen> "...And yeah, you can get him, Gamma!"
  166. [18:13:12] <~Bigblade> 3This is a fun one!  It's time to explain instant actions.
  167. [18:13:20] <~Bigblade> The dummy is really blatantly Marah right now you know.
  168. [18:13:42] <Leen> WELP. No matter!
  169. [18:14:48] <~Bigblade> 3When an action is said to be instant, that means it can be done at any time!  Or rather, Dust did a poor job with vagueness so GMs of this system like to let players get away with that.  Meaning it technically doesn't have to be on your turn when you do an instant action.  You could even cheese by waiting until an enemy attacks and activating Cover!
  170. [18:16:00] <Leen> "...I'll keep that in mind next time! All about timing, huh?"
  171. [18:17:06] <~Bigblade> 3You're probably not supposed to be able to, but vagueness wins out!  Note that you can only choose one Cover target UNTIL your next turn rolls around regardless.
  172. [18:18:11] <Leen> "Got it! Gotta be careful when it comes to picking my cover, unless it's only one not so fast target." Nod nod.
  173. [18:18:34] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Gamma's turn!
  174. [18:19:28] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (sorry, back now)
  175. [18:19:38] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Good timing, then!)
  176. [18:20:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma's pneumatic gauntlet hisses, the claws flexing as he charges forward, his shield held in front, leaping into his air and performing a maneuver that can best be described as grabbing the dummy's head in his oversized claw and violently spiking it against the ground.
  177. [18:20:52] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 2d6+4
  178. [18:20:53] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem, 2d6+4: 7 [2d6=2,1]
  179. [18:21:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ;_;
  180. [18:21:26] <~Bigblade> 3That would never hit in an actual fight!  But...
  181. [18:21:37] <~Bigblade> The dummy, stuck to the ground, takes it, still wearing that face.
  182. [18:21:59] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 48 damag!
  183. [18:22:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *damage!
  184. [18:22:13] <~Bigblade> 3In a tie, the attacker always wins!  Don't forget that!
  185. [18:22:38] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 4Enemy Phase!
  186. [18:22:48] <~Bigblade> 3So even if you're a ninja with 50 AVD, if somebody hits 50 straight on the dot you're still screwed!
  187. [18:24:14] * Jazz is in Sentinel mode as well!
  188. [18:24:37] <Leen> T-that makes him end up having lots of armor...oh well!
  189. [18:24:45] <Leen> All the better in case he's actually hit!
  190. [18:26:31] <&Aori_Radidjiu> A bunch of rapidly rotating symbols appear around the dummy, and then suddenly Jazz (or it would be Jazz, if Leen wasn't covering) is accosted by a bunch of purply splotches!
  191. [18:27:47] <Leen> Leen is in the way! Let's see how she takes it! "I've got this~"
  192. [18:28:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+16 M.ARM Damage.  3Magical attacks are unique in that they are guaranteed to hit, unless they're status magics!  One should just go and add their damage to the roll since there's no ACC involved.  The exception is Ninjas with Evade Magic, but that's it!
  193. [18:28:23] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, M.ARM Damage.  3Magical attacks are unique in that they are guaranteed to hit, unless they're status magics!  One should just go and add their damage to the roll since there's no ACC involved.  The exception is Ninjas with Evade Magic, but that's it!: 28 [2d6=6,6]
  194. [18:28:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Haha oh god, too bad I was using Poison, speaking of which...)
  195. [18:29:06] <~Bigblade> 3Aren't you so glad that was magic and not something that can critical hit?
  196. [18:29:29] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Status effect magics require an opposed Force roll to take effect!
  197. [18:29:32] <Leen> Nice 6,6! ...Yeah that's a thing!
  198. [18:29:41] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+5 Force, Leen is poisoned if she doesn't beat it!
  199. [18:29:41] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, Force, Leen is poisoned if she doesn't beat it!: 16 [2d6=6,5]
  200. [18:29:54] <Leen> STOP ROLLING SO WELL!
  201. [18:30:48] <Leen> 2d6+6+2 Leen's ORB OF RESISTANCE adds a +2! Leen herself is +6 due to other items equipped! Also, what's your MARM, Jazzy?
  202. [18:30:49] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Leen's ORB OF RESISTANCE adds a +2! Leen herself is +6 due to other items equipped! Also, what's your MARM, Jazzy?: 16 [2d6=4,4]
  203. [18:30:57] <Leen> Nnnnggraaahhh.
  204. [18:31:29] <Jazz> (Marm is 29)
  205. [18:32:18] <Leen>, well, doesn't get through at all! Except the Poison bit, most likely. "No problem---nng, I think..."
  206. [18:32:21] <~Bigblade> 3That's a pretty fuckin' bullshit resistance!  But remember, the dice are out to screw you 100% of the time.  That's probably more important thing to remember than anything else!
  207. [18:33:33] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3You've been Poisoned!  You'll take 20% of your Max HP in damage on your turn!  The Poisona and Esuna spells can cure it, along with certain items.  Be prepared for status effects at all times!
  208. [18:34:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I can handle it!"
  209. [18:34:06] <~Bigblade> 3Hey you idiot, I never used bold!  Only italics!
  210. [18:34:10] <~Bigblade> 3... Just kidding, you're fine.
  211. [18:34:35] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2Player Phase!
  212. [18:35:17] <Jazz> (Who's all poisoned?
  213. [18:35:24] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (I'm blasting btw)
  214. [18:35:27] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Leen is.)
  215. [18:35:36] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Since she covered for you.)
  216. [18:35:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Not anymore)
  217. [18:36:33] <Leen> (Me! I took the hit, and man does that hit FEEL LIKE POISON! ...But not for long! ...If she doesn't move, then the poison shouldn't do anything till it's cured by a nice Gamma!)
  218. [18:37:08] <~Bigblade> 3Curing status effects is really freaking useful to have around!  Always bring a pocket healbot of some kind with you!
  219. [18:37:15] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem winds up and SMACKS LEEN ACROSS THE CHEEKS, "Get ahold of yourself and keep going!"
  220. [18:37:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Immediately she feels better.
  221. [18:37:45] <~Bigblade> ka
  222. [18:37:46] <~Bigblade> wa
  223. [18:37:46] <~Bigblade> ii
  224. [18:38:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Players are allowed to hold their actions so that they go in any order, but by default they go in order of their Dex stats.
  225. [18:38:34] <Leen> "A-ah! Y-yes sir!" She feels better now!
  226. [18:38:51] <~Bigblade> 3Or alphabetical!  Or if you have a whimsical GM like Giantree, 'whoever the fuck feels like going first!'
  227. [18:39:10] <Jazz> "I'll handle this!"
  228. [18:39:23] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3In other words, it doesn't really matter.
  229. [18:39:44] <~Bigblade> 3The REAL default is that players go before enemies!  That's all that does matter!
  230. [18:40:16] <Leen> "Go get em~"
  231. [18:40:54] * Jazz takes aim, his arm cannon suddenly doubling in size and length! "Watch this!...OMEGA!" then, fancy stabilizer wings pop out of his cannon! "JUSTICE!" and finally, with a loud roar, the energy from his cannon unleashes, flying strait at the dummy! "FLAAAAASH!!!!!"
  232. [18:40:58] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  233. [18:40:59] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=3,2]
  234. [18:41:33] <Jazz> 65 damage! Ignores both types of Armor! And does fire damage!
  235. [18:42:16] <Leen> Leen stares in awe! SO THIS IS A SUPER MOVE!
  236. [18:45:50] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem would probably swoon if Jazz had been a girlbot.  Instead, he feels a flash of manly fellowship, "Competition promotes excellence!  My next shot will show that!"
  237. [18:46:25] <&Aori_Radidjiu> The dummy is THWACKED hard by your super beam, bouncing a bit like it was elastic.  Because, it's, y'know, a dummy.
  238. [18:47:17] <Leen> "...R-right, I think I have something, but I dunno if it'll do any good at this point! It's too beaten up to matter, but...O
  239. [18:47:27] <Leen> I'll give it a shot!" ENTER KEY.
  240. [18:48:56] <Leen> Focus...AND WHO CARES IF IT'S A DUMMY, she attempts to remove a good deal out of this big dummy! "Expel Life!"
  241. [18:49:37] <Leen> 2d6 I have no idea if we roll accuracy for pure support (or antisupport) moves! So this is like, either an opposed roll or accuracy! I have no idea!
  242. [18:49:38] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, I have no idea if we roll accuracy for pure support (or antisupport) moves! So this is like, either an opposed roll or accuracy! I have no idea!: 4 [2d6=2,2]
  243. [18:50:32] <Leen> If it's accuracy, it's 7! If it's an opposed roll, it's 12!
  244. [18:52:03] <~Bigblade> It's an opposed roll only if it strictly says it takes one, like for status effects.
  245. [18:52:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> ^
  246. [18:53:05] <Leen> Well it DOES, but does it need an accuracy roll?
  247. [18:53:27] <Leen> It's a Killer Move, but it's just support. I don't know!
  248. [18:53:35] <Leen> ...Or antisupport. Whatever!
  249. [18:53:58] <&Aori_Radidjiu> It'd be an opposed roll!
  250. [18:54:03] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Looking at it.
  251. [18:54:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> And you'd have to roll individually for each status effect
  252. [18:54:28] <Action_Bastard_Sword> Oppose your own accuracy!
  253. [18:54:39] <~Bigblade> Just checked, that even says opposed roll you goof!
  254. [18:54:42] * Action_Bastard_Sword is now known as Kraken
  255. [18:54:47] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2#2d6+5
  256. [18:54:48] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, 2#2d6+5: 13 [2d6=6,2], 12 [2d6=3,4]
  258. [18:55:02] <&Aori_Radidjiu> First one misses, roll the second!
  259. [18:55:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> No you don't, just consider it like a magic attack here.
  260. [18:55:18] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Since it doesn't do damage.
  261. [18:55:32] <Leen> OK, thank you. Poison fails to make it's mark, and that was most of the purpose. Whoops.
  262. [18:55:39] * Kain is now known as Tits
  263. [18:55:41] <Leen> 2d6+6+2 As for Zombie...
  264. [18:55:42] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, As for Zombie...: 19 [2d6=5,6]
  265. [18:55:51] <Leen> The much less useful status condition works!
  266. [18:56:16] <~Bigblade> 3Too bad you don't have a healer!
  267. [18:56:17] <Leen> ...And, well, SOMETHING comes out! "Not what I was expecting, shoulda been more. Oh well!"
  269. [18:56:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 4Enemy Phase
  270. [18:57:23] <&Aori_Radidjiu> A bunch of Pumpkins well up from the ground, hovering above the dummy, and then crash down onto all of you!
  271. [18:58:07] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+80 M.Arm damage.  Incoming!
  272. [18:58:07] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, M.Arm damage.  Incoming!: 87 [2d6=1,6]
  273. [18:59:00] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Earth element, specifically.
  274. [19:00:03] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem takes 60 damage!
  275. [19:00:29] <~Bigblade> 3Whoa, was the dummy supposed to be that powerful?  Be careful!
  276. [19:00:33] <Leen> No he doesn't! WATCH THIS! "Wh-whoa, this is big! I've totally got this, though! Watch this!" Is this gonna hurt her? Hell yeah it is, even if there's no pain here. SENTINEL!
  277. [19:01:04] <~Bigblade> 3Oh dear!
  278. [19:01:34] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Then that would be...174 M.ARM damage to you, Leen!
  279. [19:02:24] <~Bigblade> 3Good thing that poison didn't stay, huh?  But don't worry!  Even if it did, status effects wouldn't be able to bring you to 0 HP anyway.
  280. [19:02:51] <Leen> Standard damage increased to 200%! But it only hits her! Do percents come before or after (M)ARM? Apparently before! Either way, Leen literally becomes a wall for the two, taking the entire damned thing. She immediately reforms. That's some fucking weird metal. It's some kind of liquid metal or something.
  281. [19:03:58] <~Bigblade> 3That's correct!  You'd subtract your M.ARM from 174.
  282. [19:04:28] <~Bigblade> 3And then subtract that 150 from your HP!  Isn't that neat?
  283. [19:04:37] <Leen> Either way, it's one heck of a hit! 174 reduced to 150 with 24 MARM! 50/200! Saint's Cross activates, healing 17! 67/200! "Oof, that smarts..."
  284. [19:04:55] <Leen> She'd head another ally, but none have gotten hit yet cause she keeps getting in the way!
  285. [19:04:59] <Leen> heal, even!
  286. [19:05:14] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "VENGEANCE!" Black fire webs suddenly around Gamma's gauntlet as he steps back into a front stance for stability, his shield arm supporting his bicep as the lens on his vambrace draws the flames within.  The lights seem to temporarily dim...and then a bar of black fire as thick around as his wrist hits the dummy like a lance!
  287. [19:06:22] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Oh, yeah, it is player turns, so go ahead and do that, Gamma~)
  288. [19:06:47] <Leen> 2Player Phase!
  289. [19:06:53] <Leen> What bold where?
  290. [19:07:02] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Thank you~)
  291. [19:07:05] <Kraken> (More like Player Face, BURN!)
  292. [19:07:28] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 2d6+4
  293. [19:07:29] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem, 2d6+4: 12 [2d6=6,2]
  294. [19:07:43] <&Aori_Radidjiu> That hits!
  295. [19:08:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 102 SHADOW ARM damage
  296. [19:09:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Pain rises up in his arm as if the limb had been badly beaten, bruises rising up along his skin.  He doesn't say a word, though, or even twitch.  That would be self-aggrandizing.
  297. [19:10:34] <&Aori_Radidjiu> The softly outlined dummy suddenly grows in size and becomes a reddish color, growing in size to look like a Dragon!
  298. [19:10:36] <Jazz> "W-Wow..."
  299. [19:10:45] <Jazz> "That was a pretty awesome attack, Gamma!"
  300. [19:11:01] * Jazz decides not to try and top that yet, simply going with a charged shot!
  301. [19:11:05] <Jazz> 2d6+6
  302. [19:11:05] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+6: 12 [2d6=5,1]
  303. [19:11:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Some enemies will become desperate when hit to low HP!  Finish them off fast or they'll hit you hard!
  304. [19:11:19] <Jazz> 66 damage, hitting M.Arm!
  305. [19:12:22] <Leen> And another super move! Only it looks like it hurts...but hey, it hits! "W-whoa, better finish this fast, then! Go get em, Jazz!"
  306. [19:13:19] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 1d4
  307. [19:13:19] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, 1d4: 3 [1d4=3]
  308. [19:13:33] <&Aori_Radidjiu> It winces, hurt somewhat visibly.
  309. [19:13:49] <~Bigblade> Still totally a dummy though, wobble wobble.
  310. [19:14:31] <&Aori_Radidjiu> dummydragon
  311. [19:14:34] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Leen!
  312. [19:15:19] <Leen> ...Does healing damage via zombie bypass MARM?
  313. [19:15:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Good question!
  314. [19:15:52] <~Bigblade> 3Sounds like this is another 'DUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUST' moment!
  315. [19:16:10] <~Bigblade> 3RAW says nothing!  So, yes, it bypasses.
  316. [19:16:15] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3^
  317. [19:16:57] <Leen> "Well, at least I can help out like this!" She does some fun chanting, and CURE!
  318. [19:17:21] <Leen> 2d6+14 Only it's on the enemy! And it hurts! A little!
  319. [19:17:22] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, Only it's on the enemy! And it hurts! A little!: 23 [2d6=3,6]
  320. [19:18:44] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Zombiedummy doesn't seem to like that!  It wibblewobbles a bit.
  321. [19:19:31] <~Bigblade> 3Wait a second, did you just do a slow action in one turn?
  322. [19:19:40] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (...OH RIGHT!)
  323. [19:19:42] <Leen> Well so did that jerk, casting magic!
  324. [19:19:47] <~Bigblade> 3TIME FOR MORE TUTORIAL
  325. [19:20:05] <~Bigblade> 3The first turn was actually beginning slow actions!  It only dumped pumpkins on you as a ruse!
  326. [19:20:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3It uses pumpkins as a focus for its spells, so it was gathering them up in a showy fashion~
  327. [19:20:46] <Leen> If it took more than one turn Leen would have made every effort to lock that jerk down. ...Wait, that's why I got KNOCKDOWN AS A KILLER MOVE how do I forget this! ...Am I stuck here?
  328. [19:21:02] <~Bigblade> 3You can start a slow action, such as casting any spell, at any time, but it doesn't go off until your next turn- when it does, you can immediately take a standard action, so it's like attacking twice in one turn!
  329. [19:21:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (incidentally, I've taken 35 damage total)
  330. [19:21:29] <Leen> I-I guess it's OK, then! For now!
  331. [19:23:18] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Moving on, 4Enemy Phase.
  332. [19:25:01] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+80 Another barrage of pumpkins!  It's angry!
  333. [19:25:01] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, Another barrage of pumpkins!  It's angry!: 83 [2d6=1,2]
  334. [19:26:29] * castfromhp is now known as Mikaela
  335. [19:26:41] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 83 Earth M.ARM damage to everyone.  Owowowowow.
  336. [19:28:33] <Leen> "I-I hope you guys got this!" 83-24=59 damage! 67-59=8! 8/200! Saint's Cross +17 HP to her, and +17 HP to Gamma, if he's still actually around! "Owwwww...I feel light-headed..."
  337. [19:28:46] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2Player Phase if no one's doing anything super special.
  338. [19:29:01] <Leen> This would be when Leen's spell actually gets through!
  339. [19:29:06] <~Norio> 3Paladins are pretty good!  Everybody should play one!
  340. [19:29:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Wobble wobble
  341. [19:29:25] <~Norio> 3White Monks are for sissies!
  342. [19:29:44] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 1,1And for Trees
  343. [19:29:53] <~Norio> ^
  344. [19:29:58] <Leen> "Y-you can finish it off, right guys?"
  345. [19:31:13] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Leen still has an action.  Handy how that works!
  346. [19:31:23] <Tits> (Tree is a sissy though)
  347. [19:31:52] <~Norio> 3Slow actions: Part 2!  (That was the joke, kain)  As stated before, you can do a standard action or another slow action after your first one ends!
  348. [19:32:51] <Leen> Of course, Leen can't actually do much with her actions because she is a wall! Fun, isn't it.
  349. [19:33:29] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We will forcibly reeducate this dummy."
  350. [19:33:37] <~Norio> Wobble.
  351. [19:34:26] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem raises his gauntlet, and points directly at it, charging in and scything the pneumatic claws through its not-a-neck!
  352. [19:34:31] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 2d6+4
  353. [19:34:31] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem, 2d6+4: 8 [2d6=1,3]
  354. [19:34:41] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 48 ARM
  355. [19:34:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (So, did Leen stop that last big Earth attack from hitting us?)
  356. [19:35:26] <~Norio> (Only the first one I think)
  357. [19:35:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (No, she'd be down if she did.)
  358. [19:35:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (Hm, one sec)
  359. [19:35:43] <Leen> Sadly, no! But you got extra HP despite being hit! Saint's Cross is neat.
  360. [19:35:44] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> (It might be more than 48)
  361. [19:35:56] <Leen> ...That is, if you survived to begin with. Whoop.
  362. [19:36:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Pssst it was M.Arm)
  363. [19:36:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 66/140, LAST RESORT
  364. [19:36:39] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (...oh, damage.)
  365. [19:36:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> And that damage was actually 63 SHADOW ARM
  366. [19:37:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> It wobbles much more intensely than before!  It's getting weaker!
  367. [19:37:38] <~Norio> Leen still hasn't used that action? 1,1Didn't consider using Push to stop its slow actions yet?
  368. [19:37:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Leen, focus on repairing yourself, Jazz and I can finish it."
  369. [19:38:28] <Leen> I would, but there's absolutely no indication of it beginning a cast to begin with! Also she doesn't have the HP to use it anymore.
  370. [19:39:06] <~Norio> Oh, that's right, it DOES cost 30, doesn't it
  371. [19:39:12] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (I'd say not using a standard action after the spell goes off is indication. :3)
  372. [19:39:31] <~Norio> (^, though it really SHOULD be more clear most of the time)
  373. [19:39:50] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Yeah, I'll be sure to make it more clear in the future.)
  374. [19:39:58] <&Aori_Radidjiu> So Leen can't interrupt it, eh?
  375. [19:40:05] <Leen> Considering you forgot how spells work, how am I supposed to figure that out?! Whatever. Also is Gamma's current HP total including the healing from Saint's Cross?
  376. [19:40:42] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Looks it's time for another tutorial!  Teamwork Attacks!
  377. [19:40:48] <~Norio> 3Kyaaaaaaa~
  378. [19:41:04] <Leen> "Command...acknowledged, but..." WHAT NOW, huh? She can't do much of anything alone! ...Including heal herself!
  379. [19:41:04] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> yes
  380. [19:41:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> it is
  381. [19:42:42] <Leen> OK, good!
  382. [19:42:50] <Jazz> "Alright..."
  383. [19:42:53] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Leen and Jazz haven't moved yet this turn!  If they want to disrupt this thing's spellcasting, they could use a team attack, as team attacks interrupt slow actions!  Both Leen and Jazz have to agree to make a team attack first, then they have to roll attack rolls!  Not only do both have to hit the target, but they have to have a common number in both of their dice pools!
  384. [19:43:35] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3For example, if Jazz rolls a 1 and a 3 and Leen rolls a 3 and a 4, then it succeeds, because they both have a 3 in common!
  385. [19:44:33] <Jazz> "Alright, Leen! Let's do this!"
  386. [19:44:36] <Jazz> 2d6+5
  387. [19:44:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, 2d6+5: 10 [2d6=1,4]
  388. [19:45:20] <Leen> "...there's no time! Jazz! Let's go! Let's KNOCK IT DOWN!"
  389. [19:45:30] <~Norio> 3MANLY!
  390. [19:45:39] <Leen> 2d6+3
  391. [19:45:39] <DiceMaid-9001> Leen, 2d6+3: 6 [2d6=1,2]
  392. [19:45:52] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3This thing couldn't dodge to save its life, so!
  393. [19:46:18] <~Norio> 3It sure is pretty unlucky that 1 of all things makes the teamwork succeed, but at least it's rooted into the ground!
  394. [19:46:46] <Leen> Thankfully, Leen's accuracy (or more specifically, lack thereof) didn't screw her over! Combo! SWING!
  395. [19:47:08] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3You both do your normal damage to it, and its spell is interrupted!
  396. [19:47:37] <Leen> Her normal damage is abymsal. 17 ARM!
  397. [19:47:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> All the pumpkins gathered around the dragondummy disperse.  It almost looks a little lonely as it WOBBLEWOBBLES violently from the teamwork attack!
  398. [19:47:56] <~Norio> 3In a real combat, trusting Leen's shitty accuracy will probably get you killed!  Good thing this is a simulation, huh?
  399. [19:48:14] <Leen> "I-I still need work!"
  400. [19:48:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3A neat property of teamwork attacks is that anyone involved in the teamwork attack can Cover anyone else who helped them! That means that Jazz can Cover Leen despite not being a Paladin, but only for the enemy's next attack!
  401. [19:49:54] <Lene> Mutter, mutter!
  402. [19:50:00] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Jazz can't cover Gamma, though, because Gamma didn't participate!
  403. [19:50:14] <~Norio> 3And Leen's slightly cuter!
  404. [19:50:22] <~Norio> 3... Just slightly.
  405. [19:50:47] <Lene> Uuuu~
  406. [19:50:59] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 4Enemy Phase!
  407. [19:52:34] <&Aori_Radidjiu> The Dragon dummy glares at Leen!  Leen's been screwing up its attacks!  Things would be easier without that dastardly Paladin!  It inhales deeply and...
  408. [19:54:05] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2d6+3 Breathes black, chunky breath all over her!  There's rocks and gravel in it!  And bits of Acid. Ewwww
  409. [19:54:06] <DiceMaid-9001> Aori_Radidjiu, Breathes black, chunky breath all over her!  There's rocks and gravel in it!  And bits of Acid. Ewwww: 6 [2d6=1,2]
  410. [19:54:20] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Does that hit?
  411. [19:55:00] <~Norio> Looks like our Leenchan had a whole 7 AVD.  3Is it time for another tutorial since this is the first actual miss in this whole campaign thus far?
  412. [19:55:23] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 3Sure thing, boss!
  413. [19:55:35] <Leen> It...doesn't! 7 AVD! GRAZED! She 1,1leans really far to the side and dodges the badly aimed attack! Huzzah!
  414. [19:55:37] <~Norio> 3When something actually rolls under your AVD it doesn't do anything!
  415. [19:55:39] <~Norio> 3That's it!
  416. [19:55:46] <Tits> (Actually a spiderbot missed Cael)
  417. [19:55:54] <~Norio> 3Damnit!
  418. [19:56:11] <Tits> (He was just so damn stylish you didn't realize it)
  419. [19:56:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> 2Player Phase!
  420. [19:56:28] <Leen> Leen sticks out a(n also) metal tongue at the dragon.
  421. [19:57:08] <Jazz> (b-back)
  422. [19:57:31] <Leen> "L-let's get it for real this time!"
  423. [19:57:41] <Jazz> "Yeah!"
  424. [19:59:53] <Jazz> 2d6+5 !
  425. [19:59:54] <DiceMaid-9001> Jazz, !: 15 [2d6=6,4]
  426. [20:00:00] <Jazz> 70 Damage!
  427. [20:00:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 2d6+4 !
  428. [20:00:36] <DiceMaid-9001> Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem, !: 10 [2d6=1,5]
  429. [20:00:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> 66 Shadow damage
  430. [20:02:17] <Leen> If it's still kicking, Leen would rather take this time to hunker down and Defend herself!
  431. [20:03:15] <~Norio> Wobble...
  432. [20:05:15] <Leen> Wobble?
  433. [20:05:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> It seems to wobble for a bit, it's entire body wobbling, getting slower and slower...
  434. [20:06:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Until suddenly it shrinks down to the normal blank dummy it was before the fight began.
  435. [20:06:34] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...Less tedious than predicted."
  436. [20:06:42] <~Norio> For further reference, imagine the wireframe background turned into cool effects during the fight!  ... But it's wireframe now.
  437. [20:06:43] <Leen> "D-did we do it?"
  438. [20:07:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I suppose we did!"
  439. [20:07:23] <~Norio> 3What are you doing?  When you win a fight, you should strike a pose!
  440. [20:07:36] <~Norio> The tutorial board retracts back into the fourth wall.
  441. [20:08:21] * Jazz strikes a heroic pose, pointing his arm cannon strait up at the sky and looking up, a dynamic little flash coming fron the tip of the barrel!
  442. [20:08:33] <&Aori_Radidjiu> The text 2Simulation MED Easy Mode completed! pops up above the blank dummy.
  443. [20:08:47] * Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem stands at attention, and raises his gauntlet in salute.
  444. [20:08:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> It's as close to a victory pose as he knows, okay? :<
  445. [20:09:14] <~Norio> (1,1>strait)
  446. [20:09:33] <Jazz> (I will fucking
  447. [20:09:36] <Jazz> (you
  448. [20:09:38] <Jazz> (i'll)
  449. [20:09:41] <Jazz> (aaaa)
  450. [20:09:50] <~Norio> (<3)
  451. [20:09:59] <Kraken> (I prefer pointing arm cannons isthmus)
  452. [20:10:53] <Leen> "R-right, the heroic pose! ...Er...I-I never really thought of one...maybe...ah!" She jumps up once or twice with a fist in the air using her shield arm, as her complexion returns to normal! T-that works, right?
  453. [20:11:13] <~Norio> too moe
  454. [20:11:23] <~Norio> a mysterious figure goes to draw this all on a tablet right now
  455. [20:12:08] <~Norio> Regardless, the dummy sinks back down and the door opens on its own!  Well, that's convenient.
  456. [20:13:01] <Leen> "Whew, that takes care of that. I think I got the hang of things, now~ Thanks for training with me, everyone~" And out she goes~
  457. [20:14:33] <Jazz> "No problem. I'll see you later, Leen!"
  458. [20:15:02] <Leen> "...We should probably check back to the desk first, right?"
  459. [20:15:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is hoped that Leen is alright." :<
  460. [20:15:19] <~Norio> Poshu- I mean Pepe is dozing off behind the desk.  Huh.
  461. [20:15:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You there, small mammal.  Where can I find the authority on this vessel?"
  462. [20:16:40] <~Norio> Its ears twitch, one-at-a-time.
  463. [20:17:06] <~Norio> Twitch twitch....
  464. [20:17:11] <~Norio> ... They both flop back down.
  465. [20:17:13] <~Norio> zzzzZZZZZZzzzzz
  466. [20:19:31] <Leen> "I-I'll be OK! looks..." Too cute to wake up. Nnnnng.
  467. [20:20:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Pardon me, Leen?  Is this the thing called 'cute'?"
  468. [20:23:14] <Leen> "Yep, almost too cute to wake up, I can't do it~"
  469. [20:25:26] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Hm." Gamma tentatively pokes it, "Er...rise and shine, citizen?"
  470. [20:25:39] <~Norio> "JFKJKTETHF"
  471. [20:26:00] <~Norio> The pink bunny sinks into the ground in a horrific way.
  472. [20:26:16] <~Norio> ... And then reappears upright on top of the desk!  "Wercome!"
  473. [20:26:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "GAH!" Gamma actually jumps.  It carries him all the way to the wall, in his powered suit.
  474. [20:26:56] <~Norio> The round, cute bunny just turns and stares with huuuuuuge eyes.
  475. [20:27:31] <Jazz> "U-Uh. We're done"
  476. [20:27:35] * Norio is now known as Giantree
  477. [20:28:40] <~Giantree> Pepe: "Good job!  That'th a new record for... ohhh, you fought THAT one?"
  478. [20:29:18] <Leen> "The one that became a dragon! I nearly fell over!"
  479. [20:30:31] <~Giantree> Pepe: "Hrmm... that'th a new one... oh well!  Thinthe it'th practithe, there'th no REAL reward, but you arr feer good about yourthelveth, don't you?"
  480. [20:31:35] <~Giantree> that is really painful to read
  481. [20:31:40] <~Giantree> just IMAGINE how painful it is to listen to
  482. [20:32:05] <Leen> "Uh-huh~" She does! SHE CAN DEFEND PEOPLE! ...KIND OF! She had to make them take a little but otherwise it's OK.
  483. [20:36:25] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Affirmative, I feel a strong sense of accomplishment at the punishing of lawbreakers."
  484. [20:38:31] <&Aori_Radidjiu> A woman with white wings, like a bird, and blonde hair walks in. She's wearing some kind of sorta' anachronistic brown robe, making her look like some kind of FE Swordmaster, not like any of your characters would know what that is, and a white headband.  She seems to be eagerly eyeing the Arena room as she walks towards it!
  485. [20:39:50] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Greetings, citizen!  Where can I locate the authority on this vessel?"
  486. [20:40:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She perks up, her wings stretching out a bit.  "Oh, you mean like the leader?"
  487. [20:41:08] * Jazz nods. "Yeah, I think it'd be cool to talk to the Captain, too."
  488. [20:42:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Definitely.  A Captain is a noble and fine personage."
  489. [20:42:27] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She grins.  "Then you're in luck!  I'm the Captain!"
  490. [20:42:52] * Spica wanders in, carrying a laser rifle slightly taller than she is. "Oh. Hey, Captain. Why does everyone think I'm on payroll?"
  491. [20:43:33] <Jazz> "Oh! W-Well, it's good to meet you then. I'm Jazz. I helped those refugees escape the Pirate attack on that station a few days ago."
  492. [20:43:36] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She tilts her head.  "I don't know, maybe they just assume just because you're higher up than them you handle their payment?  They're pretty silly, really!"
  493. [20:43:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Oh.  IN THAT CASE!" Gamma stands stiffly at attention, "As I have become a barbarian, and thus have nowhere else to go, I would like to seek employment.  I require little space and will do my utmost at any assigned labor!"
  494. [20:43:55] <Spica> "Mmmm. I guess that makes sense."
  495. [20:44:11] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> *employment on your vessel
  496. [20:44:36] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "...oh, wait, you three are the new Seekers?  Huh."
  497. [20:45:01] <Spica> "Yeah, that's Gammy - he's for real, I asked - and Jazz and uh."
  498. [20:45:06] <Spica> "The one who isn't Gammy or Jazz."
  499. [20:45:29] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "...wasn't it Leen?  I read over their stuff, because I have to sign it and all."
  500. [20:45:57] <Spica> "Sure, that makes sense."
  501. [20:46:13] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma has not left a crisp attention this entire time, saluting.
  502. [20:47:44] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "So, Spica, you ever met a 'barbarian' who salutes like that?"  She smirks at Gamma.  "At ease, soldier~!  ...always wanted to say that."
  503. [20:47:56] <Spica> "I don't think I've met a barbarian ever."
  504. [20:48:03] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "YES MA'AM!" :D
  505. [20:48:05] <Spica> "I mean, that word's kind of out of fashion now, isn't it?"
  506. [20:48:40] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Feet shoulder-width apart, left hand clasping right wrist behind back, shield slung comfortably over a shoulder.
  507. [20:48:48] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> That is at ease for Gamma :D
  508. [20:49:21] <Leen> Leen shakes her head out of a slightly exhaustion based distraction and OH! "A-ah, sorry for not paying attention! Leen, at your service!"
  509. [20:49:51] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "That it is!  You three sure are high strung, relax a bit!"
  510. [20:50:02] <Jazz> "I-I'm...not that high strung, am I?"
  511. [20:50:37] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "I'm pretty impressed that you're built to go red in the face when you're flustered~!"
  512. [20:50:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Gamma Vert Septem-Septem.  Everyone thus far has called me Gamma."
  513. [20:51:11] <Leen> "A-alright!" She attempts to relax. It works, mostly because she just simulated her ass off.
  514. [20:52:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma relaxes, taking off his helmet.  He actually seems rather cheerful now that it's looking as if he has a place to stay.  Of course, cheerful on Gamma is hard to tell sometimes.
  515. [20:52:19] <Spica> "So anyway, about that emergency call, boss..."
  516. [20:52:25] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Nice to meet you!  I'm Julienne Katherine Cumulus, but my family calls me Julienne and most of the Seekers just call me Cap'n!"
  517. [20:52:36] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Mmmm?  OH, you mean the one I yelled at Stella about?"
  518. [20:53:25] <Leen> "Nice to meet you too...Cap'n~"
  519. [20:53:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Salutations, Captain."
  520. [20:53:47] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "You can invent a new nickname for me if you want~!"
  521. [20:53:52] * Jazz nudges Gamma with his shoulder. "Psst...hey, by the way, you look a lot more heroic without the helmet." he says quietly, before nodding at the Captain. "Yeah, thanks for letting us stay here, Cap"
  522. [20:54:05] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What is heroic?"
  523. [20:54:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> ...for a second he keeps a straight face.
  524. [20:54:20] <Jazz> "Someone who saves people! And Stops evil!"
  525. [20:54:27] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Then laughs.
  526. [20:54:29] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Heroic, huh?"  She beams widely.  "I'll tell you about Heroic!"
  527. [20:54:33] <Jazz> "...O-Oh."
  528. [20:54:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I knew that one, actually..."
  529. [20:54:37] <Spica> "Yeah, that. She was really fired up about it. What was that about-"
  530. [20:54:47] <Spica> "Oh, the boss is getting fired up, too."
  531. [20:55:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, if you say so, but really, it's comfortable and I was taught to wear it most of the time."
  532. [20:55:39] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I will still listen, my definition of heroic seems at odds with other people's."
  533. [20:56:05] <Leen> "...Julie?" Oh, and heroic is become someone that does what they believe is truly right! I think the real defintion varies between people, but it's generally what Jazz says!"
  534. [20:56:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Jazz, I heard you went and selflessly saved a whole family and Franny from a pirate attack!  And Gamma, I heard you helped out those villagers a bit, although the details weren't very specific so excuse me for not knowing the details, but you two, are heroic!"
  535. [20:56:21] <Jazz> "Well...I'm just saying, you seem a lot more...personable without it. Like, I don't want to offend you, but you might...scare the people you're trying to help with it on, you know...?"
  536. [20:56:29] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "And I'm sure Leen can be a Hero too!"
  537. [20:57:49] <Leen> "Eh-heh...oh, oh, is there details about the training session somewhere? That might help get heroic points! I did my best~"
  538. [20:57:51] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Heroes will put themselves in danger to help those in need!  Heroes will help those who need it even if they can't compensate them for it!  I made the Seekers because I wanted to make an organization of Heroes, and you three and the other new guy are really promising to me!"
  539. [20:58:12] <Spica> "Yep. Heroes."
  540. [20:58:29] * Spica sets her huge-ass gun down and produces another packet of squid from seemingly nowhere.
  541. [20:58:43] <Jazz> "As long as you let me keep stopping Pirates from hurting the innocent, then your guild seems perfect for me!"
  542. [20:59:37] <Leen> Somewhere, a player frowns. City of Heroes is getting shut down. It's pretty sad. :( But on the other hand, Leen is pleased! "I did that during that training session, and I'd do it in real combat too, so yay~"
  543. [20:59:40] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She grins.  "You're welcome among the Seekers, then!  And little Leen,t ell me all about the Training Simulation~!"  Her blue eyes are practically BURNING with heroic fervor.
  544. [21:02:45] <Leen> "Alright, soooo..." She's gonna tell it all at once. Incoming run-on, wait warmly!
  545. [21:03:07] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (I will wait for Shuku to post!)
  546. [21:05:23] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem_> (Did Shuku post yet?  I don't want to miss it)
  547. [21:05:31] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Not yet.  Waaaait for it....)
  548. [21:06:17] <Leen> "We got in and there was this white dummy thing but it became a thing with big dragon wings and violet hair and we all hit it though my hit didn't hurt that much then it cast weird dark magic at Jazz but I got in the way and it didn't hurt but I felt funny but Gamma snapped me out of it so it's OK then we hit it some more and it shot pumpkins that hurt a lot everywhere and I kept them from
  549. [21:06:18] <Leen> hitting EVERYONE by getting in the way of all of it but it hurt a lot but everyone was OK so I was OK and everyone kept shooting it and I did stuff that didn't do much but it was OK and at the end it became a huge dragon and shot more and it hurt even more so I couldn't cover people but I still helped and I was still around worked together with Jazz to stop it from doing that thing again
  550. [21:06:18] <Leen> and then it tried to breath nasty stuff on me but I just barely manages to get out of the way and then everyone else got it!" THE ENTIRE THING!
  551. [21:06:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem_> "This is contradictory, see.  As I know it, the definition of a hero is one who performs an incredible feat in the service of the state, the Empress, and Order, and is rewarded by transformation into an Alpha-type, even if they had perished in the attempt."
  552. [21:07:26] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She grins, and gives Leen a high-five.  "Like a true hero."
  553. [21:07:40] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Then she turns to Gamma.  "Hm.  Tell me about your Empress."
  554. [21:07:46] <Spica> "That's pretty neat."
  555. [21:07:49] <Spica> Muuunch.
  556. [21:07:53] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is why I was slightly confused by what Jazz said."
  557. [21:07:55] <Spica> Munch is the new sip, after all.
  558. [21:07:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "The Empress?"
  559. [21:07:57] <Inu888> (Statefarm is there.)
  560. [21:08:13] <Leen> HIGHEST FIVE. "Thanks, Julie~"
  561. [21:08:17] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (I figure Spica is used to the Cap'n'
  562. [21:08:29] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (*Cap'n's hero rants by now)
  563. [21:08:59] <Spica> (yep.)
  564. [21:09:12] <Spica> (boss is pretty cool, you're all pretty cool)
  565. [21:09:47] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Yeah, information on your situation was pretty...vague so I wanted you to clarify a bit on it."
  566. [21:09:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "She is the very pillar of Order itself.  Her law is a divine law, and she reigns so that all evils might be banished from what exists.  She guides civilization and protects it from both within and without.  I have once had the honor of seeing her glorious personage.  She did not give us an order directly, but an order was brought signed by her hand."
  567. [21:10:11] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I...somehow did not obey it.  It is most perplexing."
  568. [21:11:21] <Leen> "....Oh, I could go for food right now. It's high concentration energy, and I just used a lot of it." She gets a dark aura again, and the power and light is being drained from her surroundings again. It happens, but sometimes it just slips and she doesn't notice it!
  569. [21:11:43] <Spica> "Squid?"
  570. [21:12:05] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She nods.  "I see..."  She closes her eyes and nods a few times, thinking, before responding to Gamma.  "You've mentioned that you're a clone, right?"
  571. [21:12:06] * Spica holds out the bag.
  572. [21:13:33] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I am a Gamma-type, Captain."
  573. [21:13:49] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "What do your clones do for your society?"
  574. [21:14:02] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "A Gamma in particular, or in general?"
  575. [21:14:18] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "In general."
  576. [21:15:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "We put real people before ourselves.  We protect and serve to uphold the greater good.  We create and uphold Order.  We defend from enemies both internal and external."
  577. [21:16:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Do you get paid for that?  Do you have any choice in that?"
  578. [21:16:54] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "It is our purpose, what we were made for.  Our needs for nourishment, health, and shelter are met by the state."
  579. [21:18:23] <&Aori_Radidjiu> " you're all slaves, then.  Even if you were made for a specific purpose, intelligent beings have a basic right to choose what they do in life.  To deny them that is..."
  580. [21:18:30] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "...the worst kind of barbarism."
  581. [21:18:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Pardon me, Captain."
  582. [21:18:43] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...What is a right?"
  583. [21:20:31] <Leen> ...What. ...It is clear Gamma needs a hug. Leen gives Gamma a hug promptly, or at least after she registers that he asked that, which takes like two seconds.
  584. [21:21:27] <&Aori_Radidjiu> She smiles.  "Something that everyone deserves just by being a functional, thinking being.  I have the right to choose to go marry a man and spend my whole life raising his children, or to go and carve my own path from life and act as an independent person, leading a ship such as this.  If you can comprehend the difference between those two you have the right to choose between them, as
  585. [21:21:27] <&Aori_Radidjiu> well."
  586. [21:23:17] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma sort of blinks, twice, completely shocked.  He awkwardly puts his arms around Leen, as if he'd never actually hugged before.
  587. [21:23:38] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So...rights are a thing that someone should have, just for..."
  588. [21:23:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Who determines who gets what rights?"
  589. [21:23:49] <Leen> She hugs tighter. Poor thing ;_;
  590. [21:25:19] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Admitably, some freedoms are necessarily taken away to preserve order.  I could choose to kill Spica here on the spot if I wanted to (not like I would), but the law has words against that.  But see, do you know why those freedoms are taken away?  Because actions such as that rob other people of their own rights.  Spica, and I, and even you, have the right to continue living so long as
  591. [21:25:19] <&Aori_Radidjiu> you wish to, because a life is precious and isn't replicatable.  So you're a clone.  But every single one of those clones is slightly different and experiences different things, don't they?
  592. [21:25:20] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "
  593. [21:25:20] <Jazz> "J-Jeez, i'm not sure the place you came from was that great if you don't know about rights..."
  594. [21:25:43] * Spica flips open her communicator and starts taking notes.
  595. [21:27:21] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "I say I value Heroism, but a Hero is a Hero because he or she chose to be a Hero, not because someone made them do it."
  596. [21:27:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I suppose we would experience different things, this is why we share information...a Gamma lives five years, so that is long enough to experience some individual things, right?"
  597. [21:28:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Correct."
  598. [21:29:20] <Leen> "Y-you only live five years? I might not have lived even a week yet, but that's...sad..." She's a sad! This is all very sad!
  599. [21:30:30] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He looks puzzled, but hugs Leen still.
  600. [21:30:41] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "You were on a ship headed for the sun, right?"
  601. [21:30:45] <Spica> "You're gonna leave marks if you keep holding on to him."
  602. [21:30:48] <Spica> Munch.
  603. [21:30:48] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Was that because you had lived 5 years?"
  604. [21:31:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...No, Captain.  As of a week ago, I have seven years post-vat vital duration."
  605. [21:31:56] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "At the age of five, a Gamma class clone will gradually suffer complete organ failure."
  606. [21:32:18] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "...but now that you mentioned it, I had begun to wonder why I am not dead."
  607. [21:32:33] <Spica> "Maybe you're not a clone at all?"
  608. [21:32:48] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "You sure they weren't lying to you?  Telling you that to make you believe that you shouldn't have any more than 5 years?"
  609. [21:33:18] <Leen> "...Oh, then...waaaaaaaaaaait a minute. You don't know what you did, your life expectancy is 5 years, but you lived 7 years...maybe that's why you were heading for the sun? ...At least you might live longer since you're overdue, but...that sounds likely for some reason..."
  610. [21:33:46] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Impossible, I was born from a vat, given instruction as I was being developed, and I have the features of every Gamma I knew in Vert."
  611. [21:33:51] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I am a clone."
  612. [21:33:59] <Spica> "Maybe you're the original."
  613. [21:34:11] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Have you seen a Gamma die from organ failure wtih your own eyes?"
  614. [21:34:12] <Spica> "That'd be pretty cool."
  615. [21:34:19] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I have, Captain."
  616. [21:34:55] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "When the time comes, and we feel our health deteriorate, we march to the Plaza of Remembrance and stand in rows until it is finished."
  617. [21:35:27] <&Aori_Radidjiu> Her face scrunches up and her wings tense up.  "Awful."
  618. [21:35:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I am sorry for upsetting you, Captain Julie."
  619. [21:35:59] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Don't be sorry, it's not your fault, it's that Empress' fault."
  620. [21:36:06] <Leen> "Well, living longer means something's off...but...hmmmm...why only five years, anyway? Can't they make it longer? It shouldn't be too hard, right?"
  621. [21:37:22] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Well, Leen.  I...have no answer.  We lived to the age of six, but had an isolated posting, and our fellows seemed to be having no difficulties either.  It was in the next year of this that our orders came to turn in our heavy weaponry, board a ship, and direct it to coordinates approximately located at the heart of our star."
  622. [21:37:41] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> That gauntlet apparently is not heavy weaponry.
  623. [21:38:49] <Spica> "And you did?"
  624. [21:38:54] <Spica> Munchmunch.
  625. [21:39:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "..." He suddenly looks profoundly confused and uncomfortable.
  626. [21:39:24] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I disobeyed an order."
  627. [21:39:24] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "You didn't, right?  You escaped, didn't you."
  628. [21:40:01] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "The star loomed, and suddenly I was no longer calm.  I found myself reacting, and took an evacuation pod.  It should not have been possible."
  629. [21:40:21] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "That is why none of the others stopped me, it should not have been possible."
  630. [21:40:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "I'll tell you why.  It's because you realized that your life had meaning and worth.  They probably only let you live 5 years normally so that you never grow attached to your own life, realize that you have worth, but you managed to despite that."
  631. [21:41:01] <&Aori_Radidjiu> " did nothing wrong."
  632. [21:42:59] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "You are saying it was right to disobey an order?"
  633. [21:43:20] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> His face is blank.
  634. [21:43:56] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Yes.  In that instance.  I know being a soldier is all about putting your life on the line, but that's a choice that you should make.  If you don't want to throw your life away, you shouldn't have to."
  635. [21:44:16] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "It was your right to decide whether you should live or not there."
  636. [21:45:09] <Leen> ...She's good at this. Leen commits this stuff to memory.
  637. [21:46:09] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> A minute passes, then another, then he kinda tentatively smiles.
  638. [21:47:54] <Spica> "Well, this is really fun and all, but if you'll excuse me..."
  639. [21:48:58] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "...didn't you have a question, Spica?  I'm sorry, I got sidetracked."
  640. [21:49:32] <Spica> "Huh? Nah. I was just going to get some practice in, but it's been long enough that I'd better get back to work."
  641. [21:49:40] <Spica> "Or I dunno, someone will make Norman cry."
  642. [21:49:55] * Spica picks up the huge laser rifle and slings it over her back.
  643. [21:50:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Excuse me."
  644. [21:50:11] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "So, then, if I wanted to be a hero..."
  645. [21:50:16] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I can do that?"
  646. [21:50:33] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Yeah, you can."
  647. [21:50:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "And Spica, if someone DOES make Norman cry, go smack him for me.  He really needs to get a spine."
  648. [21:51:28] <Leen> "Yep, we can be a superhero team~"
  649. [21:52:37] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma picks Leen up, and spins her around, heavy as she is, "Accepted!"
  650. [21:52:46] <Spica> "Okay, boss."
  651. [21:52:53] * Spica wander out.
  652. [21:54:47] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Wait!"
  653. [21:54:57] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "Doctor Venant!  Do you have more squid?!"
  654. [21:55:08] <Leen> She suddenly DID get heavier! Was it the combat? Did she suddenly pack on the weight of the HEAVY SPEAR AND HEAVY METAL? Apparently! ...He still manages regardless. "Thank you~~"
  655. [21:55:17] <Jazz> "Oh. I have something, if you'd like to try eating, Gamma..."
  656. [21:57:08] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I would!"
  657. [21:57:29] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "You three need me for anything else?"
  658. [21:57:42] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> Gamma is still holding onto Leen, "Yes, Captain.  What are my duties?"
  659. [21:58:42] * Jazz pull out a decently sized box from his pack. It's all fancy and futuristic looking. He lifts the lid, and inside is a plate of piping-hot Space Hotcakes, covered in melted butter and syrup. "Here, I've had this for a while now, so if you'd like to try it, it's no problem..."
  660. [21:58:49] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Well, you've decided to be a Seeker, yes?  That means you take missions given out by the guild (which are finally starting to come in, we had like none of them for a while) and help others the best you can!"
  661. [22:00:13] <Leen> She's totally doing the same. IS THIS A SHIP? ...DEPENDS. ARE YOU PAYING ATTENTION AT ALL? DECIDE THE TRUTH FOR YOURSELF, AND FIGURE OUT THE TRUE TRUTHINESS OF IT! ...And by ship, I don't mean the Excel. The other kind. Whoop. "Oh, I'll totally take a mission as soon as I recharge~"
  662. [22:01:27] * Jazz nods.
  663. [22:01:36] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> "I'll go along.  I'm looking forward to having some work to do..." Gamma looks embarassed, but happy.  THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE.
  664. [22:02:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> "Anyway, I was going to get some practice in the training room, so I hope you all get together well!"  She brings up a hologram...wrist thing and checks something.  "It looks like you've all been grouped together by the higher-ups by now, so you're all a team!  Along with Cael, if you've met him.  Have fun together, all of you!"  She heads for the arena's door~
  665. [22:03:00] <Gamma_Vert_Septem-Septem> He delicately grabs one of the hot cakes, and takes a bite.  It could just be the light, but you can swear you see moisture in the corner of his eye, and he hugs Leen tighter, "This is a really good day."
  666. [22:03:46] <Leen> "Have fun, all of you~"
  667. [22:04:40] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (/mini everyone?  I think that's /mini)
  668. [22:04:46] <~Giantree> (STOP USING THAT WORD)
  669. [22:04:49] <~Giantree> (AAAAAAAAAAAAAAHb)
  670. [22:04:55] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Although that wasn't really a mini.)
  671. [22:05:00] <~Giantree> (EX)
  672. [22:05:03] <~Giantree> (ACT)
  673. [22:05:04] <&Aori_Radidjiu> (Since it had combat and everything)
  674. [22:05:05] <~Giantree> (LY)
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