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  1. #Bob Stowe Mill Creek
  3. Website:
  5. Address: 17113 38th Ave SE, Bothell, WA  98012
  7. Bob Stowe of Mill Creek is committed to helping cities, higher education institutions, and development clients succeed in building a legacy for their communities. Stowe Development & Strategies, LLC offers top level strategic economic development and policy advice as well as project leadership. Bob Stowe draws on over 29 years of successful experience in local government and real estate development to provide clients with expert advice and direction. Stowe supports successful development from “Dream to Construction” by advising in vision creation, community engagement, development of public-private partnerships and joint venture agreements, negotiations, and project management. Bob Stowe has a solid reputation as a successful real estate and community development strategist with a “failure is not an option” approach. Contact Stowe Development & Strategies, LLC for more information on how we will leverage the experience and success of Bob Stowe of Mill Creek in your next development.
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