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  1. I'm not a monster going to eat the server or crash it or do shit like that, You guys can keep an eye on me for as long as you like, everyone trusts me, everyone will trust me, just after a few days you'll be like "Ohh, Greedo quit hacking, hes like a normal good pvper now playing legit and showing respect to everyone else on here." but you guys don't understand this, I may have hacked, I may have hacked but yeah, People always make mistakes in their lives, atleast everyone has made a mistake (All the 7-8 billion people living in the world at this moment) This is like getting confession in the church, telling the priest all the things you have done wrong, well lets say you're the priest, I'm the person whos getting confession, I say to you "Sir, heres all the sins I would like to rid of in my life, Hacks on my favourite minecraft server of all time, badliom
  3. I can't just make this a story so lets get on with the main topic, as you know, I hacked in potion pvp badlion, I know all the noobs call hacks on you when you are playing legit. I have been called hacks on before this when I truly and I mean TRUTHFULLY wasn't hacking. Even though I was this time on badlion. To this day forth, I will never ever EVER EVER hack again on this server, You can keep an eye at me on all times as I said earlier in this appeal, If I am banned again on Badlion or caught doing something bad on Badlion, You can always do these steps: Permanent ban me forever and you may not let me appeal.
  5. I have spent around 30-40 minutes making this appeal for you and making sure everythings correct. I'm sure this one shouldn't be denied, even though most truthfull hacking ban appeals are, But I swear down my life it wont happen again :) Please don't deny this, I will be very sad if you do deny this efforty appeal :( i I would never use hacks again in my life, From now on I'm going to report every hacker I meet in badlion but because of my stupidity of doing that mistake I feel so lonely now. It would be alot of time consuming to keep recording hackers but its totally worth it from now. I would never hack again on badlion, I almost died of shock when the message came up and said that I was banned on badlion So now I feel so lonely, I miss my friends on badlion because of my idiotic behaviour.
  7. I swear down my whole life that I won't hack again, If you really think I hack in the future, screenshare me, or I'll feel free to record for you. I would never hack ever again, I really want to be unbanned so I can mess around with my friends again, like pvping together and stuff I really want to be unbanned on the Badlion network What I'm thinking is that whats stupid was my behaviour.
  9. I get banned for hacks To be honest with myself, I felt like punching myself in the forehead when I saw that ban message. I am very very sorry, You must believe me, and also trust me, I swear to fucking god I would never hack on the Badlion network Ever in my whole life. You can keep an good eye on me even though I won't do anything bad, I know that I was very bold by hacking and very angry with myself, but yeah, people make mistakes, it always happens, I totally agree with how bad my mistake was, I'll give you a rating out of ten, I'd say 1 being the worst possible behaviour ever on Badlion and 10 Such Minor mistake and kind of mannered way, I'm probably a 6, Opinions are opinions though, they aren't facts, I would love to be unbanned on badlion because I felt very lonely being banned and not being able to play on a server . This is one of the biggest appeals I have ever made on badlion, and it was made especially for you so you can think about it and maybe let me have another chance. I swear SO MUCH I won't do this stupid shit again.
  11. But yeah, Please think about this, I love Badlion, It is a perfect server for me to play on and enjoy myself having fun with the other fellow players playing on this server aswell. I always bring my friends here to do 2v2's for fun with them. I would love to be unbanned on Badlion for one other reason, I'm missing my friends there and I think its a great place to train and practice pvping, I WOULD NEVER USE HACKS TO THE ADVANTAGE OF PEOPLE THINKING IM GOOD, I am a decent pvper, but yeah, Hacks are for cronies, hacks are stupid, hacks should be banned from minecraft, hacks should have not been invented attracting all the people to the clients so that they can use a big advantage against everyone else playing on this server. I would never ever hack again on badlion, If you ever catch me doing something bad, you can always give me a major punishment, Banning me forever and making me not able to appeal again.
  13. I really need another chance, I really do to be honest with you, I deserve another chance with an unban, Well I kind of deserve it because I am being honest here, What I done was very wrong of me and I almost died of shock when I saw the ban message, I know what I am doing from now on in the future, I have a brain, I will use my brain this time, instead of being a no brain kid using hacks, Using a brain is the key to life. You wouldn't get a job if you couldn't use your brain properly, you wouldn't be able to really do anything to be honest without using your brain the right way, but what I just did that time was heart breaking, and not only for you, but for me aswell.
  15. Another chance to being unbanned on the badlion network , that would be great. I would be very satisfied if you could do this for me. Please I fen, You should trust me and if you want you can keep an eye on me, I was banned on another server before but not for hacks, but for something else, I learned from that mistake, I learned my lesson and I stayed as a player on the server for 1 year without getting banned again on it, (I did quit it though and came across this server, badlion) I had so much fun here I decided to spend a huge amount of time training and practicing pvp against other fellow players
  17. Besure to read all of this, atleast think about it. I understand what I have done wrong and it won't happen again, you can always watch me while I'm playing if you want, its up to you
  19. Well, End of my appeal, But always remember this staff members, "If you catch me doing something again on the badlion network that makes you heartbroken, and other players too, Besure to Ban me forever without no chance of appealing." I will learn from this mistake, From now on, I will record all the hackers, post on youtube, and report directly here to keep this community nice and safe without anymore bullshit hackers (Includes me for that stupid behaviour I done, but I swear it won't happen again,) I am not fooling around, I'm serious, I learn from every mistakes, bad or good.
  21. Thank you for reading this, now please don't deny this, read the above paragraph.
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