My Mandela Effects

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  1. Definition of ME -
  2. List of ME -
  4. What if I told you, E V E R Y T H I N G you have been lead to believe, is a lie? The truth is unimaginable, uncomprehendable:
  5. The Hum sounds like a background sound, similar like electronics makes in Star Trek, coincidence? -
  6. The stages of ME (they work fast, unless the person is not an ignorant), when a commoner realizes some ME change: 1. disbelief, 2. arguing, 3. confusion , 4. acceptance, 5. ignorance, 6. annoyance (if pursued further).
  7. My theory? Our bodies in cryosleep, but our brains working in a shared virtual reality. We can change, whatever we want, as long as it affects only us. Literally: One persons freedom ends where another persons freedom begins.
  9. Sophia Stewart wrote a book The Third Eye, based on which movies Matrix and Terminator were created, she calls herself the mother of Matrix.
  10. The third eye refers to the gate that leads to inner realms and spaces of higher consciousness.
  11. Decalcifying one's pineal gland "opens up" the third eye. Supplemental melatonin may help one regarding opening up their third eye.
  12. The pineal gland begins to calcify due to the harmful effects of artificial substances such as flouride chemicals found in public water systems and toothpaste, hormones and additives put into processed foods and sugars and artificial sweeteners dumped into soft drinks.
  13. Cell phones are also being pinpointed as being harmful to the pineal gland due to high concentrations of radiation. Blue light produced by electronics, TVs and cell phones prevents pineal gland from producing melatonin causing problems and amongst other things also cancer.
  15. Some Youtube channels
  16. Curiouser&curiouser -
  17. Hidden Knowledge -
  18. MoneyBags73 -
  20. vaultteam6 -
  22. AI related movies, AI in control trying to make the better world (D-WAVE/quantum computers controlling ME)
  23. I, Robot (2004) -
  24. Next Gen (2018) - (You were trying to tell me and I. Those memories were all you had and you give them up, for me.)
  26. ME related computer games
  27. Life is Strange -
  28. Silence -
  29. The Night of the Rabbit -
  31. ME related movies (sort of, some memory/sci-fi related, possibly ME)
  32. Dark City (1998) -
  33. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) -
  34. Midnight Special (2016) -
  35. Oblivion (2013) -
  36. Star Trek: The Next Generation: Season 7 Episode 11 - Parallels
  37. Star Trek: Voyager: Season 4 Episode 8-9 - Year of Hell -
  38. The Adjustment Bureau (2011) -
  39. The Butterfly Effect (2004) -
  40. The Cloverfield Paradox (2018) -
  41. The Last Mimzy (2007) - - references to Mandala and Alice in the Wonderland
  42. They Live (1988) -
  43. Tomorrowland (2015) -
  44. Yesterday (2019) -
  46. ME related movies, simulation theory
  47. Existenz (1999) -
  48. Replicas (2018) -
  49. Star Trek Holodeck (Fair Haven) -
  50. The Matrix (1999) -
  51. The Matrix Reloaded (2003) -
  52. The Matrix Revolutions (2003) -
  53. The Thirteenth Floor (1999) -
  54. Vice (2015) -
  56. ME rules
  57. Copy/paste will change too, experienced it myself with Curious&curiouser youtube's channel.
  58. ME seems to have a lot of people, who rush to its defense and blame it on a bad memory, pulling out various made up facts.
  59. Many people are actually affected by ME, but they quickly dismiss it and if asked about it, they get irritated, even upset.
  60. There is no way, you could find a real photo or a video of something affected by ME, since it never existed, in this reality.
  61. Flip-flops make comments and posts about it disappear, since it "never" happened. And once it flip-flops back, it is the "new" ME.
  62. ME is unable to change drawings, toys or replicas made from memory, not by copying (looking at it, while drawing, probably matters).
  63. ME is not entirely a simulation, otherwise residue would change too, there is some independence involved, probably in some characters, like people aware of ME.
  64. ME never affects people closely related to it (short-term memory?), like changes in bodies are not noticed by doctors, changes in planes by pilots, thus ME is not a random event. That means, that is done for a purpose by someone or something intelligent.
  65. ME changes go back throughout the history, but ME is unable to change the residue before the change, thus it is not really time related, it is limited, what is done is done. It does not change the history, it merely replaces the public memory of it, to match the changes.
  66. People might be remembering ME because of a personal memory. Like when I watched "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory" and I searched for the older version for comparison, I could not find it, because the links for the new one always poped up first, since as a remake, it was called the same, so I had to search for it using the year. It it were called "Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory", I would not have that problem.  
  68. ME quotes I find interesting
  69. Alice Through the Looking Glass (2016) - In the gardens of memory. In the palace of dreams. That is where you and I will meet. But a dream is not reality. Who’s to say which is which?
  70. Arthur Conan Doyle - Once you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains, no matter how improbable, must be the truth.
  71. Next Gen (2018) - 7723 - Listen. Our memories make us, who we are. Do not let the bad ones stop you from making good ones. Go make new memories.
  72. Next Gen (2018) - Mai - You were trying to tell me and I, ... those memories were all you had and you give them up ... for me. I am sorry.
  73. Star Trek Voyager - Mind of a Sparrow Leonardo da Vinci - There may be certain realities beyond limits of your comprehension.
  74. Terminator Salvation (2009) - What is it that makes us human? It's not something you can program. You can't put it into a chip. It's the strength of the human heart. The difference between us and machines.
  75. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) - In this room all of my dreams become realities... and some of my realities become dreams.
  76. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) - Pure Imagination -
  77. Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (1971) - We are the Music-Makers, We are the Dreamers of Dreams.
  79. CERN used to be just one, then dozens, then hundres, now there are more than 30000 of them -
  80. CERN also created the internet as of now -
  81. Lambda (upside down V) - the lambda particle or the lambda baryon -
  87. ME
  88. Who? Someone or something intelligent, most likely bored. The point is, it is not a random event, like a black hole or whatever.
  89. How? Well, it does not really matter, most likely using some advanced technology, unless we live in a simulation, then it is easy.
  90. Why? Some for fun. like changing letters or fonts to addding neck-beards to lions and people or moustaches to horses. Then again some are more serious, like changes to planes, it seems, that they are trying to introduce some technologies sooner, because if those were introduced now, it would take decades, till they would be implemented, maybe because we are running out of time?! Like electric cars were introduced 200 years ago and yet they are still not widely used.
  92. Red pill or blue pill?! You might think, that you would grab the red one for sure, but where/what would it get you? Maybe we have already made the choice, now we just want to understand it, but that would bring us back to the beginning and it would start all over. Sometimes it is better to forget, how many wish, they would have never found out about ME?! Ignorance is a bliss.
  93. ____________________________________________________________________
  95. Animals
  97. Animals -> many animals eat meat now, including deer and butterflies (so much for nectar only)
  98. Cow -> can sit like a dog now
  99. Cow -> got breasts
  100. Elk -> it is deer now
  101. Goat -> got wattels
  102. Lion's mane -> got furry and it grows on the chest
  103. Rabbit's nose -> got furry (the original look is in Bambi 2)
  104. Squabit -> squirrel combined with rabbit
  106. Facts
  108. A fallen bullet can kill you -> not anymore, fire at will
  109. If you touch a baby animal, parents will abandon it -> not anymore, touch all you want
  110. Report a missing person after 24-48 hours -> ASAP now
  112. Flip-flops
  113. Interview with the Vampire <-> Interview with a Vampire
  114. Jim Carrey <-> Jim Carey
  115. Mandela Effect <-> Mandella Effect
  116. Toy Story (1995) There is a snake in my boot! <-> There is a snake in my boots! -
  118. Fonts
  120. D-Link -> particularly D
  121. Disney movies, like Narnia or Tinkerbell -> Prolonged R
  122. Star Trek The Next Generation -> changed A in intro
  123. Terminator 2 -> a sloppy A
  125. Geography
  127. Australia -> is growing a spike heading for Papua New Guinea
  128. Brasil -> renamed to Brazil
  129. Iceland -> got huge and is moving northwest
  130. New Zealand -> moving east, away from Australia
  131. Sicily -> it kisses Italy's boot now
  132. Spain -> moved south to Africa, almost touching it
  133. Sri Lanka -> moved from southwest to southeast
  135. History
  137. 5 Attacks on U.S. Soil During World War II -> Black Tom explosion in Jersey city damaging Statue of Liberty
  138. Hindenburg Crash -> apparently 62 of 97 passengers miraculously survived the crash, heat, fire and un-breathable air
  139. JFK Shooting -> 2 more people in the car, 6 in total
  140. Moon Landing -> Just one and only 2 people, who ever walked on the moon.
  141. Princess Diana -> was born into the Spencer family, a family of British nobility with royal ancestry
  142. Tartary -> country larger than Russia existed from the middle ages to the mid 1800's (+world mud flood, +orphan trains)
  144. Human Physiology
  146. Hearth -> left to the middle
  147. Hearth pulse -> moved from the middle of the wrist under the thumb
  148. Intestines -> way too many changes
  149. Kidneys -> much higher
  150. Liver -> bigger and made of 2 pieces
  151. Lungs -> left lung has got a cosy cut out place for the heart
  152. Skull -> 6 dots on the skull
  153. Skull -> boned eye sockets
  155. Logos
  157. Addidas -> Adidas
  158. Daedalic -> A replaced with Lambda
  159. FedEx -> letters are connected now
  160. Gilette -> Gillette
  161. google -> Google
  162. Ford -> addded loop to the F -> O replaced by U
  163. Half Life 2 -> A replaced with Lambda
  164. KIA -> A replaced with Lambda
  165. Looney Toones -> Looney Tunes
  166. NesQuick -> NesQuik
  167. Peace Symbol -> upside down
  168. Porche -> Porsche
  169. Samsung -> A again
  170. Tesla -> E and A have lost it
  171. The Laughing Cow -> removed the nose ring -> added huge earrings
  172. VAIO -> changed to something
  173. Walt Disney -> removed Tinkerbell in the intro :(
  175. Movies
  177. Atlantis: Milo's Return (2003) -> A replaced with Lambda
  178. Atlantis: The Lost Empire (2001) -> A replaced with Lambda
  179. Birds (1963) -> The Birds
  180. Boss Baby (2017) -> The Boss Baby
  181. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (1971) -> Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory
  182. Christmas Carol (1999) -> A Christmas Carol
  183. Doctor Doolittle (1998) -> Doctor Dolittle
  184. Hatchiko: A Dog's Story (2009) -> Hachi: A Dog's Tale
  185. How to train a dragon (2010) -> How to train your dragon
  186. I Robot (2004) -> I, Robot
  187. Kingsmen (2014)(2017) -> Kingsman
  188. Stargate SG-1 (1997) -> A replaced with Lambda
  189. Matrix Trilogy -> added The to all, one by one, I had the third movie without The in ME related movies and I was thinking back then, it is only a matter of time, till it is added to it to. I started to write everything down here by hand, instead of copy/paste, because copy/paste changes. This confirmed it (note to myself).
  190. Nausica of the valley of the wind (1984) -> Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind
  191. Terminator 2: Judgement Day -> Terminator 2: Judgment Day
  192. The Last Action Hero (1993) -> Last Action Hero
  193. The Last Nimzy (2007) -> The Last Mimzy
  194. They Live?! (1988) -> They Live
  196. Names
  198. Buggs Bunny -> Bugs Bunny
  199. Dan Akroyd -> Dan Aykroyd
  200. Drug Enforcement Agency -> Drug Enforcement Administration
  201. Hatchiko -> Hachiko
  202. Liam Nielson -> Liam Neelson -> Liam Neeson
  203. Mahatma Ghandi -> Mahatma Gandhi
  204. Manhatten -> Manhattan
  205. National Aeronautics and Space Agency -> National Aeronautics and Space Administration
  206. Nicholas Cage -> Nicolas Cage
  207. Steven Segal -> Steven Seagal
  208. Tinkerbell -> Tinker Bell -
  209. Ying and Yang -> Yin and Yang
  211. Quotes (original)
  213. Apollo 13 (April 13th, 1970) <- Houston, we have a problem! - Never said in this verse
  214. Crocodile Dundee (1986) <- That is not a knife... This is a knife! -
  215. Oliver Twist (2005) <- Please sir, may I have some more? - / Conflicts - / /
  216. Scary Movie (2000) <- I can see white people! - /
  217. The Matrix (1999) <- What if I told you, everything you have been lead to believe, is a lie? - Never said in this verse
  218. They Live (1988) <- I have come here to kick ass and chew bubblegum and I am all out bubblegum. -
  219. The Lord of the Rings (2001) <- Run you fools! -> Fly you fools! -> Plumber you fools! -
  221. Things
  223. Adolf Hitler's mustache -> wider
  224. Bananas -> went bananas and grow upside down
  225. Dollar sign -> single line now
  226. Energizer Bunny -> got bedroom slippers
  227. Harry Potter's scar -> moved from his left to the middle -> moved to his right
  228. Henry VIII Portrait -> missing Turkey Leg
  229. Karate Kid's headband -> Red Rising Sun to Black/Blue Flower
  230. Knight Rider -> KITT moved from the center to the left
  231. Justice's blindfold -> gone
  232. Justice's book -> replaced with a sword
  233. Mary Poppins Hat -> added ridiculous flowers
  234. Michelangelo’s statue of Moses in Rome -> added hornes
  235. Mona Lisa's emotionless face -> smirk -> smile -> her eyes looking to her left
  236. Monopoly Man -> removed a monocle
  237. Picard's chair -> added to his room -
  238. Picard's crystal -> added on his desk
  239. Picard's padds -> added on his desk
  240. Plane's top ->  aircraft communication and navigation antennas (spikes on the top/bottom of the plane)
  241. Plane's wings -> jet engines moved forward (Boeing 737 100 since 1967) (Concorde looks as it should look like)
  242. Plane's wings -> some got winglets -> winglets changed to split scimitar winglets (Concorde has none)
  243. Plane's wings -> got pods to fix the drag caused by engines being put forward (Anti-shock body + static dischargers) (Concorde has none)
  244. Plane's wings -> slightly curved now, used to be straight on both sides (Concorde looks as it should look like)
  245. Plane's wings -> added engine nacelle strakes
  246. Plane's wings -> got slats (flaps in front of the wing) (Concorde has none)
  247. Plane's wings -> jet engines are sticking out now at the end in a triangle's shape
  248. Russian Flag -> added star
  249. Queen's guard hat -> covers the eyes and the neck, has a gold chain in mouth instead of a black strap, has ridicolous flowers on it (red, white, blue), like on Mary Poppins hat -
  250. Sirens -> half-birds now instead of half-fish
  251. Star Trek Original -> added gold wristbands
  252. Star Trek The Next Generation Skant -> got way longer
  253. Star Wars Golden Robot -> a silver leg (in the original movie)
  254. Thinker statue -> a hand to the jaw -> an opened hand -> a new haircut -> sucking his knucles
  255. Tom and Jerry -> Tom has yellow eyes
  256. Uncle Sam's Hat -> removed red stripes
  257. WTC Towers -> apparently had white/grey stripes -> had an antenna -> white/grey stripes faded away, now had a black row on the top
  259. Words
  261. alltogether -> altogether
  262. allways -> always
  263. comand -> command
  264. earings -> earrings
  265. flouride -> fluoride (used to be flor in my language, now fluor)
  266. looser -> loser
  267. suprise -> surprise
  268. theral -> thoroughful
  269. tounge -> tongue
  270. ussualy -> usually
  271. vengence -> vengeance
  272. werid -> weird
  273. ____________________________________________________________________
  275. Once ME becomes generally accepted, the truth will be revealed, till then, ME will only shows us the door, but we have to choose to go through.
  276. Foot note: I have no doubt about ME anymore, ME itself provided the evidence. When plane's engines moved forward, I went through hundreds of photos looking at wings, to find some old planes with engines as they used to be, then again checking out winglets. 2 days later, pods were added, I went through the same photos again, pods were on all of them. That was as fresh ME/memory as it could possibly be. :)
  277. Flat Earth proves, that we live in an enclosed environment. Moon landings prove, that we do not live in a simulation, because if we did, they could easily make another ones, but they can not, because as NASA stated, they lost the technology to get past Van Allen radiation belt.
  279. The Mandala: Why Do Monks Destroy It? Because the underlying message of the mandala ceremony is that nothing is permanent. Nothing. All things are in flux, it says, beautiful but ephemeral, moving but temporary, a plateau but not a summit. All things are called to balance and enlightenment and the fulfillment of the Divine image in them, yes, but in flux. Always in flux.
  281. Total Recall (2012)
  282. Doug Quaid: I want to remember.
  283. Matthias: Why?
  284. Doug Quaid: So I can be myself, be who I was.
  285. Matthias: It is each man's quest to find out who he truly is, but the answer to that lies in the present, not in the past. As it is for all of us.
  286. Doug Quaid: But the past tells us who we've become.
  287. Matthias: The past is a construct of the mind. It blinds us. It fools us into believing it. But the heart wants to live in the present. Look there. You'll find your answer.
  289. Star Trek Voyager Sacred Ground Transcript -
  290. The ritual, the life!? People are trying to fulfill their roles, that they have created for themselves.
  291. There you go again, always looking for a rational explanation. Well there isn't one. Everything you do is meaningless. Let all of that go.
  292. If you believe you're ready, then you are. There's no more to it than that. But if you go in with any doubt, with any hesitation, then you're dead.
  293. Do not try to change ????? That's impossible. Instead... only try to realize the truth. There is no reality (time), thus the reason ME changes are NOT instantaneous (Like The added to Matrix Revolutions days after IMDb).
  295. [Waiting Room]
  296. (There are pensioners sitting on a bench by the wall.)
  297. OLD MAN 1: Who are you?
  298. JANEWAY: I'm Kathryn Janeway. Is this where the ritual begins?
  299. OLD MAN 2: Oh, the ritual. Yes.
  300. OLD WOMAN: We're waiting. Come, join us.
  301. JANEWAY: What exactly are you waiting for?
  302. OLD MAN 2: Just waiting.
  303. JANEWAY: How long have you been sitting here?
  304. OLD MAN 2: How long has it been?
  305. OLD MAN 1: Why are your asking me? I've lost track.
  306. OLD MAN 2: It's been a while. I know that.
  307. OLD WOMAN: Oh, it's been as long as we can remember.
  308. JANEWAY: Are you telling me I have to wait a lifetime before I can go through the ritual?
  309. OLD MAN 1: I didn't hear anyone say that, did you?
  310. OLD MAN 2: Certainly not. All we said was that we're waiting.
  311. JANEWAY: I'm just trying to understand how this works. The monks I saw in the sanctuary were young. They couldn't have waited such a long time to go through their rituals.
  312. OLD WOMAN: She's right about that, you know.
  313. OLD MAN 2: She's a smart one.
  314. OLD MAN 1: She thinks she is, at any rate.
  315. JANEWAY: This is a test of some kind, isn't it. To prove my determination.
  316. OLD WOMAN: A test? She thinks we're a test. What is she talking about?
  317. OLD MAN 2: She must like tests. I suppose tests make sense to her.
  318. JANEWAY: Has anyone ever tried to open this door?
  319. OLD MAN 1: How many times do we have to tell you that we are waiting?
  320. OLD WOMAN: My dear, why don't you just sit down and relax? You're much too tense.
  321. OLD MAN 2: You're welcome to wait with us.
  322. JANEWAY: I don't want to wait. I have a friend who's depending on me. I have to go through the ritual.
  323. OLD MAN 1: I wonder if she's always this impatient.
  324. OLD MAN 2: Oh, she's just determined. She wants to get on with it.
  325. OLD WOMAN: Seems to me she could be friendly and sit for a few minutes.
  326. OLD MAN 2: Oh no, she knows what she wants to do. She's not the kind to sit around when she has a mission to accomplish.
  327. (Janeway tries to open the door at the other end of the room.)
  328. OLD MAN 1: I told you. I told you it was locked.
  329. (Janeway knocks on the door three times and it opens.)
  330. GUIDE: Yes?
  331. JANEWAY: I mean no disrespect, but unless there's something I'm supposed to accomplish here, I'd like to continue with the ritual.
  332. GUIDE: By all means.
  333. ...
  334. [Coastline]
  335. (Waves rolling onto a rocky shore with a cliff behind Janeway.)
  336. JANEWAY: What is this? An hallucination?
  337. GUIDE: I'm only here to serve as a voice, an interpreter for the Ancestral Spirits.
  338. JANEWAY: I see. If there are other beings here, could I see them myself?
  339. GUIDE: You mean you want proof that we exist.
  340. JANEWAY: That would be helpful.
  341. GUIDE: It's irrelevant.
  342. JANEWAY: I don't want to be disrespectful. I've gone through every part of the ritual that I've been asked to.
  343. GUIDE: Everything you've gone through is meaningless. You've been told that.
  344. JANEWAY: I know. I just want to bring this to completion, to make my request.
  345. GUIDE: Then by all means do so.
  346. ...
  347. [Sickbay]
  348. EMH: No. I'm sorry, Captain, but it appears that everything you went through was meaningless.
  350. [Sanctuary]
  351. JANEWAY: You meant what you said, didn't you? Everything I went through was meaningless.
  352. GUIDE: Yes.
  353. JANEWAY: I did everything you asked of me. You led me to believe that would allow me to help Kes.
  354. GUIDE: I haven't led you anywhere, Kathryn. You've taken me along wherever you wanted to go. This was your ritual. You set these challenges for yourself.
  355. JANEWAY: It's true that I came here with certain expectations. Are you saying that you simply fulfilled my expectations?
  356. GUIDE: You'd have settled for nothing else.
  357. JANEWAY: I'm not ready to give up. If there's still a way to save Kes I want to try.
  358. GUIDE: You've come back to seek the spirits.
  359. JANEWAY: I don't know what I'm seeking.
  360. GUIDE: Then I believe you are ready to begin.
  362. [Waiting room]
  363. OLD MAN 1: Well, look who's come back. So, your little adventure didn't quite work out the way you'd planned it. You put yourself through a lot of trouble and for nothing, didn't you.
  364. OLD MAN 2: Oh, don't feel bad. You wouldn't believe some of the things people have done to themselves on their way to seek the spirits.
  365. JANEWAY: There is no real ritual after all.
  366. OLD MAN 2: Real is such a relative term. Most of the challenges in life are the ones we create for ourselves.
  367. OLD WOMAN: And you are particularly hard on yourself, aren't you.
  368. JANEWAY: I've always been driven to succeed.
  369. OLD MAN 1: Stubborn, I'd say. You didn't really consider sitting and waiting with us, did you?
  370. JANEWAY: Well, I'm here now and I'm asking for your help. I want to understand the purpose of waiting in this room.
  371. OLD WOMAN: But isn't it enough to sit and be sociable? We're good company.
  372. JANEWAY: That's what I'm supposed to do. Talk to the Ancestral Spirits.
  373. OLD WOMAN: First we were a test, and now we're the Ancestral Spirits.
  374. JANEWAY: Are you?
  375. OLD MAN 1: That would be nice and quantifiable for you, wouldn't it. If the spirits were something you could see and touch and scan with your little devices.
  376. OLD MAN 2: If you can explain everything, what's left to believe in?
  377. JANEWAY: I know it's an important part of your religion to trust the spirits without question, but I wasn't brought up that way. It's hard for me to accept.
  378. OLD MAN 1: So much for your tolerant open-minded Starfleet ideals.
  379. JANEWAY: There's a difference between respecting the spiritual beliefs of other cultures and embracing them myself.
  380. OLD MAN 1: Fine. Don't embrace a thing. It's all the same to us. Go on back to your ship and play with your molecular microscanner.
  381. OLD WOMAN: You've tried all that already, but it didn't work, did it. Kes didn't get better.
  382. JANEWAY: No, she didn't.
  383. OLD WOMAN: Why not?
  384. JANEWAY: The Doctor couldn't explain it.
  385. OLD WOMAN: So it's inexplicable. A miraculous non-recovery.
  386. JANEWAY: We haven't found the reason yet.
  387. OLD WOMAN: But of course you will. You'll find all the answers eventually, with enough time and study, and the right sort of tools. That's what you believe isn't it as a scientist?
  388. OLD MAN 1: Be honest.
  389. JANEWAY: Yes, that's what I've always believed.
  390. OLD MAN 2: Even when her science fails right before her eyes she still has full confidence in it. Now there's a leap of faith.
  391. OLD WOMAN: Unconditional trust. Now that's promising.
  392. JANEWAY: All right. If you're saying that science won't help Kes, what will?
  393. OLD MAN 1: You won't like it.
  394. JANEWAY: I'm willing to do whatever's necessary.
  395. OLD MAN 1: Kill her. She's as good as dead already, finish the job! Give her another jolt of that what do you call it, biogenic field.
  396. OLD WOMAN: That would do it.
  397. JANEWAY: It would do what, exactly.
  398. OLD MAN 1: There you go again, always looking for a rational explanation. Well there isn't one. Your orbital scans and medical research have given you the facts, and they tell you the biogenic field is lethal.
  399. OLD WOMAN: If you believe the facts.
  400. OLD MAN 2: Let all of that go, Kathryn. Take Kes back into the shrine and trust the spirits to return her soul.
  401. JANEWAY: The ritual I went through is meaningless, and Kes has done nothing to prepare herself. How could either of us be ready to go through the field?
  402. OLD MAN 2: If you believe you're ready, then you are. There's no more to it than that.
  403. OLD MAN 1: But if you go in with any doubt, with any hesitation, then you're both dead. So, what are you going to do, Captain?
  404. JANEWAY: You know I won't stand by and watch Kes die if there's anything I can do to save her. I want to believe it's possible. I'm going to try.
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