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  1. SkyBlock - GodComplex
  2. Please read everything before applying for the job!
  4. Overview
  5. We’d like a developer to design a unique server that entices players with progression, rewards, and recognition for their achievements. This server should be SkyBlock-based meaning we'd like the whole generic island floating in a void experience, but we don't necessarily want this server to feel like every other SkyBlock server you've played. Instead, we've got a unique take you will both be developing and configuring on our server. Please note that this job will include both code related and plugin-configuration related work. You will be supplied with maps, a game-plan, and an ability to request funding for premium plugins off spigot to aid in your setup.
  7. Requirements
  8. 1. One year of SkyBlock related development!
  9. We really need someone who knows how SkyBlock should feel, look, and play. Do not apply if you've heard about or played SkyBlock for a couple hours. We need an expert, not a beginner.
  10. 2. Familiar with MariaDB/MySQL
  11. 3. Ability to complete tasks on time
  12. 4. Discord and an ability to stay in touch
  14. Development Server
  15. Development of SkyBlock will be done directly on the GodComplex server, and you will be provided with full control over the Roads of Emerald server via our self-hosted Pterodactyl panel. You will not have access to SSH or SFTP, but a FTP and web file access is provided for the SkyBlock server only. You will also be provided with access to our MariaDB database for development. SkyBlock will be run on a 1.12.2 Spigot server with ViaVersion and ViaVersion Backwards for 1.9.4+ support. If you need a modification done to the backend terminal of our server, please contact me and I will assist you.
  17. Timeframe
  18. We’d like this server to be completed within 4 weeks of being assigned. Before taking this project, please ensure that you will have the ability to meet the deadline. In other words, if you know you’ve got a lot going on (college, job, life), please do not take this assignment. An exact deadline will be negotiated before beginning work. If the deadline is not met, 50% of the remaining project’s rate will be deducted (see below). However, if you let us know ahead of time with a new (and reasonable) estimate of completion, we will extend the deadline. You can expect this project to take 40-60 hours depending on your speed and ability to write performing code.
  20. Time Management
  21. We do not require specific working hours for our projects. For all we care, you can do nothing for a week then jam all 60h into the plugin the next. However, we will not accept rushed or sloppy work. It is important that you plan a schedule in order to complete the project on time.
  23. Payment
  24. You will be payed via PayPal in the amount of $600 USD for this server. Payment will be broken up into “checkpoints” listed below. When you complete a checkpoint, we will review your work to ensure all the requirements of the checkpoint have been met. Once done, you will be paid accordingly for the checkpoint (5 checkpoints @ 25%/piece).
  26. On a further note, you may work with other developers on this project if you’d like. However, it is up to you to split the $600 between yourselves.
  28. Checkpoints
  29. 1. The completion of basic SkyBlock principals. This includes sending the player to spawn on join. Allowing players to create and access their island(s). Allowing players to specify build/access permissions to their island for strangers and friends. And allowing donors to create one of ten different donor starter islands (maps provided). You may either code a SkyBlock plugin to complete this objective or modify one off Spigot. But please ensure we have the ability to change looks, sounds, messages, and values of anything you submit.
  31. 2. Install and configure the following plugins: ClearChat, ClearLagg, CrateReloaded, Essentials, Essentials-WarpGUI, Featherboard, HolographicDisplays, Multiverse, WorldGuard, WorldEdit, FastAsyncWorldEdit, Vault, PermissionsEx, any additional SkyBlock-related plugins.
  33. 3. The completion of the Economy. We should see a balanced GUI server store, an ability to auction items, and an ability to create a player store on their island. Additionally, this economy should be Vault-enabled and players should be able to check their balance, pay players, and see where they rank in worth compared to everyone else.
  35. 4. The completion of the achievement system. This part will probably be custom coded unless you find an amazing plugin on Spigot. We'd like a set of achievements to exist on the server. Each achievement will unlock rewards and permissions to other parts of SkyBlock. There are 50 achievements you will be creating and 50 rewards to give. Achievements will be primarily block based, inventory based and event based.
  37. 5. Completion of bug fixes, beta testing, and final requests. This final checkpoint marks the completion of the plugin. Unlike checkpoints 1-4, checkpoint 5 may come with a large payment bonus if a significant amount of new work is requested. During this checkpoint, your server will be tested thoroughly, and players will provide feedback. The server will need to be bug free at this point. A bonus will not be paid if the main feature request is to fix bugs.
  39. Note, you may complete checkpoints 2-4 in any order you choose. Checkpoints 1 and 5 must come first/last respectively.
  41. Contact and Application Submission
  42. You can contact me on Discord with kNoAPP#0001 or directly on the forums here with a PM. I’ll answer any questions to the best of my ability, but please allow up to 12h for a response. If you are interested in taking on the project, do get in contact!
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