Eternity: my first attempt at a creepypasta

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  1. Eternity
  3. "Mommy, I... I had a bad dream."
  4. I called, my small feet padding softly across the carpet towards the hallway door. No response came as I gingerly peered out into the hallway. Waiting for me was absolute, complete, darkness. It seemed as if all the light had been sucked out of the world. I could barely see the door to the bathroom three feet from me. I hesitated now. I knew that I was in the safety of my own home. I knew that nothing was likely to hurt me. Even my four year old self could see that. But peering into that inpenetrable darkness, i knew. Whatever lied in the deep shadows ahead wasn't my home. This darkness was otherworldly. My eyes made no sign of adjusting to it, as i backed into my room. My heart was racing, the darkness and the nightmare too much for my young self to handle. I was just about to fling myself into bed and cower under the covers when it happened.
  5. All the lights turned off.
  6. The streetlights outside my window, my nightlight, even the digital clock beside my bed winked out. All at once.
  7. And I broke.
  8. I screamed. But no one came. I stood there beside my wide open door and just...
  9. Screamed.
  10. I woke suddenly, my mouth hanging open, my body absolutely dripping with sweat. I curled up in a ball and began to cry quietly. The nightmare had faded by then, and I worked up the courage to seek comfort.
  11. "Mommy, I... I had a bad dream."
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