Rainy - Choices (Redux)

andyomon Oct 21st, 2019 84 Never
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  1. Rainy - Choices (Redux)
  3. Okay so this is my second attempt at writing this song and writing this commentary. I wrote the song that was the first version of "Choices" very early on in the album's development. Despite the fact that I composed it to completion, I was not happy with the final product. I attempted to add and tweak aspects of the track to try an salvage it but nothing seemed to stick. I eventually gave up and resigned myself to the fact that I would have a song I hated on album I put everything into. It wasn't until I was listening through the soundtrack for Anodyne 2 did new ideas start for this song concept begin to emerge. I eventually decided rather than try and polish up a mediocre song, I would make a a completely new song from scratch with the skill I gained over the albums entire development. For this second attempt, I decided to make a track that was far more majestic and awe-inspiring than the original. I thought it was only appropriate considering that Nix is essentially a demigod lol.
  5. As for the topic of the song itself, I wanted to create music for the moment that Roxy talked with Nix about their ultimate choice. Interactions with the denizens are not really discussed all that much in canon, so I saw an opportunity to fill in the gaps with this track. I'm really happy with how this turned out and hopefully you are too. (P.[S], The original version will be on the second version of the soundtest, if you want to listen to that.)
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