Stuart's Application

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  1. [font=Trebuchet MS][divbox=#FFFFFF][center][img][/img][/center]
  2. [center][size=140][b]DEPUTY SHERIFF RECRUIT APPLICATION[/b][/size]
  4. [size=85][i]"To serve our community with integrity, diversity, and quality"[/i][/size][/center]
  6. [line][/line]
  8. [center][size=140][u](( In Character ))[/u][/size][/center]
  10. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]APPLICANT'S STATEMENT[/u][/b][/size]
  12. [quote]I, [b][i]Mark Stiglitz[/i][/b], certify that I am not willingly withholding any information that might adversely affect my chances for employment and that the answers given by me are true and correct to the San Andreas Sheriff's Department in this document. I understand that any omission or misstatement on this application or on any documents used to secure employment may be grounds for rejection of this application or for immediate discharge if I am employed, regardless of the time elapsed before discovery.
  14. I, [b][i]Mark Stiglitz[/i][/b], hereby authorize the San Andreas Sheriff's Department to thoroughly investigate my work record, education records, and etcetera related to my suitability for employment to the San Andreas Sheriff's Department. I authorize the San Andreas Sheriff's Department to thoroughly investigate my past employment performance, employment record, military record and etcetera. I understand that the San Andreas Sheriff's Department may send a letter of response without a notice beforehand, and deny my application with no stated reason. I understand that my employment may be terminated without a notice beforehand, and with or without any reason or cause stated or told.
  16. I, [b][i]Mark Stiglitz[/i][/b], understand and agree that if I am employed, my employment relationship with the San Andreas Sheriff's Department is strictly voluntary and at our mutual will. I understand that if employed, my employment is for no definite period and may be terminated at any time, with or without prior notice, with or without cause or reason, at the option of either myself or the San Andreas Sheriff's Department, and that no promises or representations contrary to the forgoing are binding on the San Andreas Sheriff's Department unless made in writing and signed jointly by the Sheriff of the department and myself.
  18. My signature below certifies that I have read and understand the instructions, conditions and other information provided in this document and that I hereby authorize release of all above listed records to the San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
  20. [b]Mark Stiglitz[/b]:
  21. [b]Date[/b]: 26/01/2016[/quote]
  24. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]1. PERSONAL INFORMATION[/u][/b][/size]
  26. [list][b]1.1[/b]. First name: Mark
  27. [b]1.2[/b]. Last name: Stiglitz
  28. [b]1.3[/b]. Middle name(s): n/a
  29. [b]1.4[/b]. Date of Birth: 20/04/1989
  30. [b]1.5[/b]. Place of Birth: Vice City, USA
  31. [b]1.6[/b]. Height:  5FT' 9IN"
  32. [b]1.7[/b]. Weight: 180 lbs.
  34. [b]1.8[/b]. Ethnic Group/Race: Caucasian
  35. [b]1.9[/b]. Sex: Male
  37. [b]1.10[/b]. Contact Number: 332845
  38. [b]1.11[/b]. Domestic Address: Idlewood Motel
  40. [b]1.12[/b]. Previous Employment:
  42. [b]1.13[/b]. Are you a U.S High School graduate? : Yes
  43. [b]1.14[/b]. If no, do you possess a General Educational Development (GED)?:
  44. [/list]
  46. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]2. BACKGROUND INFORMATION[/u][/b][/size]
  48. [list][b]2.1.[/b] Do you have any prior convictions (felony and/or misdemeanor)?: No
  49. [b]2.2.[/b] Do you have any outstanding criminal charges (felony and/or misdemeanor)?: No
  50. [b]2.3.[/b] Have you ever been detained by a peace officer? If so, when and why? No
  52. [b]2.4.[/b] Do you currently possess a valid San Andreas driver's license?: Yes
  53. [b]2.4.1.[/b] If yes, do you possess any driver warnings? If so, how many and why?: No
  54. [b]2.5.[/b] Have you ever received a citation? If so, when and why (include ALL citations)?: No
  56. [b]2.6.[/b] Do you currently possess a Purchase A Firearm (PF) license?: No
  57. [b]2.7.[/b] Do you currently possess a Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) license?: No
  58. [b]2.8.[/b] Do you currently possess a San Andreas Guard Card?: No
  59. [b]2.9.[/b] If yes to any of the above, has it ever been suspended or revoked? If yes, why?:
  61. [b]2.10.[/b] Have you ever served in the United States Military?: Yes
  62. [b]2.10.1.[/b] If yes, which branch?: United States Marine Corps
  63. [b]2.10.2.[/b] Was your discharge honorable? If no, why?: Yes[/list]
  65. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]3. NATIONALITY[/u][/b][/size]
  67. [list][b]3.1.[/b] Are you currently a U.S Citizen?: Yes
  68. [b]3.1.1.[/b] If no, are you a permanent resident alien in the process of becoming a U.S. Citizen?:
  70. [b]3.2.[/b] List any foreign languages you can speak: Spanish
  71. [b]3.3.[/b] List any foreign languages you can read: Spanish
  72. [b]3.4.[/b] List any foreign languages you can write: Spanish
  73. [/list]
  75. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]4. PREVIOUS EMPLOYMENT[/u][/b][/size]
  77. [list][b]4.1.[/b] Have you ever submitted an application to the San Andreas Sheriff's Department?: No
  78. [b]4.1.1.[/b] If yes, when? Were you accepted?:
  79. [b]4.1.2.[/b] If not, why were you denied?:
  81. [b]4.2.[/b] Have you ever submitted an application to the Los Santos Police Department?: No
  82. [b]4.2.1.[/b] If yes, when? Were you accepted?:
  83. [b]4.2.2.[/b] If not, why were you denied?:
  85. [b]4.3.[/b] Have you ever submitted an application to the Los Santos Fire Department?: No
  86. [b]4.3.1.[/b] If yes, when? Were you accepted?:
  87. [b]4.3.2.[/b] If not, why were you denied?:
  89. [b]4.4.[/b] Have you ever submitted an application to the Department of Corrections?: No
  90. [b]4.4.1.[/b] If yes, when? Were you accepted?:
  91. [b]4.4.2.[/b] If not, why were you denied?:
  93. [b]4.5.[/b] Have you ever been an employee of any of the aforementioned agencies?: No
  94. [b]4.5.1.[/b] If yes, when and what agency?:
  95. [b]4.5.2.[/b] Did you resign or were you discharged?:
  96. [/list]
  98. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]5. MEDICAL CONDITIONS[/u][/b][/size]
  100. [list][b]5.1.[/b] Physical Status: Healthy
  101. [b]5.2.[/b] Mental Status: Healthy
  102. [b]5.3.[/b] Medical Status: Healthy
  104. [b]5.4.[/b] Do you have any physical or mental conditions that would hinder your ability to perform the job functions? If so, what?: None
  106. [b]5.5.[/b] Have you acquired any medical qualifications?: No
  107. [b]5.5.1.[/b] If so, is it accredited by the Los Santos Fire Department?:[/list]
  109. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]6. QUALIFICATION QUESTIONNAIRE[/u][/b][/size]
  111. [list][b]6.1.[/b] In 150 words or more, inform us about yourself and any experience you have that could relate to your work in the Sheriff's Department:
  112. [spoiler]
  113. Born to a Military and Law Enforcement family I spent most of my early childhood with moving from one place to another. My father was part of the Marine Corps and I always looked up to him as my role model, so did my brother Alan Stiglitz. I joined the Marine Corps when I turned eighteen (18) and went through basic training and eventually worked my way up to a decent rank. I retired from the Marine Corps at the age of twenty-two (22) and worked for a local security firm in Vice City. Due to my already existing military experience I had advantages with my local police department. Vice City PD hired me as a reserve officer and I spent most of my days patrolling the beautiful city of Vice City until my brother, Alan Stiglitz, decided to contact me again. Alan offered me a place to stay and a better life to start over as a family. Upon arriving to San Andreas by the age of twenty-three (23) I worked multiple jobs to gather enough money to support myself. Not too long ago, after learning that the Sheriff's Department is hiring I talked to my brother and he encouraged me to apply for a position as Deputy Sheriff Generalist with his department.[/spoiler]
  115. [b]6.2.[/b] In 350 words or more, explain why should we consider you for a position as a Deputy Sheriff Generalist? What makes you stand out compared to other recruits?:
  116. [spoiler]
  117. My vast experience in law enforcement has prepared me effectively for a position in the San Andreas Sheriff's Department. I would like to utilize my skills to help the civilians of San Andreas to stay safe.
  118. Too often, criminals get away with their crimes with little to no repercussions. I would like to help in the correction of that fact with the rest of the hardworking members of San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
  119. I feel as though my addition to the police officer brotherhood and union would benefit us all as I have a lot to learn and I would like to use my life experience to help improve the already extremely efficient San Andreas Sheriff's Department.
  121. I have been commended by my superiors in my past jobs for having a high code of ethics when it comes to my duties. I am not a slacker, and this has been evidenced on multiple occasions and situations. I feel as though such an honorable duty as enforcing the law of the United States of America should not be taken lightly, and I try to show that in how I conduct myself.
  123. From the time that I graduated high school to now, I have placed my upmost effort into serving this great nation in which I live. I firmly believe that it is my life's duty to serve the civilians and the government in whatever way I can. The San Andreas Sheriff's Department is where I would like to put my efforts in now, as that is where my brother has had a long and successful career and I have heard numerous stories about the hard work, dedication, and efficiency that officers that are members of the SASD show on a daily basis.
  125. I believe that my time in the Marines gave me a unique perspective that not many law enforcement officers have, as I have been though rigid military life where time was structured much differently than when I was in high school, so I developed the ability to manage my time in an effective manner. My time after the Marines also helped me develop this valuable skill as I took on multiple jobs to support myself, which I was able to complete.
  127. The motto of the Marine Corps is "Semper Fidelis," which translates to "Always Faithful," and that is what I am. Those Latin words meant a lot while I was in the service, both as a Marine serving the United States proudly and as a police officer, patrolling the streets. I would truly be extremely honored if the San Andreas Sheriff's Department chose to accept me as a Deputy Sheriff Generalist so that I am able to utilize my skills as a police officer and protector of the innocent once again.
  128. [/spoiler][/list]
  130. [line][/line]
  132. [center][size=140][u](( Out of Character ))[/u][/size][/center]
  134. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]7. OOC INFORMATION[/u][/b][/size]
  136. [list][b]7.1.[/b] Age:
  137. [b]7.2.[/b] Sex:
  138. [b]7.3.[/b] Location:
  139. [b]7.4.[/b] Timezone:
  141. [b]7.5.[/b] Post a list of ALL your past and present characters (including their levels & name changes):
  142. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  143. [b]7.6.[/b] Post a unedited screenshot of your admin record for ALL accounts:
  144. [spoiler][img]%image%20here%[/img]
  145. [img]%image%20here%[/img][/spoiler]
  147. [b]7.7.[/b] How long have you been a member of the LS-RP community?:
  149. [b]7.8.[/b] Have you ever been apart of one or more faction on LS-RP? If so, which factions? Were you removed or did you resign? List the names of ALL characters that you had under each faction:
  150. [spoiler][/spoiler]
  152. [b]7.9[/b]. Are you currently banned from either the SASD, LSPD, LSFD, or SADOC?:
  153. [b]7.9.1[/b]. If no, have you ever been banned? If yes, why were you banned and when?:
  155. [b]7.10.[/b] Are you currently a member of any official illegal faction or any other legal faction?:
  156. [b]7.10.1.[/b] If yes, which faction and which characters?:
  158. [b]7.11.[/b] If yes to 7.10, do you currently have double faction permissions? If so, please attach a screenshot verifying your permission from the faction leader: [url=%link here%]ACCESS[/url]
  160. [b]7.11.[/b] Have you been a member of the San Andreas Sheriff's Department before? If so, under what name?:
  161. [b]7.12.[/b] Have you ever applied for the San Andreas Sheriff's Department? If so, under what name?:
  163. [b]7.11.[/b] Are you able to fluently speak and write English?:
  165. [b]7.12.[/b] Do you have Teamspeak 3 installed and working?:
  166. [b]7.13.[/b] Do you possess a working microphone?:
  167. [b]7.13.1[/b]. If no, attach a screenshot to your no microphone permission: [url=%link here%]ACCESS[/url]
  169. [b]7.14.[/b] Attach a link to ALL your LS-RP forum accounts:
  170. [spoiler][url=%LINK TO FORUM ACCOUNT]Account Name[/url]
  171. Add more fields with above format if more than one account.[/spoiler][/list]
  174. [img][/img] [size=120][b][u]8. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION[/u][/b][/size]
  176. [list][b]8.1.[/b] You may submit any questions or concerns here:[/list][/divbox][/font]
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