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  1. Yes, if you have some sort of health problem that can be improved by working out, obviously then it will have more mileage for you, that's why I mentioned fatasses. The worse you are in the aspects that working out can improve, the better it will be for you.
  3. But I'm pretty sure that for most people, even overweight ones, they will get way more bang for their buck with a better diet, or going to work/school/wherever with a bike, things along those line, doing they things they already are in a healthier way, not carving more time for something with potentially dubious benefits.
  5. I found that outside of the feeling that, yes, I actually DO have the discipline to stick to a exercising routine for a significant time, was really the most I got out of it.
  7. Yes, I did manage to gain 8-9 kg. of muscle mass, but here's the kicker - I'm skinny. That's just what my genetics are. This weight gain is not noticeable at all on me, and I gained it during the first year, the second one I've not had gains. So potentially yes, I could spend more time doing exercises and preparing food and on diet and push in that direction, but the reality of the matter is that, I'm an average guy with average genetics, I don't have the potential (and money and time, frankly) for building the body that would really make working out worth it, the ones we see in films, or where women fawn over etc.
  9. So for example this past year my life turned into work, then work out, then dinner, than sleep (I worked out 3-4 times a week).
  11. That's NOT an enjoyable lifestyle at all. And in the end of the day I have 8-9 kg. mass to show for it. Big fucking deal. Oh, and back pain.
  13. I can see a great benefit in doing this if you have amazing genetics, or a free year or something, and really going all in for a short time, getting ripped, and then scaling it back and enjoying the benefits.
  15. For the majority out there, especially introverts, where they are not dealing with people often, and the ones that they do will not be nearly as impressed by being well built or working out, than really what they are doing is not that different than reading books, watching anime, drawing, fucking about "learning" a language or whatever. It's ultimately a waste of time, not some noticeable improvement.
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