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  1. This should be an extensive list of things that you may not notice from me and they might cause avoidable problems. For the sake of not wanting to waste my time, and not wanting to waste others time. Here are some things you should know before interacting with me.
  2. Obviously, do not follow me if you are under 18. This is blatantly obvious as I post sexual content and I associate with people who post sexual content.
  3. When it comes to details about myself that you might find displeasing. I shall list them out here:
  4. -I am agnostic. This means I must see physical proof of religion in action before I will buy into it. Obviously the only way to find out is the inevitable death. I am personally fine with any form of religion as long as you do not apply authoritarian and justify hate speech with it. The only religion I have a major problem with is satanism however. Mainly the form of satanism that is used to criticize the bible.
  5. -I am a libertarian/anarcho socialist. I do not believe anarchy is a permanent solution for humanity, rather a way to reset things. Liberal-inspired socialism is the way things should go. I do not believe things like full on communism nor any form of authoritarianism is the way of the future. Regardless, I stand up for all left-libertarians, as we need to work together to reach our goal. If you are okay with authoritarianism or capitalism in any manner, kindly see your way out.
  6. -I am against pedophilia and zoophilia. Yes; this means expressed in art. That stuff is used to groom children and is a major threat to the youth of the world. Wheras zoophilic art is a threat to animals. No amount of your delusional mental gymnastics will ever justify them as a poison on society.
  7. -I am heavily opposed to hate speech of any kind, this is self-explanitory.
  8. -I am not here to please everyone. The shitty centrist way of thinking is that you should please everyone. Though one who wants to please everyone, pleases no one.
  10. I refuse to associate with anyone who supports the following people:
  11. -Jasonafex/Kabier
  12. -Zaush/Adam Wan
  13. -(Any artist that draws cub/feral/loli/shota art for that matter)
  14. -Tacklebox
  15. -Renard/Lapfox Trax/etc.
  16. -Shadbase/Shadman
  17. -DogPatchPress
  19. I can understand if you are unaware with what these people have done. It's pretty hard for some to keep up with this stuff. However if you are aware, and still support these people. I want no part of you.
  21. This can be subject to change of all forms. Thank you for reading.
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