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  1. Variance- Additional Rules for Risus
  3. Character Creation under this system:
  4. 10d6 to spread around your cliches. None start higher than four. May use these dice for other things below.
  6. Boosting dice:
  7. Dice can be boosted up to d8's, or even d10's. They can also be dropped down into d4's. :<
  8. This is mostly due to situations, flaws, or equipment.
  10. Equipment:
  11. May spend up to six dice on equipment at the start! These are also found through play.
  12. Different equip does different things. For example, a Blaster Rifle may 'Boost' your dice for the cliche "Soldier of Fortune(3)", allowing you to roll 3d8 instead of 3d6.
  14. If the Equipment does: Then the cost is: An Example is:
  15. Boost dice rarely: 1 dice spent. Against a particular enemy type.
  16. Boosts dice often: 2 dice spent. Blaster Rifle.
  17. Boosts dice always: 3 dice spent. Steroids.
  18. Unusual capability (Weak): 1 dice spent. Marked cards.
  19. Unusual capability (Mediocre): 2 dice spent. Grenades.
  20. Unusual capability (Strong): 3 dice spent. Life-saving equipment, self teleporation.
  22. Unusual capability (Amazing): 4 dice spent. Reinforced energy shields.
  23. Unusual capability (Ridiculous): 6 dice spent. Tactical nuke, massive teleportation.
  26. Check by the GM whenever you select equipment!
  28. Advancement:
  30. You may gain Temporary or permanent advancement in play.
  31. Most Temporary is equipment; you lose this advancement by the end of the adventure unless 'bought' permanently by or at the end.
  32. Permanent advancement, however, is gained at the end or middle of each session or adventure! The GM will give out from 0-2 dice per character, depending on how well you've done, for excellent RP, and if you've completed your objective(s).
  34. Amazing Uses for Extra Dice:
  35. Leftover or gained dice can be used to permanently raise a cliche or buy/find equipment between sessions.
  36. They can also be used to Auto-Succeed, if you've enough dice to do it; the GM will give a cost between 1 to 5 dice.
  38. Finally, you can buy new cliches; the first die of this cliche costs double.
  40. Raising a cliche beyond Six costs double, and the absolute maximum is 8!
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