That time i accidentally cannbalized someone

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  2. [2019-01-06 14:55] *Spinach  shoves against a wall, locks lips
  4. [2019-01-06 14:56] *Aseti  returns the kiss with lots of tonguing and wall wiggling
  6. [2019-01-06 14:57] *Spinach  catches Aseti's thighs and lifts her legs in the air- veggies tongue rolls out and starts painting over Aseti's whole face
  8. [2019-01-06 14:58] *Aseti  thic leg is now up against the wall with her. Exposing her lewd human pussy! Also closes her eyes and wiggles in discomfert as shes face licked!
  10. [2019-01-06 15:01] *Spinach  unhinges her jaw and hangs it low, allowing Aseti to gaze into the gaping black abyss then just NOMFS her whole head
  12. [2019-01-06 15:02] *Aseti  own jaw widdens in terreor and shock! before her entire head is gobbled up casuing the lewd human body to wiggle and shake in terreor as the abyys gazes back at her!
  14. [2019-01-06 15:03] *Spinach  seals her lips around Aseti's slender neck, her tongue begins exploring every curve and contour of her little snack- painting her in a sheen of drool and wetting her hair down before drawing back with a wet, sucking, pop
  16. [2019-01-06 15:06] *Aseti  Face wiggles and contrasts as she makes terrified and uncomfortable gestures as shes violently bullied and molested AND HER HAIR WAS RUINED! To make it even worse she was starting to be sucked up as her neck was covered in moist Vegetable lips!
  18. [2019-01-06 15:07] *Spinach  releases Aseti from her lips with a wet pop- leaving threads of drool connecting the two. Veggies hot and heavy breath washes over Aseti- sending tingles running through her flesh "Hi Aseti, its been a bit huh?"
  20. [2019-01-06 15:09] *Aseti  took a deep gasp of air as she fell over back against the wall, her leg still being forced up hot drool, dripping off her face and connecting her to the veggies lips. Her skin tingling as she shivered from the deep hot caressing breaths. Her wet messy hair covering her eyes as she talked. "I-it really has been."
  22. 2019-01-06 15:13] *Spinach  interlaces her fingers  with that of Aseti, pinning those too against the fall- she puts the full weight of her body against Aseti- smooching herself and her fat tits against the little toy. Spinach's bulge gently nuzzles against Aseti's exposed pussy and the veggie casually draws her tongue up the slope of the poor girls neck. Spinach's stomach growls loudly before she speaks again "I'm absolutely famished!" she explains "Its a shame you're going to have to be my food, instead of my little cock sleeve~"
  24. [2019-01-06 15:18] *Aseti  let out another groan as she was pinned to the ground. Fingers interlaced with the vegg as she was pressed down. Her tits pressing up and rubbing against the other woman as her exposed crotch tinkled and twitch from the little rub. Her whole body beginning to shiver as she felt more vegetable juice running along her neck. "No need to be so tasty" *Phhew!* spitting lightly as she blew some of the wet spinach soaked hair out of her mouth. "You don't have to eat me right away R-right! Or even all at once!"
  26. [2019-01-06 15:21] *Spinach  sadly unfurls her fingers from that of Aseti and moves them to her shoulders- holding the girl by her upper arms and binding those limbs to her sides. Spinach's gaze shifted- she no longer seemed to regard Aseti as a person- just food. She gives one last kiss on the forehead "You're going to be jiggling on me for weeks~" she coos before nomf! Once more that head vanishes into the black abyss- but Spinach doesn't take the time to taste her this go around. The girls skull sails passed the lips, cruises along the tongue then gets enveloped by those powerful throat muscles. The veggies neck bulges out quite nicely!
  28. [2019-01-06 15:25] *Aseti  body began to shake as the look on Spinachs face became self evident. Trying to open her to talk as she was granted one final kiss, before her head was chomped clean off blood oozing from her neck as her head went flying. Still having a moment of clarity and disbelief unable to say a word as her head kept on sailing down. Crunching and squishing as the vegges throat began to work it down, a loot of horror visible though the vegges neck as the head was crushed and slid down into the waiting stomach.
  30. [2019-01-06 15:28] *Spinach  didn't actually mean to bite- was going to soft vore her holy shit. Well, in for a penny in for a pound! She made sure to bind Aseti's soul to her body- so she was quite aware and feeling for everything that comes next- she could even keep talking from that stomach if she really wanted to. The veggie simply feasts! Crunch, bite, chew. She gets a mouth full of the shoulder and piles that meat into her stomach- then casually tears the arm from the girls body and starts taking long, hard bites, gnashing the meat up before sending it into her gullet. Casccading tides of blood leap in every direction and soon the veg is painted red
  32. [2019-01-06 15:33] *Aseti  apparently miss read sailing past lips to mean bitten off, but close enough anyways. Screaming could be heard from inside the vegges stomach as she felt her body torn asunder. Every chomp, tear and crunch sending waves of pain though the girl's body it only got worse the deeper In Veggie got as the gore and oozing remains of her body began to pile in, covering and soacking her face, her body twitching and squirting by the end as the arms where eaten like nice cruncy snacks and her large meaty chest was most certainly very fluffing and filled with vital nutrients. Her body not only soaked the Spinach and her surroundings but also coated and gagged What was left of Aseti's head!
  34. [2019-01-06 15:38] *Spinach  's stomach blocked out the sounds of the outside world as the veggie feasted. Aseti's world was now the gurgling and glorping sounds of that stomach working over its latest meal. The ever present hum of Spinach's thrumming heart beat was there to keep Aseti company. The acid began to flow into her belly and work over the more minced bits of her body but her head? Her head was kept mostly intact. Shielded by veggie magic. Crunch, swalloow. BUUUUURP. Aseti was reduced to slop from everything above her belly button. Spinach flicks her cock out and casually begins making use of that pussy- its a bizzare mix of pleasure and pain for the... the... whatever Aseti is.
  36. [2019-01-06 15:44] *Aseti  is a perfectly normal human she swears! the loud thudding heart ringing in her ears. Staring in disbelief as her upper body was turned to  mush her head floating around in the floating around the the fowl smelling super stomach acid. Eyes watering as her screams was now mixed with groaning as her Round fat rear bubbly rear that she was so proud off along with her legs where kept around. The fat Spinach dick could probably been seen bulging out of what ever remained of the stomch as what ever was left of her was used as Spinachs sex toy.
  38. [2019-01-06 15:48] *Spinach  pumps and humps, snorting away. She spends a while fucking that corpse- her cock hammering through the meat and poking out the other side. Then her cum erupts, filling Aseti and hitting her with another spell. the girls body slowly turns... brown? A sweet scent hits the air and she can feel her lower half go ridgid. Spinach has turned the remainder of her meal into chocolate. She snaps off piece after piece- gumping it down, chewing it up. Aseti's since of awarenewss begins to spread out as there is pieces of her just everywhere. With some chocolate smudges on her fingers tips and lips- the last of her meal is gone. Spinach's swollen gut wobbles as she crash down onto a seat. [b]BUUUUURRRRPH[/b]. She whipes her lips with the back of her wrist and pokes her gut "You still alive in there?" she asks.
  40. [2019-01-06 15:55] *Aseti  somehow was still abel to cum due to evil vegetable magic her ruined body was very well lubricated and strechy for Spinach as she was fucked into a stupor as cum leaked onto the floor out of her and all over the floor. But then the worst spell to hit her yet was activated! Her body felt like it was being violently smashed with a hammer and every bit was still abel to feel. Bits of her floated away in the cum, some of it geting caught in Spinaichs teeth or just melted with the rest of the body. Other still was simply lef alone on the floor to be stepd on and smashed into peaces. All of these mixed feeling, began to make Aseti's mind num as the pain and the pleasure mixed, scream of agony and delight was all she could do. tears soaking her eyes, drool running down her chin her mind was competetly fucked. She was only able to let out a sad sounding jumbled mess of works and sounds as the Veg asked if she was still alive.
  42. [2019-01-06 15:59] *Spinach  got no response from her meal and gave it a shrug. She reaches over- sips some of her drink and lazes out. Poor aseti getting covered in the choco milk. Seconds give way to minute and those to hours as Aseti loses her sense of self in that stomach. The tight walls roll and flex- working the girl over and soon the acids do their job. The once distended belly of the veggie smoothes out, grows curvy and what remains of Aseti is worked into nutrients. Aseti's soul leaves her body, floats passed the walls of the stomach and she finds herself a small, ghostly thing, a few inches tall with a whispy tail! The veg gives her a wink!
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