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  1. Name:Leon D.Grimm
  2. Key:Sora459
  3. Skill or Tier S:Spirit Energy T2
  4. Reasoning: Leon is basically being robbed with Wound Intent/Lethal intent in an active situation for a magic coin that seems to give him a push in the right direction of not being useless or chances not get rocked so heavily. Though he has already been consistently in use of Spirit Energy in every battle. This would be around the time accesses a different level through anger learning that the energy also becomes intense base on his emotions as well. It will also give him actual first signature rather just relying skills that are just on the Skill Tree
  6. Moment:
  7. *Leon D.Grimm || There was that numb feeling that came across Leon as he felt his body being torn apart. The Same feelng he was constantly pushing to the side. It was the fear of was the exhaustion of being weak and unable to defend himself from enemies. The Monsters showing up and crushing him...throwing BUILDINGS at him! When he finally shows some worth by helping stop Mami. He'd been blessed with a gift that was somehow aiding him in his fight.
  9. Not just the big evil monsters hurting people, but now the ones who were averagely among them were flexing their power to steal and now it was happeniing to him. The Coin in his pocket would perhaps react to this need..this feeling of greed as he lied on the ground trying to recover, but it was a desire. Perhaps one of Greed because of his selfish desire of wanting to power to not feel useless against the Supernatural people.
  11. There was the Ansatsuken, Hachimon, and swordsman teachers but Leon didn't have anyone too guide him in whatever the hell his power was. He was learning on his own, but one thing that was consistent and it was always in responsive to his emotions. Right now there was a mixture but the more prominant one was his anger.
  13. His Blue aura dancing around his body now expanding and becoming something that changed the atmosphere around him. He refused to be bullied like this. Albeit some of the monsters he did meet were kind, in this case he was having too fight for what was now his. Something that seemed to give him a sense of purpose or something that made the otherwise useless Human actually worth something.
  15. The Spirit Energy may have had a minor effect on his powerlevel as it increased but it was the intense force that he was able to generate with the help of it and now in a mixture of the Coin now pushing it even further in effect.
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