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Toora (Twi'lek, Dancer)

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Dec 1st, 2015
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  1. >Toora is a young twi'lek female living on one of the more affluent planets of the Republic.
  2. >Though she doesn't know her father, she is luckier than most.
  3. >Toora's grandmother, who was a slave, managed to buy her freedom when she was younger.
  4. >That means that both Toora and her mother were born free.
  5. >Her mother is a classical, blue-skinned beauty who works as a dancer at one of the high-class supper clubs in the capital.
  6. >It's a fairly nice life, and though her mother wishes for her daughter to take up a less 'entertainment' oriented career, the young twi'lek is fascinated by her mother's craft.
  7. >The girl is a little too young to really understand why all the grown-ups like watching her mother and the other dancers up on stage; all she knows is that it would be fun to have that kind of attention.
  8. >A total diva-in-training, Toora spends a lot of time around her mother's co-workers, trying to mimic their moves.
  9. >The young twi'lek is now entering puberty and not only is she getting taller, she's exited that her lekku are really starting to grow out!
  10. >Like all youths of her species, her bigger appendages take a bit of getting used to but Toora has it a bit rougher than most because the twin tendrils coming off her head seem to be growing faster than normal for a girl her age.
  11. >Her mother is amazed as Toora's lekku grow and fatten at a pace she's never seen before.
  12. >At an age when they should be mid-shoulder level, the precocious girl's twin lengths are actually as long and full as her mother's!
  13. >The girl is, of course, delighted.
  14. >Her hips have widened and her breasts have started to fill in as well, but it's her 'tchin-tchun' that she is most proud of.
  15. >And with her lovely, pale-blue skin she is sure to be as great an entertainer as her mother!
  16. >Granted, she is still too young to work as a dancer.
  17. >If they were living on a backwater planet she would probably be up on stage already, but the capital of this planet takes its labor laws very seriously.
  18. >That's alright though, the fresh young sexpot is simply enjoying life.
  19. >However, things change as she continues to mature.
  20. >It isn't long before Toora is as tall as her mother and her hourglass figure becomes far more pronounced.
  21. >Her hips grow broader than her shoulders and her ass, despite being toned by years of dancing practice, swells into a rounded shelf.
  22. >The growing young woman's breasts also become bigger.
  23. >Heavy teardrop shapes thrust from her chest, each massive teat far more than a handful and both capped by pronounced nipples that show through just about any garment she wears.
  24. >The most amazing changes, however, happen to her lekku.
  25. >After their initial growth spurt she is quite content with their length.
  26. >Then they began to plump up so that the middle part of each tendril is fatter than the base.
  27. >At first Toora is taken aback; their bulging shape makes each lek appear somewhat obscene in her opinion.
  28. >Soon, however, both braintails began to thin as they stretch out longer.
  29. >When the tips of her cerebral adornments reach the bottom of her ass, she starts to get worried but after that they seem to stop growing.
  30. >They're now considerably longer than those of her mother but still, not an unheard of length.
  31. >There have been a few twi'lek dancers come through who have had lekku that extend down beyond their butts; in fact there's currently a lovely twi'lek girl named Su'fara who is working at her mother's supper club whose lekku are slightly longer than her own, so she should have nothing to worry about.
  32. >Except that her head-tails soon start plumping up yet again
  33. >This time their swollen girths fill out to the point where each tendril starts inadvertently bumping into the other.
  34. >She tries dieting, but neither that nor her dancer's routine (which is now hampered considerably by her ponderous endowments) slows down her lekku's exuberant engorgement.
  35. >Then comes the morning when Toora wakes up and stumbles out of bed; the pull on the back of her head is worse than ever and she assumes that her twins have put on even more weight.
  36. >Feeling her right one though, it doesn't seem any thicker.
  37. >That's when she feels the tip of the 'tchun' on her left side slap against her left thigh.
  38. >Dropping the 'tchin' from her right hand she turns desperately in the mirror.
  39. >Both lekku are noticeably longer.
  40. >She can't believe it, they look like they're at least as long as the ones that Su'fara has.
  41. >It's only a matter of a few weeks before both tails are brushing the backs of her calves.
  42. >The poor girl tries to keep up her athletic routine but it becomes too difficult.
  43. >Her endowments are becoming too unwieldy and have expanded so fast that she has a hard time controlling them.
  44. >She can barely even speak Twi'leki anymore her head-tails' coordination has become so bad.
  45. >To make matters worse, Toora is hungry all the time.
  46. >No, not just hungry.
  47. >Starving.
  48. >She knows that all the food she's gorging on is going strait to her head, but she simply can't deny her body.
  49. >Her lekku, now nearly down to her ankles start to thicken and Toora trembles as she knows what's about to happen.
  50. >Almost three exhausting months later Toora lies on her bed.
  51. >Stretched out from the back of her skull to about half a meter below her feet are the young woman's enormous head-tails.
  52. >Immaculately shaped, they flare slightly about a decimeter from the their base before tapering into pleasing, elongated cones of soft flesh.
  53. >Not only is their form pleasing, they're beautifully colored to, with a soft mottling of blue and lighter blue that gives them a cloudlike sheen.
  54. >But though they look like an erotic fantasy come to life, Toora can only think about one thing:
  55. >How difficult they are to control.
  56. >She lays in a depressed funk.
  57. >Is it even possible for her to dance any more with these humongous... things attached to her head?
  58. >If only she could...
  59. >Sick and tired of being so helpless, the twi'lek gazes down at her right lek.
  60. >Concentrating with all her might, she wills the heavy appendages to obey her command.
  61. >Slowly the tip of the tendril starts to stir.
  62. >Then is twitches.
  63. >After about twenty minutes and enough effort to make her sweat, Toora can make the end of her right lek curl around on itself.
  64. >It's not much, but after the last few months it feels like a triumph.
  65. >The future entertainer smiles to herself.
  66. >She's got work to do.
  68. ---
  70. >A year later and the Red Shift supper club is set to premier an all-new dance revue.
  71. >The holo-nets have also been touting the debut of a brand new dancer headlining said revue.
  72. >A 'Singular Talent That Will Frizzle Your Senses!' the advertisements promise.
  73. >Opening night for the new act finds Red Shift packed with the planetary elite.
  74. >The band starts up as the stage lights come on.
  75. >A fantastic, high energy musical number strikes up as a chorus line of beautiful females high step their way on stage.
  76. >To everyone's delight, the dancers are clad in nothing but satiny strips of fabric: one wrapped around their tops and one draped ingeniously around their loins.
  77. >The musical number plays on and the crowd can tell from the arrangement the dancers are taking that they are about to bring in the main star or starlet of the show.
  78. >A flight of neon stairs begin to ascend to a flowery decoration suspended above the stage and when they lock into place the singers and dancers hail the arrangement, willing it to open!
  79. >The leafy fronds and bright flower petals part and out steps a voluptuous blue skinned female.
  80. >As she starts down the stairway, each step landing precisely in front of the other, her costume puzzles the audience.
  81. >At first glance it appears to be somewhat similar to the others dancer's outfits.
  82. >But while theirs are thin strips of fabric, hers appears to be rather thick tubes of some blue material that matches her skin tone and texture perfectly.
  83. >Why, if a sentient didn't know better they might swear that those tubes were...
  84. >"Oh my stars," one grinning, scandalized patron remarks, "Those are her lekku. She's naked under her LEKKU!"
  85. >The other customers murmur there astonishment.
  86. >Could it be that this twi'lek is actually covering herself with her own head-tails?
  87. >Toora, her arms outstretched, finishes her descent.
  88. >Mincing to the edge of the stage she does a pirouette in time with the music, showing off her entire body to the stunned crowd.
  89. >Indeed, her right lek is wrapped around her bulging breasts, and it's so long that it comes around again to rest on her left shoulder.
  90. >Meanwhile her left lek is doing duty as a fleshy loincloth, with the mid length acting as a low slung belt and the conical end snaking its way down her butt crack, between her thighs, and up the length of her crotch until the tip just brushes against the portion wrapped around her belly.
  91. >The music builds and builds to a stupendous climax as Toora moves and twists to the music, her broad hips shimmying with unrivalled grace, tendrils somehow managing to hang on to her voluptuous curves.
  92. >The headliner starts to walk away from the audience, her plump ass swaying provocatively as the back up dancers move to stand in front of her.
  93. >The band crescendos and then...
  94. >The danceline suddenly parts and Toora is facing the audience, hands on her head, legs spread wider than her shoulders in an erotic pose.
  95. >She does a sudden dip almost bringing her ass to the floor and, as she rises up, makes the tip of her crotch-covering tendril writhe like a cave-snake on glitter-stim.
  96. >The crowd goes ballistic.
  97. >The curtain comes down and the revue is over.
  98. >And Toora is suddenly the hottest name in several sectors.
  100. >The End.
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