Horizon 9-A

May 14th, 2016
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  1. Prologue-Chapter 3:
  2. P.A. Oda and Hashiba prepare for their upcoming battles.
  3. Juana negotiates with Masazumi while they eat.
  4. Masazumi mistakenly thinks negotiating under "Kyou Rules" means saying the opposite of what you mean, so she declares war with Tres Espana thinking she's asking for peace.
  6. Chapters 4-9:
  7. Juana eventually notices the misunderstanding, so negotiations can continue as normal.
  8. Tres Espana and Musashi come to an agreement over sharing the real New World when they eventually populate it.
  9. Horizon finishes installing all of the Logismoi Oplo.
  10. Musashi prepares for Honnouji.
  12. Chapters 10-22:
  13. Hashiba and P.A. Oda continue their preparations for Honnouji and Shizugatake.
  14. Toori and Horizon accidentally send a live audio feed to the class as they have sex.
  15. The Azuchi and Sakuma's fleet engage in battle and the Azuchi wins.
  17. Chapters 23-29:
  18. The remnants of Takigawa's people try to take revenge on Kasuya, but they are defeated by Kasuya and her unit of other non-humans who can transform in the moonlight.
  19. Horizon decides to have the memorial for her "death" removed.
  20. The attack by Kasuya, Yoshiaki, Angie, and Kiyomasa is met by Maeda and Niwa.
  21. As the Musashi arrives at Honnouji, they see Hashiba on a ship. Hashiba removes her mask to reveal she looks like a black-haired Horizon at about middle school graduation age.
  22. Ranmaru and Yasuke are preparing inside Honnouji and it turns out Narimasa is there. He plans to fight as a normal student since Sassa Narimasa was not at Honnouji.
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