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  1. Eridan - Eridan Ampora
  3. Sign: Aquarius 
  5. Title: Prince
  6. Aspect: Hope
  8. Gender: Male
  9. Age: 7 Sweeps
  10. Ht: 5'11
  11. Wt: 153
  12. Hobby: History, The Occult, Science
  13. Turn-off: Smugness
  15. Weapon of Choice: Rifle-kind
  16. Secondary Weapon: Wand-kind
  18. -------------------
  20. "WWhere do I start? I greww up along wwith evveryone else back on Alternia. There wwasn't no "game" no sort of sgrub or shit like that. We just greww up, for the extra swweep wwe wwouldn't normally of had. I didn't expect anything and nothin neww happened before my six swweeps. VVri still broke Tavv's legs and I still broke it off wwith Fef as a moirail, and to havve my feelins discarded like they didn't matter. It's been a swweep since then. Evveryone is trainin for the fleet, though that's still twwo swweeps awway. I myself havven't much changed heh. I greww more apathetic though. WWhen you get as lonely as me you don't havve much room for the same theatrics. But that's all behind me for the most part. I stopped thinkin about killin all of the landlubbers, since it's useless to think about that shit. I'm still bent out of shape over wwhat Fef did but that don't matter much anymore, noww that she is seein captor. I'm gettin bigger already, that's one thing that's so different. My bein a highblood is startin to make me get bigger...thankfully I'm not huge yet, just a big bigger and stronger. I did hear about some wweird game that wwas gettin popular, or really wwas just shrowwded in mystery. I thought it wwas a bunch of fake bologny...until I managed to find a copy of it at a fleamarket. I didn't havve any idea wwhat the fuck it really wwas but somehoww it seemed...familiar. So, wwhy not try it ya knoww....see wwhere it goes...
  21. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------
  23. It had been one sweep since the age where Eridan would of normally enters the game, along with his eleven other friends. Not much has changed since then, his timeline had proceeded normally, the game never happening. He is the same seadwelller for the most part. He only has the wisdom of feelings, tarnished, and a budding maturity. He is not as full of the angst that he was known for before, though he keeps more to himself thanks to the incident with Feferi. He still keeps up to tabs with the subject of science, and has a secret interest in the occult still.  He is also a bit bigger, and stronger, and this has added a little towards his confidence though he is still a far-cry from the likes of Dualscar. He is a budding seadweller, lost in his own ventures with no true goal so far, though he has residual feelings towards Feferi and perhaps some buried desperation for other females, he still had plenty of time till the drones came, but he was aware that he would be culled if he wasn't careful.
  24. =====================
  28. Fire: 3
  29. Water: 3
  30. Wind: 3
  31. Earth: 2
  32. Dark: 5
  33. Light: 5
  34. Time:  1
  35. Space: 2
  37. =====================
  40. -----------
  41. STR: 5
  42. DEF: 2
  43. SPD: 2
  45. ACC: 4
  46. EVA: 2
  48. ===================
  50. ===================
  52. FOCUS - At the expense of using up a turn, Eridan can take the time to carefully line up a shot, calming his breathing and steadying his aim. As a result, the chance to hit a target is increased by a factor of x2.0 as well as the damage inflicted by x1.25. Rate for a critical is also increased by x1.5, damage bonus and critical bonus are stack-able.
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