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  1. C
  2. Kamui: Foleo, what are you doing?
  3. Foleo: Ah, Kamui. I was just in the middle of embroidering my clothes.
  4. ...Yep, finished. Here, please take a look. Just by tweaking the design a little, clothes can have a complete change in appearance.
  5. Kamui: Amazing, it really does look completely different. You're very skilled with your hands Foleo.
  6. Foleo: Hearing you compliment me like that is a bit embarrassing. This level of embroidery is something anyone can do though. If you'd like me to, how about I embroider something cute into your clothing too?
  7. Kamui: Could I really? Then I'll ask you for something next time.
  8. Really though, the more I look at you the more I can't see you as anything but a girl.
  9. Foleo: ...Is it too strange? This is normal to me though. Since I was young all I was doing was wearing clothes I thought were pretty...
  10. Kamui: Hmmm, it's just your individuality. I don't think it's anything bad at all.
  11. Foleo: Do you really think so?
  12. Kamui: Of course. Not to mention your outfits suit you very well.
  13. Foleo: I'm happy to hear that. Thank you very much. Ah, that's right. Next time could I try making some clothes for you? Something like a cute frilly dress would suit you pretty well!
  14. Kamui: Ahhh, that sounds great! I can't say I'm confident it would look good on me but... if you ever have the time for it please do.
  16. B
  17. Kamui: Are you going somewhere, Foleo?
  18. Foleo: Yes. I was thinking I'd go out to buy some materials for clothes.
  19. Kamui: That's perfect timing. I have something I need to go buy too, so could I come along with you?
  20. Foleo: ...Huh? You mean... together?
  21. Kamui: Yes. Would that be inconvenient for you?
  22. Foleo: N-not at all. That's fine with me, but... that might cause you some trouble, so...
  23. Kamui: What do you mean by trouble?
  24. Foleo: Despite being a guy I look like this... so if we're out together others might think you're strange.
  25. Kamui: I don't care about stuff like that.
  26. Foleo: ...Thank you. But... Kamui, could you answer me something truthfully?
  27. Kamui: Of course. What is it?
  28. Foleo: Am I... disconnected from everyone else? I get the feeling that because I look like this I haven't been able to fit in well with the rest of the group.
  29. Kamui: Is that really so? If we're talking about appearances I'd say you stand out, yes, but I don't think that means you haven't been fitting in.
  30. Foleo: Well how can I put this... it's only occasionally, but sometimes other peoples' gazes start to bother me. Once I notice that I can't help but feel uneasy.
  31. Kamui: You're overthinking things- is easy for me to say, but... it's a matter of how you yourself are feeling, so saying that won't fix anything.
  32. Foleo: Yes...
  33. Kamui: But just...
  34. Foleo: Just?
  35. Kamui: I can accept your unique side, Foleo. Just please believe that.
  36. Foleo: Kamui... Thank you.
  37. Kamui: Now let's go shopping.
  38. Foleo: Yes!
  40. A
  41. Foleo: Kamui.
  42. Kamui: Foleo, what's wrong?
  43. Foleo: Um... could you accept this?
  44. Kamui: This is... an angel crest, is it?
  45. Foleo: Yes. I made it. Think of it... as a charm of sorts.
  46. Since you're always with me without caring about what anyone thinks I wanted to make you something to thank you.
  47. Kamui: Thank you very much. I'll treasure it. Wow... this crest is so well made, right down to the finest details. You really are amazing Foleo.
  48. Foleo: Ehehe, I'm happy to hear that. If you like things like this I could make you some more?
  49. Kamui: Is that ok?
  50. Foleo: Yes. Anything is fine. Something like woodland animals, stars or moons would be nice.
  51. That's right! I could attach some to the clothes I told you I'd make for you last time. Although if I did that it might turn out too cutesy... hmmm then I'll go with less frills... Yes! I have the image all in my head! I'm sure it'll really suit you.
  52. Kamui: R-really?
  53. Foleo: Yes! I can guarantee it!
  54. Kamui: If you're willing to go that far... then yes please.
  55. Foleo: Leave it all to me!
  56. Kamui: Ufufu. When you talk about clothes you're just so lively.
  57. Foleo: I am!
  58. ...Kamui. I have no shame about how I dress. So I know I should be confident and stand proud and tall.
  59. Yet even so, I've had times when I've gotten anxious at others' glances...
  60. But thanks to you I've been able to have more confidence. I'm not ashamed about what I like. I truly believe that now.
  61. Kamui: Exactly. Dressing and looking however you like is best.
  62. When you're so full of life like you are right now, Foleo, I think you're so lovely that you won't be out-shined by the prettiest of clothing.
  63. Foleo: Thank you so much, Kamui...!
  65. S
  66. Foleo: Kamui! Um... could you try this on for a second?
  67. Kamui: Is this a hair ornament? I don't mind at all but... Foleo did you make this?
  68. Foleo: Yes! I was thinking I'd really like you to wear it. ...Yes. It's suits you just as well as I thought it would. Oh, and could you try this on too? It's a necklace.
  69. Kamui: Sure.
  70. Foleo: Yes yes! It looks great on you!
  71. Kamui: Ehehe... Thank you. But... why are you asking me to wear these? You already made clothes for me before. That lovely one-piece with all the crests...
  72. Foleo: That was just a test piece. The real thing is what I'm about to give you right now. So without asking any questions... could you take a look at what's in this bag? It's something I made with all my feelings for you.
  73. Kamui: ? Yes. !! This is... a wedding dress!?
  74. Foleo: Kamui, please marry me.
  75. Kamui: Huh...!?
  76. Foleo: Those few items I gave you are all meant as wedding attire. I love you, Kamui, more than anyone in the world. My feelings won't lose to anyone. So please, be my princess.
  77. Kamui: Foleo...
  78. Foleo: This ring is something I made too. Would you... accept it?
  79. Kamui: ..........
  80. Foleo: Am I... no good after all? Because I dress like this...
  81. Kamui: It's true that when I look at you I can only see you as a girl. But...
  82. Foleo: But?
  83. Kamui: But I know that inside you're a very manly person. You're completely earnest about what you like, you have the power to take action, all the while never losing your consideration towards others. I'm sure it's because you're like that that I was attracted to you.
  84. Foleo: Attracted to me... So then...
  85. Kamui: Yes. I'm accepting your marriage proposal. The dress you gave me, the ring and hair ornaments... they all make me very happy...!
  86. Foleo: Kamui...! Thank you... I'll definitely make you happy!
  87. Kamui: I'll hold you to that promise.
  88. Foleo: Alright. Things will be getting busy now. First of all I'll need to make the dress...!
  89. Kamui: Hm? But you've already given me the dress just now.
  90. Foleo: That's your dress. The dress I'm talking about making now is the one I'll be wearing.
  91. Kamui: You're going... to be wearing a dress too?
  92. Foleo: Would that be too strange after all? Me wearing a dress as well?
  93. Kamui: ...No. That's very like you. That combined with everything else is what makes up your charm. Let's both wear dresses at the ceremony and vow our love for each other, ok?
  94. Foleo: Yes!
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