The Sorceress' Apprentice

Jul 19th, 2016
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  1. Ah, you’re here. On time as usual.
  3. And you brought your Magiconicon? (pronounced: magic-on-eh-con) Yes, I know it’s a thick book to carry around every day and no, you absolutely cannot use magic to lighten your load or make it hover. Those are petty rogue tricks. Remember, I am training you to be a sorcerer of the highest order. One day people will fear you but it will be for a good reason. They need you to protect them and you can’t do that by being weak or compassionate.
  5. Now, today you won’t actually need your Magiconicon because today is a special training day. But let’s review first.
  7. How do we sorcerers and sorceresses use magic?
  9. That’s right, a focus so intense we can break the Veil, the barrier between our dimension and the next. There is a power beyond the Veil and if we don’t seize it with the greatest of might then we cannot wield its divine strength.
  11. You’ve already mastered that? *laugh* Well have you mastered seizing the power in the fray of a battle? Could you take hold of it while arrows, swords, and balls of fire flash your way? As blood splashes all over your body and face?
  13. *laugh* Oh no, my young sorcerer, I’m not going to come at you with a blade. There is a different way we can teach this and it’s far more effective.
  15. So, follow me down to the castle town and we’ll begin.
  17. *casual walk out of the Tower and down to the town*
  19. But it is a lovely day out today, don’t you think? The perfect day to get outside for some learning. This lesson shouldn’t take too long, but I may be underestimating you. We’ll see.
  21. Ah, this will do. The marketplace is rather busy today *laugh* Good.
  23. Now, I’m going to render myself invisible to those around. They will only be able to see you but you will be able to see me. Watch me carefully as I reach into the Veil and cast the spell. *groan of magical exertion* There, now I am gone to their eyes.
  25. Listen to me very carefully, young sorcerer, as I slip out of my sorceress’ robes. That’s right, how do you like the look of your teacher naked? Hmm, how do you like theses full, squeezable breasts? *gasp* Oh my, watch as the cool air brushes my nipples and hardens them. You’ve always wondered what I’ve looked like naked, haven’t you? *laugh* Did you perhaps forget that I am a Master Delver. I was always a natural at diving into the depths of a man’s mind and taking anything I want from it. And I know what you want, young sorcerer, oh yes, I’ve known since the day you arrived at the Tower. I had to convince the Provost to let me teach you. It wasn’t easy, but I got my way. It wasn’t just your body I wanted, it was your potential. There was a spark there and I knew I was the only one who could bring it out.
  27. Now, to the lesson. This part is very important. You’re going to break the Veil, take hold of the power, and try to keep it for as long as you can. Do not let go until I say the lesson is done. You may start.
  29. While you hesitate I’m just going to squat down and pull down your pants. *gasp* A sorcerer’s cock if I ever saw one. I can just see the magical energy pulsing through those veins.
  31. So, are you focused yet? I can’t feel the flow of power around you yet. You better hurry, because it’s only going to get harder from here. *laugh* In both ways.
  33. I’m just going to lean in and kiss your magical tool. *kisses* Mmm, you’re doing well to focus, only half erect, I’m impressed.
  35. Ah, there you go, finally breaking the Veil. Doesn’t the power feel wonderful as it trickles through your being? All your senses are now honed and anything you feel will be tenfold.
  37. Let’s see if you can seize the power while your cock is halfway down my throat.
  39. *insert blowjob here*
  41. *gasp* Oh yes, that’s a great wizardly cock.
  43. Look at all the commoners looking at you, wondering why your pants are down and your cock is out. *laugh* They won’t dare disturb a sorcerer, ever if he is doing his best not to explode inside his teacher’s mouth. After all, they couldn’t possibly understand the lengths we go through to protect them. Still, their eyes are on you, watching, wondering. Oh hells below, it makes me wet seeing how the men look on with raised eyebrows and the women bite their lower lips as they slow their stride.
  45. *clears throat* So, you took the power and you’re focused decently. Then let’s move on to the next part of the training.
  47. Now, pay attention as I turn around and bent over. How does my ass look as I spread my cheeks with my hands? Mmm, look how wet and inviting my pussy is. Don’t you just want to let go of the power and ram your trembling cock deep inside?
  49. *laugh* I can feel your hold on the power waning. I’m backing up slowly, my dripping cunt getting ever so close to your cock.
  51. And… *gasp* Oh hells, even just the head is enough to make my knees weak. Mmm, but what about you? Can you continue to focus as I slip further *moan* and further down to your base, engulfing your whole, hard, magic fucking wand.
  53. *laugh* I felt that. You nearly slipped back out of the Veil, didn’t you? Ah, my young apprentice, so covered in sweat, can you hold on while my spellbinding pussy squeezes and milks every last ounce of seed you have stored?
  55. How long can you last, my young sorcerer?
  57. *insert fucking here*
  59. Wait, what are you doing? Don’t take too much of the power within yourself, you know the dangers!
  61. *wail of pleasure* Oh fuck! Your girth just increased inside me, pushing against even inch of my fucking cunt. *moan* No more. That’s as much as I can take. Please. *growl of pleasure* But it feels so fucking good!
  63. *insert more intense fucking*
  65. Oh Bard’s Beard, what is that!? *moan* Oh fuck, you’ve imbued your cock with fire arcana, it’s so hot. I can feel that gentle lick of fire running over my clit, back and forth, around and around. Oh, hells. Your control of the Veil is like no student I’ve ever trained before.
  67. *moan* But I will break you and you will lose control of the power. I don’t need to use my muscles, I can't just will the power into my fuck hole and contract- Oh f-fuck!
  69. Yes! You’re waning again! Come on, you weak, pathetic sorcerer, lose control and let my pussy drain you.
  71. *more fucking*
  73. It won’t be long now. I can feel you throb with every pump. Every push makes my pussy weep with juices, running down my legs and over my feet to the stone.
  75. *becomes desperate* Oh hells, you’re so close now. You must let go of the power! I know I said the challenge was to hold it but if you fill me up with your arcane cum then the consequences will be dire. *moan* Oh, you hadn’t heard? Yes, the coupling of a sorcerer and sorceress could spell doom for the kingdom so you must let go before your cock expels its load. Please, the prophecy *moan* the dark prophecy says a child will be born, a child so powerful its lust for power will know no bounds. The land will be consumed by war and fire and the dead will litter the street until nothing remains.
  77. Yes! That’s it! The power is gone! *maniacal laugh mixed with a moan* Now cum!
  79. *both orgasm*
  81. *sigh* Yes, that’s it. *laugh* You’ve failed the training, my young apprentice. My, you bellowed so loud, just look at all the eyes on you now. *moan*
  83. Oh, I tricked you? Of course, I did. Your focus was great, flawless even. But in the end, I made you let it go. Hmm, too easy. You can’t always believe what your teacher tells you. *laugh*
  85. *clears throat* Pull your pants back up and we’ll head back to the Tower. For our next lesson, we’ll study one of the most difficult magics, self-duplication and controlling multiple consciouses at one.
  87. *laugh* I’m sure you’ll be looking forward to that.
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