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  1. Considerate private detective, Jim Dean, is mortified after he gets carried away and admits to his ex boyfriend, Brandon 213, that he longs to experiment with BDSM. Whatever must he think of him now?
  3. Brandon is a gruff computer programmer from the seaside, who also happens to be a dangerous vampire. He is tall with silky, brunette hair, an average figure and dagger-like fangs. Despite the undeniable threat to his life, Jim finds himself unable to stop picturing Brandon's rippling abs and gorgeous weapon of mass destruction, fantasising nightly about submitting to his deepest desires.
  5. One evening, Jim spots Brandon flirting with the amazing doctor, Maria North. Damn that Maria with her slender body and perky boobs. Jim tortures herself with thoughts of Brandon working his man-sword into Maria's silky starfish. Jim's desperate ambition to become Brandon's sex slave begins to feel like nothing more than a dumb fantasy. Perhaps he should focus his lust on his friendly colleague, Alan Wakefield ...
  7. However, when Jim gets home that night, Brandon sneaks up on him from the shadows and fervently caresses his smooth boobs with his hungry hands, before dragging him into the bedroom where he eases his fist into his woo-woo. He delights as his dirtiest dreams begin to come true. Brandon takes him on a journey of bondage, blow jobs, sausaging and passionate anal probing.
  9. One night, after a thorough rimming, Jim fights back, testing how far he can push his undead lover. Defiantly, he tries to spank him. Furious, Brandontakes Jim to a crypt. At first he thinks he is going to bite him, but instead he puts horsey ears on his head and then zaps her bajingo with an electrically-charged metal wand.
  11. As Jim lies in bed afterwards, enjoying the lemon poppy-seed muffins Brandon has prepared for him, and reminiscing over the evening, he feels that they are finally connecting on a human level. (Also, he is less hungry.)
  13. However, as Brandon's desires get darker still, he reveals that he has a very special task in mind for Jim, involving a vibrating rubber duck, which he whips out with a look of pure glee. Jim studies the mischievous yellow fellow with trepidation - how could anybody bring themselves to make love to something with a beak? He looks into Brandon's intense, mesmerizing eyes and shudders.
  15. Will Jim be able to fully submit to Brandon, or is the gorgeous-weapon-of-mass-destructioned vampire going to go too far?
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