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  1. Why this community is one big cancer?
  2. Discussion
  3. Title speak for itself but i decided to speak my opinion here because i can do that i want to do that. Everything what I'll say here is truth tho so don't get mad. I'll get banned anyway because this entire community must be shiny rainbow thingy and noone can to speak bad about it. At this point this is chinese censorship but whatever.
  5. Prepare for the strongest internet punch bois. It's gonna be ride without hands.
  7. The first thing i wanted to bring here is how people react when someone "bully" (funny you use this word when you mean sharing opinion) their favourite doki. Dear "friends" i want to clarify something. This isn't funny, like at all. Not like it was at the beggining. It's no longer for shit and giggle purposes. It's more like repeating yourself over and over again just to get what? Absolutely nothing.
  9. Second thing is your behavior. Most of you act like you really think and like you can make "dokis" real. Spoiler alert! YOU CAN'T! The funniest things are memes and how hard you try to be funny. In the very end you're laughing with people who are familiar to you so you're laughing alone.
  11. Third thing. Amanita and Willie. They way they both act is like... Sick? Weird? It was funny at the beggining but now you guys are repeating yourself because you're lost in ideas and because community like how stupid and pointless this is. They're just clapping and making memes about you two just to show you how *NOT* FUNNY this is.
  13. "This is not obsession anymore. This is mental issue"~Me
  15. Just before you'll read more of this pointless post because I'll get banned anyway because of the ykhym censorship, i want you know this is all truth and you can't deny this fact, unless you're one of them, but i hope you know how to use brain properly.
  17. Right, what now? Ahhh yes. The closing mouth. I really like how moderators here are trying to close mouths and censor everything what is sharing opinion. Some people aren't even rude but still mods are like "We don't do that here". Just chill out, this community is here to share opinions not only about game but about community itself too. You should know that because if you're moderator, how to respect others opinion, I mean you should, but i don't know what your boss expect from you.
  19. This community did only one good thing. I've met very nice people and this is the only thing that is good in this community. Everything else is like thrash can filled with rotten food.
  21. So yeah, this is my opinion. Enjoy as long as you can. Remember to stay hydrated.
  23. P.S. I didn't mentioned everything what i wanted but I hope you got the point
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