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Kanker Sisters Short-Fic (Futa on Male)

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Dec 7th, 2018
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  1. You know you wouldn't be in these situations if you didn't insist on taking the back way from the school to your house. Honestly you do it yourself. It wouldn't surprise anyone if you were doing it on purpose. But no matter what your intentions are, here you are again, kneeling on that scuzzy carpet they keep in the living room with a burlap sack on your head. You really wish they'd stop jumping you from behind and just acted pleasant about it. After how many times you'd been through this, they owe you that much. Plus, really, if they could schedule this better? You had a lot of homework to do.
  3. The potato sack is thrown off your head and you're greeted with Lee Kanker's bangs staring you in the eyes.
  5. "Heya sweetcheeks, don't you know better-"
  7. "Than to walk alone at night?" You cut her off, "C'mon Lee, what is this, like the fourth time this week? Just tell me what you want me to-"
  9. Lee cuts you off. By forcing her lips on yours and beating your tongue into submission with hers. She holds your chin up, squeezing your cheeks while she does it, partly to keep you from turning away and partly because she likes to keep a dominant posture. She pulls away from the kiss, knowing that your sudden lack of breath would keep you quiet.
  11. "Well if you're just gonna be rude about it, we got something special for you to do..."
  13. She steps aside and gives you a good view of the couch, where May Kanker is laying in plain view. She's fast asleep, snoring with one hand in a bag of chips and a remote dangling off the fingers of the other. She's also in her "casual" outfit which you know is a white tank top, saturated with so much sweat that she may as well be wearing cling-wrap, and nothing else. Her slobbish prick is dangling tantalizingly in front of your face. Beads of sweat run down her length, giving you a proper visual to go along with the absolutely overwhelming stench of cocksweat that hits you clear in the face. You're honestly surprised that you couldn't smell her fat nuts through the burlap sack.
  15. "Our little princess here got a D+ on her last math test." Lee says, stroking your hair, "So how about you gently wake her up and give her a little present?"
  17. You were going to ask if they would untie your hands from behind your back, but you knew that they wouldn't (and because last time you asked for use of your hands, they made sure you kept both hands busy working their cocks). Instead, you just crawled forward on your knees, pushed your nose under her cock and pressed your face into May's ballsack. You took a deep inhale of the hot air just above the surface of her skin, then pushed your face underneath her loins to really get to tasting her. Their cheap vinyl couch and the hot spring evening made sure that the sweat beneath May's balls was so prodigious that you had to swallow repeatedly to keep it all down. Your tongue made wide, flat strokes across the underside of her package until you found that the taste of eggs had made you hungry for some sausage. You dragged your tongue all the way from her taint, around the underside of her balls, and to the base of her cock. It was amazing that May hadn't woken up yet.
  19. Well, most of her hadn't woken up yet. Your impressive oral skills had gotten May's Kielbasa up to full mast, not quite throbbing with arousal but definitely showing its appreciation for the way you spit-polished her jewels. You sat yourself up higher so you could get your mouth at the head of her prick, thinking briefly about teasing her foreskin a bit like you had her taint, but you decided the sooner you got that thing down your throat the sooner you could head home and get your homework finished, so you opened wide and took the entirety of May's girth into your mouth. You took a second to take a gulp of air through your nostrils (Getting another whiff of May's sweaty junk in the process), then you started inching the pudgy prick down your esophagus in quick, jerking thrusts of your throat. In a testament to your deadened gag reflex, you distended your throat with May's sausage until you had pressed your nose into her sweaty pubes. You were about to pull back and lower yourself down on her again when you felt May shift in her sleep.
  21. "Hmmn? Who's...?" She looked down at you and rubbed the sleep out of her eyes, "Aw, hey, look who it is!" She ran her fingers through your hair (you'd have to clean the crumbs out later), "What are you doing down there cutie?"
  23. "He's blowin ya, stupid." Marie called from behind you. If you had to guess, she was probably filming this to jack it to later.
  25. May grabbed your hair and pulled just gently enough to avoid hurting you, letting the entirety of her length slide out of your throat. There was an audible pop as your lips came off her cock, then a slap as it bounced back and smacked you in the face, getting your own spit on your cheek.
  27. "Well, s'all lubed up. Lee! Help him up on me, will ya?"
  29. Before you could ask to take it slow, Lee grabbed you by your bound arms while simultaneously undoing your belt buckle and pulling your pants down to your knees (Or maybe Marie was helping her? You're not entirely sure). Both of the girls grabbed your shoulders and shoved you onto May's lap, while May leaned back and let out a loud sigh. She wasn't going to budge an inch, apparently, so you immediately set into doing all the work... as usual. You raised and lowered yourself, spearing your prostate on her bowel-breaking cock, choking back the little tears of pain while trying to focus on your own arousal. It'd be so much easier to keep your balance if they didn't bind your arms...
  31. "Ride 'em cowgirl!" Marie shouted. You caught a glimpse of her out of the corner of your eye while bouncing on May's crankshaft. Yup, she was filming this.
  33. You felt May's length pulse inside of you, so you hilted yourself on her and let her moan in your ear while her nuts emptied out inside your belly. The feeling of her hot cum spilling inside of you set your own arousal off, firing off a few modest ropes onto the carpet. You thought you heard Lee make a comment about the distance you shot them, but you were too gone to pay attention. Exhausted, you fell back onto May's chest to catch your breath. She may be lazy, but least her tits made good pillows.
  35. "Hey Lee," May asked while stroking your ear, "you want a turn?"
  37. "Well... I mean he's already all buttered up."
  39. Shit. You're never getting to do your homework.
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